Dynamics 365 Finance And Operations Extensible Data Security

What is Extensible Data Security in D365 FO?

The XDS framework is a feature of D365FO and AX 2012, enabling users to supplement role-based security and enable access to tables to be subject to policy restrictions. This feature was an evolution of the security level in previous Dynamics AX versions.

Simply put, xds sends a WHERE (or ON) statement to a table based on parameters from another related table on each SQL SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, or INSERT statement.

Data Security

Dynamics 365 finance and operations encryption

Microsoft utilizes encryption technology to secure client data in SQL Server databases and Azure Storage while it is in transit.

To conduct real-time data encryption when written to the disc at rest, all instances use Microsoft SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and Azure Storage encryption.

Server-side encryption with service-managed keys is used in Finance and Operations apps. Microsoft manages all aspects of key management, including key issuance, rotation, and backup.

How to apply Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations extensible data security based on the current user

Some of the queries relevant to extensible data security dynamics 365 come as:

  • ‘I only want a user to be able to access sales orders, vendors, and customers that they created.’
  • ‘Users should only be able to read records for which they are approvers.’

We need the XDS to be deployed against the current user logged into the system in each of these scenarios. So, if you want to add a user to dynamics 365 finance and operations, follow the process.

  • Scenario for Testing

Today’s test scenario is that a user should only be able to communicate with vendors that they have created.

  • XDS Setup

The first step is to create our query; in this example, we’ll need to use a data source table that contains user IDs because we’ll be comparing results against them. The apparent option is the UserInfo table, but I discovered that trying to use it caused an error because X++ considered it to be a “kernel table.” Instead, I used the SysUserInfo table, which contains user IDs as well.

After selecting SysUserInfo as the Data Source, the following step is to select the Range to be used. To get the user ID in this scenario, we’ll utilize the current user id() method. One thing to keep in mind is that this value must be included in parenthesis. If you don’t do so, the value will be treated as a string, and the user Id will not be resolved.


This CreatedByQuery can also be reused by other security policies as needed.

The Next Step:

The next step is to build up the security policy; in this case, we’ll use the CreatedByQuery from the previous stage as the Query and construct a Context String so we can apply it to a role later. If you want this XDS to be applied to all Read, Update, Create, and Delete functions, make sure to set the primary table to SysUserInfo and the Operation field to AllOperations.


Setting the constrained table is the final step in creating the security policy; however, because there is no native database relation between the VendTable and the SysUserInfo table, we will actually write a constrained expression in this case. We put the relation clause we wish to use to link the tables in the value property. It’s worth repeating that this value must be enclosed in parenthesis.


Now that we’ve developed our query and security policy, the final step is to apply this XDS policy to a security role. In this situation, I built a custom role and set the role’s Context String to the security policy’s Context String. This means that any user with this role will have the XDS policy applied to them automatically.


Warehouse worker using laptop and entering data to database

Extensible Data Security (XDS) Examples:

  • Secure Legal Entities

When you apply security roles to organizations, users can still see all of them in the Legal entities form by default. This policy offers the ability to restrict access to only those users that have been assigned to the user.

  • Security of Warehouse

This example demonstrates how record-based security can be implemented on warehouses and sites. The warehouses linked to a user are specified using a special setup form.

  • Security of Retail Channel

The organization hierarchies, security organization assignment, and XDS are all combined in this scenario. This is a compelling example that may serve as motivation for you.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for more information about field-level security in dynamics 365 finance and operations or record-level security in d365, you have a team of experts with you – ready to help. So, Get in touch with DFSM now.

5 proven ways to optimize your Lease Management Strategy Today

Lease management has been a critical aspect of a company’s growth strategy since implementing new lease accounting standards ASC 842, IFRS 16, and GASB 87. Leases are now subject to increased scrutiny, which requires businesses to invest in optimizing their strategies to demonstrate compliance and foster long-term growth.

As leases are now subject to increasing scrutiny, companies need to expand their property lease management strategy to demonstrate compliance and promote long-term success. In this blog, we’ll analyze how to optimize your leasing strategy.  So, let’s go through them now.

administration tools

1. Put all of your lease data and administration tools in one place

Keeping all of your leases in one place is one of the simplest methods to improve property lease management. Teams may access leasing data anytime, anywhere in a cloud-based, centralized environment, reducing bottlenecks and enhancing efficiency. Key stakeholders don’t have to wait for information to make time-sensitive strategic decisions because reporting and data management are centralized. A unified system also enables a clear audit trail, making ASC 842, IFRS 16, and GASB 87 compliance considerably easier.

2. Set up controls and procedures to verify that financial reporting is accurate

Every stage of the lease life cycle, from lease onboarding, lease operation to ending leases, requires procedures and controls. As a result, standard standards must extend beyond the accounting department to cover all teams involved in lease maintenance and acquisition at any stage. The accounts team must be able to trust the information provided by others. As a result, automating processes and putting in an approvals system will result in more accurate reporting and forecasting.

procedures to verify

3. Market data should be taken into consideration

If you want to know how your leasing strategy is performing, pay close attention to the leasing market. You won’t be able to stay on top of your company’s potential for growth or notice places where troubles may occur if you’re not aware of market trends or variations in property value over time.

