4 Lessons from Revlon’s SAP Implementation Disaster

We recently had a brief discussion about the SAP failures. Every case, including Hershey ERP failure and Lidl ERP failure, had its points to learn lessons and ensure that your company is not about to make the same mistake. Today, we will talk about Revlon, so you can see if you are also preparing to join the same path or not. You can check out the SAP failure rate as many companies fail to learn from previous failures.

Revlon revealed a couple of weeks ago that it was terrible to enforce its SAP. It was due to the inability to enforce the SAP that delayed financial reporting.

Within 24 hours of publishing the story, its stock decreased 6.9%, triggering an investor’s lawsuit. Not good for a well-established consumer product business, especially for publicly traded companies.

Revlon’s SAP failure

What have we learned from Revlon’s SAP failure?

  • Design and Controls are the keys to success 


Revlon reported a lack of design as one of the problems behind the failure of ERP. As a result of its internal controls, the company suffered “material weaknesses.”

It is important to look closely at the business processes to minimize the risk of material operational disruption.

You should ensure that the development team knows this when determining your future state and training your staff to configure and evaluate the program correctly.

system desgin d365
  • Negative ROI is a big red flag


Revlon also announced that: In addition to a breakdown in its North Carolina Plant’s operational controls and production problems:  

  • Sales lost by SAP failure could not be recovered.
  • Disruption in customer service.
  • The demands for their management and employees were growing, with an emphasis on other business goals cannibalized.
  • It produced substantial capital and operating costs.
  • The handling of sellers’ payments was challenging.
  • It couldn’t meet the timely or reliable federal, state, and local reporting and filing standards.
  • It had higher shipping costs than anticipated – due to the SAP failure of the customer burning.
  • It was ‘incapable of correctly or promptly filling customer orders, or at all’ (emphasis added).

We are sure that this wasn’t the expectation of Revlon.

  • Implementation risks should be well understood


Revlon did not seem to recognize the risks associated with its ERP implementation, as were many organizations adopting SAP S/4HANA and other ERP solutions. Worse still, efficient methods for reducing such risks should not be quantified or enforced.

Revlon endured delays in shipment and missed sales in North Carolina due to the production interruptions – the site of the first phase of its SAP live service.

If Revlon had known, quantified, and mitigated the risks associated with ERP introduction, steps would have been taken to ensure that its go-live did not significantly impact its operations.

project management implementation process
  • Risk Identification must be calculated  


In Revlon’s case, problems became apparent right after the device was implemented in Oxford, NC. The roll-out created service level disturbances that affected production and shipping capabilities directly.

Revlon clarified that they could impact their competitive position if such disruptions continue. Their client relationships, prospects, financial conditions, and cash flow may also influence them.

The company should have prepared for these setbacks with a comprehensive risk evaluation. The risks to implementing an ERP are inherent, and it is not reasonable to expect to go live without problems.

Payroll Processing and Calculations

DFSM ERP Failure Rescue Service


If you can find out the ERP implementation failure statistics increasing (from Gartner), you must not take a chance and hire professionals for consultation.

We support some big companies on their ERP implementation rescue plan to be glad to exchange notes and share some lessons from failures to successful projects.

Contact us to discuss any time – we’re pleased to be your digital transformation partner.

5 Hidden Cost of a CRM implementation

CRM  (Customer relationship management)  Microsoft Dynamics CRM has become the company’s most precious asset in today’s rapid, highly competitive, and highly innovative market environment.  CRM is important to understand your customers’ needs to improve client service and profitability. Determining the actual execution cost is important, focusing on CRM in your company and its far-reaching effects. Many options and pricing models are available for CRM applications. Therefore, it has become difficult to identify the “exact” cost of different CRMs.

So, you need to consider many hidden costs before you think or invest in the CRM implementation. Some of the most relevant factors are:


Sales growth dynamics 365




Every business is not alike and demands customization. When you think about CRM as a general, you may have a vague idea of customization requirements. However, to be clear on the situation, you will need experts’ consultation. So, the problem for every new CRM is incorporation across all divisions. The expertise of CRM experts is required in this process. Estimate internal labor for 40 hours and consultancy fees at least $4000-$5000.




A consulting firm is also used to train, prepare, and execute the best implements of a new CRM. Plan on outsourcing for at least 1 for every $1 spent on annual cloud-based device subscriptions. The annual subscription price cost is averaged between 1x and 10x, with an average of 3.5x. While this is a big expenditure, experts concur that it is worthwhile.


 User Adoption


The effectiveness of the CRM requires user adoption, and we have many companies as an example who failed in implementation because of it. User adoption is completely dependent on leadership abilities. Those organizations that have been active with CRM have a leadership buy-in.

A recent Cornerstone OnDemand presentation showed how quality leadership impacts the role of workers in all business sectors. “Only 29% of workers in North America are concerned with emotion. That leaves 71% of the staff not working or actively de-engaged.” When the employees do not use the new CRM, the company is focused on the bill. Often, organizations with in-house expertise and decide against a third-party contractor do not achieve consumer acceptance objectives during the CRM implementation process.


 Opportunity Costs


One of the major concerns for hidden costs on CRM is the failure to select CRM software. Some of the cost components include Paying for unused Licenses, Paying for outside experts, and the cost of doing it all over again.

