Work remotely with Azure Windows Virtual Desktop ( March 2020)

Ongoing crises are accelerating the cultural shift in terms of lifestyle. People are now moving towards the automation and virtual workplaces more than ever. So, willingly or forcible, everyone will shift their ways of managing work or study matters. Right now, our main concern is to help workers reach their customers without worrying about the physical device.

Microsoft is one of the companies to always stand by their customers. Therefore, the COVID-19 response plan by them is Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). It is a new service on Azure as you are already familiar with the benefits of azure when it comes to cloud computing. Additionally, we can now set up a virtual desktop too.

However, the impact of remote working can be really different from multiple industries. Health, education, customer support and IT are going to change a lot with the remote working.

The main concern over here for the industries is to provide a proper arrangement by investing more in the IT sector. So, regardless of your business, you need to put up your A-Game.  Microsoft has begun to offer the Virtual desktop from this month (March-2020). So, let’s how this is an advantage for different industries.


Role of Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

·Community support

The COVID-19 is pushing us to set a new cultural example for our working strategies. So, before your employees demand permission for remote working. You need to think about it seriously. Similarly, when you are offering support 24/7 to your customers, you need to think smartly. With WVD, you can forget about the person’s location of physical hardware. It allows you to reach to their respective clients from any device anytime. The above example is a perfect plan for the future. The world is connected globally. Therefore, azure is offering a service to connect with your people anytime from anywhere.

·Health Care assistance

Right now, the main concern of everyone is healthy. It is not only in Australia as the pandemic is worldwide. We can imagine the damage it may cause to the overall economy and other businesses. So, one needs to be really cautious about the health sector too. When you give a chance to WVD, you can help people with real health tips. Doctors can examine people online and offer consultancy simply through a virtual desktop.

· Setting-up online Classrooms

Online classes are not quite a new trend. But some students are hearing it for the first time. And while you are in lockdown, you can utilize the time enrolling in the new courses and degrees. This might go further helping you in the future too. So,  online classrooms can get many benefits to form the Azure Cloud too. The virtual desktop will allow you to attend your classes without worrying if certain software of attendance or dashboard will work on your system or not.

·Technical Support

Many people are just being told to work from home. So, they are using many new technologies. They might face some difficulties in completely getting familiar with the technology either online or devices. So, technical support can be provided through the WVD to ensure they can easily get started with the new technology.



Finally, we are heading towards the cultural shift. So, all you need is the Azure cloud and you can get the remote working facility at your convenience.  DFSM is with you in this and our teams are available for any support you need for implementing Azure cloud or any other relevant services. Therefore, just stay safe and be hopeful for the goals you have set for your business.

What is event management in Dynamics 365 Marketing

We all have learned something from these times of despair. The whole world is on lockdown, yet we can reach others and it is only because of the possibility. Now, the point to ponder here is to just think, what else technology can do for us to help pass the isolating time without losing your business profits?

Many organizations are worried about reaching their clients and staff. We already have many solutions and webinars are the main example. However, still, you need the right tool to get going with your events. So, for arranging the live events, the best tool right now is Dynamics 365 marketing. It offers every feature that you need for arranging and executing your events. Therefore, event management at this time of world lockdown can be planned with the Dynamics 365 marketing. It has all the features to help you calculate the ROI, follow up on feedback, make better budget plans and broadcast the event without any obstacles. So, from registration to the final execution of an event, you can always rely on Dynamics 365 marketing.

If you are wondering and roaming around in a room because of stress then, keep it at the side and learn more about the tool. Get hands-on experience on the tool and you can easily manage a successful marketing event for your company.

So, let’s answer the main question that how the event management dashboard works?

You cannot get deeper into the insights of the event without an overview of your activities and plans. So, the dashboard is to keep track of it. It provides you with the information through charts, keeping the activities in front, and registration counts too, the financial expenditures are also kept in a sight through the dashboard.

You get the wall feed on the dashboard for all the activities. So, any activities related to the event and its record are shown on your timeline. It can include waitlisted delegates, online payments (if any), sponsors and vendors complete data.

