Turn Your Microsoft Teams Attendees Into A Loyal Customers Doing This

We are approaching a world of a new normal as we start emerging from the seclusion and limitation of the pandemic. As consumers, we have higher expectations. Successful businesses continually undergo changes, adaptation, and growth. Particularly, in customer experiences and in virtual events, to fulfill ever-changing customer expectations. Many experts plan that gatherings in person will gradually return but that virtual events will remain prominent. And this brings fresh and intriguing ways to increase consumer experience.

Microsoft is announcing the availability of expanded integration between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to help businesses take advantage of those opportunities.


Enhanced integration of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

New Microsoft teams integration is created using a combination of teams and Dynamics 365 to minimize distractions caused by changing apps and data searching. Microsoft argues that these apps will be more contextual as it continues to combine communication systems with record systems. This means that the Dynamics 365 workspace is able to meet, talk, call and cooperate without having to switch to teams. Or access, share and modify Dynamics 365 records when working with teams.

What’s new in it?

  • Contextual Embedded Teams Chat & teams channel
  • Embedded Teams Dialler for Microsoft 365
  • Dynamics 365 Sales Panel in a team meeting
  • Search, View & Edit Dynamics 365 Sales Records from Teams
  • Create Dynamics Notes & Tasks from Teams Posts
  • Connect Teams Webinars with Dynamics 365 Marketing


Manage webinars with Microsoft Teams app

Teams webinar capabilities combine the structure needed to host large live events with ease of delivery.

Simplify event management

With the new Teams feature, you can hold secure interactive meetings and webinars for up to 1,000 people, including polls, video sharing, and reactions.

You have the freedom to organize your webinar any way you want—from Microsoft teams and dynamics 365 marketing, and the choice is yours. Both methods are simple and intuitive, with enhanced capabilities.


Simplify Event Management
Increase Attendee Engagement

Increase attendee engagement

Microsoft Teams makes it simple to capture your online audience’s attention and present it like a pro. Take advantage of new features like Standout Mode, which allows presenters to appear over content, and use PowerPoint Live and Presenter Mode to give more compelling and engaging presentations.

Create Dynamics Notes & Tasks from Teams Posts

Additional actions will allow you to create Dynamics 365 tasks and notes from individual Teams posts.

Create Dynamics Notes & Tasks from Teams Posts
Connect Teams Webinars with Dynamics 365 Marketing

Connect Teams Webinars with Dynamics 365 Marketing

 Integration with Dynamics 365 Marketing is one of the new webinar features revealed for Microsoft Teams.

Select a streaming option and set this as a Teams Webinar from an event record in D365 Marketing before using Marketing tools to promote the event. Teams can connect with Dynamics 365 Marketing after the session to export this data.


Get started Today with DFSM Consulting

Finally, if you are looking for a better experience during or after the pandemic, let’s start using Microsoft products and services with their new integrations. The DFSM team is ready to build with you, are you? 


What’s New and changed in the 2021 Release Wave 1 for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft is adding a slew of new features and capabilities to Dynamics 365 Business Central as part of this upgrade wave or business central 2021 release. Improvements to the application include expanded integration with Microsoft Teams, expansion to more countries and regions, and additional enhancements to support the move to Visual Studio Code and modern development tools, all of which greatly improve developer workflow and developer productivity. The solution is also created to make it easier for partners to manage their customers’ solutions, as well as how licensing and licenses are handled, which benefits the individual end-user.

So, let’s go through the major and latest updates on it…

Main updates & Key Highlights


Working with Dimensions – A New Aspect


You can now fix dimensions for general ledger (G/L) entries to ensure proper financial reporting without keeping track of temporary data entry errors. You can edit the dimension values, add dimensions, or remove dimensions for one or more G/L entries.

Bank Reconciliation – The Undo Feature


From the Bank Account Reconciliation page, you can cancel an error-filled bank reconciliation and then run a new bank reconciliation from the Bank Statements page. You can also modify the bank reconciliation statement number if you want to redo an undone bank reconciliation with the same number. On the regular Bank Reconciliation page, there is an Undo button. For US Bank Rec, the Undo option is not available. You now can have a report for Bank Account Statements with reconciled items.

Business Central support in Teams


  • Lookup details of customers, vendors, and other contacts & share records


You can seek information about customers, vendors, and other Business Central contacts from anywhere in Teams. This tool allows you to view general contact information and interaction history, associated documents, and more.

  • Enable cloud printing


When cloud-enabled printers are defined on the Printer Management page in Business Central, they can now be used to print through the cloud when working with Business Central.