4. Create Strategies With an Eye Toward Growth

Many businesses make the mistake of viewing lease management as a simple administrative task. It is, nevertheless, preferable to approach leases with a growing perspective. Spaces vary with time, and a strategic strategy should account for all potential changes in the property’s value.

Property sales staff submit land mortgage contract documents to

5. Invest in Dynamics 365 asset leasing to manage your property leases

Identifying software that is compatible with your existing systems, such as d365 supply chain management. It should also allow you to set up processes and controls, as well as generate real-time financial reports and trustworthy financial statements.

Bottom Line

So, as you now have the ways to optimize the lease management strategy, you can utilize the financial management capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations. To help you with implementing it, you have a dynamics 365 finance consultant from DFSM. All you need to do is to reach out and let us help you with the procedures or controls you want to implement in your organization as a lease management solution.

Improve your financial operation with Dynamics 365 FO

In today’s market climate, success cannot occur without leveraging technology to handle your finances globally, track performances in real-time, automate and simplify functions, protect your potential business results and optimize your productivity.

How is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance helping in boosting financial performance?


With regulatory features spanning 37 countries and 42 languages, Microsoft dynamics 365 finance & operations integration enables companies to compete internationally by adapting locally to diverse workforces and evolving laws. With the individual search study, Dynamics 365 Finance is GDPR-ready, assisting organizations in responding to data topic requests.

  • Electronic reporting: Global electronic reporting includes configurable e-invoicing, making it simple to adjust to regular regulatory changes.
  • Workspaces: New features in D365 Finance and Operations offer workspaces, each with rich analytics views and processes customized to the user’s position. Workspaces provide real-time visibility into overall results, including drill-through and transaction data. Hundreds of pre-built reports provide a comprehensive view of business processes across several dimensions.
  • Legal Support: Customizable tools make it easier to produce end-of-month reports by supporting local and international rules.
  • Enhance your financial decision-making: Dynamics 365 Finance predicts the future by using historical evidence. AI-driven insights, machine learning, and predictive analytics provide strategic insights into future cash flow, allowing for better decisions, behavior, and outcomes.
  • Predictive financial insights: Predicting when customers will pay is a big challenge for businesses. Slow and infrequent payments limit cash flow and impede both long-term planning and regular results. Dynamics 365 finance forecasts when invoices will be billed by evaluating customer payment history. It also provides companies with techniques to increase the likelihood of receiving payment on time.

“Our brand has very strong growth plans, and we needed an ERP system that could flex with it.” – Director of an IT, apparel brand.

licensing changes see dynamics

Unify and automate your business processes

With tools including vendor invoice automation, vendor partnerships, and quote to cash, budget preparation, budget tracking, cost management, and recurring invoices, Dynamics 365 finance simplifies financial operations. The use of a common map of accounts simplifies intercompany movements and routine financial consolidations.

Organizations can easily incorporate external data and automate approvals with configurable data management software. Dynamics 365 finance integrates closely with Office 365, allowing you to work seamlessly with Outlook, Skype, and Excel.

Dynamics 365 Finance enables mobile flexibility with applications such as cost tracking, vendor invoice approvals, vendor collaboration, and more. These apps often operate in offline mode, which is useful when there is little to no internet access.

“One nice thing about Dynamics 365 is that I can take a Laptop out on the production floor or do whatever I need to do off a hotspot. That’s the positive side of the cloud. I can be anywhere and be connected.” – ERP Manager, automotive manufacturing.

Get in touch


Dynamics 365 enables companies to compete both globally and locally. It creates true business value by optimizing accurate and timely regulatory reporting and intelligent and predictive insights that are contextualized and supported by machine learning data, enabling efficiencies, new market opportunities, and innovation.

Accelerate into the future of global business by partnering with DFSM for its implementation. Get to know about the Microsoft dynamics 365 finance & operations prices along with the implementation procedure. Start today by getting a Microsoft dynamics 365 finance & operations trial.

invoice automation d365

Dynamics 365 licensing updates 2021

Most recent updates about Dynamics 365 licensing that  D365 unites you and your company with the next generation of CRM and ERP software. Dynamics 365 applications are built to be deployed quickly and independently. A customer may begin what they want, but the apps work together so that customers can quickly take on additional capacities on business demand.

Licensing Overview


Dynamics applications are licensed according to a range of models consisting of licenses assigned to a named user or device and licenses not assigned that allow access to a tenant feature or service.

Dynamics-365 erp

Assigned Licenses updates

Assigned licenses grant access to applications to a specific user or a dedicated shared device.

However, with Microsoft’s new licensing guide, they have made some changes, so we will highlight them for your understanding. Furthermore, you can use a guide for the calculator to get the price estimates for licensing as per your business needs.

