Turn Your Microsoft Teams Attendees Into A Loyal Customers Doing This

We are approaching a world of a new normal as we start emerging from the seclusion and limitation of the pandemic. As consumers, we have higher expectations. Successful businesses continually undergo changes, adaptation, and growth. Particularly, in customer experiences and in virtual events, to fulfill ever-changing customer expectations. Many experts plan that gatherings in person will gradually return but that virtual events will remain prominent. And this brings fresh and intriguing ways to increase consumer experience.

Microsoft is announcing the availability of expanded integration between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to help businesses take advantage of those opportunities.


Enhanced integration of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

New Microsoft teams integration is created using a combination of teams and Dynamics 365 to minimize distractions caused by changing apps and data searching. Microsoft argues that these apps will be more contextual as it continues to combine communication systems with record systems. This means that the Dynamics 365 workspace is able to meet, talk, call and cooperate without having to switch to teams. Or access, share and modify Dynamics 365 records when working with teams.

What’s new in it?

  • Contextual Embedded Teams Chat & teams channel
  • Embedded Teams Dialler for Microsoft 365
  • Dynamics 365 Sales Panel in a team meeting
  • Search, View & Edit Dynamics 365 Sales Records from Teams
  • Create Dynamics Notes & Tasks from Teams Posts
  • Connect Teams Webinars with Dynamics 365 Marketing


Manage webinars with Microsoft Teams app

Teams webinar capabilities combine the structure needed to host large live events with ease of delivery.

Simplify event management

With the new Teams feature, you can hold secure interactive meetings and webinars for up to 1,000 people, including polls, video sharing, and reactions.

You have the freedom to organize your webinar any way you want—from Microsoft teams and dynamics 365 marketing, and the choice is yours. Both methods are simple and intuitive, with enhanced capabilities.


Simplify Event Management
Increase Attendee Engagement

Increase attendee engagement

Microsoft Teams makes it simple to capture your online audience’s attention and present it like a pro. Take advantage of new features like Standout Mode, which allows presenters to appear over content, and use PowerPoint Live and Presenter Mode to give more compelling and engaging presentations.

Create Dynamics Notes & Tasks from Teams Posts

Additional actions will allow you to create Dynamics 365 tasks and notes from individual Teams posts.

Create Dynamics Notes & Tasks from Teams Posts
Connect Teams Webinars with Dynamics 365 Marketing

Connect Teams Webinars with Dynamics 365 Marketing

 Integration with Dynamics 365 Marketing is one of the new webinar features revealed for Microsoft Teams.

Select a streaming option and set this as a Teams Webinar from an event record in D365 Marketing before using Marketing tools to promote the event. Teams can connect with Dynamics 365 Marketing after the session to export this data.


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Business Central and Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is a product of Microsoft 365 that enables you to connect, work together and simplify work with others. Business Central includes a Microsoft Team-connecting application in Business Central, which enables you to rapidly communicate information with each team member, search for contacts, and answer requests quicker.

Business central in Microsoft teams can be used in Teams marketplace and the Teams desktop, mobile application, or web. 

How does Microsoft Teams integrate with Dynamics 365?

Microsoft has introduced a range of new integrations between Teams and Dynamics 365 during its 2021 conference which will be available in the upgrade for the Release Wave 1. This step is to improve Microsoft products and services.

These new integrations are built to reduce distractions caused by jumping between applications and data searching by uniting teams and dynamics 365. Microsoft claims that these will create a larger context for apps as they continue to connect engagement systems to record systems. This includes teams meeting, chatting, and calling without changing to teams and collaborating in the Dynamics 365 workspace. Or access, modify and share Dynamics 365 documents when working in teams.


Features overview

Customers, suppliers, and other contacts

You can seek up information about customers, suppliers, and other Business Central contacts from anywhere in Teams. This tool allows you to view not just general contact information, but also interaction history, associated documents, and more.

Customers, suppliers, and other contacts

In a conversation, you can also share contact information. Participants can access additional information about the contact from there.

Customers, suppliers, and other contacts

Sharing Business Central Records in Microsoft Teams

You can do the following using the Business Central app:

  • To share a link to any Business Central online record with your coworkers, copy the link and paste it into a Teams conversation. The link will then be expanded into a short, interactive card that shows information about the record by the app.
  • You and your teammates may examine more details about the customer record, change data, and take action without leaving Teams while you’re in the chat.
Business Central Records

Share records in conversations

To share a link to any Business Central record with your coworkers, copy the link and paste it into a Teams conversation. The link will then be expanded into a short, interactive card that shows information about the record by the app.

Share records in Conversations

You and your teammates may examine more details about the record, change data, and take action without leaving Teams while you’re in the chat.

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If you need to step up your game for better customer service or improve team calls, business central teams integration seems like a great idea. So, if you have something in mind and need to discuss it with the experts of Dynamics 365 business central, we at DFSM can help you with it. 

Microsoft Dynamics Professional

How the Australian Government is using Microsoft Dynamics 365

In a new deal, the Western Australian (WA) government will expand its usage of Microsoft technologies by allowing all of its state agencies to access Azure cloud services and cloud applications such as Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

The Australian government cloud services deal will increase efficiency across the public sector and build the digital foundations for new citizen-centric services, aligned with the state’s strategic digital goals.