Bottom Line


As a result, if your firm has ambitious ambitions for this year’s productivity and efficiency, you’ll need Microsoft specialists on your side to integrate business core teams. You’ve come to the correct place since the DFSM is delighted to help you with the current modifications in the Dynamics 365 Business Central for the implementation plan.


4 Factors for building an App in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has had a huge and profound effect in the workplace, especially during the global pandemic height in 2020. The Team Power Apps are proof of it. Teams was a critical application capable of enabling businesses to prepare for remote working within 24 hours quickly. The program has features for real-time communication, virtual meetings, calls, and chats all in one location, centralized file storage. Besides, it is accessible from any computer, making it a popular teamwork app.

With Microsoft Teams you can create applications that integrate with your main coordination portal, which is incredibly useful. So now that Microsoft Teams has become so popular for building apps, it is time to learn the full extent of what it can do. 

Although Microsoft has made it extremely simple to create applications and incorporate them into Teams (via the Microsoft Teams developer Toolkit or Power Platform), you must consider what success looks like to you with your new app. In order to do this, you’ll need to understand the full scope of the program’s functionality, which is why we are here to assist you.


·     Does it resolve your problem in Microsoft Teams?


Any IT project arises from a desire to solve a business dilemma. The same method is used when creating applications in Teams. Through integrating the software with Teams, you will determine if it can solve a problem with process automation, data analysis, or mobility. Seek input from the people you want to create the app to determine its effect on their day-to-day work.


·     How frequently will it be used?


Maybe your app is meant for a long-term solution to an ongoing problem or just a one-time thing. Developing applications to keep them often used over time and offering more convenience when using it with Teams is worthwhile.

·     How many people will use it?


It is also preferable to create applications that most of the company’s employees will use. The more people who request a specific feature, the more likely you will have to create the product. This isn’t to say that we don’t think it’s a good idea to make apps for a small group of people, particularly if the effect leads to better programs and a better experience for the people they represent. At the end of the day, it is the decisions that need to be based on consequences. 

·     What is the ROI that will provide?


What observable outcomes would you contribute to the app’s development in Teams? Is it going to save you time or money? What about intangible benefits like better efficiency, superior security, more active users, or stronger team collaboration? Set some sort of performance metric so you can monitor your return on investment from the Teams app development. It will help you better articulate potential advantages, and one can use it as a foundation for pursuing new IT initiatives.

Get in touch for Microsoft Teams App development


Though Microsoft Teams’ out-of-the-box functionality is sufficient for many organizations, customizing a few features can certainly increase your team’s overall experience. Evaluate and establish your decision criteria so that you can make the most of your time and resources while creating applications in Teams.

Please do not hesitate to contact the DFSM team if you need additional assistance with developing apps for Microsoft Teams.

Latest features for Accountants in BC (April 2021)

The 2021 release of Wave 1, the first of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s two big updates this year, will bring some exciting features to the table. Microsoft Dynamics 365 will introduce all the updates over a six month period; from April 2021 to September 2021.

Microsoft is investing heavily in making in-app changes targeted to consumers like you with this Business Central Accounting System update. Whether you are a new or current ERP user this update will certainly make your life better.

Business Central Payroll

Business central 2021 Features

Business central integration
  •     Better Integration with Microsoft 365


Building on the previous product update’s integration of the Business Central in Microsoft teams’ collaboration platform with Business Central, 2021 Release Wave 1 further combines the ERP program with other Microsoft 365 suite applications, putting together the best collaboration tools for business process management.

With this update, you’ll be able to use the Microsoft Teams search box or message compose area to easily look up company contacts stored in Business Central. You can also share your contacts with your colleagues in Teams conversations, view contact information directly in Teams, and start a call with colleagues directly from the collaboration platform. Using the newly released Microsoft Universal Print technology, the update will allow cloud printing through Business Central. When linked to the Internet and authenticated to Azure Active Directory, you can print from anywhere (Azure AD).

·     Enhancement to Modern Clients


Microsoft Business Central helps end-users like you access and use it from various devices from a wide spectrum of customers, allowing you to be more productive whether you’re at work, at home, or on the go.

This means that Microsoft must ensure that Business Central’s user interface is both intuitive and efficient when required to appeal to users with various business positions, proficiency levels, and local and usability requirements.

Microsoft has included client improvements in the 2021 Release Wave 1 update to improve functionality, usability, and printing based on user feedback gleaned from community channels and studies.

remote work d365

Optimizing the Onboarding Experience


Wave 1 of the 2021 Update adds functionality to help the end-users get up and running with Business Central even quicker than before.

