Data security in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure

While the world is fancying cloud services, they are also concerned about security. Still, though, people are investing in cloud services. According to Gartner Inc, analysis shows the spending of 18.4% in 2021 on cloud services. And it is expected to increase by 45% by 2024.

Does it alarm you even more, especially about the security? Well, you are not alone. So, it is not just about organizing the work or staying competitive or resilient; you also have to ensure data security. Like any other tool provider, Microsoft also claims to ensure security. But let’s have a brief analysis of how secure is Microsoft Dynamics 365? Let’s get started!

Microsoft Dynamics Shifts Towards Cloud-based Strategy
Data Security

Microsoft's Approach to Security

In 2020 Microsoft got positioned as a Leader in 4 Magic Quadrants on security. It shows the perfect credibility, right? They tackle cloud security with “Zero Trust.” This model assumes a breach and clearly evaluates the security condition of identity, endpoint, network, and other resources based on all available signals and data. It focuses on contextual real-time policy enforcement to achieve the least privileged access and limit hazards.

Security in Azure: How Safe is the Microsoft Cloud?

All of the data from Microsoft is hosted on their cloud service Azure. Azure runs from over 100 secure Microsoft data centers across the world, each of which is protected with multiple layers of security. They also provide video surveillance and other security measures 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Furthermore, Azure is the first cloud platform to allow Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) based on both software and hardware (TEEs). Basically, TEEs protect encrypted data from unauthorized access and tampering, whether it is stored, in transit, or dormant.

Microsoft employs 3,500 cybersecurity professionals, including 200 who are always looking for flaws, to make it even more dependable. Any defects found in security are included in Azure’s operational security protocols in order to increase its defenses against external threats. Hence, the dynamics 365 encryption game is up to the mark.

dynamics 365 portal app
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 security: How Does That Work?

Microsoft just acts as a custodian, encrypting your data. Also, Microsoft was the first cloud provider to comply with ISO 27018, a set of ethical criteria. It ensures, for example, that your data and your customers’ data are only used to provide the agreed-upon services and are never shared with third parties for advertising or marketing purposes.

In all Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, access and rights can be configured and enforced. These privileges protect data access and include the following:

Cybersecurity is a process that never ends. With developing cyber threats and increasingly sophisticated attacks, it’s vital to examine whether your provider has the expertise, resources, and commitment to protecting your data.

The Dynamics 365 security and compliance approach are unique in the market, and it offers two major benefits: an integrated strategy and great AI and automation.

Data is being produced at a faster rate than ever before. Cloud storage is a critical operational component that most businesses cannot function without. Microsoft offers a variety of solutions, including Virtual Machines (Microsoft or Linux), managed databases, and storage options that reduce in price when you don’t need to access certain data frequently.

You only have to follow the three steps, and you will be done.

  • Enable field security
  • Configure a field security profile and add users
  • Set permissions for a field

However, each field has three levels of permission:

  • Read: This Field Security Profile’s users will be allowed to read the data in this field.
  • Update: Users with this Field Security Profile have the ability to edit and update data in this field.
  • Create: Users with this Field Security Profile have the ability to create data in this field.

Just keep in mind, set the permission, and the process is complete.


Yes, security is a big issue, but Azure has proved itself to be worthy of your investment. As your own ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM services provider, DFSM understands your concerns and assures you that with Dynamics 365, your data is safe. If you have any problem with dynamics 365 security configuration and want to know about Microsoft products and services or D365 Finance and Operations, let our expert be at your assistance anytime.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Experts

Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud Your Questions Answered

Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is a cloud computing platform that blends privately and publicly available cloud services (like Azure). These include data, apps, and workloads exchanged between clouds, resulting in a simpler system that collaborates effectively to tackle the prevalent problems in cloud-based systems.

Hybrid clouds also allow you to scale up your workload while also allowing for an overflow onto the public cloud when you reach your maximum capacity. Furthermore, hybrid cloud architecture enables enterprises to separate how and where their data is shared, allowing you to avoid storing all of your critical data on a single public cloud, thereby adding an extra degree of protection.