  • Customer Service Insights and Virtual Agent:  On February 1, 2021, the standalone SKUs Customer Service Insights and Virtual Agent for Customer Service, as well as additional capacity SKUs, will be removed from the price list.
  • The embedded Customer Service Insights: The core Customer Service Enterprise application’s embedded Customer Service Insights features will remain available and supported.
  • End of Service for Customer Service Insights and Virtual Agent: For EA, CSP, and Web Direct customers, the end of service for Customer Service Insights and Virtual Agent for Customer Service is December 8, 2021.
  • Security role Removed: The security role of the system administrator was removed from Finance and human resources.

These are some of the major changes that you need to know and understand for the success of your business. The complete document of Microsoft can be found in the sources of Microsoft documentation. Check it out so that you can get other details and a long price list of all the modules too. If you have more questions about other modules or you want to know the changes that might affect your existing system, you can always check out the details.

These details include all the information you need about the previous and dynamics 365 licensing guide’s latest modifications.

DFSM Dynamics 365 licensing price estimator


DFSM is always there for its customers. Even it is simply about the implementation of the Dynamics 365 solutions. So, considering that you might need help with the latest pricing estimates of your Dynamics 365 solutions (check our free tool), we are here offering you the amazing offer of using a calculator on the website. If you visit, you can see the options that will ask about the number of users per month or tenants and give you a final estimate at the end. So, go and benefit from the calculator now.

Bottom Line


While this article has all the highlights about the latest licensing guide we are offering additional support through our calculator for real-time price estimation of any Supply chain, Finance, or other system for your business.

Dynamics 365 Finance updates to Improve finance Dept.

Finance is packed with expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone manual procedures, from the administration of invoices to ensuring regulatory enforcement. In periods of instability, these problems are compounded and continue to impact organizations worldwide.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance 2020 Wave upgrades in 2020 include additional core functional features, automation of shared processes, and stronger global support. Together, these changes help finance organizations prioritize impactful work, strengthen their financial systems, and promote global development while keeping the evolving accounting regulations in line with them. These improvements are essential.

finance for businesses

Some of the Key Factors are:

Dynamics 365 Finance updates

1. Optimizing Finance Processes


Due to the current climate, most companies have been facing obstacles that they have not anticipated or prepared for. In times like these, companies have little time to properly understand and react to accounting law changes even though they cannot risk keeping them unresolved. To avoid this, companies should optimize financial operations so that they might be able to reduce all these risks.

Dynamics 365 Finance core tenant will help you reduce the risk, simplify, and modernize your global financial transactions. Microsoft has launched asset leasing in November 2020 to help you achieve this. Asset leasing allows you to adjust and conform to the FASB and IFRS 16 accounting standards on leases’ management and financial effect. Asset lease can cut manual errors and save users’ time by automatically updating lease status, using assets, holistic tracking and analytics, net present value estimation, leasing interest, and cash payments in the future.

2. Automating Finance Processes


A widespread set of fairly basic and recurring financing activities are mostly automated by Microsoft Dynamics 365. For example, the platform’s features and capabilities automate cash collections by automatically submitting records and pdf invoices when payments are overdue and incorporating tracking records in Outlook.

D365FO also contributes to invoice preparation, which is often considered one of the most boring tasks in a financial department,” said Laurens, “D365FO helps to automate this using an OCR optical character recognition solution from a third-party framework. When you receive a PDF-size invoice, the OCR service generates an electronic document and accepts invoice metadata for the header and invoice lines through the standard guide. The program then compares the invoice to the order and automatically processes it if no irregularities are identified. Invoices which cannot automatically be processed are put in the working area ‘exception’ so that the financial team can concentrate on cases where the action is needed.”

Additionally, to improve effectiveness and performance along with the vendor invoice automation, financial organizations often build true business value, the integrated Power Automated RPA features (robotic process automation) can also fully automate repeated tasks.’

3. Next-level Finance/Controlling


By establishing a cost accounting leader, Microsoft has also invested a lot to improve the capacity to account for costs leading, finance and operations to a better risk management system. Since this directory is not an individual, it enables businesses to review data at a genuinely global level in the cost accounts module. The present complex international background needs to concentrate on cross-company benefit centers rather than legal entities.

Besides, the D365FO provides the pricing feature, which splits revenue between various divisions automatically making your financing lease more efficient. The suite also enables users to process fractures or payments for more than one individual or organization, conduct reconciliations, analyze data, and generate financial reports. As a result, organizations with multiple agencies or corporations will close their books much quicker, report together, and improve profitability and security compliance globally.”

4. Improve User Experience


Finally, it is easy to understand and use MS Dynamics 365. “There is every single feature in MS Dynamics 365 developed for a smooth user experience from the user interface to the integrated analytics tool,” says Laurens. “The workspace is especially useful. For example, the user has a simple, role-based workspace when opening the platform, which contains all of the processes, data, reports, and links required in their job. They will accomplish all the activities without having to move between applications in this work field – e.g., general journal processing, consumer credit, and collections, seller invoice entry, payment of the seller, etc.”