This arrangement will help agencies develop and implement new cloud-based digital services faster, giving the Commonwealth a boost in efficiency and agility. It also allows the government to fully utilize Microsoft’s enormous investments in Australia over the previous two years. The investment was particularly made in the highly secure and robust Azure cloud, which had an exclusive design for essential national computing applications.

Microsoft’s commitment to engage with the government to upskill public sector people, equipping them with the digital skills and expertise needed to successfully deploy cloud-based solutions while also helping to future-proof their jobs, is another crucial component of the collaboration. Over 1,400 accessible Azure training spots are available in the plan to Australian Government IT employees, with money available to support up to 100 new learners in the ACT over the next two years.

How is the Australian GOV using Microsoft products typically Azure and Office 365?

Implementation of Office 365

  • Microsoft Office 365 implementation – desktop Office application, cloud email (Exchange online) and Calendar, OneDrive personal sharing, Skype for Business, Yammer, Planner, and Microsoft Teams).
  • Migrate existing on-premises user data to Office 365 (M: discs and Outlook).
  • Provisioning employee accounts in the latest version of office 365 has been automated.

Implementation of Azure Cloud

Implementation or adoption of Cloud services – laying the groundwork for future Cloud storage, data services, and secure computing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Public Sector & Government


Unique Digital Experience 

For years, time-consuming legacy solutions and paper-based processes were not the norms. Employees and citizens are now experiencing better efficiency after getting a user-friendly and familiar experience across the Microsoft landscape.

Connected and Engaged

In their daily lives, citizens, customers, and employees all have higher expectations for connectivity. Government service and public-sector services are no longer free from these requirements. Information that has a fine decision previously across numerous silos and systems is now brought together in a meaningful way with the aid of Dynamics 365. Secure access via tablets, mobile phones, and other devices ensures that the user’s home office is always available. AI and data analysis can now be a practical tool that your employees can utilize on a daily basis, rather than a pipe dream for the future.

Operations Optimized

Government employees are now getting familiar with the problems in the digital online world of Microsoft. The right resource will get the assignment to a matter instantly, leading to faster decisions and greater satisfaction of the public. Cases and orders for services can be easy for an update from the field in real-time, and residents have learned of their activities and solutions. Close cases more quickly and proceed to the next assignment, without drowning in the procedure and paperwork.

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Are you willing to take a deep view of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the government & public sector? Let’s get in touch and the team of DFSM will help with all the procedures and solutions you need to know.

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Dynamics 365 Field Service (On-Premies) Retirement FAQ

Dynamics 365 Field Service is changing as Microsoft is no longer going to support on-premises versions of it. You might have a few questions in your mind. So, here are the answers you are looking for.

Instead of using a cloud-based service, Dynamics 365 Field Service (on-premises) allows enterprises to install and execute Field Service version 7 and applications on their workstations. After June 30, 2022, on-premises implementations of the Field Service app will no longer have the support.

Dynamics 365 Field Service (on-premises) will not be available from June 30, 2022.

If your company currently uses dynamics 365 field service features, you must migrate to Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Yes. The Dynamics 365 Migration Program is available to help our customers migrate from on-premises to the cloud.

Field Service Mobile (Xamarin) will be deactivated on June 30, 2022, and will no longer be available. Visit the Microsoft documentation for more information on the Field Service mobile apps.

According to the Dynamics 365 on-premises licensing guide, licensing for Dynamics 365 Field Service (on-premises) is provided through dual-use licenses. Organizations that already have Field Service licenses for on-premises implementations can use them online for dynamics 365 field service.

The on-premises version will remain available for your organization if you’ve already installed it. However, Microsoft will no longer offer new Field Service (on-premises) installations in the dynamics 365 field service upgrade. In addition, after June 30, 2022, the Field Service Mobile application, which works with Field Service (on-premises), will be abolished and no longer available.

You can check out the  Infrastructure and availability PDF by Microsoft. It describes areas where the sovereign cloud Dynamics 365 and the field service Dynamics 365 are available.

 Yes. A verified upgrading process to the current online version of DynamicS 365 Field Service will require the on-premises version to be upgraded.

Field Service


If you seek more information about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Australia, let the team of DFSM help you with it. We understand that you need to resolve issues at the end of the Field Service technician. Just remember that there is a need for an upgrade if you want to deliver the best customer service.

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Dynamics 365 Human Resources App In Microsoft Teams

Collaboration platforms have been a part of many businesses’ daily existence for quite some time. Others have only recently begun to use services such as Microsoft Teams. Whether you’ve used a collaboration tool before or not, learn what you need to know about using Microsoft teams for hr.

How do Microsoft Teams use human resources?

As a human resources department handles and communicates often with employees in an organization, it is crucial for them to be able to function efficiently. Microsoft Teams is a platform that gives HR a fast and easy way for employees to communicate and perform other tasks.

  • Ease the process of recruitment.
  • Inductions for employees.
  • Share the resources of the department.
  • Maintain updates of the company.

How does Microsoft Teams integrate with Dynamics 365?

Working from home has been the standard in recent months (no need to explain why), and many businesses have begun to use the Teams app in their daily operations. It’s no surprise that this collaboration tool is safe, configurable, and easy to use, and it seamlessly integrates into your virtual workspace.

