Microsoft to lower Power Apps License pricing July 2021

Microsoft has revised the licensing for Power Apps and Power Apps portals, lowering prices and simplifying per-app plans. We are here to provide you everything you need to know about Power app licensing in this Power Apps licensing guide.

The changes will take effect on October 1, and further, you will also find some extensions by the time. 

According to the Microsoft Licensing blog, the changes are part of an effort to “make the platform more accessible. So, whether customers are just beginning the use with a small number of users or deploying at scale will benefit them in the long run.

microsoft power apps

Power Apps pricing

The following prices will have the reduction as a result of the upcoming licensing changes:

  • The Power Apps per user plan will be available at $20 per user/month, down from $40 per user/month previously.
  • The Power Apps per-app plan will be available at $5 per user/app/month, down from $10 per user/app/month previously.
  • The per-app license will change so that the user can “run one app or access one portal, opposite to the current entitlement of two apps and one portal.” According to the company, this change brings the license in line with the intent of the plan.

Power Apps licensing

The plan will be available through all Microsoft’s commerce channels, including Volume Licensing (VL), Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), and web direct, with no license minimums or other purchase requirements. Plan entitlements remain unchanged, including users’ ability to run an unlimited number of apps and portals.

Microsoft MVP Jukka Niiranen believes Microsoft’s decision to update prices and extend discounts is intended to achieve broad adoption goals by simplifying licensing and reducing confusion:

Any temporary campaign price will not necessarily alleviate customers’ concerns about the long-term costs of licensing Power Platform premium features. As a result, we believe Microsoft is attempting to send a clear signal that they aim for widespread adoption of these low-code tools – not just for large business-critical apps for specific audiences.

microsoft power-apps

How much is a power apps license?



The following promotional offers are available until the October 1 licensing change:

  • Power Apps are available for $12 per user per month (minimum purchase of 5,000 licenses)
  • Each app has its Power App. available for $3 per month per user/app (minimum purchase of 200 licenses)

Microsoft has already revealed the new Power Apps portal pricing tiers for a high volume of sessions. On the other hand, the Licensing blog reminds readers that the current pricing for tier 4 (25,000+ logins/month) and tier 5 (100,000+ logins/month) are limited-time offers.

“Customers are increasingly rolling out Power Apps licenses across large portions of their workforce. Most significantly, they are now  accelerating the volume of apps built atop Microsoft Dataverse and other premium capabilities.” Microsoft program management director Ryan Cunningham wrote in a blog post announcing the updates.

Power automate licensing plans


  • Power Automate per-user plan, which costs $15/user/month and allows users to run unlimited flows (within service limits) with full Power Automate capabilities based on their specific needs.
  • Without licensing each end-user, Power Automate allows organizations to implement flows with reserved capacity that serve teams, departments, or the entire organization. This plan starts at $500 per month for a total of five flows.

Do you need a license to use Power Apps?


A license is compulsory for each user of a PowerApp (whether just to use the app or if  creating a new app).

Is there a free version of power apps?


You can sign up for a 30-day trial, and also, there are Power Apps Plan Trial, and Power Apps Developer Plan are available for free. However, you might want to know more details about each of them to know their functions.

Bottom Line:

Please contact the DFSM team to find out more information and implement Power Apps to suit your business needs. Our certified team will help you choose the one appropriate to your needs and will not only guide you on the licensing plan.


Power Apps Licensing Guide July 2021

PowerApps Licensing Guide July 2021


Power Apps is a powerful tool, and making it useful to your organization can give you a better opportunity to grow. So, if you are planning to have it, here is a guide for understanding power platform licensing.

PowerApps Licensing Guide

How are Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate licensed?


Power Apps plans:

  • Individual users can operate applications (2 apps and a single portal) for a specific business scenario using Power Apps’ full capabilities for $10 per user/app/month. This plan makes it simple for customers to get started with the platform before adopting it on a larger scale.
  • Its per-user subscription for $40/user/month allows a user to execute unlimited applications (within service constraints) based on the full Power Apps capabilities.