Finally, the dashboard of the event management is your quick overview to get all the details about successful plans. You can easily grasp the idea of how they are working to benefit you.

The dashboard of the Event management tool​

We understand that you are curious about the features in-depth. We are here to guide them in detail.

  •  One system offers you contact, registration, and attendance management features.
  •  Moreover, you get the business processes to guide you through the essential steps of planning an event.
  • It also offers session feature along with session tracking, and speaker management.
  • Attendee passes are also given to track specific sessions of the event.
  • You can also track the venues by getting the information on buildings, rooms, etc.
  • It also adds guest logistics for hotel registration and reservations.
  • You can track the sponsors and get the details on the sponsorship of the event.
  •  The webinar is easy to create with attendance metrics (in this ON24 offers you complete assistance).
  • You can monitor the attendance of each contact and check who was present in the sessions of the event.
  •  It offers the feature of the voice of the customer survey integration.
  •  Ultimately, you can manage a full event through a website and it includes:


  • Attendee registration is a self-attendee.
  • Complete details about the events from members to the venue and timings.
  •  All the information is gathered from the Dynamics 365 Marketing event-planning records. It provides you with all the latest updates through this website.


Dynamics 365 Higher Education Accelerator is now accessible

The chaos of coronavirus has made us all into thinking about remote learning. We all are now forced to stay at home and work remotely, and we gave a live  Scenario recently with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist.

So, if you say that this can accelerate the process of automation and online learning/working then, it wouldn’t be wrong. Right now, every industry including education and IT sector is doing its best to offer facilities. They are doing everything to give a productive learning experience.

So, in this time of despair or for the sake of a better future, Dynamics 365 is helping students to get a higher education degree online. Or if I say, they are providing it to the universities to create their online presence.


What is the D365 Higher Education Accelerator?


Mainly, it is to provide the easy way of getting lessons, scheduling time for questions answers session with professors, etc. So, as an educational institute, you can always offer the best from your end. Moreover, you can enjoy the most friendly and real-time experience of providing education. And all of that is without setting regular classes on campus.






Features of Dynamics 365 Higher Education Accelerator  

If you are associated with higher education in Australia and understand the current model of study. You would know that situations like coronavirus can give a hard time. So, this is a try to keep students hydrated with educational courses. It will help you in offering access to the latest details about the courses, faculty or any scholarships, etc. So, let them stay updated and grab the opportunity anytime.

·CDM (common data model)

The CDM is to offer you shared metadata and one can easily create your own model considering all the entities of higher education. It is for all the customers and ISVs to build the same model. So, getting your own dynamics 365 for higher education will accelerate the process of online education facility.

·Student portal and dashboard

The dashboard and student portal offers you the insightful data on the interests of the students and business managers. Business partners can offer scholarships, while you can allow students to reach out for the best one.

·Available on GitHub

It is an open-source tool. The Power Bi examples, data, and many other solutions are available on GitHub with a creative license.

·Extra support to get started

You can easily install it and take a test drive to further know about it. The additional support is provided to ensure that you go through the procedure smoothly. Moreover, for details, you can check out the documents by accessing them on GitHub. You will find a complete explanation of every feature.


Finally, students in Australia have something to secure their higher studies. If you want to improve your facilities and have an urge to reach a maximum of students. This might be your chance to get started. DFSM is offering full support in implementation and offering a Free demo. Get a quote today!

Dynamics 365 Remote assist

It is frustrating to be in the middle of a problem and no experts are available to assist. However, if you need to solve a problem right on the spot, you need an expert on an immediate basis. So, when bringing people to place is difficult, Dynamics 365 remote assist with HoloLens comes to rescue. So, if your organization is looking or the ways to improve their ways of collaboration, you need to upgrade your system too.


Maintenance, repair and troubleshoot issues are not only limited to the technician’s availability anymore. You can get experts to your assistance anytime through the HoloLens.

Common Scenarios to use Dynamics 365 remote assist

Once you get your hands on the Dynamics 365 remote assist trial, you need to learn about its features too.

