How to protect your Data with Dynamics 365 from ransomware

Ransomware attacks are growing increasingly widespread. Encrypting important data and leading organizations to lose it has become a common practice. The financial impact of extortion payments requested by hackers, as well as lost revenue while critical IT systems are restored, is significant.

dynamics 365 portal app

Ransomware is a type of computer virus. Ransomers use it to encrypt files and render them inaccessible to users and organizations. Businesses are left with few options other than paying a ransom to recover their locked files using the encryption key. Several ransomware variations have added new capabilities, such as data theft, to entice victims to pay the ransom.

Ransomware has evolved into a global danger that has hurt some of the world’s most recognizable businesses. Basically, Ransomware is a threat to businesses of all sizes. Before digital files can be retrieved or restored, ransomware effectively “takes” them and demands a monetary ransom.

Ransomware is a destructive, malicious attack that may be devastating to both large and small enterprises. Yes, ransomware attacks pose a risk to your business.

How does Microsoft help you with Ransome detection and Ransome recovery?

When ransomware attacks your OneDrive files, ransomware detection notifies you and guides you through the recovery process. Ransomware is malicious software; which encrypts your data and makes it impossible for you to access it unless you pay a ransom.

If Microsoft 365 detects a ransomware attack, you’ll receive a notification on your device and an email from Microsoft. Your first notification and recovery are both free if you haven’t already done so.

With Microsoft, you can also follow the few steps and you will be able to recover the files immediately.  Following are the Microsoft ransomware recovery steps to follow with one drive.

Ransomware Recovery

With the zero-trust design, ongoing security assessment, the principle of least privilege, and security awareness training for its staff, Microsoft 365 is extremely secure. It cannot, however, protect you from attacks or data loss that happens due to malware, ransomware, human mistake, sync difficulties, or malicious deletion on your end.

The most common channel for ransomware is email phishing, and the omnipresent Microsoft Office 365 email is regularly targeted.

There have been increasing allegations of Microsoft Office 365 being targeted by sophisticated ransomware attacks, such as WannaCry, Cerber, Wickr/Hello, and others, due to its sensitive personal and business-critical data.

Ransomware can access your network with just one click on a phishing link in an email or Team conversation.

Once inside, the ransomware can erase, encrypt, or exfiltrate data saved in Exchange, OneDrive, Outlook, Calendar, and SharePoint. Microsoft has heeded the warning and has developed a suite of solutions to safeguard data against ransomware, including Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Microsoft Defender.

  1. With Microsoft Secure Score, you can evaluate your organization’s security settings.
  2. To detect, alert, and block the sharing of sensitive data, use Microsoft Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies.
  3. Use Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps to keep an eye on and prevent sensitive data from being downloaded.
  4. Configure Exchange email settings to industry-standard security configurations, as phishing is the major vector.
  5. MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) is a powerful barrier against viruses (and an Office 365 mandate). Check to see if MFA is necessary.
  6. To classify sensitive “ransomable” data, use Microsoft Information Protection.

The best practices are simple to follow in this case. Upgrade your IT security protection, patch software on a regular basis, establish cross-organizational cybersecurity training efforts, and keep your incident response plans up to date.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (1)

Get in Touch

You may go through all the processes to recover data, but ransomware recovery services may never be sufficient. Even the procedures by Microsoft can fall short. So, the best practice is prevention. One of the best prevention methods is a cloud-based Azure backup solution or Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud. This can be quite helpful to avoid losing data at all. Also, this can help you protect your data from human-operated ransomware attacks.

Moreover, if you are still facing problems, we at DHRP can always assist with our best solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Experts

11 ways to monitor your ROI in ERP

When planning an ERP project, one of the first tasks is to measure the return on investment (ROI)( check our Free ROi calculator) that new technologies and efficient processes can bring to your organization to make it more productive.

At the most basic level, more productive outputs will result in reductions in operating, inventory, and labour costs thus providing the most direct return on investment. However, there are also advantages that are indirect.

