Dynamics 365
Australian Payroll

For businesses based in Australia and New Zealand.
DHRP is assembling Payroll & Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations
into a single solution.

dynamics 365 payroll integration Modules


The functionality of Dynamics HR & Payroll enables the user to define a different set of leave policies. Along with different eligibility criteria for all different workers within an organisation.


With multiple ways for entering time registrations. Time & Attendance helps to improve data integrity with an automated and integrated system. Dynamics HR & Payroll solution are improving scheduling accuracy and efficiency for payment processes.

Australian and New Zealand Taxation

Dynamics Human Resource & Payroll is a fully integrated system and is in compliance with their respective national taxation regulations. Which helps with automated deductions and contributions as well as tax adjustments for rebates and other earnings.

Wages / Salary and Benefits Assignment

Dynamics HR & Payroll management system, superannuation and other benefits calculated. Automatically help to minimise potential taxation and benefits underpayment risks by creating a more effective and accurate service.

Payroll Processing and Calculations

Allows an automated system to take care of your payment processes, automating multiple earnings and deductions based on different periodic attendance. Rather than manual payment processes for superannuation and taxes. Dynamics HR & Payroll uses an integrated payroll system for processing and calculations, which is single touch payroll (STP) ready

Employee Separation and Final Settlement

Allows both the employer and employee to manage resignation and exit interviews with access to information all in one place. With the integration of payroll and finance, we ensure leave encashment and end of service is taken care of.