As a result, by integrating this app with your Dynamics 365 CRM, you can build a single shared workspace for your whole team, making it ideal for remote work.

In Dynamics 365, How can I enable Microsoft Teams?

Go to Administrator –> System Settings —> Select Microsoft Teams Integration from the drop-down menu under General.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Now go to Microsoft Teams and sign in. Many other apps can connect to and access your Teams.

Dynamics 365 Teams app
  • Install the Dynamics 365 Teams app by searching for “Dynamics 365.”
  • You may also use Dynamics 365 to enable Bot.
  • Select your Dynamics 365 environment by clicking Configure.
  • You’re nearly finished; now choose your Dynamics 365 App to connect. Any D365 App can be connected, including Sales, Customer Service, Project Service, Marketing, and so on.
  • You can look for any record you choose. You may now view Dynamics 365 data in Teams or open a Dynamics 365 record from Teams.

In Teams, Open the Dynamics 365 Dashboard:

  • Select your environment and default App in Teams by going to Settings in the Dynamics 365 App.
  • In Teams, you may also modify the app and environment for your Dashboard.
  • In Teams, you may also modify the app and environment for your Dashboard.
  • You may also use the bot to look for a certain record, entity, alter the environment, and use the Dynamics 365 App.


Look for “Dynamics 365 Human Resources” in the Microsoft Teams app store.

  • To install the app for your Teams instance, select “Add.”
  • The app can be launched from the left panel or your list of installed apps.


How does DFSM fit?

DFSM has a Microsoft-certified team that can consult, examine, and can guide you on Microsoft teams’ HR apps. So, if you’re concerned about how to track staff using Microsoft Teams, how to use Microsoft teams to track employees and how to use Microsoft teams for human resources, let’s chat today. We are always happy to help.

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Dynamics 365 Finance And Operations Extensible Data Security

What is Extensible Data Security in D365 FO?

The XDS framework is a feature of D365FO and AX 2012, enabling users to supplement role-based security and enable access to tables to be subject to policy restrictions. This feature was an evolution of the security level in previous Dynamics AX versions.

Simply put, xds sends a WHERE (or ON) statement to a table based on parameters from another related table on each SQL SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, or INSERT statement.

Data Security

Dynamics 365 finance and operations encryption

Microsoft utilizes encryption technology to secure client data in SQL Server databases and Azure Storage while it is in transit.

To conduct real-time data encryption when written to the disc at rest, all instances use Microsoft SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and Azure Storage encryption.

Server-side encryption with service-managed keys is used in Finance and Operations apps. Microsoft manages all aspects of key management, including key issuance, rotation, and backup.

How to apply Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations extensible data security based on the current user

Some of the queries relevant to extensible data security dynamics 365 come as:

  • ‘I only want a user to be able to access sales orders, vendors, and customers that they created.’
  • ‘Users should only be able to read records for which they are approvers.’

We need the XDS to be deployed against the current user logged into the system in each of these scenarios. So, if you want to add a user to dynamics 365 finance and operations, follow the process.

  • Scenario for Testing

Today’s test scenario is that a user should only be able to communicate with vendors that they have created.

  • XDS Setup

The first step is to create our query; in this example, we’ll need to use a data source table that contains user IDs because we’ll be comparing results against them. The apparent option is the UserInfo table, but I discovered that trying to use it caused an error because X++ considered it to be a “kernel table.” Instead, I used the SysUserInfo table, which contains user IDs as well.

After selecting SysUserInfo as the Data Source, the following step is to select the Range to be used. To get the user ID in this scenario, we’ll utilize the current user id() method. One thing to keep in mind is that this value must be included in parenthesis. If you don’t do so, the value will be treated as a string, and the user Id will not be resolved.


This CreatedByQuery can also be reused by other security policies as needed.

The Next Step:

The next step is to build up the security policy; in this case, we’ll use the CreatedByQuery from the previous stage as the Query and construct a Context String so we can apply it to a role later. If you want this XDS to be applied to all Read, Update, Create, and Delete functions, make sure to set the primary table to SysUserInfo and the Operation field to AllOperations.


Setting the constrained table is the final step in creating the security policy; however, because there is no native database relation between the VendTable and the SysUserInfo table, we will actually write a constrained expression in this case. We put the relation clause we wish to use to link the tables in the value property. It’s worth repeating that this value must be enclosed in parenthesis.


Now that we’ve developed our query and security policy, the final step is to apply this XDS policy to a security role. In this situation, I built a custom role and set the role’s Context String to the security policy’s Context String. This means that any user with this role will have the XDS policy applied to them automatically.


Warehouse worker using laptop and entering data to database

Extensible Data Security (XDS) Examples:

  • Secure Legal Entities

When you apply security roles to organizations, users can still see all of them in the Legal entities form by default. This policy offers the ability to restrict access to only those users that have been assigned to the user.

  • Security of Warehouse

This example demonstrates how record-based security can be implemented on warehouses and sites. The warehouses linked to a user are specified using a special setup form.

  • Security of Retail Channel

The organization hierarchies, security organization assignment, and XDS are all combined in this scenario. This is a compelling example that may serve as motivation for you.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for more information about field-level security in dynamics 365 finance and operations or record-level security in d365, you have a team of experts with you – ready to help. So, Get in touch with DFSM now.