You can streamline your ordering process, eliminate physical inventory, improve production quality, and make scheduling more efficient. Improving operational data access allows for more precise material preparation, manageable reporting, new dashboards, and better, data-driven decisions. It will also increase customer loyalty, improve supply chain coordination, enhance delivery efficiency, and other factors that can all contribute to ROI.

Dynamics365 ROI


Dynamics-365 erp

If you are wondering what’s the ROI for Microsoft Dynamics 365, let us help you. The ROI will serve as the basis for the rationale of your project. It will assist in the availability of apps and will have areas of focus and assessment, helping you to determine the progress of your transition.


The quest for possible ROI begins with these 11 key process areas when your company sets out to make the business case for a better or entirely new ERP solution:

Financial Management


Management and the entire company benefit greatly from greater trust in financial statements and analysis, faster information access, quicker closing and period-end operations, and efficiencies generated by the reduction (or elimination) of outside-the-system spreadsheets.



Comprehensive Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) skills include greater knowledge and analysis. It is possible to more accurately predict demand, make more informed decisions, rely on trends, and, most importantly, manage sales demand more quickly, precisely, and proactively. Besides, it is easy to navigate market transitions, volatility, and economic shifts.

Inventory Management


Efficient forecasting and better visibility into sales demand allow more effective inventory management, lower carrying costs, and better visibility into slow-moving and dead inventory. 

Pricing and Margin Management


Efficient pricing tools boost margin/profit analysis, allowing for better strategic positioning and, when combined with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) analysis, providing information that can be used to manage product portfolios better and drive higher profitability.

Product Development


PLM enables successful management of product lineup and mix, as well as R&D expenditures, and the identification of products that no longer fulfil the company’s strategic objectives.

Production Management


Better capacity planning is made possible by enhanced production management capabilities and the ability to perform a thorough analysis of production bottlenecks, routing times and material movement, staff utilization, plant and equipment utilization changes, maintenance schedules, and system uptime.

Quality Management


QM tools enhanced product output visibility, RMA root cause analysis, visibility into rework operations, and better information on raw material quality supplied component goods and third-party services.

Sales Management


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities allow detailed sales performance analysis and provide valuable insight into customer purchasing trends, customer demographic data, sales activities, and sales performance.

Supply Chain Management


Improved inventory management allows for improved management of the entire supply chain, resulting in lower logistics costs, more efficient supplier/vendor management (and higher performance), shorter lead times, and data that can be used to help strategic procurement and vendor negotiations.

Warehouse Management


WMS technologies increase speed and accuracy by using high-efficiency and control pick-up/put-away, barcoding, and routing.



Enabling direct-sales platforms and enhancing current e-commerce performance and customer experience provides a major competitive advantage and costs savings. A strong e-commerce capability leads to increased customer loyalty, repeat purchases, improved forecasts, and higher margins. Besides, re-organizing warehouse operations to support efficient pick-pack-ship will result in better efficiency, especially in a less-than-case-order setting.

The next step is to measure the return in these – and other fields, which is a major challenge. An outside ERP advisor like DFSM can assist with market benchmarks by implementing Dynamics 365 marketing ROI.

system desgin d365

5 Warehouse Best Practices you find in Dynamics 365 SCM

Are you one of the many supply chain managers who are looking for the best ways to enhance your warehouse’s automation process? Recent studies reveal that while most supply chain managers want to upgrade their automation processes only 43% of businesses can actually achieve functional automation. 

We have found that the best way to carry out warehouse automation is by introducing a Dynamic 365 Supply Chain Management Warehouse into your business. However, it must be set up right so that this new method can suit and compliment your current business processes. Before embarking on an automation transformation you must consider the practices in your warehouse that is baked into the structure of your business and then springboard from there.

Why are warehouse best practices important?

There are good practices for a reason. They are intended to assist businesses to expertly navigate their niche’s most common challenges.

