3 Reasons To Integrate Dynamics 365 CRM With Your Accounting

Accounting CRM exemplifies how this type of management software may be beneficial to departments other than marketing and sales (contrary to what some may think). In reality, a properly deployed Dynamics 365 CRM centralizes all of your data. And also brings all of your company’s stakeholders together (clients, external collaborators, vendors, suppliers, etc.). What’s the end result? It becomes much easier to manage your relationships and conversations.

What are the most common features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for accounting to help you with it?

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Dynamics 365 CRM Features

Here are some of the most compelling features you can look forward to in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution and enhance your project management.

Dynamics 365 includes robust reporting and analytics features that let you swiftly gather information, track performance, and make data-driven choices.

Dynamics 365 combines CRM and ERP functionality, allowing you to manage all of your sales, marketing, customer support, and operations processes in one place.

Within the CRM, app modules allow you to construct bespoke, highly targeted apps or business process flows.

Dynamics 365’s unified UI adapts to the device or screen being used. And ensures a consistent and highly accessible experience across the web, Outlook, and mobile devices. Ultimately, making it easy for you to tackle any business operations and customer service.

Moreover, here are 3 compelling reasons to use Dynamics 365 CRM as your accounting tool to help your company develop.

3 Reasons to get Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for accounting

Once you have the opportunity locked in CRM, the following process is billing. Customers will go away if the software is prone to error or slow.

Billing creates invoices immediately from the date entered into the Accounting software, turning billing into a simplified, error-free process that improves customer satisfaction and cash flow. Billing automates your invoicing process by drawing on data currently stored in CRM, eliminating the need for manual re-keying or complicated integrations.

As invoices are stored in CRM, users can take advantage of the platform’s easy customization to develop and streamline invoice payment and collection policies. Furthermore, moving the billing process from the back office to CRM allows the entire business to communicate in real-time.

Besides that, CRM also automates reporting, helping you to gain greater clarity and financial insight into sales, marketing, and other things.

Many businesses do not map the entire accounting entity. That is why companies employ journal entries, such as payroll summaries at the end of the pay period, retail sales at the end of the day/week/month, or deferred revenue recognition. All of these accounting entries can be automated with the help of additional apps like CRM, Timesheet, and Point of Sale.

Bottom line

Well, we all can agree that Microsoft products never fail to amaze us. So, be it field service or financial management of cash flow, we can always rely on Microsoft and its tools. Now, if you are looking for ways to improve your accounting department, let the DFSM help. Our experts can implement the custom Dynamics 365 accounting solution for you.


Data security in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure

While the world is fancying cloud services, they are also concerned about security. Still, though, people are investing in cloud services. According to Gartner Inc, analysis shows the spending of 18.4% in 2021 on cloud services. And it is expected to increase by 45% by 2024.

Does it alarm you even more, especially about the security? Well, you are not alone. So, it is not just about organizing the work or staying competitive or resilient; you also have to ensure data security. Like any other tool provider, Microsoft also claims to ensure security. But let’s have a brief analysis of how secure is Microsoft Dynamics 365? Let’s get started!

Microsoft Dynamics Shifts Towards Cloud-based Strategy
Data Security

Microsoft's Approach to Security

In 2020 Microsoft got positioned as a Leader in 4 Magic Quadrants on security. It shows the perfect credibility, right? They tackle cloud security with “Zero Trust.” This model assumes a breach and clearly evaluates the security condition of identity, endpoint, network, and other resources based on all available signals and data. It focuses on contextual real-time policy enforcement to achieve the least privileged access and limit hazards.

Security in Azure: How Safe is the Microsoft Cloud?

All of the data from Microsoft is hosted on their cloud service Azure. Azure runs from over 100 secure Microsoft data centers across the world, each of which is protected with multiple layers of security. They also provide video surveillance and other security measures 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Furthermore, Azure is the first cloud platform to allow Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) based on both software and hardware (TEEs). Basically, TEEs protect encrypted data from unauthorized access and tampering, whether it is stored, in transit, or dormant.

