Wiise Detailed
accounting software

See your business clearly with Wiise

With collaboration from our partner Wiise, Get clarity over your business by viewing all of your accounting and operations in one
centralised location. Wiise is enterprise-grade software that streamlines processes, allowing you more time to focus on
what’s important.

Wiise Integrated Software Features



With Wiise’s, detailed accounting system, you are able to make invoices, quotes, and more. Design and create documents the way you want with an easy editing system to ensure your documents are more professional looking. With Wiise, you can create professional looking offers and promos to ensure you close your deals.

Wiise provides your business with filters to be able to find the information you need with just the click of a button, with the addition of custom fields you can create in your accounts, you will have a better clarity when searching.  If you are looking to optimise your work, and accounts for vendors and internally, Wiise will help give you that clarity on your fixed assets.

Integrated Banking

Wiise’s integrated banking system can connect any bank to simplify your accounting processes. Set up any bank account so you can see your accounting and banking in one hub with no extra costs within Wiise. With E-Invoices, you can now worry less about your cash flow with the ability to directly send you invoices with Simplify.

Technology Transformation means saving time on manual tasks, why not remove the need for manual bank reconciliation. Wiise will auto-reconcile invoices in the background to save your business time and resources, by setting up repeat payments. Get more money in your account, so you can worry less about invoicing and sending reminders.



Seamless Microsoft Office Integration

Streamline with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Connect your Microsoft Office suite seamlessly with Wiise so you can work within your everyday tools.

With the integration of Wiise, you can take back time to ensure you are focusing on your customers. Being able to view customer insights from your outlook, you can respond smartly and keep your customers satisfied. See customer insights such as orders and revenue from within your email so you can make decisions with more certainty.

With the Microsoft Office Integration, you can stay on top of your cash flow. Send reminders, quotes, invoices without having to change software. Wiise has everything in one centralised location so you can get paid quicker.