5 proven ways to optimize your Lease Management Strategy Today

Lease management has been a critical aspect of a company’s growth strategy since implementing new lease accounting standards ASC 842, IFRS 16, and GASB 87. Leases are now subject to increased scrutiny, which requires businesses to invest in optimizing their strategies to demonstrate compliance and foster long-term growth.

As leases are now subject to increasing scrutiny, companies need to expand their property lease management strategy to demonstrate compliance and promote long-term success. In this blog, we’ll analyze how to optimize your leasing strategy.  So, let’s go through them now.

administration tools

1. Put all of your lease data and administration tools in one place

Keeping all of your leases in one place is one of the simplest methods to improve property lease management. Teams may access leasing data anytime, anywhere in a cloud-based, centralized environment, reducing bottlenecks and enhancing efficiency. Key stakeholders don’t have to wait for information to make time-sensitive strategic decisions because reporting and data management are centralized. A unified system also enables a clear audit trail, making ASC 842, IFRS 16, and GASB 87 compliance considerably easier.

2. Set up controls and procedures to verify that financial reporting is accurate

Every stage of the lease life cycle, from lease onboarding, lease operation to ending leases, requires procedures and controls. As a result, standard standards must extend beyond the accounting department to cover all teams involved in lease maintenance and acquisition at any stage. The accounts team must be able to trust the information provided by others. As a result, automating processes and putting in an approvals system will result in more accurate reporting and forecasting.

procedures to verify

3. Market data should be taken into consideration

If you want to know how your leasing strategy is performing, pay close attention to the leasing market. You won’t be able to stay on top of your company’s potential for growth or notice places where troubles may occur if you’re not aware of market trends or variations in property value over time.

4. Create Strategies With an Eye Toward Growth

Many businesses make the mistake of viewing lease management as a simple administrative task. It is, nevertheless, preferable to approach leases with a growing perspective. Spaces vary with time, and a strategic strategy should account for all potential changes in the property’s value.

Property sales staff submit land mortgage contract documents to

5. Invest in Dynamics 365 asset leasing to manage your property leases

Identifying software that is compatible with your existing systems, such as d365 supply chain management. It should also allow you to set up processes and controls, as well as generate real-time financial reports and trustworthy financial statements.

Bottom Line

So, as you now have the ways to optimize the lease management strategy, you can utilize the financial management capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations. To help you with implementing it, you have a dynamics 365 finance consultant from DFSM. All you need to do is to reach out and let us help you with the procedures or controls you want to implement in your organization as a lease management solution.

Telecom Accelerator for D365 & Power Platform


The Microsoft Dynamics 365 telecommunications accelerator accelerates the development of innovative subscriber management, space management, service management, and network operations applications on the Microsoft Power Platform. Network operators, wireless and telephone networks, internet service providers, any owner or supplier of network infrastructure, independent software suppliers, or general system integrators that operate in the telecommunications industry will benefit from this solution.

Customer Service With Dynamics 365

What is included in the first version of the Telecommunications Accelerator?

The accelerator is designed for network operators, internet providers, and telecommunications companies based on the TM Forum Open Digital Framework (ODF) requirements. According to Microsoft’s chief program manager Martin Wahl, ETI Software Solutions was a “funding partner” with a “greater influence of the scope and functionalities” for the introduction of the accelerator.

The accelerator extends the Popular Data Model with sixteen industry-specific entities. One of the most important additions, according to Wahl, is the Place entity, which is expressed in the ODF and distinguishes both a Geographic Place and a Local Place (other industry-specific entities).

The accelerator’s first version includes two prototype model-driven applications. “Place Management solution” provides PCF controls that integrate Azure Maps capabilities via API as well as Power BI dashboards. “Telco Sales” builds on Dynamics 365 Sales by including features such as service address monitoring, street address normalization, serviceability checks, and lead qualification.

“The aim is to enable the rapid development and deployment of new solutions or automation to address current business challenges including improved address management, improved field service, and truck management, improved subscriber management, personalization in packaging and bundling, network management, customer self-care, network optimization, and planning, or any other business optimization,” says Wahl.

Microsoft dynamics 365 for sales

Which are the industries that benefit from the addon Features


The telco accelerator joins others in the finance, manufacturing, healthcare, higher education, and media and entertainment industries. Some of the prominent features of it are:

·     Modernize the Telco workplace


With intelligent collaboration and productivity tools, you can enable stable teamwork.

·     Streamline business support systems


Using intelligent processes and automation, you can streamline workflows and increase efficiency.

·     Deploy and optimize next-gen networks


Increase network performance, scalability, and reliability by incorporating AI and automation.

·     Transform customer experiences


Utilize AI and data-driven insights to deliver customized content.

·     Accelerate growth and innovation


Provide an AI-enabled platform for cross-industry service creation, deployment, and monetization.

Get in touch 


The Dynamics 365 Telecommunications Accelerator is available for demonstration and downloads through AppSource and GitHub in real-time.

However, if you still need assistance for the implementation and better understanding, DFSM’s team of experts is all set to help you through it.