“Microsoft also has mobile features to ensure that apps and users have a single experience. For example, you can either control your invoice authorization process or enter your costs in all devices anytime, anywhere.

Final Thoughts


If you are ready to take a plunge and ready to implement electronic invoicing, it’s time to ask experts and move on to the next step immediately. For the consultation, you have the best experts from the DFSM team. Reach us, and we can take it from there towards the journey of automation of your finance department.

Which Dynamics 365 ERP to choose? BC or D365 FO

Unfortunately, this question has no straightforward answer.

Businesses deciding on which Microsoft dynamics 365 ERP to select different points of decisions, and the first one is cost. We can see that Dynamics 365 Business Central can be less than half the price of D365 for FO, which comprises on 20-user minimum. Back in the day, Microsoft used to direct the number of users to guide businesses to the “Enterprise” version, but today it is not that easy.

The business process and its complexity play a more vital role in choosing the edition of the software. If you have a fixed budget and a limited number of users, the better option is to see if Business Central is supportive of your business operations or not. With large complexes in the businesses, the smart choice is to look at Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement has the full functionality of the CRM. Well, you can still find some of the CRM features in Business Central.


For meeting the complex needs of the business needs, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers modular configuration, especially for the functions like retail or field service. Microsoft is offering full strength in connections to productivity tools for business intelligence and mobile capabilities.


Basic Difference amid Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & Finance + Operations


The only way to find out the difference between the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Finance & Operations is to compare their features. In the end, it is about the complexity of the business operations and which one is capable of fulfilling it.


Business Central Main Features 


Business central is known to be a revamp of Nav. It includes all the Nav’s functionalities, but users now get the options to choose if they want their ERP on the premises or host it on the cloud. It enables intelligent predictability, provides easy financial management, and one can always prioritize the sales considering the factors like revenue. Some of the highlights of the features of Business Central Australia are:

  • Basic General Ledger
  • Budgets
  • Deferrals
  • Basic Fixed assets
  • Bank Account management
  • Audit Trails
  • Currencies
  • Full CRM Functionality
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Project Management
  • Instant reporting
  • Outlook integration Reason Codes
  • Service order management
  • Manufacturing
  • Power BI, PowerApps, and flow

All of these features are representing the quality functions to manage the business operations in an organized manner.

business central wave 2
dynamics finance operation 2020

Dynamics Finance & Operations main features 


As we all know that Dynamics Finance & operations are the revamp of the AX. It also can host on both premises and cloud. With it, you can use PowerApps, get access to real-time information, a dashboard, and adaptability or the changes. The features you might be familiar with or looking for in your business solutions are:

Some of the common benefits of dynamics 365 finance and operations:

Features & functions For Finance:

  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Budgeting
  • General ledger and financial reporting
  • Project management and accounting
  • Public sector
  • Cash and bank management
  • Cost accounting
  • Expense management
  • Financial reporting
  • Fixed assets


Features of Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain management:


  • Asset management
  • Production control
  • Sales and marketing
  • Service management
  • Transportation management
  • Warehouse management
  • Cost accounting
  • Cost management
  • Inventory management
  • Master planning
  • Procurement and sourcing
  • Product information management

These are the simple functions and well-known Dynamics 365 finance and operations features. However, you may still find yourself questioning a few things, so let us help you with it.


Let us decide for you!


Ultimately, you will look into the expert to help you determine the best that can save you both time and money. You can talk to the Microsoft certified partners as they have worked with Microsoft CRM and ERP systems and they have dealt with the evolution of Dynamics 365.

DFSM start by understanding your business requirements and then match the solution that best fits. We will help you understand the implications and limitations of licensing, which in themselves can be daunting. Most importantly, they can help you establish the right software and technology foundation to support your long-term business strategies.

Digital transformation in the Covid-19 era

Businesses in Australia have been on the route toward digital transformation for a while now. But with COVID-19, this journey has sped up and has catapulted work from home to be more in demand than it ever was. So, as you are rearranging the business strategies with the changing times, there are plenty of factors of digital transformation that need your undivided attention. We at DFSM can be your professional assistant as Dynamics 365 consultants. What you need to do is start putting up the essential factors on the top and see the way you can quickly change the way you deal with digital transformation in the Pandemic era.

remote work d365

Tips for planning Digital Transformation in Pandemic


The main goal is to transition in a smart and efficient way. To help, here are the functions and features of Dynamics 365 to make your process smoother and smarter.

· Work and Study from-home is the new normal

If you are looking for a solution to help your employees work and study from home, the best option is LMS. The learning management system is the tool integrated with Dynamics 365 and providing all the features a worker needs to stay updated with the industry trends by studying them and working at the same time. The features include the courses, collaborations, reporting, and tracking to help you manage it efficiently and enhance the personalized learning experience for your employees.