Power Automate Plans:

  • Power Automate per user subscription for $15/user/month allows users to conduct limitless flows (within service constraints) with the complete Power Automate features based on their specific needs.
  • Without having to license each end-user, Power Automate per-flow plan allows enterprises to design flows with reserved capacity that serve teams, departments, or the entire organization. This package costs $500 per month for five flows.

How do I use Power Apps per-app plans?

The Power Apps per-app plan enables businesses to begin using the platform at a cheaper cost.

Before implementing the platform more generally, customers on the per-app plan typically start with 1-2 leading use case scenarios. The Power Apps per-app plan is another appealing licensing option for end-users who only use a few apps. Individual users can utilize the Power Apps per app subscription to run two bespoke applications (canvas or model or both) and access one custom portal using the full Power Apps features.

What license do I need to use power apps?

With a Power Apps per-app/per-user license, internal users can now access portals. It’s the same for Dynamics licenses as it is for bespoke Power Apps use rights.

Do you need a license to use PowerApps?

Yes, it is necessary for every user. Just take an example that you try to log in. It will show you the below message. 

However, with the trial version, you may not have access to the data completely. So, you will need a license for it. So, check how the licensing of power apps work

How does power app licensing work?

Every tenant gets the default capacity with a Power Apps License. In addition, the tenant receives additional capacity (pooled) for each license.

How do I assign a PowerApps license?

Power Apps per App licenses are referred to as “capacity add-ons” that must be assigned to “environments”—all of which can be perplexing to the uninformed. This must be done in the Power Platform admin area, which is a separate admin center.

So, in the platform admin center:

  • Set up the environment
  • Allocate the license to the capacity
  • Go to the add-ons section and click manage and allocate the add-ons to the environment.

You are done assigning the power Apps license. 


Microsoft’s latest licensing update for Power Apps Portals: June 2021

According to Hayduk, the new pricing of $.32 per login for 25,000 logins and $.12 per login for 100,000 logins indicates a lot more realistic final cost. It will move the official pricing for high-volume portals clients into the same price range that would have been negotiated with Microsoft when the list price was an outrageous figure.

“This is fantastic. It prevents awkward talks where you have to say things like, ‘Yeah, this is what the price says, but at your volume, we can get you a better bargain,’ and so on, “Hayduk said.

Bottom Line

If you have any concerns about the PowerApps pricing and licencing, let the team of DFSM your help in getting and implementing it right.

Power BI for Magic Quadrant for Analytics (Feb-21)

What are Business Intelligence (BI) Tools?


Business Intelligence (BI) Tools include books, newspapers, documents, records of health, photographs, files, emails, videos, and others are software applications that gather and process vast volumes of unstructured information on domestic and external systems. BI Tools provide a way of collecting data to mainly collect information through questions, although not so versatile as business analysis tools. These tools also help prepare research data to develop reports, dashboards, and data visualization.

The new Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) Magic Quadrant of Gartner are out, and Microsoft is again in the “Leaders” quadrant.  Indeed, this is his 14th consecutive year as a BI chief, according to Microsoft. Although Microsoft is almost identical to last year, it has lost ground to its closest competitors. Thoughtspot drops into the magic quadrant data science of Visionaries. Qlik has fallen into “completeness of vision” while growing along with the “ability to execute.” axis. Meanwhile, Tableau regressed in all these steps.

So, the question is what is it that Microsoft is doing right to maintain the position of Power BI?


So, to determine the answer, we came across the details from the interview of Netz, an employee from Microsoft, and learn about the benefits of Power BI.

After Microsoft had acquired Panorama technology in 1996, Netz has come from the Israeli BI business (now headquartered in Canada) called Panorama Software. Here are some of the main reasons for keeping Power BI at the top explained by Netz.

