Make your e-Commerce business seamless with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Businesses capitalizing more than ever right now are mostly e-commerce. Retail is no longer just a physical experience for consumers but also online purchasing. However, the work behind the scenes still has challenges, so companies look for automated solutions.

Microsoft understands the problems and offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 for e-commerce, capable of everything your business needs. The most significant part of e-commerce is understanding your audience, and Dynamics 365 commerce development is all you need for it. 

dynamics 365 ecommerce

Scalable B2B Service Solutions

B2B sales cycles have migrated away from face-to-face meetings and time-consuming trip days and toward customer warehouses. Businesses invest more in their behind-the-scenes operations, front-end customer service experienceDynamics 365 commerce pos, employee shortages, production and freight interruptions, and other pandemic-related shortcomings.

Data from various industry-leading trend reports suggest that new operating systems, as well as modernizing and integrating legacy systems, are the greatest investments to make right now.

B2B Innovations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

There is a misconception that e-commerce sales account for a small percentage of total revenue and that B2B online sales are primarily for low-ticket items. Believing that misconception would only exacerbate rather than help business operations.

In November 2021, 35% of customers polled said they would be willing to spend more than $500,000 on a single order. Let this be a sign: Invest in digital systems that facilitate high-ticket purchases if a company is willing to miss out on a third of possible revenue.

The Beginner Guide to Dynamics 365 

Does Microsoft Dynamics have e-commerce?

Microsoft dynamics 365 e-commerce is an omnichannel eCommerce solution that allows you to create a website, connect physical and digital stores, and track customer behavior and requirements. Ultimately, deliver personalized experiences, engage with customers across channels seamlessly, improve operations and resource management, and gain holistic insights to scale your business.


Helping our B2B clients on the journey

We at DFSM aim to follow the unique roadmap to ensure the best and most seamless solution for your business. Meanwhile, our strategies include:

DHRP has the experts working closet with multiple businesses to implement Dynamics 365 retail-e-commerce. Our team works on understanding the consumer needs and then work on the solutions accordingly. 

As our customers, you will constantly be in touch to work on the solution without any problem. 

DFSM has experience with a wide range of deployment scenarios and is an expert at assisting our clients in planning their implementation phases so that they may focus on their business goals.

DFSM knows how to minimize corporate risk while maximizing consumer satisfaction. Efficiency Every decision made by our teams is carefully considered, as is the influence on business team efficiencies.

Get in touch

If you are looking for a solution that suits your e-commerce business needs, get in touch to know more about Dynamics 365 e-commerce pricing. We can help you understand everything from scratch. And experts can also guide you on what is Microsoft dynamics 365 marketing and how it helps.

Whether you want to explore Microsoft products and services or know about Dynamics 365 apps for eCommerce, talk to us now. And we will take your business to new success. 

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Accelerate your production processes with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Organizations must develop agile, connected, and sustainable manufacturing processes in order to customize products and services for their customers. It is also significant to accelerate innovation and adopt new business processes such as product-as-a-service. This necessitates hyper-automated processes and increased visibility across the manufacturing floor and supply chains. Furthermore, greater software standardization and interoperability across plants is a critical capability for supporting more remote management and control.

Yes, we understand if you’re having difficulty speeding up the supply chain process. The good news is that by investing in the Dynamics 365 supply chain management system, manufacturers can now work seamlessly with any manufacturing execution system (MES).



How does dynamics 365 supply chain management benefit organizations?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management enables businesses to develop by allowing them to quickly adapt to new business models. Also, improve planning agility, improve shop floor visibility, and assure round-the-clock availability and business continuity.

Priority-based planning

The scenario for manufacturers is changing thanks to master planning and Planning Optimization. Priority-based planning allows you to arrange optimal replenishment based on priority rather than date alone. By prioritizing replenishment orders to guarantee that urgent demand is met before less important demand, firms can improve service levels, minimize on-hand inventory, and optimize their supply chains.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management now supports Priority-based planning. It helps organizations avoid stockouts by dynamically prioritizing replenishment of high-demand commodities in near-real-time based on order priorities, existing stock levels, and expected inventory. To discover more, watch the on-demand session Innovate with Intelligent Manufacturing Operations.


MES integration

Manufacturers have invested heavily in two automation layers in recent decades. It includes production lines and equipment, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Manufacturing’s unique operational requirements are managed by MES, which sits between these two layers. When it comes to these two independent automation levels, one problem that manufacturers have experienced is keeping data synchronized when transactions occur across both.

The MES integration in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management solves this problem. How? By allowing data and transactions to be synced between the two platforms. Furthermore, it paves the way for manufacturers to realize their Industry 4.0 objectives by enabling the integration of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management with common production execution platforms faster and easier.