Additionally, a lack of sales is known and a failure to pick CRM when a business pays for a CRM but does not use it. How much more company does the sales team leave? Is there a lack of cross-sales opportunities because departments do not efficiently exchange data? So many businesses neglect these costs of opportunities.


 Additional Services


CRM is just the starting point for the application of subscription costs per user. Most CRMs allow third-party add-ons to be customized, and the price tag can be considered for these. While these are small add-ons per device, they add up to a company customer with tens of thousands of customers. So, you need respected CRM for it, such as Microsoft Dynamics. Moreover, there is no single CRM platform with its simple packages to fulfill all 9 integration requirements. At the beginning of the process, careful planning must influence the cost of each element.


Checkout our DFSM ERP/CRM ROI calculator 


You might have various concerns about the overall cost of the Dynamics 365 implementation. So, you can easily calculate ERP ROI/CRM ROI using the DFSM calculator. It will help you plan your budget according to the estimated cost. The calculator we developed shows the user how exactly is going to spend on their implementation.

Lidl SAP implementation failure (ERP Failure serie)

The companies acquire ERP systems helps them in managing work with a balanced flow and in a more organized way. They get to have easy access to the information, manage different departments from a single platform. Some companies wanted to streamline their business and started implemented ERP systems but had to meet the failure. 

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed one of the ERP failed projects/ERP failure example, i.e. Hershey ERP failure. Companies looking for failure lessons and failure factors of ERP implementation can have a lot to learn from it. There are many reasons for these failures. In this case study, we are going to talk about the Lidl SAP implementation failure. Let’s help you take a walk through their failures for your understanding.



How it all started?

Lidl implemented SAP three years ago, considering their step towards a transformative journey. The goal was to meet the market ends for innovation and efficiency. Initially, they went live with the merchandise management at its Austrian stores in May 2015. The roll-out plan was to reach 10,000 stores and more than 140 logistics hubs. However, now the recent news states that Lidl is dropping the project worth €500m project.


Why did the project fail?


A recent survey study based on 113 individuals shows that across the SAP has failed to companies have failed in the SAP implementation. The reason is common, and that is SAP, not meeting the expectations of the company. The reason for the Lidl SAP implementation failure was:

  • It shows that customization is not one of the strengths of the SAP system. Projects are completed successfully with a specific model. Changes, however, demand more and fail SAP.
  • In the case of Lidl, it demanded a higher cost for consultation and implementation cost consider the adjustments.
  • The company also states that the problem has risen despite the technology solution.

A Lesson Learned


We all know that the system is supposed to ease up the process and help organizations in reaching a higher level of success. Now, most companies fail as they lack business engagement. So, with the failure of Lidl SAP, we have learned to:


·Open to Business Process Reengineering


A willingness to improve process engineering will help you define the helpful processes and separate the changes you need. You need to look closely at the requirement gaps and fix them.


·Follow the defined timelines


The Lidl project spanned around seven years. See, the problem lies in the timelines. You have to adhere to them. Competition doesn’t stop, and the market keeps moving on. So, avoiding intensive customizations will help companies in following deadlines or timelines in a better way.


·Ensure executive alignment


Since the team was in constant fluctuation, managing business alignment or buy-in became tougher. So, it is important to maintain the focus.

·Prioritize organizational change management


Prioritizing internal growth in the team is also important. It seems easy, but it is not. You have a focus on training during the project implementation and help the team understand the smart use of functions.


DFSM ERP Rescue failed project


DFSM can help you in saving your time and money. Talk to our consultants, and they can assess if the project is failing or not. So, they can offer immediate solutions along with the training to help the team learn better use of the ERP system.

Meet Microsoft FastTrack (Customer Success Service)

If you are running a successful organization, you need to implement powerful cloud apps so that you can secure your content. The good news is that you can achieve this with Dynamics 365. Now, moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365 may not be easy, but if you want fast results it’s worth the switch. Thankfully now FastTrack exists to make it even easier to manage content delivery and boost the deployment management and operations to the next level.

So, what is FastTrack services exactly?


What is FastTrack?

Businesses go through different platforms until they have found the right one. This will end once you move to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft is now introducing the FastTrack app to ensure your switch goes smoothly.

This customer service platform by Microsoft helps you to move smoothly over to Microsoft Dynamics 365. If you participate in the FastTrack for Microsoft 365 service program, you will get complete guidance about implementation practices and planning for successful rollouts amongst other things. Once implemented you can set it to your speed. Moreover, you can also access various Microsoft engineering resources that will make your experience easier and more successful.

For the best experience, you should know about each service and the process it takes to get them. 

How will FastTrack serve you?


Think of this program as a friend who is only a call away. All you need to do is dial a number in order to speed up the solution to your problems. With FastTrack, you can get guidance on successful technology adoption, tested and recommended processes by Microsoft, consultants at your service, experts, strategies and additional tools.

In short, it is everything your business needs in order to boost up its Microsoft Dynamics 365 efficiency.


Microsoft FastTrack Eligibility


The eligibility for the FastTrack customer service is simple. If you have more than 150 Microsoft licenses, you must consider yourself entitled to the FastTrack for Dynamics 365.