Business Intelligence (BI) Tools



The traction and success of Power BI in its first two years was attributed, in large part, to low product cost (Power BI Desktop is free of charge, like the cloud subscription), low price points, and the enthusiastic and important consumer/customer support community. Netz believes that it’s a huge gamble to get into “all in” on the cloud at a time when the majority of corporate data was still present on site. This decision and the constancy to see it through amid the sceptical product team is due to James Phillips, Microsoft’s president of business applications.

He had come from Couchbase to Microsoft, wherein in his early days, he had been a co-founder and CEO. While Netz did not say so, it is very clear that Microsoft has made a major difference in Power BI’s performance when it comes to Phillips’ startup mindset.

Perhaps due to Phillips, the Power BI team took a rhythm of monthly product updates and introduced new product features at an unparalleled pace. Only after either SQL Server or the latest version of Microsoft’s BI PAC will updates ship to the platform — which meant updates at best every 18 months. 

In combination with the night and day change in creativity, new openness was accomplished through a series of blogs and social media, and videos accompanying the product’s weekly launches. The Power BI Development Team members included developers and program managers who communicated with the community prolifically. On the contrary, the bandwidth for field sales to drive new products with low price points was very small. Compared to well-funded startups that employ sales workers, Microsoft’s product teams are not so luxurious.

Bottom Line


You probably have more questions about implementation and other processes, just contact the team of DFSM now and let’s get started.

Power Platform new capabilities 2021 release

The 2021 Microsoft Power Platform Release Wave 1 has new features for the ever-changing business needs. The features are releasing soon from April 2021 through to September 2021. It includes all the features for Power BI, Power Apps, Power Apps Portals, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, AI Builder, and Data Integration.


News and changes in Microsoft Power Platform Release Wave 1

Power bi 2020

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI invests in their key areas of encouraging a positive data culture through amazing data experiences, integrations where teams work, and modern enterprise BI.

  • Power BI Pro delivers AI-infused insights to ensure easy access for everyone.  Microsoft will continue to make Power BI content easier. The new Quick Create feature will evolve and always allow you to access advanced capabilities like small multiples and composite models. Further Power BI will be available to integrate the Teams with new experiences in teams channels, meetings, and chat.

  • Power BI Premium continues to provide features that allow companies to speed up delivering insights on a scale that fits the company’s most challenging needs. This release offers versatile licensing models for businesses to choose between choices for per user per capability.

Power BI Embedded supplies a new product generation that allows customers to increase their ROI, scale quickly and achieve 16 times faster efficiency. Continuous usage analysis and cost control would be made possible for clients at the workspace level. Embedded Generation 2 also introduces a lower level of entrance for paginated reports and AI workload—start with an A1 SKU and get as you need it.

  • Microsoft Power Apps:

Microsoft Power Apps blend a bare canvas’s versatility that can link to any data source with the strength that is modelled over Microsoft Dataverse with the rich types, views, and dashboards. This release adds Monitor for debugging features, printing support (one top request from our maker community), and mixed truth for canvas applications. Microsoft also enhances global search relevance and introduces in-app updates to applications powered by templates.

Power bi
  • Power Apps portals:

Power Apps Portals improve the integration of Power BI to support live Microsoft Azure Analysis Services. It allows the sending of custom data objects, which provide additional background for customizing end-user reports and dashboards. Microsoft is introducing the ability to share apps with colleagues outside a team’s integrations at the front of Team Dataverse and enabling table data editing in Excel.

  • Microsoft Power Automate:

Microsoft Power Automate workflow strengthens the integration of cloud flow with other Microsoft products. For instance, a new trigger can be found in Microsoft Dataverse while an operation is being carried out. This feature enhances work with the traditional model of events and improves alignment with Dynamics 365 Finance Operations. Power Automate Desktop was launched in December 2020 to general availability and allowed manufacturers to automate their desktop applications’ diversity. Shortly, Microsoft will include migration, safe credential management, and much more for current software and UI customers.