Microsoft employs 3,500 cybersecurity professionals, including 200 who are always looking for flaws, to make it even more dependable. Any defects found in security are included in Azure’s operational security protocols in order to increase its defenses against external threats. Hence, the dynamics 365 encryption game is up to the mark.

dynamics 365 portal app
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 security: How Does That Work?

Microsoft just acts as a custodian, encrypting your data. Also, Microsoft was the first cloud provider to comply with ISO 27018, a set of ethical criteria. It ensures, for example, that your data and your customers’ data are only used to provide the agreed-upon services and are never shared with third parties for advertising or marketing purposes.

In all Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, access and rights can be configured and enforced. These privileges protect data access and include the following:

Cybersecurity is a process that never ends. With developing cyber threats and increasingly sophisticated attacks, it’s vital to examine whether your provider has the expertise, resources, and commitment to protecting your data.

The Dynamics 365 security and compliance approach are unique in the market, and it offers two major benefits: an integrated strategy and great AI and automation.

Data is being produced at a faster rate than ever before. Cloud storage is a critical operational component that most businesses cannot function without. Microsoft offers a variety of solutions, including Virtual Machines (Microsoft or Linux), managed databases, and storage options that reduce in price when you don’t need to access certain data frequently.

You only have to follow the three steps, and you will be done.

  • Enable field security
  • Configure a field security profile and add users
  • Set permissions for a field

However, each field has three levels of permission:

  • Read: This Field Security Profile’s users will be allowed to read the data in this field.
  • Update: Users with this Field Security Profile have the ability to edit and update data in this field.
  • Create: Users with this Field Security Profile have the ability to create data in this field.

Just keep in mind, set the permission, and the process is complete.


Yes, security is a big issue, but Azure has proved itself to be worthy of your investment. As your own ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM services provider, DFSM understands your concerns and assures you that with Dynamics 365, your data is safe. If you have any problem with dynamics 365 security configuration and want to know about Microsoft products and services or D365 Finance and Operations, let our expert be at your assistance anytime.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Experts

Ways Dynamics 365 Can Help Businesses in Crisis

Innovation is key to survival during periods of instability.

Today, businesses face disruption at so many levels due to state lockdowns, closed offices, cut income, and no childcare for employees- it isn’t easy even to know where to start. These problems require imagination at the highest levels and implementation that leaves little to chance.

By integrating the Microsoft power platform with Dynamics ERP and CRM with their years of business experience, companies are looking for Microsoft Partners to help them pivot quickly. What if we tell you that Dynamics 365 workforce management can solve your problems? Yes, by taking creative approaches to problems no one planned, Dynamics Partners are developing paths into uncharted territory.

finance for businesses

1.  Enable remote workforce productivity


Microsoft Partners help teams by offering remote work software with rich features to remain productive and efficient in open communication and real-time collaboration by combining Microsoft teams’ collaboration with the Dynamics ERP and CRM.

If teams can exchange information easily, the transition from office to remote workforce is easier. Business departments can exchange customer data and files as they would at the workplace through Microsoft Teams and Dynamics. Your company can continue to make workers feel part of the team:

  1. During meetings, use video technologies to create a virtual meeting room that imitates meetings in person.
  2. Interact on a scale, not only on a Single Record Dynamics (for example, sales) and many records with a Dynamics view.
  3. Work with clients and colleagues in all positions. Access, share and edit in real-time Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files.

2.  Maintain cash flow with better controls


Cash flow management is critical, but liquidity conservation is the key to survival during uncertain times. ERP offers insights and tools to improve cash flow controls in Microsoft Dynamics.

Automating invoicing and payment collection can help:

With vendor invoice automation in Dynamics 365, you will reduce the number of invoices and payments by automating them. It takes time for collections to be charged and handled. Send out invoices quickly, accept payments anytime, and provide your customers with insight.