People with an individual product like Exchange Online are also eligible for it. There are different plans offered by Microsoft including:

  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise
  • Microsoft 365 Business
  • Microsoft 365 Education
  • Office 365 Enterprise
  • Office 365 Education
  • Exchange Online
  • Microsoft Teams
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Project Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • Yammer


There is a lot more than this that is available and you can easily check out the Microsoft plans on it to get the one suitable for you.

Microsoft FastTrack Cost


The service has no cost as it is offered for free to all organizations. DFSM is included by default in your Office 365/ Microsoft 365 subscription.

What services are covered by it?

It covers all the services including Office 365 to skype for business and OneDrive and Azure too. You can check the complete document on the official website of Microsoft.

How can DFSM help you with FastTrack?


DFSM offers you full-time assistance to avail all the benefits of FastTrack either you want to connect to your IT partners or other clients. In case you are looking for some services other than FastTrack, we can work closely with you to offer the assistance you need. 

Reach out or ask your IT partner to contact us at DFSM to get a license for your company. As we are certified consultants of Microsoft, you can also request Microsoft to assign us to you. We are also offering consultation services for the implementation of FastTrack for Azure.

For more questions or any other relevant queries, you can always contact us as you need guidance or assistance on using FastTrack for your benefit.

Unpacking: Power BI November 2020 Feature

Power BI is changing, and as a business manager, you must know about all the latest changes that happened in the November 2020 update. There are various changes to enhance the visualizations, ease the developers for reports and ownership, and reporting is also quite improved in new Power BI. Check out the updates to adjust your operations accordingly.


Power bi 2020

November 2020 Power BI updates:

Power bi gartner 2020

The features that are going to change in Power BI are mentioned below. We will go through each briefly and check the changes it is undergone in the latest updates.

  • Reporting 


Reporting is one of the main features, and there are few changes further in the modules like:

  • New Field List (Preview)


Microsoft is unifying the filed lists across the Data, Model, and Report view in Power BI Desktop. You can see some of the constancy changes and improved usability of it. You can check the new field list through the picture below.

New Field List

This picture is representing the clear changes that you will be observed in the latest Power BI. So, you have to check out the documentation in detail for learning the new symbols and their meaning.

Then, there are some other changes too. Following is the list of the new features, and you can find the details about each change in an official document by Microsoft.

  • New Model View (Preview)
  • Apply all filters is now generally available
  • Visual Zoom Slider
  • Datapoint rectangle select extended to Map visual
  • Certificate revocation check for web connections
  • Paginated Reports Updates
  • Crediting total labels for stacked visuals (Sept 2020)
  • Analytics


In the analytics feature, you will see the changes like anomaly detection, and Q&A now supports partial matching data values. One helps you in detecting the anomalies automatically and enhance your line charts. As for the latter, you will be now getting more intelligent matches by searching for more than one exact match.

  • Data connectivity


Changes in the data connectivity are linked to the new Hive LLAP connector generally available. It provides both Import and Direct Query capabilities and the ability to specify Thrift Transport Protocol as ‘Standard’ or ‘HTTP’.

New Connectors also include Actian (beta), Anaplan connector (beta), Starburst enterprise presto (beta). Each connector and its abilities are explained in the official document.

  • Service


Certified and Promoted reports and apps

Data is going to be the new demand and need for organizations. Therefore, companies need a variety of analytical skillsets for better representation of the data. Therefore, Microsoft is enhancing the standardized data ability to similar endorsement capabilities for reports and apps. It will help business users to be more confident about their decisions.

Additionally, there are some “new look changes” too. A few of them are listed below.

  • Simplified action bar
  • New workspaces
  • View report details
  • A vertical list of pages
  • Visualizations

There are new visualizations this month including:

  • Forecast visual by Predmac
  • Global Launch Estimated by TheraTraq
  • Lollipop Column Chart by Nova Silva
  • Dynamic KPI Card by Sereviso
  • Shielded HTML Viewer by Nova Silva
  • TheraTraq Timeline Circle by TheraTraq
  • Workforce by TheraTraq

All these new visualizations are briefly explained in the documents by Microsoft. You can get the consultant for more information or check with the document for more details.

  • Developers

For developers, they have a new Power BI API for Reports for transferring the ownership of paginated report data sources to the authorized users. Moreover, developed custom visual will be improving your testing.

Bottom Line


The article was to help you know about the main changes in the Power BI. For the details, you can talk to the DFSM consultants as they can also assist you in the implementation process, etc.

Dynamics 365 Compared To Other ERP Solutions

If you are running a full-time company, you are probably looking for the finest solutions to automate the core operational process. The way to do this is to find the right and perfect fit solution according to your industry. You can look up some Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions or select Dynamics 365 by Microsoft.  

However, you might be thinking about the ways to identify the need for a solution as per your industry. To help you achieve this here is a comparison of the basic features of both basic ERP and Dynamics 365. By the end of the article, you’ll know what’s right for you.


Features Capabilities:

So you can make the best decision for your organisation you will need to understand the basic difference between the ability of each. 