· Digital Finance, Procurement, and HR Functions

The digital transformation is not limited to the employees learning. The efficiency of the company is also dependent on other factors. Whether it be Accounts, Procurement or HR, every department needs automated solutions for the smooth procession. So, automating the AP (account payable) will help you in saving a lot of time, reducing errors, and unlimited access to the Accounts Payable at any time. It will include invoice matching too, helping you keep the data organized and responsive for future decisions.

Adding up the payment solutions through the credit card processor in Dynamics 365 will further streamline the process of Accounts Payable.

We have always known of HR and payroll features in Dynamics 365. With consultancy, you can help find out the legalities and needs of the business for HR and Finance. DFSM experts are well aware of the common and advanced processes relevant to the business. Call them, and they are only a question away from brilliant professional advice.

· Digital Supply Chains and Smart Manufacturing

If you are running a manufacturing and Supply chain business it’s time to get ahead and make it more digital-oriented. Using D365 in Supply chain and manufacturing can ensure standardized master planning. Choose the static or dynamic plan; the ERP system will be your assistant in carrying it out without any hassles. From product dimension to the period in the shelf, best before, and other parameters, the ERP system can take care of everything as your business needs it.

DFSM can also help in training the staff to use these systems and work from anywhere managing all the departments through a single click.

Bottom Line


One of the major issues in the pandemic was the accessibility to data. Managers, workers, and salespersons needed real-time data to be more efficient in their decisions. Then, collaborating with other teammates is also important. When you add digital solutions like ERP and CMS within your organization, you will reach the heights of productivity.

So, as a Dynamics 365 Consultant, DFSM is offering you everything you need to increase the efficiency of your business. Let us be your help in difficult times and grow together. Call us, and we will help you adjust to the new normal and digital transformation for your organization.

Optimise your AP Department with an ERP and Automation

Optimise your AP Department with an ERP and Automation

Dealing with the PO and non-PO invoices is the most significant part of the AP department. So, when you implement Dynamics 365, it automates the process by reducing the time, cost, risk, and errors. The manual process of dealing with the invoices can end up in many mistakes and then rectifying them manually will take a lot of time.

If you wish to avoid these errors within your AP department, you must start thinking about getting the Dynamics 365 finance and operations. It will help in streamlining the AP department by easing the automation of workflows along with the enhanced operational visibility.

So, if you accept it as a game-changer of the industry, additionally, the cloud-based ERP platforms and Add-ons are taking Accounts payable automation to the next level. When we talk about the cloud-based ERP system, it automatically clicks to the mind.

Benefits of AP automation and Cloud-based ERP

Businesses are now advancing, and they are looking for more efficient solutions, just like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for accounts payable. However, it comes with some of the unbeatable advantages once you decide to implement the tools and module of it. Its benefits are:

·         Cost savings

You don’t need licensing software for every machine anymore because you can subscribe to cloud ERP and use it as per your suitability. The price is also comparatively low and dependent on the tools you are using through it. Also, the staff is free from upgrading the on-premises, and they are more efficient in their daily tasks. So, it saves a lot of extra expenses that you might be spending on machines and licensing to manage the processes smoothly on the servers.

·         Access

The massive advantage of cloud-based solutions is once you have the user authority,  you can access the data anytime. Even right now, many employees are working from home. So, it makes it easy for them to access any information they need to work, and real-time data is always giving more accurate results by the end of the day.

·         Scale

Usually, businesses have to think multiple times before scaling as it comes with the huge investment in hardware and workforce. With the centralized system and hosted solutions, the scaling is easily flexible. You can use multiple user subscriptions instead of multiple computers and manage the routine tasks smoothly.

·         Security

Authorities are divided and chances of data breaching are quite low. Also, the highest level of security protocols is offered for these cloud hosting systems. So, your data and every confidential information are safe and it far better than the servers that companies install.  

·         Safety

Back-up is the real issue of the modern era. But the solution is always here, you don’t have to rely on the hardware. The data is automatically stored in the cloud-based servers. And in case of a mishap, you can retrieve the data from any computer and get your business back on the feet after the damage.

Bottom Line

So, ultimately, the automation is saving you from the losses and helping you deal with the accounts payable department by keeping the record of every transaction. Tracking helps to be fair in dealing and provide more efficient services to the customer. You are just a call away for quick and easy solutions and their implementation from the experts of DFSM. So, contact now!!

Compare Microsoft Dynamics AX & Dynamics 365

Organizations that are currently using Microsoft Dynamics AX are considering an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations . It Maybe wise to learn more about the differences between these two systems before you commit to an ERP implementation or upgrade

The  two solutions may have similarities, but they also share some of the major differences. And we are going to discuss all the points that somehow make both tools different or similar. By the end of the blog, you can get an idea about the one to choose from.

ERP cost

Dynamics AX Vs Dynamics 365

1. Infrastructure


The major difference between the Dynamics 365 cloud and dynamics AX is about the infrastructure.  Satya Nadella in 2014 changed the structure by shifting Dynamics products on the cloud.(Read the full story)

However, Dynamics AX 2012 is still running on-premise making customers get the servers on-site and host the applications locally.