Azure Hybrid Cloud can be used in a variety of ways. This includes the ability to run apps on a variety of cloud settings. One of Azure’s greatest and best advantages is the flexibility to run apps as-is or rebuild them to take advantage of cloud scalability and portability. It also gives you the ability to construct new cloud-native applications.

  • On-premise hybrid app development.
  • Migrating apps to the cloud.
  • Implementing scenarios at the edge and in a disconnected state.
  • DevOps pipelines are enabled.

Adopting a hybrid cloud strategy will benefit you in a variety of ways, regardless of which cloud provider you use. This is especially true when Microsoft Azure is used. Here are some of the benefits that Azure Hybrid Cloud can provide to enterprises.

With ease, you can move and manage your data.

  • Quickly build secure hybrid networks.
  • Your entire organization will benefit from enterprise-level security measures.
  • Support single sign-on security.
  • Take advantage of the public cloud’s performance and scalability.
  • Increase efficiency while lowering costs.

SQL Server and Windows Server licenses with active Software Assurance or subscription licenses These are some examples:

  • Windows Server Datacenter edition with Software Assurance is available.
  • Standard edition of Windows Server with Software Assurance.
  • SQL Server Enterprise Edition core licenses with Software Assurance or qualifying subscription licenses are required.
  • SQL Server Standard Edition core licenses with Software Assurance or qualifying subscription licenses are available.
  • If you don’t already have Software Assurance, you can get it with new licenses at list prices or with qualifying subscription licenses.

The offer is valid across all Azure regions.

When you utilize SQL Server with Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Dedicated Host, you may combine Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server and Windows Server. The deployment choice determines how Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server is applied to Azure Virtual Machines.

Azure Marketplace pictures for Pay-as-you or Bring-Your-Own-License:

  • Check the Azure Hybrid Benefit and Azure Hybrid Benefit boxes in the Azure Portal for SQL Server, either while supplying or on an existing virtual machine.
  • Use the Resource Provider to enable Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server. Apply Azure Hybrid Benefit to Windows Server using the PowerShell instructions.

For self-assembly:

  • Use Azure Hybrid Benefit for the SQL Server resource provider. Then use the PowerShell steps to add Azure Hybrid Benefit to Windows Server.

By assuring that you have a sufficient number of active licenses with software assurance or qualifying licenses, you can activate the benefit on the Azure site.

 Yes. However, we recommend acquiring a subscription for extended security updates to protect data and applications throughout the end-of-support transition.

Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server

The Azure Hybrid Benefit can save you up to 40 percent in virtual machines and make the greater value of your Windows server licenses. Two instances of up to 8 cores are permitted, or one instance of up to 16 cores, for each 2-processor license or a set of 16-core licenses. The Datacenter edition licenses permit simultaneous on-site and in Azure usage. Standard edition licenses have to be used on location or in Azure – 180 days of simultaneous usability will be granted for migration of servers.

For virtual machines, the base computes rate is equivalent to the Linux rate.

Each two-processor license or 16-core licensing package will permit you to use two instances in Azure Dedicated Host services up to 8 cores or a single instance in up to 16 cores. This license must be utilized on-site or on Azure to qualify for the benefit; you will gain 180 days of simultaneous use when switching servers.

Your Azure Hybrid Benefit can be applied to individual virtual machines or an entire host. 

Individual virtual machines in two instances with up to 8 cores or an instance with up to 16 cores can be licensed for Azure Dedicated Host services with each two-processor license or set of 16-core licenses. This license allows you to use virtual machines allocated to Azure Dedicated Host services both on-premises and in Azure at the same time.

For a physical host, the Windows Server Datacenter edition is available

This license grants limitless virtualization privileges when you license the cores at the host level. Unlike virtual machine licensing, however, physical host licensing must be used either on-premises or on Azure. While moving servers, you’ll have 180 days of concurrent use privileges.

 Yes. You can use the retroactive tagging capability to add Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server to existing virtual machines.

Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server

Azure Hybrid Benefit allows you to pay a lower base rate for SQL Server on Azure goods and services when you use SQL Server licenses with Software Assurance or eligible subscription licenses.

The Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server virtualization benefit applies to workloads that are highly virtualized on-premises. Only Azure SQL Database (General Purpose and Hyperscale service tiers, excluding serverless), Azure SQL Managed Instance (General Purpose service tier), SQL Server Standard Virtual Machines, Azure Data Factory, and SQL Server Integration Services can take advantage of this benefit (Standard). You can use it to convert one SQL Server Enterprise edition core with active Software Assurance into up to four vCores or vCPUs.

No. Your licenses must be used on-premises or in the cloud; however, you’ll get 180 days of concurrent use rights while transferring servers.

No, the Azure Hybrid Benefit cannot be used retroactively.

Your Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server must be available for your Software Assurance or subscriptions. If you do not decide to renew software security at the expiration, you must delete Azure Hybrid Benefit options from your Azure portal resources.

Azure’s SQL Server Hybrid benefit allows you to save up to 55% of SQL Server Integration Services and adds value to your SQL Server licenses. You can enjoy the benefits of active Software Assurance (SQL Server Enterprise Edition) and SQL Server Standard Edition core Licenses and use the license of your SQL Server to operate Azure SQL Server Integration Services at a cheaper basic fee.

You can apply Azure Hybrid Benefit to Azure Dedicated Host under the same terms and circumstances as individual virtual machines if you’re eligible. You’ll also get limitless virtualization rights if you have Software Assurance with SQL Server Enterprise Edition and license Azure Dedicated Host at the host level. You’ll get 180 days of concurrent use of your licenses on-premises and in Azure if you’re transferring existing workloads to Azure Dedicated Host.

Hopefully, this QA session helped you a lot in understanding Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud. So, if you still have any questions regarding hybrid cloud infrastructure or hybrid cloud models and want to learn more about hybrid cloud environments, DFSM is here to help you.


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NSW Police choose Microsoft Azure as its core System

NSW Police has chosen a multi-vendor hybrid cloud for its future IT technology needs, with work on establishing a protected-level Microsoft Azure data center currently underway.

According to iTnews, Australia’s largest policing department recently chose Microsoft and Amazon Web Services to host a range of frontline IT solutions as part of the “Azure Cloud Project.”


Both Hyperscale providers were chosen after a year-long expression of interest for a hybrid cloud infrastructure-as-a-service platform


Why Azure cloud?

Gordon Dunsford, the company’s chief information and technology officer, previously stated that hybrid cloud was chosen because of the “co-existence needed with legacy on-premise IT systems.”

According to NSW Police, the project would include creating “cloud foundations” that will “support a variety of applications that are either cloud-ready or soon to begin delivery.”

Microsoft Azure will be the first “cloud data center” for NSW Police, with work on a secure network already underway.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Other plans of NSW police regarding Microsoft Azure cloud

“[NSW Police] has officially collaborated directly with Microsoft Australia to facilitate the design and development of the Microsoft Azure cloud safe data center,” according to an NSW Police spokesperson.

NSW Police has signed a $619,000 contract with Insight Enterprises to provide Microsoft azure design and professional engineering services for the next ten months.

Though the force plans to use “primarily public cloud offerings,” hybrid capabilities such as Azure Stack Hub, AWS Outpost will be used in “some circumstances.”

The integrated policing operating system (IPOS), which will replace the state’s 27-year-old core operational policing system, is one such system to be hosted on the internet (COPS).

The system, which will also serve as the NSW Police Department’s computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system, will be the force’s primary operating system, facilitating daily operations ranging from arrests to forensic examination.

Following a year-long discovery process, Mark43, a US-based public safety software provider, was chosen last month to produce the first critical components of IPOS.

The Bezos-backed company’s “one platform” records management system and computer-aided design (CAD) will be used by NSW Police for the next five years.

NSW Police has now spent just under $40 million on the COPS upgrade, including the now-defunct NewCOPS project of Accenture and the hunt for IPOS.

Of that $40 million, around $24 million was spent “determining a suitable approach and commercial partner for IPOS,” with $22.6 million in recurring funding and $1.26 million in capital funding.

In response to a recent query on notice, the force said, “Expenditure includes procurement engagements, due diligence, contract negotiation, and award procedure.”

The force will also provide every frontline officer with a ‘MobiPol’ mobile device as part of the IPOS initiative, allowing them to access the new core system when on the move.

With the money, it has also made temporary changes to COPS, such as a custody management form, a spatial centre, surveillance and search enhancements, and new custody systems.