Many of these best practices concentrate on organizational logistics for intelligent manufacturing. Some of the big challenges faced today by supply chain executives include:

  • Secure and safe handling of the manual
  • Jobs and retention of professional staff
  • IoT technology implementation
  • Ensuring robotics and automation
  • Preservation of exact inventory levels
  • Meet consumer shipping and distribution requirements

Many WMS and ERP systems have pre-configured best practices to mitigate pain points for all these issues (and more). Let’s learn about the basics and how you can automate and streamline your supply chain.

d365 supply chain management food

What is supply chain dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management modules help workers and companies with predictive analytics that convert data into insights to better policy decision-making in order to achieve a holistic view of inventory, warehouse, distribution, service, and logistics.

1.  Smarter Picking


Efficient SKU recovery is critical to optimize time in your warehouse. Slots features allow you to decide which items are put in the majority of ERP applications and distance staff need to move to get them. 

Depending on the setup, there are several different ways to do this job. Some companies want to speed up their items, where shipment dock for fast transactions is closest to the highest quantity of goods. Others tend to fit into the slot because they want to boost their cubic space in their warehouse.

2.  Optimized Warehouse Space


With barcode scanners and bin position-trackers, modern WMS systems combine to help you easily locate and track unoccupied storage areas. These observations will allow you to assess your existing capacity and availability more accurately. You can, for instance, find space for subassembly and kitting, where workers can do light-weight packing before shipping. These spaces can be specifically set up in your framework so that suppliers can know how and where to supply the posts. You can also keep track of how this space is used to maximize available warehouse space. 

advanced warehouse d365

3.  Automate Cycle Counting


While cycle counting is a tedious part of warehouse maintenance and management, it is very important. Luckily, ERP systems will help simplify and speed up this process by keeping your warehouse in the best order without tension.

You can begin by defining the frequency to be followed by your cycle. Some businesses tend to do this task every day, while others choose a pre-determined pattern or weekly. From here, for an even more oriented approach, you could limit your preferences by item type.


4.  Better Data Insights


The storage-efficiency analytical workplace is now available with embedded Power BI. With an inventory management warehouse, the data can allow warehouse managers to quickly and easily see where performance changes are required by tracking inbound, outbound, and inventory metrics.

Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

5.  Focus on your Return on investment (ROI)


Dynamics 365 ROI(Check our free ROI calculator) prospects for warehouse management features like:

  • Precise evaluations of inventory and visibility in real-time
  • Data at your fingertips available
  • The time to find inventory decreases
  • Increased revenue through the reduction of short ships, transportation, and late transport
  • Customized Picking 
  • Enhanced factory staff’ efficiency


Bottom Line


If you want to know more about Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations warehouse management and smart inventory management system can be successful for you it’s time to reach out to us at DFSM. we are always here!

Dynamics365 ROI

Power BI for Magic Quadrant for Analytics (Feb-21)

What are Business Intelligence (BI) Tools?


Business Intelligence (BI) Tools include books, newspapers, documents, records of health, photographs, files, emails, videos, and others are software applications that gather and process vast volumes of unstructured information on domestic and external systems. BI Tools provide a way of collecting data to mainly collect information through questions, although not so versatile as business analysis tools. These tools also help prepare research data to develop reports, dashboards, and data visualization.

The new Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) Magic Quadrant of Gartner are out, and Microsoft is again in the “Leaders” quadrant.  Indeed, this is his 14th consecutive year as a BI chief, according to Microsoft. Although Microsoft is almost identical to last year, it has lost ground to its closest competitors. Thoughtspot drops into the magic quadrant data science of Visionaries. Qlik has fallen into “completeness of vision” while growing along with the “ability to execute.” axis. Meanwhile, Tableau regressed in all these steps.

So, the question is what is it that Microsoft is doing right to maintain the position of Power BI?


So, to determine the answer, we came across the details from the interview of Netz, an employee from Microsoft, and learn about the benefits of Power BI.

After Microsoft had acquired Panorama technology in 1996, Netz has come from the Israeli BI business (now headquartered in Canada) called Panorama Software. Here are some of the main reasons for keeping Power BI at the top explained by Netz.