These include streamlined new in-app contextual visual aids to help you learn how to use the ERP platform, as well as “getting started checklists” that help customers like you to complete the last-mile setup of Business Central without needing the assistance of your Microsoft partner.

The initial company setup wizard has been streamlined, and a new wizard that guides you through all of the steps required to get started with Power BI in Business Central has also been added.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-boarding Interface

Improvements to Administration Features


Business central features 2021 Release Wave 1 will also include a series of features to make it easier and more efficient for Microsoft’s partners (including AFON) to administer to end users like you and administrators to handle licensing and permissions.

If your organization has a large database, you can control manage it when you export. BACPAC format often results in a timeout. Since Microsoft Azure allocates insufficient resources for such an operation, the update will provide a more effective database export solution.


Bottom Line


If you are looking for more updates in the Microsoft business central accounting and need to learn more about the business central wave 2 features. We at DFSM can assure you of full-time assistance on it. We can also help you in estimating the business central cost for accounting. Reach out today to get started. 

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Shift to Microsoft Teams from Skype for Business

Skype will be removed and no longer sponsored for Business Online from 31 July 2021. Microsoft encourage Skype users to upgrade Skype for business  to Microsoft Teams and plan their upgrades before the retirement date. 

Microsoft Teams is Skype’s successor in all apps together with Instant Message, voice and video calls, document sharing. In-Office 365 business and business subscription models, Teams have been available to you since 2017 and have become one of the most necessary collaborations and productivity applications.

skype to teams

How do I upgrade my Skype for business to Microsoft Teams?

You can upgrade all the users to Team at once. Just follow the simple steps below:

  • Inform your users about the change (it is optional, but recommended to keep preparing them for the change).
  • Set the organization’s coexistence mode to TeamsOnly.

Or you can upgrade users in stages by following the other steps:

  • Identify groups for users for an upgrade.
  • Set up a reminder for users who are part of the latest update surge.
  • Set the user coexistence mode to Teams Only.
  • Steps 1-3 should be repeated for each wave of users.


Is there a recommended upgrade path for Skype for Business?


We suggest that you use the aka.ms/SkypetoTeams guide and tools to prepare your migration from Skype to Business to Teams, as well as attend a free upgrade preparation workshop to identify and run the upgrade route that best suits your organization’s needs.


Why upgrade to Microsoft Teams?



The full edition offers more Team features — including schedule, audio conferencing, improved management, and security — which are not included in the free version. Microsoft 365, Microsoft 365, Office 365 is a well-known desktop suite from Microsoft with cloud-based messaging and collaboration services for Microsoft’s next-generation, including Exchange Web and SharePoint Online. Your current teams will not be lost while upgrading your teams, with all your teams, channels, chats, files, and permissions. Some of the other benefits that you must know about are:

  • Microsoft easily incorporates MS teams, including PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, with many other Microsoft Ecosystem facets. Besides, Microsoft teams can use solutions from third parties like planning and CRM solutions. Integration means improved productivity and performance.
  • MS Teams is the flagship collaboration solution for Microsoft, with many years of support and growth. Skype for Business will likely be discontinued in the coming years; no new functionality will be updated, and because of the lack of patches and upgrades, it will gradually become less stable.

So, if you are wondering, will Microsoft teams replace skype? Then we confidently tell you that yes, the future is indicating that it is going to happen soon.

How DFSM can help you with an upgrade


DFSM team will work closely with you to help you with Skype to Teams migration project plan. It is your opportunity that you can grab and change the dynamics of your business operations. The easier it gets for the Team to collaborate, share, and access information, they can offer better efficiency and skills to work for your company’s goals.

Learn the sales growth strategy of Dynamics 365

What is the sales growth strategy of Microsoft Dynamics 365?



Today business demand is efficiency and proper tools to maintain the fast response and effective strategies to close deals faster. Quick response is the ultimate goal of every business or organization. If you are looking for business solutions especially for the sales growth strategy, Microsoft dynamics is the answer we have! It has all the features that will work as a tool of management to enhance the sales growth and maintain the productivity of your organizations.

It helps you in understanding the needs of customers and lock the deals that are potentially strong and effective.

So, what can you expect from the Microsoft dynamics 365 for sales strategies?

Things you need to know about Dynamics 365 sales process


If you want to streamline your sales and build effective strategies – you need Microsoft dynamics, but before implementing the system, you need to learn about all the features.

·        Build trusted relationships


Dynamics 365 for sales features are effective in building trusted relationships among the customers, suppliers and organization. Its AI-driven insights will help you understand the right demographics of the target audience. Focus on their needs and you can judge your next big step towards success.