Ways Dynamics 365 Can Help Businesses in Crisis

Innovation is key to survival during periods of instability.

Today, businesses face disruption at so many levels due to state lockdowns, closed offices, cut income, and no childcare for employees- it isn’t easy even to know where to start. These problems require imagination at the highest levels and implementation that leaves little to chance.

By integrating the Microsoft power platform with Dynamics ERP and CRM with their years of business experience, companies are looking for Microsoft Partners to help them pivot quickly. What if we tell you that Dynamics 365 workforce management can solve your problems? Yes, by taking creative approaches to problems no one planned, Dynamics Partners are developing paths into uncharted territory.

finance for businesses

1.  Enable remote workforce productivity


Microsoft Partners help teams by offering remote work software with rich features to remain productive and efficient in open communication and real-time collaboration by combining Microsoft teams’ collaboration with the Dynamics ERP and CRM.

If teams can exchange information easily, the transition from office to remote workforce is easier. Business departments can exchange customer data and files as they would at the workplace through Microsoft Teams and Dynamics. Your company can continue to make workers feel part of the team:

  1. During meetings, use video technologies to create a virtual meeting room that imitates meetings in person.
  2. Interact on a scale, not only on a Single Record Dynamics (for example, sales) and many records with a Dynamics view.
  3. Work with clients and colleagues in all positions. Access, share and edit in real-time Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files.

2.  Maintain cash flow with better controls


Cash flow management is critical, but liquidity conservation is the key to survival during uncertain times. ERP offers insights and tools to improve cash flow controls in Microsoft Dynamics.

Automating invoicing and payment collection can help:

With vendor invoice automation in Dynamics 365, you will reduce the number of invoices and payments by automating them. It takes time for collections to be charged and handled. Send out invoices quickly, accept payments anytime, and provide your customers with insight.

Centralizing the Accounts Payable is also beneficial:

Microsoft Dynamics provides centralized management of paper and digital invoices—driving automated workflows to support the evaluation processes. Centralized Dynamics 365 accounts payable automation will enable your team to:

  1. Have full visibility of the entire process of accounts payable by using Dynamics 365 accounts payable workflow.
  2. Proactively engage with sellers to extend conditions and adjust purchases based on new forecasts
  3. Impose minimums or maximums for purchase orders to guarantee that profits are maintained
AP automation

3.  Remodel processes through automated workflows


Manual processes are still rooted in business cultures, even with recent attempts to transform everything to digital technology. Companies often have lengthy and difficult processes to go through—up to now. Automation can simplify the most complex processes to support teams’ productivity from their living areas through Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM.

Innovative solutions for productivity


When working remotely, process automation can be needed; the transition will bring advantages beyond the current crisis. The genuine value of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM lies in the experience of partners who can put together strategies for effective and realistic solutions, for example:

  1. Designate and track activities to keep projects under remote control on schedule and budget.
  2. Consolidation of sales across business units to leverage stocks and benefit from seller terms.
  3. Automation of approval processes—from lines of credit to cost reports for workers.
  4. To direct candidate knowledge through talent procurement, recruitment, and selection to the right people.
payment automation dynamics 365

4.  Capitalize on data to drive business direction


The centralization of data was never as relevant as it is today. However, now things are changing. Microsoft Partners helps organizations unlock and complete decision-making information by integrating the strength of Microsoft Dynamics and PowerBI.

Power BI integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP enables companies to look for interactions and trends in traditional reports. Only a few of the profound insights that Partners can help companies open up include:

  • Margin and sales trends for product groups can be identified to target sales efforts.
  • Business unit margin analysis to determine potential cost savings.
  • Tracking marketing results to concentrate on assets.
Power bi 2020

5.  Empower customers with self-service options


Social distancing and working from home have forced companies to replenish the travel of their customers. Companies have broadened their reach through customer self-service and allow employees to spend more time on special requests and exceptions.