Business Intelligence (BI) Tools



The traction and success of Power BI in its first two years was attributed, in large part, to low product cost (Power BI Desktop is free of charge, like the cloud subscription), low price points, and the enthusiastic and important consumer/customer support community. Netz believes that it’s a huge gamble to get into “all in” on the cloud at a time when the majority of corporate data was still present on site. This decision and the constancy to see it through amid the sceptical product team is due to James Phillips, Microsoft’s president of business applications.

He had come from Couchbase to Microsoft, wherein in his early days, he had been a co-founder and CEO. While Netz did not say so, it is very clear that Microsoft has made a major difference in Power BI’s performance when it comes to Phillips’ startup mindset.

Perhaps due to Phillips, the Power BI team took a rhythm of monthly product updates and introduced new product features at an unparalleled pace. Only after either SQL Server or the latest version of Microsoft’s BI PAC will updates ship to the platform — which meant updates at best every 18 months. 

In combination with the night and day change in creativity, new openness was accomplished through a series of blogs and social media, and videos accompanying the product’s weekly launches. The Power BI Development Team members included developers and program managers who communicated with the community prolifically. On the contrary, the bandwidth for field sales to drive new products with low price points was very small. Compared to well-funded startups that employ sales workers, Microsoft’s product teams are not so luxurious.

Bottom Line


You probably have more questions about implementation and other processes, just contact the team of DFSM now and let’s get started.

Dynamics 365 add-ons the ultimate guide 2021

Before we begin guiding you through the new add-ons let’s answer; What even is an add-on module in Dynamics 365?

Simply put, this is a software component that provides additional functionality to extend and incorporate your ERP vendor’s basic kit. Companies have deemed that the best breed strategy is to pick ERP add-on modules from various suppliers.

Why Should You Consider Implementing Add-on Module in Dynamics 365?


Meet Microsoft FastTrack (Customer Success Service)

If you are running a successful organization, you need to implement powerful cloud apps so that you can secure your content. The good news is that you can achieve this with Dynamics 365. Now, moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365 may not be easy, but if you want fast results it’s worth the switch. Thankfully now FastTrack exists to make it even easier to manage content delivery and boost the deployment management and operations to the next level.

So, what is FastTrack services exactly?


What is FastTrack?

Businesses go through different platforms until they have found the right one. This will end once you move to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft is now introducing the FastTrack app to ensure your switch goes smoothly.

This customer service platform by Microsoft helps you to move smoothly over to Microsoft Dynamics 365. If you participate in the FastTrack for Microsoft 365 service program, you will get complete guidance about implementation practices and planning for successful rollouts amongst other things. Once implemented you can set it to your speed. Moreover, you can also access various Microsoft engineering resources that will make your experience easier and more successful.

For the best experience, you should know about each service and the process it takes to get them. 

How will FastTrack serve you?


Think of this program as a friend who is only a call away. All you need to do is dial a number in order to speed up the solution to your problems. With FastTrack, you can get guidance on successful technology adoption, tested and recommended processes by Microsoft, consultants at your service, experts, strategies and additional tools.

In short, it is everything your business needs in order to boost up its Microsoft Dynamics 365 efficiency.


Microsoft FastTrack Eligibility


The eligibility for the FastTrack customer service is simple. If you have more than 150 Microsoft licenses, you must consider yourself entitled to the FastTrack for Dynamics 365.

People with an individual product like Exchange Online are also eligible for it. There are different plans offered by Microsoft including:

  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise
  • Microsoft 365 Business
  • Microsoft 365 Education
  • Office 365 Enterprise
  • Office 365 Education
  • Exchange Online
  • Microsoft Teams
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Project Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • Yammer


There is a lot more than this that is available and you can easily check out the Microsoft plans on it to get the one suitable for you.

Microsoft FastTrack Cost


The service has no cost as it is offered for free to all organizations. DFSM is included by default in your Office 365/ Microsoft 365 subscription.