With the addition of MES connectivity, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps firms achieve end-to-end visibility and control over the manufacturing floor, lowering overall implementation and operational expenses. Microsoft is also making it easier, faster, and less expensive to integrate Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management with third-party MES systems.


Total economic impact

Forrester Consulting was hired by Microsoft to investigate the business implications of installing dynamics 365 supply chain management modules. Forrester interviewed six senior decision-makers from five firms ranging in size from $100 million to $1 billion in revenue. The companies that has used Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to understand and quantify the economics of installing the solution. The study’s goal was to identify decision drivers and financial rewards, as well as compare the cost of implementation to the value obtained.

Value drivers

Users reported a $24.3 million increase in production volume, $1.5 million in equipment downtime savings, $6.8 million in cost savings from improved production quality, $11 million in infrastructure cost savings, and $0.7 million in increased developer productivity over a three-year period, for a total of $44.33 million in financial savings.

Customers also saw a variety of additional unquantifiable benefits to their businesses. Improvements to team members’ day-to-day work were realized by breaking down silos between teams and functions. These included increased flexibility to adapt, improved ability to deliver on time, improved customer satisfaction. Moreover, better forecasting capabilities that improved supplier collaboration and planning, and improvements to team members’ day-to-day work.


Take Away

So, by now, you have quite a clear idea about “what is Dynamics 365 supply chain management”. You must know that it is a highly adaptable and modular ERP system. By expanding operational visibility, improving planning agility, and maximizing asset uptime, helps manufacturers, retailers, and distributors to construct a connected, robust, and digital supply chain.

Start your free dynamics 365 finance and supply chain management trial today with DFSM if you’re ready to see what our contemporary, cloud-based supply chain management solution can accomplish for your business.


Turn Your Microsoft Teams Attendees Into A Loyal Customers Doing This

We are approaching a world of a new normal as we start emerging from the seclusion and limitation of the pandemic. As consumers, we have higher expectations. Successful businesses continually undergo changes, adaptation, and growth. Particularly, in customer experiences and in virtual events, to fulfill ever-changing customer expectations. Many experts plan that gatherings in person will gradually return but that virtual events will remain prominent. And this brings fresh and intriguing ways to increase consumer experience.

Microsoft is announcing the availability of expanded integration between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to help businesses take advantage of those opportunities.


Enhanced integration of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

New Microsoft teams integration is created using a combination of teams and Dynamics 365 to minimize distractions caused by changing apps and data searching. Microsoft argues that these apps will be more contextual as it continues to combine communication systems with record systems. This means that the Dynamics 365 workspace is able to meet, talk, call and cooperate without having to switch to teams. Or access, share and modify Dynamics 365 records when working with teams.

What’s new in it?

  • Contextual Embedded Teams Chat & teams channel
  • Embedded Teams Dialler for Microsoft 365
  • Dynamics 365 Sales Panel in a team meeting
  • Search, View & Edit Dynamics 365 Sales Records from Teams
  • Create Dynamics Notes & Tasks from Teams Posts
  • Connect Teams Webinars with Dynamics 365 Marketing


microsoft teams interface

Manage webinars with Microsoft Teams app

Teams webinar capabilities combine the structure needed to host large live events with ease of delivery.

Simplify event management

With the new Teams feature, you can hold secure interactive meetings and webinars for up to 1,000 people, including polls, video sharing, and reactions.

You have the freedom to organize your webinar any way you want—from Microsoft teams and dynamics 365 marketing, and the choice is yours. Both methods are simple and intuitive, with enhanced capabilities.


Simplify Event Management
Increase Attendee Engagement

Increase attendee engagement

Microsoft Teams makes it simple to capture your online audience’s attention and present it like a pro. Take advantage of new features like Standout Mode, which allows presenters to appear over content, and use PowerPoint Live and Presenter Mode to give more compelling and engaging presentations.

Create Dynamics Notes & Tasks from Teams Posts

Additional actions will allow you to create Dynamics 365 tasks and notes from individual Teams posts.

Create Dynamics Notes & Tasks from Teams Posts
Connect Teams Webinars with Dynamics 365 Marketing

Connect Teams Webinars with Dynamics 365 Marketing

 Integration with Dynamics 365 Marketing is one of the new webinar features revealed for Microsoft Teams.

Select a streaming option and set this as a Teams Webinar from an event record in D365 Marketing before using Marketing tools to promote the event. Teams can connect with Dynamics 365 Marketing after the session to export this data.


Get started Today with DFSM Consulting

Finally, if you are looking for a better experience during or after the pandemic, let’s start using Microsoft products and services with their new integrations. The DFSM team is ready to build with you, are you? 


Introducing: Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app

These days, mobile apps help sellers to create excellent customer relationships and to keep up-to-date with essential details. The new mobile app (preview) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales is optimized to allow salesmen to spend time on the road visiting customers while simultaneously keeping updated and tracking their days. It also helps retailers to log and share information quickly with the right data at any time, anywhere.