So, the common use of it are:

  • To assist technicians to solve problems.
  • To let inspectors collaborate with other associates and evaluate the document.
  • For training and sharing of any media regarding any subject that is necessary.

However, the implementation of the system and empowering your remote employees to collaborate better is not as easy. But there is nothing worry because we are here to guide you the maximum about remote assist by Microsoft.

If you have unclear thoughts about the benefits. Just remember the augmented reality is the future and this is the fine example of it. We are just beginning to create a new world. Therefore, always keep some key benefits of its mind to adapt and grow with time. Right now, the advantages of the Dynamics 365 remote assists are:

  • The real-time solution of problems
  • Complex solutions with visual collaboration
  • Expert knowledge
  • Be on the site without being physically present
  • HoloLens 1 and HoloLens 2 provide Heads-up and Hands-free experience
  • Let your customers reach out to the manufacturers of a machine simply through the HoloLens and subscription of Dynamics 365 remote assist.

Ultimately, it is the way to offer a mixed reality experience to solve any complex problems. However, there a lot to this and we are also looking towards a better future for customer support because of Dynamics 365 remote assist.

What is mixed reality?


Mixed reality is the broad spectrum of physical and virtual reality. It gives you holographic images. HoloLens 1 and HoloLens 2 display holograms, the objects made of light and sound. So, Dynamics 365 remote assists with HoloLens 2 rather the HoloLens 1 will give your more immersive experience of mixed reality.

Moreover, if you want to have a more planned experience, you can integrate Dynamics 365 Field Service to see the schedules and track work.

Final Thoughts


Finally, if you want to enhance the experience of customer care and team collaboration. Get your Dynamics 365 remote assist license now and let the experts of DFSM help you with the implementation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Marketing Automation

Automation using artificial intelligence or machine learning is no more a surprise for anyone. In case, you are worried about your business growth then, maybe you need to know about advancements in your industry. Marketing and essentially the way to build strategies have many new ways now. So, if you think that you are lagging, you must be looking for new platforms. Here comes the role of DFSM for implementing D365 along with Clickdimensions.

You seem surprised about Clickdimensions. If you are still unaware of it, let us help in understanding this marketing cloud.
campaign automation

What is the Clickdimensions?

It is the marketing cloud for Microsoft dynamics. If you are putting up every other strategy for the implementation of growth, then you might want to think for marketing too.

If you want to be a perfect and successful marketer with the most innovative marketing plans, you need precise analytics for it. Now, the question is how Clickdimensions will benefit you. For that, you need to check the following features and services of it:
It is the marketing cloud for Microsoft dynamics. If you are putting up every other strategy for the implementation of growth, then you might want to think for marketing too.
If you want to be a perfect and successful marketer with the most innovative marketing plans, you need precise analytics for it. Now, the question is how Clickdimensions will benefit you. For that, you need to check the following features and services of it:

1. Marketing applications:

Clickdimensions understands marketing challenges and keeping them in consideration. They are ensuring the results you need. They are offering applications in the best interest of your marketing needs. Moreover, these applications will boost engagement And as a result, you will experience a successful growth.

2. Marketing Analysis:

Coming up to the next part of the marketing and that is marketing analysis. You may not take better decisions without any reporting and marketing analysis of your competitors. So, Clickdimensions step up here with their solutions of analyzing market and customer data. It includes all the insightful detail along with the useful results and reports.

3. Marketing services:

Finally, unlimited support from the company will add up the best to other services. So, you will be given complete support for Microsoft dynamics 365 marketing. Maintain your customer relationships and marketing automation with the consultation of experts.
sales funnel in Dynamics 365

How Dynamics 365 works with Clickdimensions?