Initially companies using Dynamics AX 2012 were reluctant for the cloud-based infrastructure, but now they have accepted it. In fact, many people prefer it for ERP requirements or systems now.

Also, the on-premise hosting of applications can cost you a lot for purchasing the compatible hardware and making it accessible for the employees.

2.Custom applications


Dynamics AX has the over-layering method for custom development. It is the method where core product, customer code, and any value-added reseller (VAR) code are separated by the layers. This way code needs to be adjusted before the deployment as it can cause a problem.

On the contrary, Dynamics 365 uses the extensibility model and that means the core code of ERP systems is locked – not allowing any customizations. Therefore, developers must customize the software during a built-in phase.

Companies can take wise steps and little more careful about the customizations and they must have them only if necessary.

3.      Upgrade


Upgrading from Dynamics AX 2009 to dynamics AX 2012, you may need a completely new implementation. Whereas, upgrading from Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 may require no or fewer implementation changes.

Microsoft also improved the upgrade model as they moved to the cloud and it is quite similar to the modern upgrade model used for applications.

4.      UI experience


With the dynamics AX, a user can simply launch the application from desktop and can work within the program. Whereas the Dynamics 365 makes a user launches a web browser and enter a URL. It can be launched from both desktop and mobile devices.

If teams have issues dealing with the user-interface of ERP projects, they can always seek help from the ERP consultants.



Switch Today!

The wise decision and any expert’s advises will recommend s switch from Dynamics AX to the Dynamics 365.

wether your decison is continuing your business on Dynamics AX we still offer a full support, or or switching from Dynamics AX to Microsoft dynamics 365 for finance and operations – you have DFSM experts for the full-time assistance as your ERP vendor.


On-hand Inventory in Dynamics 365 F&O

Inventory is the most essential part for many business, specially when we talk about the Manufacturing, and Retail. industries.

And to make sure that it goes smoothly, you can have On-hand inventory.

Now, you might be thinking that what is inventory On-Hand?

On-hand inventory is all the stock available at the store or online eCommerce website. You can say the items that ready to sold and used by the customers.


What is on-hand inventory in D365 for FO?

hand on inventry

The general inventor on-hand is also offered in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. It is the form used various times because of its ability to show the real-time view of on-hand inventory. The form is quite a busy form, yet an important one for any organization.

You can simply open the form, add a filter, and set up all the settings as the requirement of the company.

How you can you use On-hand inventory in D365 FO?

Inventory on-hand form is essential and once you get the idea to use it, you will be relieved when you have to calculate the day on hand of inventory. Therefore, you can take the training or consult from the experts at DFSM to help you with the navigations in a form. However, the following are the few important buttons that you can use, and also it will ease the management of inventory. 

  • Using a transaction button, you can check the transaction details.
  • Set up the storage, transaction, and tracing dimensions as you need.
  • Rest move on to the fields and fill them up.
  • You can further create a reservation and see the result.
  • You can manage the inventory on hand adjusting entry too for maintaining the general ledger.

Furthermore, the form offers you the modifications that allow you to add the item and details considering all aspects. You can trace the item, reset the shelf life dates, or even reset the vendor batch details. More buttons include:

  • Inter-company on-hand
  • Quantity adjustment
  • Released product details
  • Counting history
  • Inventory batch attributes
  • Non-conformances
  • Reset batch disposition code
  • Inventory blocking
  • Quality orders
  • Net requirements
  • ATP information
  • Supply overview


Each button mention above enables you to enter or modify the details about the on-hand inventory without any hassles. If you understand the form, you can easily calculate the inventory days on hand.

Still, wondering? How to calculate inventory days on hand?


Divide the inventory turnover rate into 365 and you can get the days on inventory on-hand. It is a simple and frequently used inventory on hand formula.

In dynamics 365 you can have the auto inventory days on hand and view the results through the data you stored through the form.


Get in touch!


You might have a great idea by now how the On-hand can give you a better isight and control over your inventory.

By using the form you can find multiple ways to ease your inventory management and offer exceptional customer services to your customers. And if you need expert advice, we have a team with hands-on experience on the form in DFSM to guide.

The new payment automation in dynamics 365 FO

Today, we are going to reveal the new payment processing automation in Dynamics 365 finance and operation . The new process allowing people to create a pre-defined schedule with a combination of payment proposal criteria. It further enables you to create payment journals, with less user intervention. So, when you install the PU35 (see how to setup), you will be able to fully benefit this feature as it is managed by PU35.


payment automation dynamics 365

Steps of Process Automation

Source: community.dynamics.com
  1. Set Up a schedule (Set it up under Accounts Payable–>Setup–>Payment–>Process Automations)
  2. For creating a new process every time, you can start it by selecting “Create new process automation”, then you will further see the schedule type as “Vendor payment”.

This new feature is easing the process by allowing you to schedule the automation process. It can be effective without changing any of the daily activities of the company.

