Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management



Predictive insights to build a profound strategy in finance and operations of the business sector are like a blessing for people.

It is when you can make informed decisions and calculated risks which gives the satisfaction of knowing your direction and the next move. So, Microsoft had made it easier for the business owner by providing Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Understand that Dynamics 365 for finance and operations are now licensed as Dynamics 365 supply chain management. The tool has new features for maintaining planning and delivery with efficiency.

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What’s new in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?


Since the changes are applied, you might need to know a few more things about it. All the new features and changes are assuring the ease of implementing a proactive approach towards the business. So, you can enjoy the insightful information to have better planning for transport, finances and even warehouse management.


Let’s explore the new features 


1.     Master planning with intelligent manufacturing operations


This enables you to calculate project costs and long-term risks by covering all aspects of the project from manufacturing until the service delivery. IoT features reduce the downtime and let you utilize real-time predictions for better planning.


2.     Innovative warehouse management


It offers an effective way of managing stocks. So, with the machine learning features, one can easily control warehouse operation assuring the planned production. Moreover, you can streamline the process of inventory management and maintain the production control knowing the insightful information about the available stock.


3.     Product information management


IoT has the benefit of staying ahead of the time. So, you can figure out the issue before it occurs and provides services delivery right on time without risking the credibility of a company.


4.     Smart Asset management


With asset management, you can plan, predict and perform with confidence. Knowing your machine is an ultimate way to assure the smooth cost management process along with service management and planning.


5.     Streamline your supply chain


Procurement and sourcing along with sales and marketing are the crucial factors of any business. So, when you have predictive analysis, it automatically enhances your supply chain by streamlining your planning, Transportation management and Cost accounting processes for better growth and productivity.




Final Thoughts


Finally, it is all about managing the finances and supply chain with more effective ways and Dynamics 365 Supply chain is the huge help in it. Business dynamics are changing for good so, having a more intelligent system with predictive analysis of the market will always help you in planning better. Because, in the end, it is the planning that offers you the required results and profits in the business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central payroll

Managing payroll system in any business requires a lot of attention. Streamlining the process is important for any organization and any kind of negligence in it will lead you to more problems in the process.

If you want a solution for managing the HR and payrollMicrosoft dynamics have the solution to your problem. The tools provided by Microsoft are performing an amazing job in covering the HR and Payroll department.

The ERP system is designed to manage, save and organize the data of employees in a way that every candidate can access their performance and salaries. They can easily track the year of the candidate and analyze the income based on the performance and KPI.

How the Dynamics 365 business central payroll is playing a vital role?

Streamlining and organizing your employees is as important as managing the clients. So, the Dynamics 365 business central features are providing everything it takes to manage the payroll system in any organization.

If you are establishing a business that needs to be automated. This software system is for you. Understand the features, train the staff and never have the stress of missing any information on any candidate of your company.

It benefits many different types of organizations including the sectors of retail, manufacturing, production, marketing, and even nonprofit organizations. Any company can use the ERP and save both the time and money for their good.


Functions of dynamics business central payroll


Some of the common benefits of using the Dynamics 365 payroll are to speed up the efficiency and productivity of the company. ERP system enhances the speed of the work process by organizing the data smartly. The functions of the software will include:

  • Precise payroll requirements analysis is easy
  • Can manage multiple bank accounts
  • Can manage multiple pay cycles
  • Bonuses and Allowances
  • Managing the deductions according to the performance
  • Payroll Tax
  • Termination Pays
  • Reversals and Back pay
  • Emailing of Payslips
  • Single Touch Payroll compatible
  • An employee can access and track their data by themselves
  • Business Central Security
  • Inclusive Reporting and Dashboards via Jet Reports and Power BI
  • Integrate with third-party software to improve the reporting and access more data from multiple resources at a time.




From the implementation of dynamics 365 to the maintenance, you can hire experts for it or consult the professionals. It has unlimited benefits and the functionality of the software will help you keep track of all the candidates and resource management also become easy with it.

Business Central Payroll

Dynamics 365 for operations modules (January 2020)

Dynamics 365 for operations modules (January 2020)


We can all admit that 2019 was a revolutionary year for technology. Therefore, retail business owners have a great advantage of using Dynamics 365. It helps them ease the process and plan future goals accordingly.

However, Microsoft has announced that Microsoft dynamics 365 for finance and operations will be licensed as Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Pricing will also completely change under the new plan.

Unified operations plan in dynamics 365 for operations


The new dynamics 365 unified operations plan will become four new applications – making it as Finance, Supply chain management, Talent and Retail. Until now, Finance and SCM were working as a single application in Dynamics AX, but from now on Talent and Retail are licensed separately.