Centralizing the Accounts Payable is also beneficial:

Microsoft Dynamics provides centralized management of paper and digital invoices—driving automated workflows to support the evaluation processes. Centralized Dynamics 365 accounts payable automation will enable your team to:

  1. Have full visibility of the entire process of accounts payable by using Dynamics 365 accounts payable workflow.
  2. Proactively engage with sellers to extend conditions and adjust purchases based on new forecasts
  3. Impose minimums or maximums for purchase orders to guarantee that profits are maintained
AP automation

3.  Remodel processes through automated workflows


Manual processes are still rooted in business cultures, even with recent attempts to transform everything to digital technology. Companies often have lengthy and difficult processes to go through—up to now. Automation can simplify the most complex processes to support teams’ productivity from their living areas through Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM.

Innovative solutions for productivity


When working remotely, process automation can be needed; the transition will bring advantages beyond the current crisis. The genuine value of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM lies in the experience of partners who can put together strategies for effective and realistic solutions, for example:

  1. Designate and track activities to keep projects under remote control on schedule and budget.
  2. Consolidation of sales across business units to leverage stocks and benefit from seller terms.
  3. Automation of approval processes—from lines of credit to cost reports for workers.
  4. To direct candidate knowledge through talent procurement, recruitment, and selection to the right people.
payment automation dynamics 365

4.  Capitalize on data to drive business direction


The centralization of data was never as relevant as it is today. However, now things are changing. Microsoft Partners helps organizations unlock and complete decision-making information by integrating the strength of Microsoft Dynamics and PowerBI.

Power BI integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP enables companies to look for interactions and trends in traditional reports. Only a few of the profound insights that Partners can help companies open up include:

  • Margin and sales trends for product groups can be identified to target sales efforts.
  • Business unit margin analysis to determine potential cost savings.
  • Tracking marketing results to concentrate on assets.
Power bi 2020

5.  Empower customers with self-service options


Social distancing and working from home have forced companies to replenish the travel of their customers. Companies have broadened their reach through customer self-service and allow employees to spend more time on special requests and exceptions.

Customer Self-Service Portals of dynamics 365


Customer Self-Service Portals can facilitate a wide variety of operations, subscription controls, log calls, scheduling, process returns, etc. Besides, it offers digital agents that respond or direct customers by a standard procedure. It also ensures:

  • Resellers, distributors, and manufacturers can collaborate through Partner portals and get quick access to inventory, planning, and product information.
  • Faqs and any sort of information, documentation, and community forums accessible.
Microsoft CRM Integration

6.  Explore merger and acquisition opportunities


Microsoft Dynamics and Power BI combined has the power to enable rich forecasting and the building of scenarios to explore fusion and acquisition opportunities. Organizations may use different sources to aggregate data to forecast future patterns and find possible economies of scale.

Microsoft Dynamics allows the community to consolidate and harmonize operations rapidly. Get results quickly with:

  • Linked data across business units that help clear productivity improvement processes and consistent customer experiences.
  • Automated management processes to make every worker more effective and enable him to achieve results.
  • Workflows automation to link departments, increase efficiency and minimize errors.
analyse with power bi

7.  Reinvent business models to respond to change


Although digital change has already brought about large changes in consumer behavior, the COVID-19 crisis forces many organizations to bring about a whole new change level. As in-person operations are limited, the digital world can fill in the gap to connect, educate, and sell.

The partners can link and expand operations in any direction using Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM as a platform. A couple of examples:

  1. To reassure anxious clients, service providers promise assured scheduling and consistent expectations of social distance.
  2. Remote distribution and delivery strategies for replacing visits by distributors and wholesalers are also easy with it.
erp project management methodology

8.  Deliver insight to workers in the field


The landscape has changed forever for organizations delivering services. Customers—both consumers and companies understand how technology has changed remote distribution abilities. The digital world’s advantages come from AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), and HoloLens virtual reality.