  1. Implementation and Integration

The implementation of the Dynamics can be challenging at times; Microsoft Dynamics is a powerful yet complex system. If you fail in implementation, you might pay for it in the long run. However, Dynamics is easy to integrate with other Microsoft products which means employees can access Microsoft products without going outside of ERP.

The other ERP systems may be easy to implement, but they are difficult for accessing the other Microsoft products.

2. Financials

Dynamics 365 has the capability of managing 95% of financial functionalities. Other software is said to be capable of 90%. Well, it might be a small one, but still an impactful difference, especially for larger size organizations.

3. Human Resources

Human Resources is the most crucial department of any organization. Dynamics covers 88% of the functions required for HR as compared to other ERP as they cover 78% of functionalities. From here it is up to you as you have to see if it is suitable for your industry or not.

4. Manufacturing Management

You can manage 96% of manufacturing functionalities with Dynamics 365. Other ERP solutions only cover 88% of the functionalities. You can see a clear difference here.

5. Inventory Management

Dynamics will be offering you 96% of the modules of inventory. Other ERP solutions may support only 86% of functionalities. However, you may still need to look for the benefits in the long run, and you can find other independent software more convenient and helpful.

6. Purchasing Management

Dynamics 365 is supporting the Purchasing managing functions of up to 99%. Well, there is not much difference as other ERP software cover 91% of the functions and features of purchasing management. Also, Microsoft dynamics has many other benefits too.

7. Quality Management

In quality management functions, Dynamics can offer you the coverage of 99%. This gives a huge advantage to D365 as the other competitive software is only covering 82%.

8. Sales Management

For the sales management module, Dynamics 365 has the support of 96% of the functions. Meanwhile, other ERP solutions will only be supporting 90% of functions.  This is giving a noticeable difference between Dynamics and other ERP solutions.

9. Customer Support

Dynamics 365 covers many customer support modules, along with automated bots and solutions. However, it can complex for the employees, and they will need training programs. You can find many of them from Microsoft as they are online or consult your vendor for it. They can offer you a great package for training your employees.

Determine if Dynamics 365 fits your organization’s needs


Now choosing between the simple ERP solutions of taking up the challenging Dynamics 365 by Microsoft can be difficult. It is up to you, and you must figure it out considering the size of your business and other needs for ERP solutions. Suppose you are a larger company with various departments in it. This might mean you probably need a huge and accessible system for the whole organization.

So, do you think that Dynamics 365 is suitable for following and can cover these industries?

  • ERP solution for small business
  • ERP solution for schools
  • ERP solution for the manufacturing industry
  • ERP solution for educational institute
  • ERP solution for the construction industry
  • ERP solution for hospital management

Dynamics 365 is completely suitable because it is offering four main ERP solutions:

  • Dynamics AX
  • Dynamics NAV
  • Dynamics GP
  • SL plus CRM software (Microsoft Dynamics CRM) and Software for retail business.

Most of these solutions are perfectly fit for small to medium-sized businesses covering the HR and financial management departments smartly. However, AX may have more tendency for larger organizations operating in different countries.

Still, different solutions have different features, and they can offer perfect systems for all of the above mentioned ERP solutions. All of the given choices by Microsoft makes it easier for businesses to choose a selective ERP solution as per their business needs.

Final Thoughts


If you are still wondering, you can contact the DFSM consultants as they are experts and will be helpful to guide you. Further, you can easily choose the solution suitable for your organization. Talk to the experts for the implementation and integration of the solutions now!!

Azure Automanage: A new step in Azure services

Many people are excited about the new updates from Microsoft. While the benefits are countless, the most anticipated update right now is Azure Automanage. This feature reduces costs simply by automating windows Server Management, enhanced Workload Uptime with optimized operations, and implementation of security best practices.

Additionally, this update offers more intelligent onboard virtual machines to choose the best practice of Azure Services. Once installed, the system will automatically configure the services according to the Azure best practices. The same feature allows us to monitor for drift and corrects for it when detected. You will experience a simple step process (point, click, set, forget)


What the offering means for users


Automanage is not only about reducing costs. It will help users achieve the best practices of VM management according to the ones in the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework. So, when the VM shifts the configuration from the applied controls, Automanage detects it. Furthermore, the program offers the remedy and updates the configuration to the one desired or needed at the time.

Microsoft has clearly stated the major role of Automanage which is to automate the frequent error-prone management tasks. For example, it will be automating onboarding and configuration for Security Center and Backup. Also, the Automanage will be playing a security rule through the OS baseline setting, combined with the Windows Defender.

Azure services used with Azure Automanage:


When you start using Automanage for the VM, you will observe that the azure services are automatically onboard and configured. They use best practices from Cloud Adoption Framework. The compatible services are:

1. VM Insights Monitoring


It is to help you monitor the health of your virtual machines along with the performance, running processes, and dependencies.

2. Backup


It offers you isolated backups that are completely autonomous, and without any destruction of your data. Charges depend on the size of VM you wish to protect.

3. Azure Security Center


This is the unified infrastructure security management system. It will provide you with a strong security posture and advanced threat protection on any hybrid workload in the cloud. Additionally, it will automatically configure the security if it is not already onboarded with the Azure systems.


