AI Based Invoice-Matching
AP/AR Automation

AI Based Invoice Matching AP/AR Automation

With Dynamics 365 Invoice Automation system, your organisation’s invoices are processed in a new digital workflow where our solution automatically manages up to 100% of the steps.

By enabling organisations with Dynamics Invoice Matching System (DIMS), you can eliminate paper invoices while removing mundane manual tasks. Your invoices will be processed faster than before and will ensure that suppliers, contractors are all paid well in time before the due date.

AI Based Invoice Matching APAR Automation
AI Based automated invoice processing software

With our AI Based automated invoice processing software, your business can automatically code and distribute invoices across all departments, for approval based on your organisation’s rules and approval system. Our new and improved automated invoice matching module can match invoices with a corresponding purchase order to ensure you have correct information on all orders. If this information matches with the right row, the invoice is automatically approved for payment – in a completely hands-free process.

Dynamics Invoice Matching System will increase the level of processing within your business and match any industry-leading invoice automation capabilities.

By working alongside AP teams, we have rebuilt and reimagined the way Invoice Automation should be, and we are continually improving our software.

DIMS is ensuring that every part of the invoicing process can be tracked and viewed every step of the process. Dynamics Invoice Matching System will allow your organisation to automatically process more than 85% of purchase order-based invoices, without any manual entry or adjusting.

Our cloud solution provides an easy to use interface, and simple user experience to allow your company flexibility within the way you operate. With faster invoice approvals, you can be sure that your suppliers and everyone you need to pay will be on time.