Finally, the Process Advisor enhances experiences, which offers insights into how people function. A process mining feature in Power Automate provides rich visualizations where users can find routine, time-consuming processes that can best be automated.

power automate
  • Microsoft Power Virtual Agents:

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents offers enhancements to the authoring experience by offering topic recommendations from bot sessions, image and video assistance, and management of new stimuli to increase your bot’s capability. Additionally, it has the ” @mention” functionality and the ability to share your bot with a protection community to Power Virtual Agents (PVA) that is generated by Teams. Microsoft has also expanded upon the incorporation of Power Automate with improved error handling. Finally, we will obtain PCI and HITRUST certifications and support for the government Cloud.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents
  • AI Builder:

The Power Platform capability incorporates new AI models features in the preview and improvements in form processing. To detect if a signature has a particular position in a document, the new capacity requires a new area of availability and signature detection.

powerapps and flows

How can DFSM help?


DFSM is here to help you implement the same tools and app along with the consultancy. We will ensure you will have a brief understanding of the latest release to easily understand the new features and work according to your business needs.

Power BI


We will help you implement the Power BI and provide consultancy. Company intelligence in Microsoft simplifies the way businesses gain data insights and these insights allow organizations to make decisions, not assumptions, based on evidence. The emphasis is still on three key areas for Microsoft:

  • Amazing data experiences
  • Modern enterprise BI
  • Integrations where teams work

Similarly, the other upgrades are also part of the consultancy if you need them for your business.

Power Apps


Power Apps updates contain:

  • Single Interface Experience duplication identification.
  • Improved connectivity to mobile business processes.
  • Enhanced search knowledge of global significance.
  • Model-driven in-app alerts.

AI Builder

  • Form processing improvements
  • New Region Availability
  • Signature detection

Power Apps Portals

  • Significant improvements for portal developers of all skills.
  • Enhancements to the low code toolset to reduce the time taken to build sophisticated websites.
  • Support is enabled for familiar pro-developer tools for advanced developers.
  • In-app notifications for model-driven apps.

Power Automate

Digital and robotic process automation (RPA) helps organizations to do things more efficiently. Power automation changes include:

  • Cloud Flows
  • Desktop Flows
  • Process Advisor

Power Virtual agents

Enhanced authoring experience includes:

  • Variables list 
  • Topic suggestions from bot sessions
  • Cards for adaptation 
  • Incorporation of Power Automation with increased error management
  • Management of new trigger issue

Data Integration

Improved data integration includes:

  • Enhancement by Azure Maps integration 
  • Gateway diagnostics
  • Enhanced management of errors
  • Visual data prep for Power Query Desktop
  • Upgrades in security

Microsoft Dynamics Professional

What is Power Platform and Why you should use it?

Power platform (read about our ultimate guide here) keeps  allowing various businesses to create and execute customized apps, reports, and workflows. It includes Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents.

Moreover, these platforms help businesses to keep their data under a unified model. It is flexible enough to connect with Office 365 and Dynamics 365, making it easier for businesses to catch up on the data and data analysis. Additionally, it has a portal app helping users to interact with business data as per their needs.



Why Power Platform for Your Business?

Business challenges popping up during the pandemic have led us to the many challenges regarding business sales and other business operations. So, the Power Platform has proven itself to be worthy for this time. It can dramatically reduce paperwork, administrative duties, and enable companies to work on more competitive strategies. The self-service tool included in it enhances the client’s ability to identify customers’ needs on time and respond accordingly.


Improve Omnichannel Capabilities

No matter how your clients are communicating with you – online, mobile, or in person. Power Platform offers technology solutions that allow you to provide a steady stream of revenue throughout the board.

Gain Competitive Advantage


Small and medium-sized enterprises need access to real-time and enforceable data analytics. It is to their advantage for making decisions to sustain profitability through difficult times. The Power Platform offers an affordable way to access your existing data.