Improve your financial operation with Dynamics 365 FO

In today’s market climate, success cannot occur without leveraging technology to handle your finances globally, track performances in real-time, automate and simplify functions, protect your potential business results and optimize your productivity.

How is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance helping in boosting financial performance?


With regulatory features spanning 37 countries and 42 languages, Microsoft dynamics 365 finance & operations integration enables companies to compete internationally by adapting locally to diverse workforces and evolving laws. With the individual search study, Dynamics 365 Finance is GDPR-ready, assisting organizations in responding to data topic requests.

  • Electronic reporting: Global electronic reporting includes configurable e-invoicing, making it simple to adjust to regular regulatory changes.
  • Workspaces: New features in D365 Finance and Operations offer workspaces, each with rich analytics views and processes customized to the user’s position. Workspaces provide real-time visibility into overall results, including drill-through and transaction data. Hundreds of pre-built reports provide a comprehensive view of business processes across several dimensions.
  • Legal Support: Customizable tools make it easier to produce end-of-month reports by supporting local and international rules.
  • Enhance your financial decision-making: Dynamics 365 Finance predicts the future by using historical evidence. AI-driven insights, machine learning, and predictive analytics provide strategic insights into future cash flow, allowing for better decisions, behavior, and outcomes.
  • Predictive financial insights: Predicting when customers will pay is a big challenge for businesses. Slow and infrequent payments limit cash flow and impede both long-term planning and regular results. Dynamics 365 finance forecasts when invoices will be billed by evaluating customer payment history. It also provides companies with techniques to increase the likelihood of receiving payment on time.

“Our brand has very strong growth plans, and we needed an ERP system that could flex with it.” – Director of an IT, apparel brand.

licensing changes see dynamics

Unify and automate your business processes

With tools including vendor invoice automation, vendor partnerships, and quote to cash, budget preparation, budget tracking, cost management, and recurring invoices, Dynamics 365 finance simplifies financial operations. The use of a common map of accounts simplifies intercompany movements and routine financial consolidations.

Organizations can easily incorporate external data and automate approvals with configurable data management software. Dynamics 365 finance integrates closely with Office 365, allowing you to work seamlessly with Outlook, Skype, and Excel.

Dynamics 365 Finance enables mobile flexibility with applications such as cost tracking, vendor invoice approvals, vendor collaboration, and more. These apps often operate in offline mode, which is useful when there is little to no internet access.

“One nice thing about Dynamics 365 is that I can take a Laptop out on the production floor or do whatever I need to do off a hotspot. That’s the positive side of the cloud. I can be anywhere and be connected.” – ERP Manager, automotive manufacturing.

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Dynamics 365 enables companies to compete both globally and locally. It creates true business value by optimizing accurate and timely regulatory reporting and intelligent and predictive insights that are contextualized and supported by machine learning data, enabling efficiencies, new market opportunities, and innovation.

Accelerate into the future of global business by partnering with DFSM for its implementation. Get to know about the Microsoft dynamics 365 finance & operations prices along with the implementation procedure. Start today by getting a Microsoft dynamics 365 finance & operations trial.

invoice automation d365

Aglicare’s proven solution for aged care industry

According to Australia’s evolving demographics there are currently about half a million people aged 85 and up. This figure is expected to grow steadily to more than 1.5 million by 2058, accounting for nearly 4% of the population.

Aged care providers serve more than 1.3 million individuals in residential and in-home settings. It is a multibillion-dollar industry that employs hundreds of thousands of paying staff and tens of thousands of volunteers. It’s a crucial sector – never more so than in the event of a pandemic – but it’s also one that’s under fire, with the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety recently releasing its final report.

Anglicare is a leading provider of programs for over 5,000 individuals, both residential and through its Anglicare At Home program. It also serves 4,000 elderly Australians in their own homes and through its care centers.

Anglicare, like others in the sector, has had to manage the consequences of COVID-19 while also reviewing its operations. They had to ensure compliance with increasingly stringent regulations and rising public scrutiny. And also maintaining tight budgets and personnel constraints and providing high-quality service.


Anglicare Streamlining operations using Dynamics 365

Dynamics-365 erp

To make processes more efficient, Anglicare collaborated with Microsoft and its partner, Velrada. They took the step to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for aged care to help its people. Moreover, it was necessary to ease the gathering of data for organizational and strategic decision-making and provide end-to-end visibility of its services to clients and their families.

What was obvious to Marcela Carrasco, General Manager for Anglicare At Home, was that the organization. The company has a workforce that operates remotely, mostly in people’s homes. It needs a system that gives employees control while keeping them connected to Anglicare.

Anglicare sought an alternative after an array of legacy technologies that had been “glued together” was no longer fit for purpose.

A comprehensive tendering process leads them to Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the best platform for the organization. Then they implemented Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Field Service, and Power Apps to support Anglicare At Home’s operations in collaboration with Velrada.

Step Anglicare had to take before implementing the system

Before developing and deploying the system, Anglicare questioned its employees about their expectations, pain points, and what will help them perform their jobs well while also aligning with the strong cultural frameworks that Anglicare promotes. This discussion yielded 400 use cases, which were then used to frame the tender response criteria.

Anglicare has developed a robust change management program in collaboration with Microsoft and Velrada to ensure that staff is trained with the resources and skills required to use the new platform.