Customer Self-Service Portals of dynamics 365


Customer Self-Service Portals can facilitate a wide variety of operations, subscription controls, log calls, scheduling, process returns, etc. Besides, it offers digital agents that respond or direct customers by a standard procedure. It also ensures:

  • Resellers, distributors, and manufacturers can collaborate through Partner portals and get quick access to inventory, planning, and product information.
  • Faqs and any sort of information, documentation, and community forums accessible.
Microsoft CRM Integration

6.  Explore merger and acquisition opportunities


Microsoft Dynamics and Power BI combined has the power to enable rich forecasting and the building of scenarios to explore fusion and acquisition opportunities. Organizations may use different sources to aggregate data to forecast future patterns and find possible economies of scale.

Microsoft Dynamics allows the community to consolidate and harmonize operations rapidly. Get results quickly with:

  • Linked data across business units that help clear productivity improvement processes and consistent customer experiences.
  • Automated management processes to make every worker more effective and enable him to achieve results.
  • Workflows automation to link departments, increase efficiency and minimize errors.
analyse with power bi

7.  Reinvent business models to respond to change


Although digital change has already brought about large changes in consumer behavior, the COVID-19 crisis forces many organizations to bring about a whole new change level. As in-person operations are limited, the digital world can fill in the gap to connect, educate, and sell.

The partners can link and expand operations in any direction using Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM as a platform. A couple of examples:

  1. To reassure anxious clients, service providers promise assured scheduling and consistent expectations of social distance.
  2. Remote distribution and delivery strategies for replacing visits by distributors and wholesalers are also easy with it.
erp project management methodology

8.  Deliver insight to workers in the field


The landscape has changed forever for organizations delivering services. Customers—both consumers and companies understand how technology has changed remote distribution abilities. The digital world’s advantages come from AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), and HoloLens virtual reality.

You can now use the Microsoft field service tools by Microsoft Partners, offering consultation services too. Some of the features of it that might help you are as follows:

  1. Enables distributed technicians to work together and to understand a problem in real-time.
  2. Ensures implementation of superior rapt processes assisted by the AI that increase the first fix rate.
  3. Use mobile devices for creating hologram designs respond to the vision, gestures, and voice controls of the user.
  4. Using IoT sensors and AI-based predictive service models to identify and solve system problems before becoming a problem.
  5. Conduct remote inspections without being on-site, with recording, screenshots, and annotations.
remote work d365

9.  Respond quickly to unexpected demand

Ecommerce businesses need more automation and less manual work. Therefore, Microsoft Dynamics Partners such as DFSM is working to replace Slow and manual work with automated workflows through Microsoft Dynamics 365 commerce. Additionally, companies can scale up with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM systems linking to industry and advanced systems:


  1. Single and versatile financial reporting, which in one instance supports many legal entities and currencies

  2. Integration of ERP and eCommerce platforms to simplify order processing

  3. Related workers who have access to the requisite information and work together through time and geographic locations

ERP and ecommerce

Go Remote | Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (Mar-2020)

Ongoing crises are accelerating the cultural shift in terms of lifestyle. People are now moving towards the automation and virtual workplaces more than ever. So, willingly or forcible, everyone will shift their ways of managing work or study matters. Right now, our main concern is to help workers reach their customers without worrying about the physical device.

Microsoft is one of the companies to always stand by their customers. Therefore, the COVID-19 response plan by them is Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). It is a new service on Azure as you are already familiar with the benefits of azure when it comes to cloud computing. Additionally, we can now set up a virtual desktop too.

However, the impact of remote working can be really different from multiple industries. Health, education, customer support and IT are going to change a lot with the remote working.

The main concern over here for the industries is to provide a proper arrangement by investing more in the IT sector. So, regardless of your business, you need to put up your A-Game.  Microsoft has begun to offer the Virtual desktop from this month (March-2020). So, let’s how this is an advantage for different industries.



Role of Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

·Community support

The COVID-19 is pushing us to set a new cultural example for our working strategies. So, before your employees demand permission for remote working. You need to think about it seriously. Similarly, when you are offering support 24/7 to your customers, you need to think smartly. With WVD, you can forget about the person’s location of physical hardware. It allows you to reach to their respective clients from any device anytime. The above example is a perfect plan for the future. The world is connected globally. Therefore, azure is offering a service to connect with your people anytime from anywhere.