Empower Employees to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences


COVID-19’s results have enabled contactless interactions as a baseline expectation. Power Platform allows you to reconsider customer flows, eventually increasing customer satisfaction and employee morale.

Getting Started with Power Platform


Businesses are surviving these days on innovation. If you are not modernizing, you are probably leading to the wrong path. With the PowerApps or Azure Cloud, businesses can truly reach this level. It gives a low-code solution and more power to the developers and allows them to create the apps merely through visual representations. You can automate manual processes, have clearer insights on the data, and help you build apps in no time.

Ultimately, you are also confident about the data collection process’s accuracy and security by leveraging the Common Data Service (CDS) to integrate data from 350+ sources.

However, deploying the Power platform can be challenging initially, and you will need a technology partner for it. The partner or Microsoft certified organization will help you in setting an effective roadmap.

So, here is DFSM as a leading Microsoft partner and your best Microsoft Power BI consultant. You can rely on us with the implementation of the Power Platform without any hassles. Our team will gather your business information, understanding every aspect of operations, and help you with the realistic roadmap for starting on the Power Platform as soon as possible. Feel free to connect with our experts any time you need.

Unpacking: Power BI November 2020 Feature

Power BI is changing, and as a business manager, you must know about all the latest changes that happened in the November 2020 update. There are various changes to enhance the visualizations, ease the developers for reports and ownership, and reporting is also quite improved in new Power BI. Check out the updates to adjust your operations accordingly.


Power bi 2020

November 2020 Power BI updates:

Power bi gartner 2020

The features that are going to change in Power BI are mentioned below. We will go through each briefly and check the changes it is undergone in the latest updates.

  • Reporting 


Reporting is one of the main features, and there are few changes further in the modules like:

  • New Field List (Preview)


Microsoft is unifying the filed lists across the Data, Model, and Report view in Power BI Desktop. You can see some of the constancy changes and improved usability of it. You can check the new field list through the picture below.

New Field List

This picture is representing the clear changes that you will be observed in the latest Power BI. So, you have to check out the documentation in detail for learning the new symbols and their meaning.

Then, there are some other changes too. Following is the list of the new features, and you can find the details about each change in an official document by Microsoft.

  • New Model View (Preview)
  • Apply all filters is now generally available
  • Visual Zoom Slider
  • Datapoint rectangle select extended to Map visual
  • Certificate revocation check for web connections
  • Paginated Reports Updates
  • Crediting total labels for stacked visuals (Sept 2020)
  • Analytics


In the analytics feature, you will see the changes like anomaly detection, and Q&A now supports partial matching data values. One helps you in detecting the anomalies automatically and enhance your line charts. As for the latter, you will be now getting more intelligent matches by searching for more than one exact match.

  • Data connectivity


Changes in the data connectivity are linked to the new Hive LLAP connector generally available. It provides both Import and Direct Query capabilities and the ability to specify Thrift Transport Protocol as ‘Standard’ or ‘HTTP’.

New Connectors also include Actian (beta), Anaplan connector (beta), Starburst enterprise presto (beta). Each connector and its abilities are explained in the official document.

  • Service


Certified and Promoted reports and apps

Data is going to be the new demand and need for organizations. Therefore, companies need a variety of analytical skillsets for better representation of the data. Therefore, Microsoft is enhancing the standardized data ability to similar endorsement capabilities for reports and apps. It will help business users to be more confident about their decisions.

Additionally, there are some “new look changes” too. A few of them are listed below.

  • Simplified action bar
  • New workspaces
  • View report details
  • A vertical list of pages
  • Visualizations

There are new visualizations this month including:

  • Forecast visual by Predmac
  • Global Launch Estimated by TheraTraq
  • Lollipop Column Chart by Nova Silva
  • Dynamic KPI Card by Sereviso
  • Shielded HTML Viewer by Nova Silva
  • TheraTraq Timeline Circle by TheraTraq
  • Workforce by TheraTraq

All these new visualizations are briefly explained in the documents by Microsoft. You can get the consultant for more information or check with the document for more details.