You can now use the Microsoft field service tools by Microsoft Partners, offering consultation services too. Some of the features of it that might help you are as follows:

  1. Enables distributed technicians to work together and to understand a problem in real-time.
  2. Ensures implementation of superior rapt processes assisted by the AI that increase the first fix rate.
  3. Use mobile devices for creating hologram designs respond to the vision, gestures, and voice controls of the user.
  4. Using IoT sensors and AI-based predictive service models to identify and solve system problems before becoming a problem.
  5. Conduct remote inspections without being on-site, with recording, screenshots, and annotations.
remote work d365

9.  Respond quickly to unexpected demand

Ecommerce businesses need more automation and less manual work. Therefore, Microsoft Dynamics Partners such as DFSM is working to replace Slow and manual work with automated workflows through Microsoft Dynamics 365 commerce. Additionally, companies can scale up with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM systems linking to industry and advanced systems:


  1. Single and versatile financial reporting, which in one instance supports many legal entities and currencies

  2. Integration of ERP and eCommerce platforms to simplify order processing

  3. Related workers who have access to the requisite information and work together through time and geographic locations

ERP and ecommerce

Optimise your AP Department with an ERP and Automation

Optimise your AP Department with an ERP and Automation

Dealing with the PO and non-PO invoices is the most significant part of the AP department. So, when you implement Dynamics 365, it automates the process by reducing the time, cost, risk, and errors. The manual process of dealing with the invoices can end up in many mistakes and then rectifying them manually will take a lot of time.

If you wish to avoid these errors within your AP department, you must start thinking about getting the Dynamics 365 finance and operations. It will help in streamlining the AP department by easing the automation of workflows along with the enhanced operational visibility.

So, if you accept it as a game-changer of the industry, additionally, the cloud-based ERP platforms and Add-ons are taking Accounts payable automation to the next level. When we talk about the cloud-based ERP system, it automatically clicks to the mind.

Benefits of AP automation and Cloud-based ERP

Businesses are now advancing, and they are looking for more efficient solutions, just like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for accounts payable. However, it comes with some of the unbeatable advantages once you decide to implement the tools and module of it. Its benefits are:

·         Cost savings

You don’t need licensing software for every machine anymore because you can subscribe to cloud ERP and use it as per your suitability. The price is also comparatively low and dependent on the tools you are using through it. Also, the staff is free from upgrading the on-premises, and they are more efficient in their daily tasks. So, it saves a lot of extra expenses that you might be spending on machines and licensing to manage the processes smoothly on the servers.

·         Access

The massive advantage of cloud-based solutions is once you have the user authority,  you can access the data anytime. Even right now, many employees are working from home. So, it makes it easy for them to access any information they need to work, and real-time data is always giving more accurate results by the end of the day.

·         Scale

Usually, businesses have to think multiple times before scaling as it comes with the huge investment in hardware and workforce. With the centralized system and hosted solutions, the scaling is easily flexible. You can use multiple user subscriptions instead of multiple computers and manage the routine tasks smoothly.

·         Security

Authorities are divided and chances of data breaching are quite low. Also, the highest level of security protocols is offered for these cloud hosting systems. So, your data and every confidential information are safe and it far better than the servers that companies install.

·         Safety

Back-up is the real issue of the modern era. But the solution is always here, you don’t have to rely on the hardware. The data is automatically stored in the cloud-based servers. And in case of a mishap, you can retrieve the data from any computer and get your business back on the feet after the damage.

Bottom Line

So, ultimately, the automation is saving you from the losses and helping you deal with the accounts payable department by keeping the record of every transaction. Tracking helps to be fair in dealing and provide more efficient services to the customer. You are just a call away for quick and easy solutions and their implementation from the experts of DFSM. So, contact now!!

Enhance Accounts Payable with Machine Learning in D365 FO

Machine learning(learn how you can implement ML and AI in D365 ) is the future and companies lagging in the latest technology may not survive in the future. If you are working with the organization big enough to have a profound product value in the market. Then, you might want to consider some serious changes within the company.

However, the major issues that most companies in Australia are facing are regarding Accounts and financing. If you are working with the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, you might be thinking of better ways of doing it. So, this is a common problem, and that is the reason for the shift of process to AI and machine learning. So, when you integrate your processes with machine learning and the latest software, you will need to learn about them in detail.

We know many companies are using the Dynamics 365 or AX for maintaining workflow automation. But machine learning and AI are enhancing it and you might be thinking that how?


machine learning d365

How machine learning is improving Accounts payable?