·Health Care assistance

Right now, the main concern of everyone is healthy. It is not only in Australia as the pandemic is worldwide. We can imagine the damage it may cause to the overall economy and other businesses. So, one needs to be really cautious about the health sector too. When you give a chance to WVD, you can help people with real health tips. Doctors can examine people online and offer consultancy simply through a virtual desktop.

· Setting-up online Classrooms

Online classes are not quite a new trend. But some students are hearing it for the first time. And while you are in lockdown, you can utilize the time enrolling in the new courses and degrees. This might go further helping you in the future too. So,  online classrooms can get many benefits to form the Azure Cloud too. The virtual desktop will allow you to attend your classes without worrying if certain software of attendance or dashboard will work on your system or not.

·Technical Support

Many people are just being told to work from home. So, they are using many new technologies. They might face some difficulties in completely getting familiar with the technology either online or devices. So, technical support can be provided through the WVD to ensure they can easily get started with the new technology.



Finally, we are heading towards the cultural shift. So, all you need is the Azure cloud and you can get the remote working facility at your convenience.  DFSM is with you in this and our teams are available for any support you need for implementing Azure cloud or any other relevant services. Therefore, just stay safe and be hopeful for the goals you have set for your business.

Coles uses Microsoft for its Digital Transformation

Coles uses Microsoft for its Digital Transformation 



Innovation is growth and is now permanently needed in any business. While other organisations are understanding the importance of innovation, Companies like Coles the leader of  Australian supermarkets are already on the journey of digital transformation and taps Microsoft Technologies as a support for its journey. and chose Microsoft Dynamics, Azure cloud and office 365 to manage all the operations from planning to the final delivery. It is all about bets customer service and Coles is achieving it by all means. AI supermarket



How Microsoft Dynamics 365 is changing Coles working ethics?



Automation and Artificial intelligence have only one goal and that is to remove manual tasks. So, when Coles tend to use Microsoft Azure, it offers the data with advance AI and an in-depth analysis of the data to understand the business on an extreme scale. The network of the company is given various tools through Microsoft dynamics that they can easily manage any service meant for delivering efficiency.


Since we all know that retailing is the new hot business in the world. Australian supermarket is mostly about Coles. and has the magic to attract its customers by ensuring their needs through deep analysis and then offering relevant services.

Moreover, it is building a sustainable business that is providing all the current solutions to the market along with better and innovative future strategies.




1.     Online optimized network


From stock management to the network building within the organisation is easy with the Dynamics 365 and Azure cloud. It gives satisfaction along with the better ideas for the growth of the particular product in the market. Online customer needs one thing and that efficiency with relevancy. So, the tools are giving it all at once through AI systems implemented in the company.


2.     Fulfilling customer expectations


The customer is the main entity. So, offering him and making its needs a priority is the basic need of any retailing business. Coles has a way to get into the brains of people by analyzing common behavior through the tools. Therefore, when a customer is happy, it seems like they have got their vision. Customer’s choice shift by the time, they are always seeking a new and unique element in the product. So, Microsoft tools have the AI systems with the predictability factor that enable them to cater to the needs keeping future into consideration.


3.     Building a modern workplace


A modern workplace with automation will always attract loyal customers, engaged team members, and good growth along with the controlled costs too.


4.     Sustainability


So, either is meat manufacturing or other household products, Coles will remain at the top to offer the best of it. That is the reason that sustainability along with scalability will be the reward of Coles for using smart technology and solutions for business growth. You can connect with DFSM to get the latest updates and expert advice on Microsoft tools for your business requirements. Let us help you with your needs.


Final Thoughts


Finally, if you have a similar retailing business in the beginning state or even in a middle, you need to understand the value of Microsoft Dynamics too. It doesn’t matter if you are already on the top. The future is all about staying on the top and it is only possible with innovative ideas like ERP and CRM by Microsoft.

How to unify the power of Microsoft Azure and Office 365

How to unify the power of Microsoft Azure and Office 365


As a professional, anything is never enough. Even in the times of technology, automation, artificial intelligence and a lot more, we are still looking for more and better solutions for business growth. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a lie to say that Microsoft has remained the powerful partner in providing top-notch technology solutions to the companies and it keeps coming with new and innovative ideas streamline business processes.