What services are covered by it?

It covers all the services including Office 365 to skype for business and OneDrive and Azure too. You can check the complete document on the official website of Microsoft.

How can DFSM help you with FastTrack?


DFSM offers you full-time assistance to avail all the benefits of FastTrack either you want to connect to your IT partners or other clients. In case you are looking for some services other than FastTrack, we can work closely with you to offer the assistance you need. 

Reach out or ask your IT partner to contact us at DFSM to get a license for your company. As we are certified consultants of Microsoft, you can also request Microsoft to assign us to you. We are also offering consultation services for the implementation of FastTrack for Azure.

For more questions or any other relevant queries, you can always contact us as you need guidance or assistance on using FastTrack for your benefit.

Azure Automanage: A new step in Azure services

Many people are excited about the new updates from Microsoft. While the benefits are countless, the most anticipated update right now is Azure Automanage. This feature reduces costs simply by automating windows Server Management, enhanced Workload Uptime with optimized operations, and implementation of security best practices.

Additionally, this update offers more intelligent onboard virtual machines to choose the best practice of Azure Services. Once installed, the system will automatically configure the services according to the Azure best practices. The same feature allows us to monitor for drift and corrects for it when detected. You will experience a simple step process (point, click, set, forget)


What the offering means for users


Automanage is not only about reducing costs. It will help users achieve the best practices of VM management according to the ones in the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework. So, when the VM shifts the configuration from the applied controls, Automanage detects it. Furthermore, the program offers the remedy and updates the configuration to the one desired or needed at the time.

Microsoft has clearly stated the major role of Automanage which is to automate the frequent error-prone management tasks. For example, it will be automating onboarding and configuration for Security Center and Backup. Also, the Automanage will be playing a security rule through the OS baseline setting, combined with the Windows Defender.

Azure services used with Azure Automanage:


When you start using Automanage for the VM, you will observe that the azure services are automatically onboard and configured. They use best practices from Cloud Adoption Framework. The compatible services are:

1. VM Insights Monitoring


It is to help you monitor the health of your virtual machines along with the performance, running processes, and dependencies.

2. Backup


It offers you isolated backups that are completely autonomous, and without any destruction of your data. Charges depend on the size of VM you wish to protect.

3. Azure Security Center


This is the unified infrastructure security management system. It will provide you with a strong security posture and advanced threat protection on any hybrid workload in the cloud. Additionally, it will automatically configure the security if it is not already onboarded with the Azure systems.


4. Microsoft Antimalware


Viruses, spyware, or any other kinds of malware can be a real threat, but not with the Microsoft Antimalware. It will generate alerts or warnings if anything seems suspicious or detect any unwanted software installing itself.  

5. Update Management


You can easily update management and manage all the OS updates for the VM. Check the status instantly and manage updates accordingly for the servers.

6. Change Tracking & Inventory


This feature combines all the features of both change tracking and inventory – making it feasible for you to track the virtual machine and any infrastructure changes. It will track the unwanted changes and raise alerts. With inventory support, you can query in-guest resources and see into the installed applications or other configurations.

7. Azure Automation Account


It is to support you throughout the cycle of your infrastructure and applications.

8. Log Analytics Workspace


Azure monitor saves the data in log analytics workspace, in azure resource, and a container. Further, the data is aggregated and served as an administrative boundary.

Bottom Line


Microsoft never stops surprising its customers, and the recent updates about the Azure Automanage are the hot topic amongst industry professionals. If you are impressed by the new updates, let the DFSM team manage to enable Automanage for you. Just write to us or give a call and our team will reach you out you shortly.

Gartner, D365 Field Service as Magic Quadrant Leader

Dynamics 365 for field services is serving companies to smoothly run business processes with features like scheduling, inventory management, contract management, support system, and customisation. So, as the tool is managing and automating the manual process, Gartner position this year  Filed Service as a Magic Quadrant Leader.

As a leader, it has the ability to be focused, and it helps FSPs to improve the equipment reliability outcomes and charge a premium accordingly.