4. Microsoft Antimalware


Viruses, spyware, or any other kinds of malware can be a real threat, but not with the Microsoft Antimalware. It will generate alerts or warnings if anything seems suspicious or detect any unwanted software installing itself.  

5. Update Management


You can easily update management and manage all the OS updates for the VM. Check the status instantly and manage updates accordingly for the servers.

6. Change Tracking & Inventory


This feature combines all the features of both change tracking and inventory – making it feasible for you to track the virtual machine and any infrastructure changes. It will track the unwanted changes and raise alerts. With inventory support, you can query in-guest resources and see into the installed applications or other configurations.

7. Azure Automation Account


It is to support you throughout the cycle of your infrastructure and applications.

8. Log Analytics Workspace


Azure monitor saves the data in log analytics workspace, in azure resource, and a container. Further, the data is aggregated and served as an administrative boundary.

Bottom Line


Microsoft never stops surprising its customers, and the recent updates about the Azure Automanage are the hot topic amongst industry professionals. If you are impressed by the new updates, let the DFSM team manage to enable Automanage for you. Just write to us or give a call and our team will reach you out you shortly.

Top 5 Signs your company needs an ERP Implementation.

Are you facing difficulty in managing financial transactions by the end of every month? or your data “don’t speak to each other” and you are using hundred of excel sheets?


This maybe the first signs that you need to get organized and start planning your finances by implementing an ERP. In short, your company is in dire of an ERP solution.

We understand that implementing the changes will impact your business processes and interrupt your workflows too. However, Learning to implement a new system that centralise all your business data in one place may save you a lot time and money, with a long term ROI (Learn how we can save improve your ROI)


Here are the Signs to look up and know that you need and IT transformation for your company now. each


When Does a Company Need an ERP? Look for two or more of these signs:

cloud based

1.     Uncentralized data


If sales, finance management or any other departments are not linked to each other, you are having a hard time managing the data, and every query seems to take time.

To increase the efficiency, you need it to sit in a  centralized systen and thats’s what  ERP is about, centralisation of you data.

2.     Financial management becomes complicated to process


Finances are never easy and if they are taking longer than ever, then this is another reason why should implement cloud ERP within the organization. Paper-based invoices are also time-consuming and no possible automation.

the ERP solution can automate the whole system quickly.  It can instantly provide your reports and analysis as per the need.

3.     Sales and customer services are suffering


Companies are growing and the main issue you might have with it is the sales and customer services are in bad condition. So, ERP software can also increase the efficiency of sales and shipment. This way the employees will have the latest information about the sales packages and they can manage it accordingly.

4.     Spending more money on Managing IT systems and labors


If management can become a complicated process or  you have to manage different softwares within the company.

You will need a team for it too and a budget. But if you start implementing ERP on time, you will have a single system and certified vendor of the product to help you with implementation or maintenance plan anytime. You will also cut off a lot from your budget simply by using ERP and reducing labor or IT devices.

5.     Ineffective insights into your business


Right now, your insights are only based on a single part of the data which makes it inaccurate. So, by implementing the ERP, your data is integrated and you can easily enjoy the ERP system features by getting accurate and real-time insights into your business.



Hopefully, you have a  clearer idea on why it is important to implement the ERP system. or the signs you have to look for.


Get in touch with experts of DFSM for a free assessments  and let us help you with the process . 

Compare Microsoft Dynamics AX & Dynamics 365

Organizations that are currently using Microsoft Dynamics AX are considering an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations . It Maybe wise to learn more about the differences between these two systems before you commit to an ERP implementation or upgrade

The  two solutions may have similarities, but they also share some of the major differences. And we are going to discuss all the points that somehow make both tools different or similar. By the end of the blog, you can get an idea about the one to choose from.

ERP cost

Dynamics AX Vs Dynamics 365

1. Infrastructure


The major difference between the Dynamics 365 cloud and dynamics AX is about the infrastructure.  Satya Nadella in 2014 changed the structure by shifting Dynamics products on the cloud.(Read the full story)

However, Dynamics AX 2012 is still running on-premise making customers get the servers on-site and host the applications locally.

Initially companies using Dynamics AX 2012 were reluctant for the cloud-based infrastructure, but now they have accepted it. In fact, many people prefer it for ERP requirements or systems now.

Also, the on-premise hosting of applications can cost you a lot for purchasing the compatible hardware and making it accessible for the employees.

2.Custom applications


Dynamics AX has the over-layering method for custom development. It is the method where core product, customer code, and any value-added reseller (VAR) code are separated by the layers. This way code needs to be adjusted before the deployment as it can cause a problem.

On the contrary, Dynamics 365 uses the extensibility model and that means the core code of ERP systems is locked – not allowing any customizations. Therefore, developers must customize the software during a built-in phase.

Companies can take wise steps and little more careful about the customizations and they must have them only if necessary.

3.      Upgrade


Upgrading from Dynamics AX 2009 to dynamics AX 2012, you may need a completely new implementation. Whereas, upgrading from Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 may require no or fewer implementation changes.

Microsoft also improved the upgrade model as they moved to the cloud and it is quite similar to the modern upgrade model used for applications.