  • One can schedule the payment processing considering different criteria for different days or times of the day.
  • It will reduce the manual processing of journal creation for the payment process.
  • The dashboard enables you to view all the details of the schedule along with the errors, so you can resolve them.

How to setup an Automated payment processing systems  


  1. Click on the “Create Series”, you will see the options to set the batch job and define alerts to monitor the processing.


  1. Then, you click “Next” and you will be presented with a similar form as the payment proposal. Options will be like Amount limit, Include invoices from other companies (Centralized payments option), Delete negative payments, etc.


  1. The options that are not available in this form are the From Date and To Date. In this Form, you will get these options as Date criteria check box and number of day adjustments for to date. It will automatically pick any payment that is due for a given day when the job is executed.


  1. Also, you can mark the Define to date criteria to pay invoices earlier than a due date and then enter the number of days before the due date.
  2. In the end, finish the button and you will see the schedule setup. On the right side, you can view the schedule and disable or edit as you wish.


  1. Even if the job starts, you can view and change from scheduled to executing.


  1. Finally, you can see the results to view journals by clicking on view results.


  1. In this case, the job has processes journal is created with all invoices that are having payment as a check.




Ultimately, the Dynamics 365 finance and operations sales order processing is a blessing and one can always save a lot of time. So, no more manual scheduling and you can set it on automation., for a seamless implementation of the system and training, you have DFSM as your perfect assistance whenever you need them. Our experts are looking forward to your queries and ready to guide you through the process at any hour of need.

Source: community.dynamics.com

AI in Dynamics 365 finance and project operations

AI is one of the new business solution for every industry. Nowadays, when we talk about the core processes and operations of the company, it is usually about finance. Businesses in Australia or any other place are already familiar with the features of Dynamics 365. It has been providing the best solutions for years. Companies extract their data and analysis to develop better strategies for the future. Considering the ease,

Now, Microsoft is bringing more ease to your business by offering AI in Dynamics 365 through Finance insight, customer insight, and sale insight. Customer relationship management is getting enhancement to reshape your business in terms of automation.  


How the three new AI features will work?

·  Finance Insights

We understand the dynamics of business and the repetitive cycle of projects can be tiring at times. However, if you will have the Dynamics 365 finance insights and Dynamics 365 Project operations. You can always automate the repetitive processes of project development. It adds up the deep analysis to view the right picture of the financial health of your business. The data is collected from a general ledger and sub-ledgers.

· Customer Insights

Moreover, the customer is the most essential entity of the company. You can only offer them the best if you understand their needs. So, for understanding the requirements, you can have customer insight. It will include all the data analysis from the customer profiles. The feature with bringing connectors to enable you for having deeper insights on customer preferences with Azure Synapse Analytics.

·  Sales Insight

Besides, you will also have Dynamics Sales insight and Dynamics 365 sales. To get accurate predictions about the impact of each sale. So, you can prepare for it beforehand. It also includes the engagement centre that offers AI-imbued tools. These tools are solely for prediction and then taking action according to the accurate data.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management



Predictive insights to build a profound strategy in finance and operations of the business sector are like a blessing for people.

It is when you can make informed decisions and calculated risks which gives the satisfaction of knowing your direction and the next move. So, Microsoft had made it easier for the business owner by providing Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Understand that Dynamics 365 for finance and operations are now licensed as Dynamics 365 supply chain management. The tool has new features for maintaining planning and delivery with efficiency.

supply chain management scm


What’s new in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?


Since the changes are applied, you might need to know a few more things about it. All the new features and changes are assuring the ease of implementing a proactive approach towards the business. So, you can enjoy the insightful information to have better planning for transport, finances and even warehouse management.


Let’s explore the new features 


1.     Master planning with intelligent manufacturing operations


This enables you to calculate project costs and long-term risks by covering all aspects of the project from manufacturing until the service delivery. IoT features reduce the downtime and let you utilize real-time predictions for better planning.


2.     Innovative warehouse management


It offers an effective way of managing stocks. So, with the machine learning features, one can easily control warehouse operation assuring the planned production. Moreover, you can streamline the process of inventory management and maintain the production control knowing the insightful information about the available stock.


3.     Product information management


IoT has the benefit of staying ahead of the time. So, you can figure out the issue before it occurs and provides services delivery right on time without risking the credibility of a company.


4.     Smart Asset management


With asset management, you can plan, predict and perform with confidence. Knowing your machine is an ultimate way to assure the smooth cost management process along with service management and planning.


5.     Streamline your supply chain


Procurement and sourcing along with sales and marketing are the crucial factors of any business. So, when you have predictive analysis, it automatically enhances your supply chain by streamlining your planning, Transportation management and Cost accounting processes for better growth and productivity.




Final Thoughts


Finally, it is all about managing the finances and supply chain with more effective ways and Dynamics 365 Supply chain is the huge help in it. Business dynamics are changing for good so, having a more intelligent system with predictive analysis of the market will always help you in planning better. Because, in the end, it is the planning that offers you the required results and profits in the business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central payroll

Managing payroll system in any business requires a lot of attention. Streamlining the process is important for any organization and any kind of negligence in it will lead you to more problems in the process.