Intelligent optimization of the tools helps in streamlining the business process. The tools will observe social engagement and create personalized content to catch more successful leads, so you can have better sales.

·        Streamline Sales process


It also boosts the seller productivity. You can always stay connected regardless of where you are. Stay aware of the latest trends and insights on sales. It will guide you in building simple execution plans for sales. There are cohesive tools offered by the Microsoft dynamics to streamline the sales process with unique solutions.

·        Detailed analysis


The Dynamics 365 pipeline phase is effective to get good deals. It is because you get the real-time data for analysis. The data is collected from the social media engagements, latest trends, feedback from the customer, and insights of the deals are automatically provided. So, you can always make better and sales-driven decisions for the next campaign.

·        Leads into sales


It is a platform with the features of creating a budget, evaluation of the campaigns for different media channels, synchronizing information and analysing relationships. When the details are there, it helps organizations with more opportunities for turning leads into potential sales. It eases the process of gaining visibility among the customers.

·        Evolve with Innovative solutions


Customized solutions that are adaptable and scalable and can connect to all the applications you are already using for sales growth. Having a detailed insight will give you the confidence to invest without any fear.

sales funnel in Dynamics 365
Sales funnel in Dynamics 365





All you need is Microsoft Dynamics CRM lead to an opportunity system. It will streamline your business process for you. So, get the experts of DFSM on board and discuss your current problems and you will be provided will full implementation of Microsoft dynamics 365 without any hassles. Plan your sales strategies with confidence and invest to ensure the success of a business.

How to stop phishing attacks in office 365

How to stop phishing attacks in office 365



Phishing attacks are not new and they have been damaging cyber-security for years. Every time you think you have overcome the problem, there is another one waiting for you.

Before you find out the solution, you need to know the kind of attacks one can expect. You need to be aware of the authentic and phishing emails. For example, if you have recently registered a domain and your payments are due, they might be attacks by a fake email.

One has to be careful about the red flags of the email. There must be something off about that mail may be bogus information of payment or anything that is inauthentic.  

Office 365 phishing attack simulator

How to analyze phishing attacks?


The naked eye is not always the best way to figure out if something is wrong with the message you just received. First, it is not easy to identify the attack next you might be thinking that how to stop phishing emails in Office 365. For your stress, Microsoft is providing the solution for your organization and it is known as “attack simulator in 365”.

The attacks are increasing from the past few months and the main victims are office 365 admin. So, the attack simulator helps you train your employees by creating real-time scenarios and analyse the response.

How does the Attack Simulator work in office 365 as advanced threat protection phishing?


The real problem here is to prevent phishing attacks by checking out for threats in advance. So, if you are worried about any cyber-attacks, you need to know how things work. You can access the simulator in the security & compliance center by choosing the Threat management >Attack simulator.

The next thing you must know is the roles and permissions that will grant you access to the attack simulator.

What is necessary to get access?


  • The email of the organization must be hosted in Exchange online because it is not available on-premises email servers.
  • To access you need to be a global administrator or security administrator.
  • The account you are using to access should have the multi-factor authentication.
  • The most important thing is that your organization has the office 365 advanced threat protection phishing.

The focus of the attack is to manipulate your actions and make perform something that will lead to the loss of the organization. For now, the attack simulators have the following three ways to simulate the carry out the attack.

1. Display name spear-phishing attack


Through this process, create a meaningful campaign through the template or by creating an HTML email body. You can choose different recipients from the organization that has Exchange Online Mailbox. Configure the details required and fill the form and launch the attack. You can add a landing page to show the message for successful training.

2. Password-spray attack


The password-spray attack is used when someone has known the common password that is widely used. You can launch the campaign through the attack simulator and specify the common password and send to the recipients from the organization. This way you can train your employees to never use common passwords again.


3. Brute-force password attack

This attack is to try a set of passwords for the user’s account. It is usually used when bad actors get the list of key users from the tenant. Launch the campaign by adding the required file which should be under the 10 MB size. Launch the attack to educate your employees.

office 365 threat intelligence

Wrap up


Above are some Office 365 anti-phishing policy best practices. Microsoft has also introduced some new features. Check them out too in a document by Microsoft itself. Next thing is to be prepared and trained for the attack.

Why upgrade to office 365?

Why upgrade to office 365?


If you are still operating your Office Enterprise suite on-premises you may lose your data at any time, It happens when you do not upgrade, your systems may skip any precautions to save the data and files. So, this is the time that your business must take some careful decisions and upgrade office 2016 to 365.

It is not only beneficial for storing data but collecting it in one place and keeping people informed about any new changes too.