The new mobile Dynamics 365 sales app, which is now available in advance, will allow your sales team to remain effective wherever they work. Sales reps can easily plan, record, and exchange details for client commitments and find the information they need with the mobile app’s main features.


Key features of Dynamics Sales mobile app

  • Optimized view of information 

While the seller prepare for meetings, they can see the specifics of the meetings, the attendees and their answers to frequently asked questions through their Outlook app. Additionally, associated information such as the title of the appointment, expected sales, estimated closing date, the pipeline level, notes, and AI recall information can also be accessed.

  • Better information capture 

The sales process can be better informed through the information capture feature. Detailed notes include the storing of photos taken using the device’s keys or voice-to-text capabilities and talking points. You can also capture these details in notes while interacting with sales data. Sellers use a lightweight, customizable method to streamline the updated data to modify the most relevant fields. Or, if sellers need more detail, with a single tap, they can access their entire record.

  • Search that provides more efficient access

The homepage is designed to optimise upcoming meetings and documents. Sellers can easily and efficiently locate the details they need while looking for relevant information through their search results.

What can you do with Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app?


Using this mobile app can greatly impact your customer service engagements by improving the user experience.

  • Plan your day

The Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app is designed specifically for core scenarios for sales which actively benefits the customer support and customer experience.

  • Do post-meeting work

You can add notes easily, establish connections, and update the required records’ details once you’re out of your meeting. 

  • Find the required information and act accordingly

Find a contact that you want to meet quickly or find the latest records that you have been working on such as conversion rates, customer engagement strategies and long term sales metrics. 

d365 sales app

Bottom Line


Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App is now officially available for public review. At DFSM our experts and consultants will help you get started to ensure the Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app’s final implementation works in accordance with your company requirements.

If you have concerns or questions about the app, you can always contact our consultants. The administration might take a few steps to enable Dynamics 365 for phones from the settings along with the relevance search. Then you’re good to inform your sales reps about using the phone and tablet app right away on their mobile device to gain improved customer loyalty.

Top 5 Reasons to implement a CRM today

If you think that your business is growing at a slow speed, it is time that you should start worrying various reasons, whether you are running a small venture or you want to scale up now, a better customer support system is needed or in other words a CRM solution to know about your customer journey.

Now, to have strong and reliable relationships with your customers, you must move to a CRM software. It is customer relationship management software.


Choosing the CRM solution can help you in maintaining the prospect information efficiently,  improve the ability of your sales team and keep the track of customer data and offer them more personalized services, you will need the Dynamics 365 CRM.



Sales growth dynamics 365

Signs that your business need a CRM.

1.  No insight into your sale Performance 

The ultimate motive of any company is to increase its sales. So, having the vision to become the top seller in your industry is no more a dream of an individual. Almost every company’ goal.

With CRM you can get real-time insights on your daily sales and the same data can help you in improving your services. and an insight of your team and their work productivity reports.

2.You’re Unable to Scale

The digital world needs more than just business existence. Check if the company is growing at a fast pace or not. It is important for scaling up your business for good. A good CRM solution can help you in speeding up the growth by cultivating productivity within your company.

3.Your Customer Service is suffering

2015 Aspect Consumer experience survey states that; 76% of customers claim to analyze the company based on their customer services. (

Then there also a perspective that most people want to solve their issues on their own. And the survey says that 73% of consumers appreciate the brands with this service. Even on-third says that; they would rather clean a toilet than taking help from customer service. (2015 Aspect Consumer Experience Survey).
Another report says that 90% of customers expect brands to provide a self-service support portal, and 60% of people are more inclined to the brands with the self-service offering. (2015 Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report).

Now, keeping all these reports and surveys in mind, you must understand that CRM systems can help you with automatic customer service. Let the people help themselves through CRM and you can also save on manpower.

4.No Automation of your leads

Lead generation is the most essential requirement of any company. The fact is that it is essential for growing up fast. Dynamics 365 lead management is one of the modules in CRM integrated to help you managing leads. Any smart CRM will prioritize the potential leads for you and keep you updated with them. So, you can respond on time and grab the opportunity when it is right there.

5.Your Business is growing but your software is not handling the growth

Your business is scaling, but the data is disorganized and inaccurate or there is too much latency in updating the data. Yes, there is a problem with your existing software because it cannot handle the data. So, for business growth, you need intelligent CRM software too.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, the above reasons are enough for you to understand the importance of CRM implementation. We at DFSM are offering full services for implementing CRM in Australia to help you balance the product or service smartly at your end. Now, all you need is to reach out to our experts and get the CRM system for your company now.

D365 Product Visualize (3D & 360° Mixed Reality)

Marketing in the digital world is no all fun and games. It requires the right tools in the hands of experts to extract desired results. Therefore, Dynamics 365 marketing is now proving itself to be the top-notch tool for managing events and boosting up sales online. The marketing tool is to help you better understand your leads and design further business prospects accordingly. It works with sales and offers simple ways of product marketing.