If you want a solution for managing the HR and payrollMicrosoft dynamics have the solution to your problem. The tools provided by Microsoft are performing an amazing job in covering the HR and Payroll department.

The ERP system is designed to manage, save and organize the data of employees in a way that every candidate can access their performance and salaries. They can easily track the year of the candidate and analyze the income based on the performance and KPI.


How the Dynamics 365 business central payroll is playing a vital role?

Streamlining and organizing your employees is as important as managing the clients. So, the Dynamics 365 business central features are providing everything it takes to manage the payroll system in any organization.

If you are establishing a business that needs to be automated. This software system is for you. Understand the features, train the staff and never have the stress of missing any information on any candidate of your company.

It benefits many different types of organizations including the sectors of retail, manufacturing, production, marketing, and even nonprofit organizations. Any company can use the ERP and save both the time and money for their good.


Functions of dynamics business central payroll


Some of the common benefits of using the Dynamics 365 payroll are to speed up the efficiency and productivity of the company. ERP system enhances the speed of the work process by organizing the data smartly. The functions of the software will include:

  • Precise payroll requirements analysis is easy
  • Can manage multiple bank accounts
  • Can manage multiple pay cycles
  • Bonuses and Allowances
  • Managing the deductions according to the performance
  • Payroll Tax
  • Termination Pays
  • Reversals and Back pay
  • Emailing of Payslips
  • Single Touch Payroll compatible
  • An employee can access and track their data by themselves
  • Business Central Security
  • Inclusive Reporting and Dashboards via Jet Reports and Power BI
  • Integrate with third-party software to improve the reporting and access more data from multiple resources at a time.




From the implementation of dynamics 365 to the maintenance, you can hire experts for it or consult the professionals. It has unlimited benefits and the functionality of the software will help you keep track of all the candidates and resource management also become easy with it.

Business Central Payroll

Dynamics 365 for operations modules (January 2020)

Dynamics 365 for operations modules (January 2020)


We can all admit that 2019 was a revolutionary year for technology. Therefore, retail business owners have a great advantage of using Dynamics 365. It helps them ease the process and plan future goals accordingly.

However, Microsoft has announced that Microsoft dynamics 365 for finance and operations will be licensed as Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Pricing will also completely change under the new plan.

Unified operations plan in dynamics 365 for operations


The new dynamics 365 unified operations plan will become four new applications – making it as Finance, Supply chain management, Talent and Retail. Until now, Finance and SCM were working as a single application in Dynamics AX, but from now on Talent and Retail are licensed separately.

Now, if you are looking to implement dynamics 365 for finance and operations, you will need to know about the latest changes along with the other features too.

Features of Dynamics 365 for Operations Modules


The news is mentioned above, but you must know about dynamics 365 finance and operations features in detail. Learn in this article that how the features and Dynamics 365 plans will benefit your business.

Microsoft Dynamics is benefitting organizations and businesses through eight main apps. They are planning on new too. So, dynamics 365 for operations modules are below for your understanding.

  • Warehouse management
  • Product information management
  • Accounts payables
  • Cost management
  • Production control management
  • Cash and bank management
  • Budgeting management
  • General Ledger
  • Cost accounting management
  • Project management and accounting
  • Service management
  • Payroll management
  • Inventory management
  • Time & attendance management
  • Tax management
  • Transportation management
  • Sales and marketing management
  • Expense management
  • Questionaries management
  • Credits and Collection management
  • Master planning management
  • Retail management


whats new dynamics 365 for operations The list may not include all modules. Yet, you need to understand that every module will be providing amazing benefits to your business.


How Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations work?


The features of the Dynamics 365 for finance and operations in D365 have many capabilities to streamline the main business processes. Remember that ERP applications are similar to the same features in most of the modules.

However, the modules separately are beneficial in many ways and for the advance business scenarios, the list mentioned above shows that every module is necessary. The modules like general ledger, account payable, cash and bank management and many others in the list help users to analyze, plan and set their business strategies and goals accordingly.

Dynamics 365 for operations architecture is designed to ensure that business or any organization is always prepared ahead of time. Their payroll system or project managements keep both employees and customers happy.

Moreover, when it comes to the supply chain, it also speeds up the process by boosting the process of pickup and delivery. We know that the finance and operations area part of every organization. Operations are now managed more efficiently than ever. As technology is advancing, people want real-time experience in everything.

licensing changes see dynamics

Wrap Up


The dynamics 365 is offering the easiest way to manage the finances and operations department. The growth of the business depends on the efficiency and these modules are perfect to boost the process. One can organize the whole process through a simple pack of D3650.

Lately, they may have unified the applications of operations and finance, but the working will remain the same. It will be licensed separately, yet provide you with the same ease of the process by boosting the efficiency of your business by any means. So, get your pack of Dynamics 365 and improve your customer experiences.

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