Throughout the transition, Anglicare sought to simplify as many procedures as possible and reduce logistical burdens so that teams could concentrate on their clients rather than be lost in paperwork.

Anglicare collaborates with Velrada to ensure that the organization’s Power BI strategy improves the creation of dashboards that provide real-time information about the Anglicare At Home service to help strategic decision-making across the organization.

Sensitive data is safeguarded by a variety of supporting protection models and permissions associated with data masking, field security profiles, and security functions. This mechanism is available on the Web, Mobile App, and Portal.

Bottom Line


Maybe there are many failure stories when it comes to the implementation of Dynamics 365. However, this aged care ERP or aged care CRM is setting different goals for many organizations. It was not easy for Anglicare, but if they can make it, you can also transform. So, reach out to the DFSM team, and let’s get started now.

NSW Police choose Microsoft Azure as its core System

NSW Police has chosen a multi-vendor hybrid cloud for its future IT technology needs, with work on establishing a protected-level Microsoft Azure data center currently underway.

According to iTnews, Australia’s largest policing department recently chose Microsoft and Amazon Web Services to host a range of frontline IT solutions as part of the “Azure Cloud Project.”


Both Hyperscale providers were chosen after a year-long expression of interest for a hybrid cloud infrastructure-as-a-service platform


Why Azure cloud?

Gordon Dunsford, the company’s chief information and technology officer, previously stated that hybrid cloud was chosen because of the “co-existence needed with legacy on-premise IT systems.”

According to NSW Police, the project would include creating “cloud foundations” that will “support a variety of applications that are either cloud-ready or soon to begin delivery.”

Microsoft Azure will be the first “cloud data center” for NSW Police, with work on a secure network already underway.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Other plans of NSW police regarding Microsoft Azure cloud

“[NSW Police] has officially collaborated directly with Microsoft Australia to facilitate the design and development of the Microsoft Azure cloud safe data center,” according to an NSW Police spokesperson.

NSW Police has signed a $619,000 contract with Insight Enterprises to provide Microsoft azure design and professional engineering services for the next ten months.

Though the force plans to use “primarily public cloud offerings,” hybrid capabilities such as Azure Stack Hub, AWS Outpost will be used in “some circumstances.”

The integrated policing operating system (IPOS), which will replace the state’s 27-year-old core operational policing system, is one such system to be hosted on the internet (COPS).

The system, which will also serve as the NSW Police Department’s computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system, will be the force’s primary operating system, facilitating daily operations ranging from arrests to forensic examination.

Following a year-long discovery process, Mark43, a US-based public safety software provider, was chosen last month to produce the first critical components of IPOS.

The Bezos-backed company’s “one platform” records management system and computer-aided design (CAD) will be used by NSW Police for the next five years.

NSW Police has now spent just under $40 million on the COPS upgrade, including the now-defunct NewCOPS project of Accenture and the hunt for IPOS.

Of that $40 million, around $24 million was spent “determining a suitable approach and commercial partner for IPOS,” with $22.6 million in recurring funding and $1.26 million in capital funding.

In response to a recent query on notice, the force said, “Expenditure includes procurement engagements, due diligence, contract negotiation, and award procedure.”

The force will also provide every frontline officer with a ‘MobiPol’ mobile device as part of the IPOS initiative, allowing them to access the new core system when on the move.

With the money, it has also made temporary changes to COPS, such as a custody management form, a spatial centre, surveillance and search enhancements, and new custody systems.

Power Platform 2021 highlight & success stories

Microsoft’s Power Platform plan of release for Power Platform 2021 Wave 1 is here. With it come all the new updates for Power BI, Power Apps, Power Apps portals, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, AI Builder, governance, and administration, ISV experiences, and data integration. The Microsoft 2021 release process of updates will go from April 2021 to September 2021.


Highlights of Microsoft power platform 2021 release wave 1 plan


So, what is the Microsoft power platform?

Microsoft Power Platform provides governance and management, and ISV experience features through Power Apps, Power Automate, and Microsoft Dataverse. These capabilities are intended to assist managers, ISVs, and IT professionals in building, deploying, securing, managing, governing, and monitoring the platform and its components across the enterprise.

Microsoft’s Power Platform allows users and companies to evaluate, act, and automate data to transform their businesses digitally. 

Today, Microsoft Power Platform consists of four products:

Power BI:


Power BI continues to invest in three main areas that foster a data culture: fantastic data interactions, new business BI, and team collaboration integrations. Power BI Embedded is a new version of the product that helps customers boost their ROI, scale quickly, and achieve up to 16X faster performance. Customers would now have insight into workspace usage, allowing for more consistent utilization analysis and cost control. Power BI Premium continues to add features that help companies deliver insights at scale and meet the most challenging business requirements.

This release introduces new flexible licensing models that enable businesses to choose between per-user and per-capacity licensing. Power BI Pro provides AI-enhanced insights to make it simple for everyone to find information. The new fast build experiences make it easier than ever to create Power BI content.

Power Apps:


Power Apps blend the power of rich shapes, views, and dashboards modeled over data in Microsoft Dataverse with the versatility of a blank canvas that can link to any data source. Duplicate detection has been added to the Unified Interface experience and improved usability for business process flow on mobile, improved global relevance search, and in-app alerts for model-driven applications in this version.