All of it focuses on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Services and its support with Remote assist, HoloLens and integration with Azure IoT central and Teams. Additionally, the recent introduction to mobile knowledge guidance via a bot is also making a lot of difference.


Estimates by the Gartner


According to Gartner estimates about the customers who had implementation through the Microsoft partners are more than half of Microsoft’s 400,000 FSM users.

They are either from North America, and other divided around the world and the ones in EMEA tend to be in the energy, public, insurance, and manufacturing sectors.

So, considering these estimates, here are some of the strengths of field service automation and Cautions for the existing or new customers.



  • Platform:

The use cases of the FSM comes with the tailored offerings of Microsoft’s Azure IoT (Hub and Central), Power platform (Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Flow and Common Data Service) and mixed reality (Remote Assist, which includes guidance authoring, sensor visualization and collaboration). So, if we take the example of them pushing diagnostic commands to customers’ equipment, schedule the work duration and also collaborate with the subcontractors – it can be quite useful for the organisations.

  • Sales execution:

Grant also estimate that there was the largest number of license generation for the vendors in this Magic quadrant. It was quite handy for the existing customers of Microsoft as they were successful in the areas such as integration and code reuse across the products.

  • Deployment Modes

When it is about the high degree of choice in deployment, the first name that comes in mind is Microsoft. It can be a decision of customers if they want to reside in the services in private, public or government clouds.



  • Industry strategy:

The design of the core Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service product is horizontal. So, the customers depend on the partners for expertise, templates, and all the strategy work too.

  • Product Depth:

It is a recommendation for the organisation operating complex functionality requirements should check with the abilities and expertise of Microsoft’s partner and their company too. It is huge and customers finding the lack of capabilities in areas like planning, subcontractor enablement and native customer portals can create a huge problem.

  • Thought Leadership:

The press coverage for Microsoft thought-leading content is limited, depending on the size of a company. The focus of Microsoft is more about the ability of the platform than helping clients on how its FSM can be different. So, it is now on the companies to get the partners who can guide you about improvement and appropriate health checks to ensure a definite success.

Now, you have the checklist about the strengths of the field service management software and also the kind of partner you should choose. And you must know that DFSM has got it all for you.

So, if you are still wondering how a connected field service dynamics 365 can change the way your business works, you need to find a partner with exceptional expertise.

Final Thoughts


We at DFSM have a large team to help you with the integration and implementation of any Microsoft Dynamics 365 . So, to ease your implementation process and understand the tool along with its features beforehand, you must take a dynamics 365 field trial(Free).

Once you start getting used to the platform and understand how it can help solve your business needs, you can always choose your premium package and we can go further with the process of implementation.

So, by any chance you want to dig deeper into the information and make sure that you are making the right decision, DFSM has the experts to  assist you.

D365 Product Visualize (3D & 360° Mixed Reality)

Marketing in the digital world is no all fun and games. It requires the right tools in the hands of experts to extract desired results. Therefore, Dynamics 365 marketing is now proving itself to be the top-notch tool for managing events and boosting up sales online. The marketing tool is to help you better understand your leads and design further business prospects accordingly. It works with sales and offers simple ways of product marketing.

Mixed Reality – Visualize your problems and get the solution immediately


However, Dynamics 365 is already ahead of time. Its use of augmented reality is already reaching out to the customers providing real experience for overviewing the sales workflow. The world is now more packed and open than ever. Back then, customer support was quite a task to manage. But now, we can get visualize instruction right on our mobile devices. Dynamics 365 is using the same technology to help people take quick decisions by having real-world experience.  

While the world is moving towards automation, they also have to face the complexity in configurations. Companies face a hard time in explaining configurations to the respective individual. Mostly, it is about the machines used in health care and manufacturing industries. However, when they get Dynamics 365, it is easy for companies to reach their customers within a few seconds. So, closing a deal and giving satisfactory services to your clients through the 3D view of the product is just a piece of cake.

remote work d365

Why Visualization has become an important part of the business?