4.      UI experience


With the dynamics AX, a user can simply launch the application from desktop and can work within the program. Whereas the Dynamics 365 makes a user launches a web browser and enter a URL. It can be launched from both desktop and mobile devices.

If teams have issues dealing with the user-interface of ERP projects, they can always seek help from the ERP consultants.



Switch Today!

The wise decision and any expert’s advises will recommend s switch from Dynamics AX to the Dynamics 365.

wether your decison is continuing your business on Dynamics AX we still offer a full support, or or switching from Dynamics AX to Microsoft dynamics 365 for finance and operations – you have DFSM experts for the full-time assistance as your ERP vendor.


Top reasons to run your business with Azure today

The modern structure of the business is all about efficiency and they run on the cloud. No more huge servers to manage as cloud services like Microsoft Azure cloud are doing it for you. It is cloud services to build, manage, or deploy the services from anywhere.

It can help businesses in delivering applications to global audiences through virtual machines, SQL databases, active directory, application services, and storage.

So, it has multiple benefits if you are concerned about the business strategies cost-cutting problems, you can consider Microsoft action pack azure for it.

Also, there are many other benefits to helping you once you start implementing Microsoft azure solutions. The huge advantage of it is flexibility and for a matter of fact, we all understand the significance of it. Also, if we refer to Gartner’s recent surveys and analysis, For the sixth consecutive year, Gartner(see last surevey) has positioned Microsoft as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Worldwide, 2019.



Top most reasons to run your business with azure:


1.  No more capital 

You can easily cut off on the capital as there will be no requirement for the expensive hardware. Just subscribe to the services and the next thing is that you are can start enjoying the services locally and globally. So, find out the suitable package for you and subscribe to it now.  

2. Cost-Efficiency

Just check out for the services it is offering and all the benefits you get and then estimate the cost. Also, you will also pay for the services you are using. So, no more wasting money on the services that are not necessary for your business. Subscribe for the services according to your business demand and never pay extra for it.

3. Security

Is Microsoft azure secure? This is a valid question and yes it is secure. It protects you from potential threats and also secures your data on the cloud. You may not find the facility with any other cloud service provider. Also, the Microsoft Azure data factory keeps your data confidential.

4.Disaster recovery

The disaster recovery is essential and it is where Microsoft Azure for small business comes in for the rescue. The competitive disadvantage can be a bad impact on your business. So, at this very moment, the app works as you want it to perform. Just be an organization with a great backup plan.


Final Thoughts


Now, if you are thinking about implementing the Microsoft action pack azure, you can always get the expertise of the DFSM team who worked on various projects of Azure cloud. We have a specialist to help you with the implementation and integration of it in your organization. 

Gartner, D365 Field Service as Magic Quadrant Leader

Dynamics 365 for field services is serving companies to smoothly run business processes with features like scheduling, inventory management, contract management, support system, and customisation. So, as the tool is managing and automating the manual process, Gartner position this year  Filed Service as a Magic Quadrant Leader.

As a leader, it has the ability to be focused, and it helps FSPs to improve the equipment reliability outcomes and charge a premium accordingly.

All of it focuses on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Services and its support with Remote assist, HoloLens and integration with Azure IoT central and Teams. Additionally, the recent introduction to mobile knowledge guidance via a bot is also making a lot of difference.


Estimates by the Gartner


According to Gartner estimates about the customers who had implementation through the Microsoft partners are more than half of Microsoft’s 400,000 FSM users.

They are either from North America, and other divided around the world and the ones in EMEA tend to be in the energy, public, insurance, and manufacturing sectors.

So, considering these estimates, here are some of the strengths of field service automation and Cautions for the existing or new customers.



  • Platform:

The use cases of the FSM comes with the tailored offerings of Microsoft’s Azure IoT (Hub and Central), Power platform (Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Flow and Common Data Service) and mixed reality (Remote Assist, which includes guidance authoring, sensor visualization and collaboration). So, if we take the example of them pushing diagnostic commands to customers’ equipment, schedule the work duration and also collaborate with the subcontractors – it can be quite useful for the organisations.

  • Sales execution:

Grant also estimate that there was the largest number of license generation for the vendors in this Magic quadrant. It was quite handy for the existing customers of Microsoft as they were successful in the areas such as integration and code reuse across the products.

  • Deployment Modes

When it is about the high degree of choice in deployment, the first name that comes in mind is Microsoft. It can be a decision of customers if they want to reside in the services in private, public or government clouds.



  • Industry strategy:

The design of the core Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service product is horizontal. So, the customers depend on the partners for expertise, templates, and all the strategy work too.

  • Product Depth:

It is a recommendation for the organisation operating complex functionality requirements should check with the abilities and expertise of Microsoft’s partner and their company too. It is huge and customers finding the lack of capabilities in areas like planning, subcontractor enablement and native customer portals can create a huge problem.

  • Thought Leadership:

The press coverage for Microsoft thought-leading content is limited, depending on the size of a company. The focus of Microsoft is more about the ability of the platform than helping clients on how its FSM can be different. So, it is now on the companies to get the partners who can guide you about improvement and appropriate health checks to ensure a definite success.

Now, you have the checklist about the strengths of the field service management software and also the kind of partner you should choose. And you must know that DFSM has got it all for you.