Mixed Reality – Visualize your problems and get the solution immediately


However, Dynamics 365 is already ahead of time. Its use of augmented reality is already reaching out to the customers providing real experience for overviewing the sales workflow. The world is now more packed and open than ever. Back then, customer support was quite a task to manage. But now, we can get visualize instruction right on our mobile devices. Dynamics 365 is using the same technology to help people take quick decisions by having real-world experience.  

While the world is moving towards automation, they also have to face the complexity in configurations. Companies face a hard time in explaining configurations to the respective individual. Mostly, it is about the machines used in health care and manufacturing industries. However, when they get Dynamics 365, it is easy for companies to reach their customers within a few seconds. So, closing a deal and giving satisfactory services to your clients through the 3D view of the product is just a piece of cake.

remote work d365

Why Visualization has become an important part of the business?

People are no more relying on claims and words. That’s why mixed reality shows them the real world so, they know what to expect. So, when you are in business, the most essential part of it is customer satisfaction. The Dynamics 365 product visualize has eased the process reaching the high points for customer satisfaction. Now, it is completely up to and your actions for making the best out of it. However, the benefits of Dynamics visualize products are quite amazing:

1.     Accurate representation of your product

The tool is amazing to build a trustful bond with your customers. So, with the visualization, you can offer them an accurate representation of a product. It will automatically lead them to the point of trust. So, you can say that Dynamics 365 augmented reality is one way to customer satisfaction.

2.     Put your sales cycle on a fast track

It eases the process of responding the customer queries. You can enable your sellers to show a 3D view to customers and help them understand the product.

3.     Get detailed insights about your customers

The sellers can get detailed information about the customers and track their queries. So, in the future, the same information can be a handful for them.


Dynamics 365 product visualize is one of the essential tools for marketing right now. Better the way of responding to customers, the best customer satisfaction you can get. So, get in touch with DFSM to help you with integration.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Marketing Automation

Automation using artificial intelligence or machine learning is no more a surprise for anyone. In case, you are worried about your business growth then, maybe you need to know about advancements in your industry. Marketing and essentially the way to build strategies have many new ways now. So, if you think that you are lagging, you must be looking for new platforms. Here comes the role of DFSM for implementing D365 along with Clickdimensions.

You seem surprised about Clickdimensions. If you are still unaware of it, let us help in understanding this marketing cloud.
campaign automation

What is the Clickdimensions?

It is the marketing cloud for Microsoft dynamics. If you are putting up every other strategy for the implementation of growth, then you might want to think for marketing too.

If you want to be a perfect and successful marketer with the most innovative marketing plans, you need precise analytics for it. Now, the question is how Clickdimensions will benefit you. For that, you need to check the following features and services of it:
It is the marketing cloud for Microsoft dynamics. If you are putting up every other strategy for the implementation of growth, then you might want to think for marketing too.
If you want to be a perfect and successful marketer with the most innovative marketing plans, you need precise analytics for it. Now, the question is how Clickdimensions will benefit you. For that, you need to check the following features and services of it:

1. Marketing applications:

Clickdimensions understands marketing challenges and keeping them in consideration. They are ensuring the results you need. They are offering applications in the best interest of your marketing needs. Moreover, these applications will boost engagement And as a result, you will experience a successful growth.

2. Marketing Analysis:

Coming up to the next part of the marketing and that is marketing analysis. You may not take better decisions without any reporting and marketing analysis of your competitors. So, Clickdimensions step up here with their solutions of analyzing market and customer data. It includes all the insightful detail along with the useful results and reports.

3. Marketing services:

Finally, unlimited support from the company will add up the best to other services. So, you will be given complete support for Microsoft dynamics 365 marketing. Maintain your customer relationships and marketing automation with the consultation of experts.
sales funnel in Dynamics 365

How Dynamics 365 works with Clickdimensions?

You cannot deny the fact that you require better marketing channels to boost your sales in the digital world. So, when you take Microsoft dynamics as your business partner. The Clickdimensions adds value by making marketing analysis clear for you. This is because you need to have successful email marketing campaigns and effective social media marketing strategy. Therefore, automation is the ultimate solution to all your marketing plans.
Now, if you want to get a higher place and want to remain at the top of the market, you will need better planning. So, create better strategies for online and digital marketing by observing every strategy in detail. Let the automation break the barriers trough the tools and services by Microsoft D365 and Clickdimensions.
So, if you are still worried about the leads and not getting desirable results. Here is the solution to your Marketing Automation with DFSM and clickdimensions. Both are ensuring best implementing solutions along with the assurance of customer satisfaction. In the end, it is your product and you need to watch out for your call to action.

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