Improving invoice automation is one of the major things that is solved by machine learning. So, let’s see how a machine learning in Accounts payable AP can make your job easy.

  • Data from the daily operation is analysed and enhances the efficiency of Accounts payable.
  • One of the examples in it is GL code entry. When it is analyzing the patterns daily, it will eventually come to point when machine learn these patterns. So, it will automatically suggest the GL code at the time the vendor will process the invoice.

Now, you need to understand Robotic Process Automation and artificial intelligence (RPA), machine learning and AI. These 3 combine with Dynamics 365 and offer efficiency in managing invoices.

Now, RPS can receive and invoice through the email and gets alert on the specific subject line. It will download it and keep it in a specific folder. The AI function will read it to interpret the important information. So, it improves the way you are organizing the data by taking real-world examples.

balance sheet

invoice automation d365

How ML is beneficial in Accounts payable?

The automation process ensures faster results. Further, it reduces the budget by 75% and increases efficiency by 300%. Moreover, the whole process is also about managing funds leakage.

That is the main reason for companies adding ML and Natural language processing in their system. It will help them ease the process of invoice management by all means.

So, any company watching all these benefits will be up for the decision. They need this efficiency and after implementation, there is nothing but peace of mind. Your job will be easier and more efficient with it.

Get in Touch 


The Machine learning algorithms are to enhance the efficiency of Accounts payable in Dynamics 365. So, if you need an expert for better implementation of it, DFSM is always ready to help.

Microsoft Teams

Three-Way Matching in Dynamics 365

Three-Way Matching in Dynamics 365


invoice matching d365 Invoice validation becomes critical when you are in retail. Additionally, if you are using a Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can use many different methods for invoice matching allowed by the accounts payable in Microsoft Dynamics for finance and operations. Keeping the invoices accurate and delivering the product with the actual price is itself a task and the ways to match invoices are:

  • Invoice totals matching
  • Two-way matching
  • Three-way matching
  • Charges matching



Out of these four given methods in accounts payable, three-way matching is the most preferable and demanding. There is a reason for it and that is because it allows you to match three documents of the supplier including the Invoice, the Purchase Order and the Product Receipt. So, when you match all three documents, the chances of a mistake on false information reduces to a minimum.


Therefore, by using and implementing three-way matching too, you can ensure that only authorized purchases are made and suppliers are delivered as they promised. Suppliers who have issues in the past while dealing with the quantity or quality have a great chance to enhance their business processes and manage their financial transactions with efficiency.


How the three-way matching initiates Automatic invoice matching?


Your general ledger is the one thing that can change the whole dynamics of a business within a second. Your loss and profit are in the hands of the account details. A three-way matching way enables you to track the invoice by matching them with purchase order and as a result, it ensures the accuracy of the promise. So, it keeps your financial statement clear and accurate.


Now, you might have a question regarding the steps taken to implement it…


  • Go to Accounts payable>Setup > Accounts Payable Parameters.
  • Select invoice validation and toggle yes to the ‘Enable invoice matching validation’.
  • Under invoice total matching, you can toggle the Match invoice totals. Further, it will match the totals of the invoice and purchase order giving you the exact amount.
  • Then, under the price and quality matching. Select the three-way matching to enable the matching of receipt, purchase order and invoice.

The main advantage of using this way is to ensure the quantity. It is to ensure that the product is delivered as it was ordered and the amount is set according to the purchase order. A financial statement is one of the complexes in the supply chain department and invoice matching enables you to simplify this process. So, if you are in the supply chain and facing issues with the quantity and quality of delivering the items. This might be the solution you need right now.

line items


Final Thoughts

Customer satisfaction and also maintaining the loose ends of your operations and finance go hand in hand. So, for implementing the three way-matching, you need to get a consultant. In this regard, DFSM is making it easy for you by providing an expert’s opinion. We understand the importance of the validation process and that is the reason for offering the best consultants for your rescue. So, now you can deal with finances without any hassles.

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