So, if you are still wondering how a connected field service dynamics 365 can change the way your business works, you need to find a partner with exceptional expertise.

Final Thoughts


We at DFSM have a large team to help you with the integration and implementation of any Microsoft Dynamics 365 . So, to ease your implementation process and understand the tool along with its features beforehand, you must take a dynamics 365 field trial(Free).

Once you start getting used to the platform and understand how it can help solve your business needs, you can always choose your premium package and we can go further with the process of implementation.

So, by any chance you want to dig deeper into the information and make sure that you are making the right decision, DFSM has the experts to  assist you.

On-hand Inventory in Dynamics 365 F&O

Inventory is the most essential part for many business, specially when we talk about the Manufacturing, and Retail. industries.

And to make sure that it goes smoothly, you can have On-hand inventory.

Now, you might be thinking that what is inventory On-Hand?

On-hand inventory is all the stock available at the store or online eCommerce website. You can say the items that ready to sold and used by the customers.


What is on-hand inventory in D365 for FO?

hand on inventry

The general inventor on-hand is also offered in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. It is the form used various times because of its ability to show the real-time view of on-hand inventory. The form is quite a busy form, yet an important one for any organization.

You can simply open the form, add a filter, and set up all the settings as the requirement of the company.

How you can you use On-hand inventory in D365 FO?

Inventory on-hand form is essential and once you get the idea to use it, you will be relieved when you have to calculate the day on hand of inventory. Therefore, you can take the training or consult from the experts at DFSM to help you with the navigations in a form. However, the following are the few important buttons that you can use, and also it will ease the management of inventory. 

  • Using a transaction button, you can check the transaction details.
  • Set up the storage, transaction, and tracing dimensions as you need.
  • Rest move on to the fields and fill them up.
  • You can further create a reservation and see the result.
  • You can manage the inventory on hand adjusting entry too for maintaining the general ledger.

Furthermore, the form offers you the modifications that allow you to add the item and details considering all aspects. You can trace the item, reset the shelf life dates, or even reset the vendor batch details. More buttons include:

  • Inter-company on-hand
  • Quantity adjustment
  • Released product details
  • Counting history
  • Inventory batch attributes
  • Non-conformances
  • Reset batch disposition code
  • Inventory blocking
  • Quality orders
  • Net requirements
  • ATP information
  • Supply overview


Each button mention above enables you to enter or modify the details about the on-hand inventory without any hassles. If you understand the form, you can easily calculate the inventory days on hand.

Still, wondering? How to calculate inventory days on hand?


Divide the inventory turnover rate into 365 and you can get the days on inventory on-hand. It is a simple and frequently used inventory on hand formula.

In dynamics 365 you can have the auto inventory days on hand and view the results through the data you stored through the form.


Get in touch!


You might have a great idea by now how the On-hand can give you a better isight and control over your inventory.

By using the form you can find multiple ways to ease your inventory management and offer exceptional customer services to your customers. And if you need expert advice, we have a team with hands-on experience on the form in DFSM to guide.

The new payment automation in dynamics 365 FO

Today, we are going to reveal the new payment processing automation in Dynamics 365 finance and operation . The new process allowing people to create a pre-defined schedule with a combination of payment proposal criteria. It further enables you to create payment journals, with less user intervention. So, when you install the PU35 (see how to setup), you will be able to fully benefit this feature as it is managed by PU35.


payment automation dynamics 365

Steps of Process Automation

Source: community.dynamics.com
  1. Set Up a schedule (Set it up under Accounts Payable–>Setup–>Payment–>Process Automations)
  2. For creating a new process every time, you can start it by selecting “Create new process automation”, then you will further see the schedule type as “Vendor payment”.

This new feature is easing the process by allowing you to schedule the automation process. It can be effective without changing any of the daily activities of the company.

  • One can schedule the payment processing considering different criteria for different days or times of the day.
  • It will reduce the manual processing of journal creation for the payment process.
  • The dashboard enables you to view all the details of the schedule along with the errors, so you can resolve them.

How to setup an Automated payment processing systems  


  1. Click on the “Create Series”, you will see the options to set the batch job and define alerts to monitor the processing.


  1. Then, you click “Next” and you will be presented with a similar form as the payment proposal. Options will be like Amount limit, Include invoices from other companies (Centralized payments option), Delete negative payments, etc.


  1. The options that are not available in this form are the From Date and To Date. In this Form, you will get these options as Date criteria check box and number of day adjustments for to date. It will automatically pick any payment that is due for a given day when the job is executed.


  1. Also, you can mark the Define to date criteria to pay invoices earlier than a due date and then enter the number of days before the due date.
  2. In the end, finish the button and you will see the schedule setup. On the right side, you can view the schedule and disable or edit as you wish.


  1. Even if the job starts, you can view and change from scheduled to executing.


  1. Finally, you can see the results to view journals by clicking on view results.


  1. In this case, the job has processes journal is created with all invoices that are having payment as a check.




Ultimately, the Dynamics 365 finance and operations sales order processing is a blessing and one can always save a lot of time. So, no more manual scheduling and you can set it on automation., for a seamless implementation of the system and training, you have DFSM as your perfect assistance whenever you need them. Our experts are looking forward to your queries and ready to guide you through the process at any hour of need.