Remember you need to invest in these office applications to keep your business manageable. The tools help businesses to stay organized and increase efficiency through it. So, invest and get in the good books of your clients.

If you have recently invested in office 2019 – you might be reluctant in upgrading to office 365 for the business plan.

This article is about some of the best reasons to upgrade the Microsoft office to office 365.


Why you should upgrade office 365 home to business?


Efficient and quick responses are the ultimate requirement of any industry. Your customers have many options to switch when you make them wait. Business is now moving at new speeds, conquering the pace that has never been known. So, if you don’t want to lag in the market, you must make wise decisions of upgrading business to office 365.


Use any device and work from anywhere


Office 365 subscription enables you to use any device and work from any place. Your client need some quick changes and you are on an outdoor trip, you have the facility to provide a solution right on the spot. Plus, you don’t have to stick to the PC and work from any device.

Save the cost on maintenance


You can easily integrate the on-premises data and the cloud data on office 365 ensuring access to every single bit of the files. But using the cloud has more benefits, you don’t have to worry about the cost of servers with it. You just have to save and upload your data without investing a huge amount of maintenance and servers.

Buy new storage any time


OneDrive allows you to get as much storage as you want. You get an upgrade to the new storage at any time OneDrive for business is available for any small, mid-size or large organizations.

Invest accordingly and you will never worry about the space in the future. It is quite affordable and you will never need to buy a hard drive for more storage space.

Work online and never worry about losing data


Office 365 can streamline the workflow and enhance productivity. The team can make quick changes and also collaborate easily. Improve, comment or change the documents online without having the stress of waiting for the responses and email tracking, etc. Even if you are working from home and managing a small business, you must upgrade Office 365 home to small business and run your business smoothly.





What are you waiting for now? The points mentioned above are quite fascinating for any business person who wants to keep all the documents manageable and organized. Microsoft Office 365 is an investment that can be with you for the long-term. A companion that gives you a relief by removing the stress of managing efficiency and productivity in any kind of big or small businesses.

Why Upgrade to Office 365?

Why Upgrade to Office 365?

What is Microsoft Office 2019?

This is a one-time purchasable product, which provides you with a singular cost to get Microsoft Office apps for a single device. Office 2019 can be purchased for both Mac’s or PCs. But when it comes to upgrading, when new releases come out, you will have to purchase the new release at full price.

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Is a Microsoft Office Plan which is a subscription-based service that provides you with most up-to-date Microsoft Office apps and tools available from Microsoft Office. There are 365 plans for all users, whether you need plans for home and personal use, or if you need it for large enterprises, schools, small to midsized businesses or Non-for-profits.

Why Choose Office 365?

With Office 365 being a subscription-based product, ensuring that you have the latest updates and products fully installed and available. Office 365 or also known as Office 365 Business offers the same applications that Microsoft has become renowned for. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and OneNote, and for Windows Users, Access & Publisher are included. Office 365 boasts the same products as the boxed edition, but with the cloud, you have the benefits of frequent updates to ensure they are performing effectively.

Once you make your Office 365 purchase, you will be able to access your apps from both mobile and tablet devices. Just search www.office.com, sign in and you will be able to download your Microsoft Office applications.

Office 365 is always up to date with the latest versions of Microsoft Office. So, when Microsoft releases Office 2019, you won’t have to pay extra to upgrade. You’ll be automatically updated to the new software. Meanwhile, people who bought Office 2016 will be stuck with the old version, or they’ll have to purchase an Office 2019 license at full price.

Reasons To Upgrade To Microsoft Office 365.


Server & Maintenance

No need to worry about servers and maintenance, Office 365 is available on the cloud, therefore your flexibility of integrated your business solutions is easier. Cloud requires no on-premise maintenance or server costs, therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything, due to Office 365 trust centre takes care of all of your data.

Localised Applications.

The best feature about office 365 small business is that you can choose the tools your business requires. Microsoft has been providing business with business applications for many years now, With the Microsoft Office 365, you will have access to a wide range of applications, often free that you can add to your home screen and access them from the one location. 

Flexible with Business Growth 

Office 365 works with the concept of, “you get what you pay for”. Office 365 is adaptable whether your business grows or not. With the use of collaboration tools like office 365 one drive for business, you have storage for your organisation to share data. With Office 365, all you need to do is upgrade your subscription of Sharepoint & OneDrive if you need more space. Rather than having to buy new hard drives for storage when you don’t need to. With Office 365 you can trust that your data is safe and secure. Microsoft Office 365 business offers you the data protection and backup service to ensure you never need to worry about data loss.

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