Microsoft Azure manages the maximum departments of any organization. For now, Microsoft office 365 needs accuracy in the identification and authentication of the users. Every business goal is to keep the data safe and also allow maximum access to the rightful users of the information. So, it will automatically demand the perfect configuration of the system.



Before you begin with the process of configuration, get to know the identity models of Microsoft office 365.


·        Cloud-only identity


The account exists only on the Azure Directory (AD) tenant and it is best for the organizations that do not need an on-premises AD DS.


·        Hybrid identity


These accounts exist in AD DS and also in Azure AD tenant. Users can access the accounts from both the cloud and on-premises using the same password.


Now, moving on further to understand the benefits and possibility of integrating Microsoft Azure and Office 365.


Benefits & possibilities of Azure integration with office 365


azure cloud Integration is necessary because the module of managing identities use Azure Active Directory in the background. Office 365 includes the free subscription of AD so that you can easily manage the identities and password syncing.


If you want to manage your apps in Microsoft office 365, you need to follow 3 procedures.

  • Use the free subscription of Azure Active Directory
  • Use the feature of turning integrated apps on or off


For the real-time results, you need to learn the benefits of integrating Microsoft office 365 with Microsoft Azure.

However, let us talk about the main benefits. It has two features that include integrated apps and power apps.

  • Now, when you are extending the capabilities of your Microsoft office 365 tenant, you must be able to grant the individual apps access. You can decide the availability of the apps to the entire organization or limit it to the individuals.
  • Connect your power apps to the existing data on the SharePoint or any other data apps. It helps the organization in integrating the data needed for mobile apps.

Summing up


Microsoft is providing a full guide on how to manage the identity and access management so; you can easily understand the processes and features of it. Although you can find the information on Microsoft’s website, you might require additional expertise for the integration process after upgrading to the premium subscription of office 365 and Microsoft Azure. For the experts’ assistance, get in touch with Azure expert here at DFSM and request a free consultation.

AI in Healthcare with Microsoft Azure

Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare with Microsoft Azure



AI intelligence is in the spotlight nowadays. You pick up any business and its operations, you will require AI function to streamline the processes. Microsoft Azure is an ideal choice to run everything smoothly and maintain the productivity of the organization. Microsoft is dealing with the cloud services from years and Azure cloud services make it easier for the people to improve the agility and scalability of the organization. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are all about efficiency. So, implementing it in the healthcare centres will automatically improve the industry catering to the needs of all healthcare institutions. Azure AI in healthcare

How healthcare centers can use Azure cloud?


AI and ML are providing multiple benefits to health care businesses. So, in case you are planning on downloading the blueprints of Azure cloud for your organization. Remember, it will boost the patient engagement, you will get an in-depth analysis of all the operations of the organization. It reduces the overall cost and also serves the needs of workers in the company. The basic benefits of AI and ML are easily counted:


  • Readmission Prevention
  • Accurate business value
  • Fraud and abuse reduction
  • Resource and Asset optimisation
  • The in-depth analysis report of every department
  • Calculating medical risks
  • Insurance claims analysis


You might be thinking: What else do these blueprints contain?


They also contain the privacy, security and responsibility modules to completely cover the operations of the healthcare industry. Threat models, security controls and responsibilities matrices are the main components of these blueprints. So, now you believe in the benefits of Azure cloud?

The database is huge and any fear of losing the customer data is nil. Azure SQL will always keep the hold of all the records. So, in this case, you can easily prevent any readmission of the patients. Moreover, the Azure architecture is built in such a way that it will be easy for organizations to connect it with other modules of Microsoft. Analysis reports will be accurate if they are based on complete data.


How does the azure management system work?


Azure architecture You have only one thing to worry about now and that is to make the Azure management system work. It includes different technologies HIPAA, HITRUST, Azure AD, Azure Key Vault, Azure Security Centre and power BI, etc. All the technologies cater to the team of healthcare and patients with full potential.



Now, you might understand why blueprints are important. and how Microsoft is the best provider for AI in healthcare. Also, many organizations are already running with the other products of Microsoft, this addition will help you with integration too.

However, you can buy your blueprint or use your partner to help you in developing and implementing the solution with your organization. So, if you are looking for a partner, DFSM with a team of experts helps you deliver and implementing AI and ML healthcare with Microsoft Azure.

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