  1. AI Builder will debut new AI features in preview, as well as enhancements to form processing. New capabilities include new area availability and signature detection in form processing, which detects whether a signature exists at a particular position in a document.

Power Apps portals improve Power BI integration by supporting Microsoft Azure Analysis Services live connections and the Customer Data Power BI feature, which sends additional context for users to personalize reports and dashboards.

Power bi
power automate

Power Automate:


Improvements to the cloud’s flow include an operation trigger for when an operation is performed in the Microsoft Dataverse. This function makes it easier to work with the common events model and integrates it with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. By providing a runtime within the target Citrix world, desktop flows boost our support for UI automation on Citrix environments. Process advisor, a Power Automate capability that reveals insights into how people function and provides rich visualizations where users can find routine, time-consuming processes that are ideally suited for automation, is new for this release. With Power Automate Desktop, users would be able to record routine, manual processes.

Power Virtual Agents:


Power Virtual Agents enhance the authoring experience with list variables, subject recommendations from bot sessions, adaptive cards, and other features. Power Automate integration with improved error handling and new topic trigger management are also included to boost the bot’s triggering capabilities.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents
Power bi consultant

Data integration:


With built-in access to the Microsoft Power Platform, other platforms and data from hundreds of business systems, the updated Data Integration allows for rich and intelligent experiences. This release wave includes a slew of new features, including enrichment via Azure Maps integration, gateway diagnostics, improved error management, visual data prep for Power Query Desktop, and security enhancements.

Some of the companies are already benefiting from these new capabilities. Let us walk you through some of the top examples:

  1. Rockwell Automation, a global leader in industrial automation, is leveraging Power BI and many of our AI technologies to extract valuable insights from data and act on those insights in common environments like Teams and Microsoft Excel.
  2. The Coca-Cola Company has recently begun using Power Platform as part of its digital transformation activities, creating impressive business solutions with Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, and Microsoft Power Automate, including the latest Power Automate Desktop and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capability.

Bottom Line


With the updates in the 2021 Power Platform Wave 1, you will face many new features that may cause challenges. For this purpose, you need experts to implement the Microsoft Power Platform within your company. You have turned to the right place as DFSM is prepared to help you personalize the integration of new features as per your business needs.

Latest features for Accountants in BC (April 2021)

The 2021 release of Wave 1, the first of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s two big updates this year, will bring some exciting features to the table. Microsoft Dynamics 365 will introduce all the updates over a six month period; from April 2021 to September 2021.

Microsoft is investing heavily in making in-app changes targeted to consumers like you with this Business Central Accounting System update. Whether you are a new or current ERP user this update will certainly make your life better.

Business Central Payroll

Business central 2021 Features

Business central integration
  •     Better Integration with Microsoft 365


Building on the previous product update’s integration of the Business Central in Microsoft teams’ collaboration platform with Business Central, 2021 Release Wave 1 further combines the ERP program with other Microsoft 365 suite applications, putting together the best collaboration tools for business process management.

With this update, you’ll be able to use the Microsoft Teams search box or message compose area to easily look up company contacts stored in Business Central. You can also share your contacts with your colleagues in Teams conversations, view contact information directly in Teams, and start a call with colleagues directly from the collaboration platform. Using the newly released Microsoft Universal Print technology, the update will allow cloud printing through Business Central. When linked to the Internet and authenticated to Azure Active Directory, you can print from anywhere (Azure AD).

·     Enhancement to Modern Clients


Microsoft Business Central helps end-users like you access and use it from various devices from a wide spectrum of customers, allowing you to be more productive whether you’re at work, at home, or on the go.

This means that Microsoft must ensure that Business Central’s user interface is both intuitive and efficient when required to appeal to users with various business positions, proficiency levels, and local and usability requirements.

Microsoft has included client improvements in the 2021 Release Wave 1 update to improve functionality, usability, and printing based on user feedback gleaned from community channels and studies.

remote work d365

Optimizing the Onboarding Experience


Wave 1 of the 2021 Update adds functionality to help the end-users get up and running with Business Central even quicker than before.

These include streamlined new in-app contextual visual aids to help you learn how to use the ERP platform, as well as “getting started checklists” that help customers like you to complete the last-mile setup of Business Central without needing the assistance of your Microsoft partner.

The initial company setup wizard has been streamlined, and a new wizard that guides you through all of the steps required to get started with Power BI in Business Central has also been added.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-boarding Interface

Improvements to Administration Features


Business central features 2021 Release Wave 1 will also include a series of features to make it easier and more efficient for Microsoft’s partners (including AFON) to administer to end users like you and administrators to handle licensing and permissions.

If your organization has a large database, you can control manage it when you export. BACPAC format often results in a timeout. Since Microsoft Azure allocates insufficient resources for such an operation, the update will provide a more effective database export solution.


Bottom Line


If you are looking for more updates in the Microsoft business central accounting and need to learn more about the business central wave 2 features. We at DFSM can assure you of full-time assistance on it. We can also help you in estimating the business central cost for accounting. Reach out today to get started. 