Source: community.dynamics.com

D365 Product Visualize (3D & 360° Mixed Reality)

Marketing in the digital world is no all fun and games. It requires the right tools in the hands of experts to extract desired results. Therefore, Dynamics 365 marketing is now proving itself to be the top-notch tool for managing events and boosting up sales online. The marketing tool is to help you better understand your leads and design further business prospects accordingly. It works with sales and offers simple ways of product marketing.

Mixed Reality – Visualize your problems and get the solution immediately


However, Dynamics 365 is already ahead of time. Its use of augmented reality is already reaching out to the customers providing real experience for overviewing the sales workflow. The world is now more packed and open than ever. Back then, customer support was quite a task to manage. But now, we can get visualize instruction right on our mobile devices. Dynamics 365 is using the same technology to help people take quick decisions by having real-world experience.  

While the world is moving towards automation, they also have to face the complexity in configurations. Companies face a hard time in explaining configurations to the respective individual. Mostly, it is about the machines used in health care and manufacturing industries. However, when they get Dynamics 365, it is easy for companies to reach their customers within a few seconds. So, closing a deal and giving satisfactory services to your clients through the 3D view of the product is just a piece of cake.

remote work d365

Why Visualization has become an important part of the business?

People are no more relying on claims and words. That’s why mixed reality shows them the real world so, they know what to expect. So, when you are in business, the most essential part of it is customer satisfaction. The Dynamics 365 product visualize has eased the process reaching the high points for customer satisfaction. Now, it is completely up to and your actions for making the best out of it. However, the benefits of Dynamics visualize products are quite amazing:

1.     Accurate representation of your product

The tool is amazing to build a trustful bond with your customers. So, with the visualization, you can offer them an accurate representation of a product. It will automatically lead them to the point of trust. So, you can say that Dynamics 365 augmented reality is one way to customer satisfaction.

2.     Put your sales cycle on a fast track

It eases the process of responding the customer queries. You can enable your sellers to show a 3D view to customers and help them understand the product.

3.     Get detailed insights about your customers

The sellers can get detailed information about the customers and track their queries. So, in the future, the same information can be a handful for them.


Dynamics 365 product visualize is one of the essential tools for marketing right now. Better the way of responding to customers, the best customer satisfaction you can get. So, get in touch with DFSM to help you with integration.

Dynamics 365 & digitization of Catholic Education WA 

CEWA (Catholic Education Western Australia)  is one of the institutes aiming to help the catholic community. It is specially made for children to connect with an engaging learning environment. They include teachers, students. Guardians, parents and a lot more people to access as many learning opportunities as possible. So, here is the journey of their digital transformation with Microsoft. Initially, they begin it with Office 365 in 2017 by deploying it in the classroom. However, the journey moves further and right now they are using more tools including:

  • Azure
  • Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Power BI

So, digital transformation became an essential part of their successful community. Right now, they are passing education to the students regardless of location.

How Dynamics 365 has accelerated CEWA digital transformation?

Before CEWA decided to step into the digital transformation. They were struggling with running smooth interactions.

And begin transforming the system by implementing Office 365 in the beginning. So, the challenges before it were mainly to let the teachers and administration engage and collaborate.

However, Dynamics 365 has changed all the ways. It is benefiting the organization in multiple ways. Below are the challenges and solutions derived from Dynamics 365.

·Access to the information

The access to the information was the huge challenge before the institute had the Dynamics 365. Now, it supports comprehensive ways of collaboration among the teachers, admin, and parents.

·Availability of voice telephony

Online communications are usually considered vague. However, voice telephony has a different impact. So, the Dynamics 365 adds to the value of collaboration by giving the voice telephony facility for deeper connections.

·Virtual School

Now, that the digital transformation is on the go. It is easy for CEWA to set-up virtual school and collaborate with the teams of more than 500 people. They are managing it all together.


The next thing that any virtual institute is worried about is security. The head of digital transformation has shown their satisfaction in the security given by Microsoft. They state that the full stack of Azure is providing them with complete security and privacy of their data without any breaches.

·Financial management

From enrolment fees to the resource allocation, the dynamics 365 sales is offering you all of the management tools for financing. So, the administration staff can track all of the cash flow, etc.

·Wellbeing insights

The social engagement with Dynamics along with the Azure eDiscovery allows them to make better decisions. All the historical data and insightful reports help them in creating better predictions. Moreover, they state that they have predicted 3 years of students’ wellbeing.

The process is still going on, the head of the Digital transformations says that they can now ask families and students about necessary cultural support. So, further, they will find out the ways to make a platform a perfect place for anyone. It gives people more satisfaction and trust in the system. And the main aim of the institute is to reach out to maximum people. So, once the whole transformation process is together, it will be easier for people.


Ultimately, the digital transformation seems to be the best decision for students, and associates. It ensures easy collaboration, financial management, resource allocation and planning of the future. Everything is easy with the previous and any historical data available. Transformation is still in process, but the one that is already in function has completely changed the perspective of the CEWA. Now, they have set up the virtual schooling system with the finest communication pattern with Microsoft.


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