You cannot deny the fact that you require better marketing channels to boost your sales in the digital world. So, when you take Microsoft dynamics as your business partner. The Clickdimensions adds value by making marketing analysis clear for you. This is because you need to have successful email marketing campaigns and effective social media marketing strategy. Therefore, automation is the ultimate solution to all your marketing plans.
Now, if you want to get a higher place and want to remain at the top of the market, you will need better planning. So, create better strategies for online and digital marketing by observing every strategy in detail. Let the automation break the barriers trough the tools and services by Microsoft D365 and Clickdimensions.
So, if you are still worried about the leads and not getting desirable results. Here is the solution to your Marketing Automation with DFSM and clickdimensions. Both are ensuring best implementing solutions along with the assurance of customer satisfaction. In the end, it is your product and you need to watch out for your call to action.

Introducing: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Management of the operations of any project determines Business success, the process of managing and handling operations is Project management. And it is a must skill in today’s world. Now, we understand it is not man’s job alone. Besides, Microsoft knows it better so, they are introducing the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics 365 project operations. The launch of it is due in October 2020.

Right now, people are using uncentralized systems, That don’t share the same data. So, when we put together sales, production, financials, and management together, it becomes more useful. So, the application of Microsoft Dynamics 365 project operations is unifying all of the operations of a project. It is ensuring automation and setting the goal of delivery in the right direction.

microsoft power bi
The vision of this application is to combine the project automation, financing and management together. Therefore, it includes the business insights and business intelligence to ensure the quality of a project until the final phase of it. The better analysis will always lead to better decisions in business processes.
So, learn more about the application and keep looking forward to it for your business automation

How business intelligence tools automate workflows?

Power BI tools are proof of the success of many business projects that were a result of automation. Power apps are already empowering different kinds of projects -helping the organisation to deliver quick and accurate solutions for business projects. So, let’s see the features and functions of this application. How it will be offering to automate project plans? And how it will set the right direction for the completion of it?

.       Visibility Enhancement

The clarity of the business insights brings you to see the exact view of the project. So, managers help to make better and insightful decisions.

.       Comprehensive customer relationship

Accurate cost and flexible pricing help businesses to have a better customer relationship.

.       Precise Resource allocation

It is easy to have the best-suited team for a particular project and get the right people for the right skill.

.       Fast project delivery

The application will help managers in delivering the project as soon as possible. Fewer delays and more efficiency will ultimately lead you to the rank of trustworthy and reliable organizations.

.       Comprehensive financial management

Budgeting and calculating the costs of the project is another task. And if it is still done by the managers or you fail to get the accurate calculations – this application is for you.

The new application is all about gathering all the abilities of power apps and providing accurate data analysis. It only helps for better decisions regarding a project.


So, for better business outcomes, it is better to have the Microsoft Power platform along with project operations. It will cover all the essential aspects of any project for better outcomes. Moreover, if you need an expert’s advice or consultation, DFSM has a brilliant team for you to guide and provide the resources you need.

Three-Way Matching in Dynamics 365

Three-Way Matching in Dynamics 365


invoice matching d365

Invoice validation becomes critical when you are in retail. Additionally, if you are using a Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can use many different methods for invoice matching allowed by the accounts payable in Microsoft Dynamics for finance and operations. Keeping the invoices accurate and delivering the product with the actual price is itself a task and the ways to match invoices are:

  • Invoice totals matching
  • Two-way matching
  • Three-way matching
  • Charges matching



Out of these four given methods in accounts payable, three-way matching is the most preferable and demanding. There is a reason for it and that is because it allows you to match three documents of the supplier including the Invoice, the Purchase Order and the Product Receipt. So, when you match all three documents, the chances of a mistake on false information reduces to a minimum.


Therefore, by using and implementing three-way matching too, you can ensure that only authorized purchases are made and suppliers are delivered as they promised. Suppliers who have issues in the past while dealing with the quantity or quality have a great chance to enhance their business processes and manage their financial transactions with efficiency.


How the three-way matching initiates Automatic invoice matching?


Your general ledger is the one thing that can change the whole dynamics of a business within a second. Your loss and profit are in the hands of the account details. A three-way matching way enables you to track the invoice by matching them with purchase order and as a result, it ensures the accuracy of the promise. So, it keeps your financial statement clear and accurate.