People are no more relying on claims and words. That’s why mixed reality shows them the real world so, they know what to expect. So, when you are in business, the most essential part of it is customer satisfaction. The Dynamics 365 product visualize has eased the process reaching the high points for customer satisfaction. Now, it is completely up to and your actions for making the best out of it. However, the benefits of Dynamics visualize products are quite amazing:

1.     Accurate representation of your product

The tool is amazing to build a trustful bond with your customers. So, with the visualization, you can offer them an accurate representation of a product. It will automatically lead them to the point of trust. So, you can say that Dynamics 365 augmented reality is one way to customer satisfaction.

2.     Put your sales cycle on a fast track

It eases the process of responding the customer queries. You can enable your sellers to show a 3D view to customers and help them understand the product.

3.     Get detailed insights about your customers

The sellers can get detailed information about the customers and track their queries. So, in the future, the same information can be a handful for them.


Dynamics 365 product visualize is one of the essential tools for marketing right now. Better the way of responding to customers, the best customer satisfaction you can get. So, get in touch with DFSM to help you with integration.

Digital Transformation – the way to fight the COVID

Diseases and illnesses are part of life, but what is there to know if life seems halted because of it? It is not just you and me, Coronavirus aka COVID-19 is everywhere around the world. Businesses are effecting, sports, tech and every industry are facing a lockdown due to the spread of this virus. However, while we see it as a problem, then we must take it as a challenge. This pandemic or any other future pandemics are showing us that we need modern workplace ideas to be in practice now.

So, like many others, you can reshape your business through various tools and allow your employees to work from home. They can still be productive and efficient in offering their services.

Let’s also have some insights about healthcare. We are building personal care centers for years. Many elderly and children are getting healthcare services right from their place. Therefore, it would be easy for us to fight COVID-19 too.

digital transformation initiatives

How digital technologies are changing the Dynamics of business?


If you are worried about your business dynamics with all the crises of coronavirus, you must remember about the technological advancements too. Either it is the healthcare industry or any other industry, we can always rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365. It may be the time of despair, but having the sanity alive – the right tools can keep us going in the business. So, digital transformation is the only way to fight with this time.

For now, the concern is how it is help?

All we need is to strategize better and perform the business basics without any hassle, so let’s see the way it is helping.

·        Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one way to manage many things happening right now. You can predict the reports and health care department can get better results. Moreover, they can offer you better analysis and statistics on counting the patients.

·        Machine Learning

ML is getting smarter by every day and clinical research is improving because of it. So, right now the challenge is to see if we have been moving towards the right future or not. It can be the time to judge and test the experiments and calculate appropriate results for diagnosing the disease.

·        Predictive analysis

In today’s world, where political parties can decide their political career just by analyzing human behavior. Similarly, we can get a predictive analysis to judge the disease and learn more about and pandemic. Right now, we might not be fully prepared for any such pandemic. But digital transformation can help to be ready for any future happenings like this.

·        Work from your comfort zone

Work from home was like a slogan from the beginning of the digital era. However, many companies are still reluctant to implement this as a practical idea. But if we have to fight the CODOV-19, we need to face this challenge too. Microsoft Dynamics has many tools that work on cloud data centers. So, it is quite a help in the time of despair. Also, we can build a better future through this.

·        Bio-Technology

So, now we also need biotech to be in action. Prevention, diagnosis and a lot more can be done simply by using the tools that work on this science. Productions can be enhanced and we can offer better medicines for the relevant disease.

·        AR/VR based learning

If we have to implement remote working, we will need to offer remote learning too. People cannot just stay at home idle and think about a better future for themselves. So, the ongoing learning process can be managed through AR and VR technologies. Lectures, demo and documentaries can help people keep learning and advancing in their respective fields of interest.

·        ERP solutions

For e-commerce and online retailing business, we have ERP and CRM solutions. Microsoft dynamics is also offering many tools to cater to your online business. So, all you need is training for this software and people can perform best even from home.


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