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Dynamics 365 licensing updates 2021

Most recent updates about Dynamics 365 licensing that  D365 unites you and your company with the next generation of CRM and ERP software. Dynamics 365 applications are built to be deployed quickly and independently. A customer may begin what they want, but the apps work together so that customers can quickly take on additional capacities on business demand.

Licensing Overview


Dynamics applications are licensed according to a range of models consisting of licenses assigned to a named user or device and licenses not assigned that allow access to a tenant feature or service.

Dynamics-365 erp

Assigned Licenses updates

Assigned licenses grant access to applications to a specific user or a dedicated shared device.

However, with Microsoft’s new licensing guide, they have made some changes, so we will highlight them for your understanding. Furthermore, you can use a guide for the calculator to get the price estimates for licensing as per your business needs.

  • Customer Service Insights and Virtual Agent:  On February 1, 2021, the standalone SKUs Customer Service Insights and Virtual Agent for Customer Service, as well as additional capacity SKUs, will be removed from the price list.
  • The embedded Customer Service Insights: The core Customer Service Enterprise application’s embedded Customer Service Insights features will remain available and supported.
  • End of Service for Customer Service Insights and Virtual Agent: For EA, CSP, and Web Direct customers, the end of service for Customer Service Insights and Virtual Agent for Customer Service is December 8, 2021.
  • Security role Removed: The security role of the system administrator was removed from Finance and human resources.

These are some of the major changes that you need to know and understand for the success of your business. The complete document of Microsoft can be found in the sources of Microsoft documentation. Check it out so that you can get other details and a long price list of all the modules too. If you have more questions about other modules or you want to know the changes that might affect your existing system, you can always check out the details.

These details include all the information you need about the previous and dynamics 365 licensing guide’s latest modifications.

DFSM Dynamics 365 licensing price estimator


DFSM is always there for its customers. Even it is simply about the implementation of the Dynamics 365 solutions. So, considering that you might need help with the latest pricing estimates of your Dynamics 365 solutions (check our free tool), we are here offering you the amazing offer of using a calculator on the website. If you visit, you can see the options that will ask about the number of users per month or tenants and give you a final estimate at the end. So, go and benefit from the calculator now.

Bottom Line


While this article has all the highlights about the latest licensing guide we are offering additional support through our calculator for real-time price estimation of any Supply chain, Finance, or other system for your business.

Microsoft Announcing: Cloud for Financial Services

The new model of Microsoft’s centralized branding solutions now covers financial services, manufacturing, and non-profit industries.

Recently introduced Microsoft Cloud for Retail and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare are the latest products to grace Microsoft’s cloud industry.


Each cloud offerings incorporates Microsoft tools and capabilities, including a market-specific data model, industry standards support, and products using Microsoft 365, Dynamic 365, Power Platform, Azure Services, and security solutions.


Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services

  • Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services: It promotes industry standards and multi-layered coverage for protection and enforcement. It provides retail banks with tools to strengthen customer relations and defend against fraud. In March 2021, a new lender loan manager is expected and aims to simplify and clear loan closings.
  • Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing: In June 2021, it will publish a preview and endorse “key processes and specifications.” The offering includes automation, IoT, machine learning, and AI-related software and services from Microsoft. According to Microsoft VP Çagan Arkan, the OSC Foundation and the digital Twins Consortium also support ‘industry-specific standards and communities.’ 

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit: It will go into public preview in June 2021, following a slew of recent announcements such as the Dynamics 365 Fundraising and Engagement solution, a Charitable Management Toolkit, and the Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator. Another method, Volunteer Participation, and Management will be introduced to this offering in June and available in public preview.

Onboarding, servicing, and support


Digital networks have created anticipation of a smooth commitment to a worldwide health crisis, hoping that new goods and services can quickly adapt to new circumstances.

For instance, ABN AMRO is already beginning to improve customer experiences via digital channels. Microsoft Teams are used to improve the site and online client’s experience, enabling the clients and consulting applications in the teams setting to be accessible on a single stage for video banking, document sharing, and digital signature.

The new Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services will help you create customized user experiences, for example:

  • Customer onboarding
  • Banking customer engagement
  • Loan Manager
Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-boarding Interface
Microsoft Dynamics Professional

Enterprise operations


Financial services institutions must be agile, data-centric, and modernization of old systems must be competitive in today’s climatic situation. This modernization will also help drive new products and services to better support data-centred needs and the users’ experience in a very competitive market, where Nonbanks are also expanding their Fintech innovation. Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services will help you modernize older batch-based core systems so that they run flexibly and in real-time, using the data-driven formats, and embrace new models like open banking and regulatory requirements using your APIs.

Risk management


Since the nature of fraud and financial crime is always shifting, it’s crucial to find outliers earlier rather than later to adapt to emerging criminal topologies and protect financial institutions and their customers. Furthermore, several banks continuously update their portfolios to mitigate risk, including reducing operating risk and compliance with regulatory requirements. Financial services companies that excel at data processing would be well on their way to better risk management, which they can leverage as a competitive advantage.

In this area, you can get the abilities:

  • Financial crime protection
  • Risk analytics

How can DFSM help?


The prices may vary as the need of the cloud; however, you can always get consultancy and implementation advice from the DFSM. Our team is a certified Microsoft partner still there to ensure that you choose and implement the right solutions within your organization.

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