Now, you might have a question regarding the steps taken to implement it…


  • Go to Accounts payable>Setup > Accounts Payable Parameters.
  • Select invoice validation and toggle yes to the ‘Enable invoice matching validation’.
  • Under invoice total matching, you can toggle the Match invoice totals. Further, it will match the totals of the invoice and purchase order giving you the exact amount.
  • Then, under the price and quality matching. Select the three-way matching to enable the matching of receipt, purchase order and invoice.

The main advantage of using this way is to ensure the quantity. It is to ensure that the product is delivered as it was ordered and the amount is set according to the purchase order. A financial statement is one of the complexes in the supply chain department and invoice matching enables you to simplify this process. So, if you are in the supply chain and facing issues with the quantity and quality of delivering the items. This might be the solution you need right now.

line items


Final Thoughts

Customer satisfaction and also maintaining the loose ends of your operations and finance go hand in hand. So, for implementing the three way-matching, you need to get a consultant. In this regard, DFSM is making it easy for you by providing an expert’s opinion. We understand the importance of the validation process and that is the reason for offering the best consultants for your rescue. So, now you can deal with finances without any hassles.

Coles choose Microsoft to accelerate its Digital Transformation

Coles choose Microsoft to accelerate its Digital Transformation



Innovation is growth and is now permanently needed in any business. While other organisations are understanding the importance of innovation, Companies like Coles the leader of  Australian supermarkets are already on the journey of digital transformation and taps Microsoft Technologies as a support for its journey. and chose Microsoft Dynamics, Azure cloud and office 365 to manage all the operations from planning to the final delivery. It is all about bets customer service and Coles is achieving it by all means. AI supermarket



How Microsoft Dynamics 365 is changing Coles working ethics?



Automation and Artificial intelligence have only one goal and that is to remove manual tasks. So, when Coles tend to use Microsoft Azure, it offers the data with advance AI and an in-depth analysis of the data to understand the business on an extreme scale. The network of the company is given various tools through Microsoft dynamics that they can easily manage any service meant for delivering efficiency.


Since we all know that retailing is the new hot business in the world. Australian supermarket is mostly about Coles. and has the magic to attract its customers by ensuring their needs through deep analysis and then offering relevant services.

Moreover, it is building a sustainable business that is providing all the current solutions to the market along with better and innovative future strategies.




1.     Online optimized network


From stock management to the network building within the organisation is easy with the Dynamics 365 and Azure cloud. It gives satisfaction along with the better ideas for the growth of the particular product in the market. Online customer needs one thing and that efficiency with relevancy. So, the tools are giving it all at once through AI systems implemented in the company.


2.     Fulfilling customer expectations


The customer is the main entity. So, offering him and making its needs a priority is the basic need of any retailing business. Coles has a way to get into the brains of people by analyzing common behavior through the tools. Therefore, when a customer is happy, it seems like they have got their vision. Customer’s choice shift by the time, they are always seeking a new and unique element in the product. So, Microsoft tools have the AI systems with the predictability factor that enable them to cater to the needs keeping future into consideration.


3.     Building a modern workplace


A modern workplace with automation will always attract loyal customers, engaged team members, and good growth along with the controlled costs too.


4.     Sustainability


So, either is meat manufacturing or other household products, Coles will remain at the top to offer the best of it. That is the reason that sustainability along with scalability will be the reward of Coles for using smart technology and solutions for business growth. You can connect with DFSM to get the latest updates and expert advice on Microsoft tools for your business requirements. Let us help you with your needs.


Final Thoughts


Finally, if you have a similar retailing business in the beginning state or even in a middle, you need to understand the value of Microsoft Dynamics too. It doesn’t matter if you are already on the top. The future is all about staying on the top and it is only possible with innovative ideas like ERP and CRM by Microsoft.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management



Predictive insights to build a profound strategy in finance and operations of the business sector are like a blessing for people.

It is when you can make informed decisions and calculated risks which gives the satisfaction of knowing your direction and the next move. So, Microsoft had made it easier for the business owner by providing Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Understand that Dynamics 365 for finance and operations are now licensed as Dynamics 365 supply chain management. The tool has new features for maintaining planning and delivery with efficiency.

supply chain management scm


What’s new in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?