Now, if you are looking to implement dynamics 365 for finance and operations, you will need to know about the latest changes along with the other features too.

Features of Dynamics 365 for Operations Modules


The news is mentioned above, but you must know about dynamics 365 finance and operations features in detail. Learn in this article that how the features and Dynamics 365 plans will benefit your business.

Microsoft Dynamics is benefitting organizations and businesses through eight main apps. They are planning on new too. So, dynamics 365 for operations modules are below for your understanding.

  • Warehouse management
  • Product information management
  • Accounts payables
  • Cost management
  • Production control management
  • Cash and bank management
  • Budgeting management
  • General Ledger
  • Cost accounting management
  • Project management and accounting
  • Service management
  • Payroll management
  • Inventory management
  • Time & attendance management
  • Tax management
  • Transportation management
  • Sales and marketing management
  • Expense management
  • Questionaries management
  • Credits and Collection management
  • Master planning management
  • Retail management


whats new dynamics 365 for operations The list may not include all modules. Yet, you need to understand that every module will be providing amazing benefits to your business.


How Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations work?


The features of the Dynamics 365 for finance and operations in D365 have many capabilities to streamline the main business processes. Remember that ERP applications are similar to the same features in most of the modules.

However, the modules separately are beneficial in many ways and for the advance business scenarios, the list mentioned above shows that every module is necessary. The modules like general ledger, account payable, cash and bank management and many others in the list help users to analyze, plan and set their business strategies and goals accordingly.

Dynamics 365 for operations architecture is designed to ensure that business or any organization is always prepared ahead of time. Their payroll system or project managements keep both employees and customers happy.

Moreover, when it comes to the supply chain, it also speeds up the process by boosting the process of pickup and delivery. We know that the finance and operations area part of every organization. Operations are now managed more efficiently than ever. As technology is advancing, people want real-time experience in everything.

licensing changes see dynamics

Wrap Up


The dynamics 365 is offering the easiest way to manage the finances and operations department. The growth of the business depends on the efficiency and these modules are perfect to boost the process. One can organize the whole process through a simple pack of D3650.

Lately, they may have unified the applications of operations and finance, but the working will remain the same. It will be licensed separately, yet provide you with the same ease of the process by boosting the efficiency of your business by any means. So, get your pack of Dynamics 365 and improve your customer experiences.

What is new in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations? in August 2019

What is new in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations? (January 2020)


With the latest version of D365 Finance & Operations due to come out in the following months, the new features that will be included are currently available due to the early release of Version 10.0.5.


Revenue Recognition


Allowing users to better define revenue prices and revenue schedules, for a wide range of software, hardware, subscription and support sales.

  • Revenue prices can be defined on products which help to allow users to determine the revenue for their products. This revenue price will differ from the sale prices and is important to know.
  • Revenue Schedules help to determine the time allocated for your revenue deferral, with the ability to create a schedule based on days of the month, or whether you need to set it based on certain occurrences, Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operations 10.0.5 have improved the ability to do so.
  • There has been a workspace update which is used to review the status of all the revenues, which helps to organize and create for schedules for deferred revenue
  • Upgraded Reallocation which helps by improving the ability to recalculate revenue after sales orders.


Cancel Bank Reconciliation


With the latest update, Microsoft Dynamics has given users the ability to cancel their reconciliations with a more improved way. They are allowing them to cancel their bank reconciliations in order from the most recent. By improving the system and allowing for history to be tracked with more accuracy, users can ensure that they will be able to reverse any errors to ensure that they can match their journals with improved accuracy. 

Cash Control for the Public Sector


Cash Control, is helping to define a more definite limit, which prevents transactions if there is insufficient cash balance, or if the action will make the balance fall under the desired limit. So if there is a transaction that would cause this to happen, the user will receive an error message to inform them, and can only continue if the account limit or balance is adjusted.


Public Sector dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Manufacturing

Deferred Functionality for Manufacturing


With the Deferred processing functionality, warehouse workers will be able to continue to focus on other tasks, as they will be able to have PUT operations are processed in the background. Deferred processing can be very helpful for an organization, it helps by allowing workers to continue to move onto new tasks, while they know they can process previous tasks. It can also help in situations when there are increases in processing times or if there is an ad-hoc requirement which could affect the staff’s time and productivity.




Apart from the above, the usual bug fixes will be included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations 10.0.5. As well as the platform update 29. Are you considering implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations? Click HERE for D365 Finance & Operations Trial & Dynamics 365 offerings plans.

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