Since the changes are applied, you might need to know a few more things about it. All the new features and changes are assuring the ease of implementing a proactive approach towards the business. So, you can enjoy the insightful information to have better planning for transport, finances and even warehouse management.


Let’s explore the new features 


1.     Master planning with intelligent manufacturing operations


This enables you to calculate project costs and long-term risks by covering all aspects of the project from manufacturing until the service delivery. IoT features reduce the downtime and let you utilize real-time predictions for better planning.


2.     Innovative warehouse management


It offers an effective way of managing stocks. So, with the machine learning features, one can easily control warehouse operation assuring the planned production. Moreover, you can streamline the process of inventory management and maintain the production control knowing the insightful information about the available stock.


3.     Product information management


IoT has the benefit of staying ahead of the time. So, you can figure out the issue before it occurs and provides services delivery right on time without risking the credibility of a company.


4.     Smart Asset management


With asset management, you can plan, predict and perform with confidence. Knowing your machine is an ultimate way to assure the smooth cost management process along with service management and planning.


5.     Streamline your supply chain


Procurement and sourcing along with sales and marketing are the crucial factors of any business. So, when you have predictive analysis, it automatically enhances your supply chain by streamlining your planning, Transportation management and Cost accounting processes for better growth and productivity.




Final Thoughts


Finally, it is all about managing the finances and supply chain with more effective ways and Dynamics 365 Supply chain is the huge help in it. Business dynamics are changing for good so, having a more intelligent system with predictive analysis of the market will always help you in planning better. Because, in the end, it is the planning that offers you the required results and profits in the business.

How to unify the power of Microsoft Azure and Office 365

How to unify the power of Microsoft Azure and Office 365


As a professional, anything is never enough. Even in the times of technology, automation, artificial intelligence and a lot more, we are still looking for more and better solutions for business growth. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a lie to say that Microsoft has remained the powerful partner in providing top-notch technology solutions to the companies and it keeps coming with new and innovative ideas streamline business processes.


 Microsoft Azure manages the maximum departments of any organization. For now, Microsoft office 365 needs accuracy in the identification and authentication of the users. Every business goal is to keep the data safe and also allow maximum access to the rightful users of the information. So, it will automatically demand the perfect configuration of the system.



Before you begin with the process of configuration, get to know the identity models of Microsoft office 365.


·        Cloud-only identity


The account exists only on the Azure Directory (AD) tenant and it is best for the organizations that do not need an on-premises AD DS.


·        Hybrid identity


These accounts exist in AD DS and also in Azure AD tenant. Users can access the accounts from both the cloud and on-premises using the same password.


Now, moving on further to understand the benefits and possibility of integrating Microsoft Azure and Office 365.


Benefits & possibilities of Azure integration with office 365


azure cloud

Integration is necessary because the module of managing identities use Azure Active Directory in the background. Office 365 includes the free subscription of AD so that you can easily manage the identities and password syncing.


If you want to manage your apps in Microsoft office 365, you need to follow 3 procedures.

  • Use the free subscription of Azure Active Directory
  • Use the feature of turning integrated apps on or off


For the real-time results, you need to learn the benefits of integrating Microsoft office 365 with Microsoft Azure.

However, let us talk about the main benefits. It has two features that include integrated apps and power apps.

  • Now, when you are extending the capabilities of your Microsoft office 365 tenant, you must be able to grant the individual apps access. You can decide the availability of the apps to the entire organization or limit it to the individuals.
  • Connect your power apps to the existing data on the SharePoint or any other data apps. It helps the organization in integrating the data needed for mobile apps.


Summing up


Microsoft is providing a full guide on how to manage the identity and access management so; you can easily understand the processes and features of it. Although you can find the information on Microsoft’s website, you might require additional expertise for the integration process after upgrading to the premium subscription of office 365 and Microsoft Azure. For the experts’ assistance, get in touch with Azure expert here at DFSM and request a free consultation.

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