  • Developers

For developers, they have a new Power BI API for Reports for transferring the ownership of paginated report data sources to the authorized users. Moreover, developed custom visual will be improving your testing.

Bottom Line


The article was to help you know about the main changes in the Power BI. For the details, you can talk to the DFSM consultants as they can also assist you in the implementation process, etc.

The ultimate Power BI Guide 2020

Digital transformation is nothing new, but it is in demand for every business now. If you are ready to see the top view of success, managing the transformation and smartness within your organization should be your priority. Now, the implementation of all the smart tools without any information or understanding will lead to more complicated situations. This is where the Power BI comes.

Power BI is all about making your business smarter and efficient. It revolutionizes the way people are handling their data. Analyzing, visualizing, and getting deeper insights is easy with Power BI.

Live Dashboards in Power BI

What is a Power BI?

Power-BI leader

It is the collection of cloud-based apps along with various other services to manage their data smartly through a single dashboard. It connects you to the basic CSV, excel spreadsheet, databases, and all the apps on cloud or on-premises. You can easily visualize the data, analyze and share it with the team to derive better outcomes.

·What is Power BI desktop?


It is the Power BI available on the desktop to help you manage and analyze data through interactive visualizations. One can create their reports and charts to share with others anytime from anywhere.

·Does Power BI support mobile devices?


Yes, the chart-type visuals can change dramatically with time and according to the data updates. So, yes, it is supportive of mobile devices too, especially the ones with windows 10. You can share data and links right away with your teammates.

·What is Power BI Pro?


It is the licensed version of Power BI for professionals. The people with this type of license can easily communicate and share data with other users of Pro.

· What is Power BI Premium?


It is known to be the capacity-based offering. One can publish the reports sharing it with the individuals of pro licensed all over in the enterprise.

·What is the Power BI Report Server?


It on-premises and comes with a web portal. It enables you to manage reports and KPIs. Further, the users can view these reports through the web or on their mobile devices anytime.


What Power can BI do?

Every business runs on the data. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to manage all of it, and you will realize that you need smart tools for it. Power BI ease it for you by providing an insightful view of the data through interactive visualizations. It connects you to the different sources at the same time and gets back the data in a digestible form. You can share it with other users and extract smart decisions out of it. Power BI has machine learning capabilities. Therefore, it can spot the patterns and provide predictions that will run well with your future decisions.

Now, you must have a few more questions too. Since we are talking about the data, so let’s see how Power BI is capable of handling the data.

·Can Power BI handle big data?


It is clearly up for the challenge. Various companies integrate Power BI to the resources of big data. It collects the data and analyzes it. Furthermore, there is Power Query and Power Map; one can easily combine them with the Big Data analytics using office 365 suite.

· Can Power BI connect to google sheets?


Yes, it is not only about the connection of Power BI to the big data, but one can connect it to the sheets too. But you will need to publish these sheets to the web page. Later, you can enter data into Power Bi simply through the URL of a web page.

· Can Power BI replace Excel?


The data in the companies and also in overall world enterprises is only increasing day by day. There is no way you can wipe it all off. So, it is going to be there and if you are running a large enterprise and ERP system helps you in a better way to visualize and automate your business data with the insights, it is possible to replace excel sheets with Power BI. Maybe for ad hoc reports, you will still need Excel. But let’s see what the future holds for us, and it might change the way we think.

Why companies use Power BI?


By now, you have a basic understanding of what Power Bi do. It is important to realize the tool that is offering deeper insight into the data of a company is worth a lot. You can create reports, share them, check interactive visualizations and attach different data sources to a single dashboard. Power BI is giving you 360-degree insight into your business data. The chance of missing out on anything is minimum or no chance at all.

Major benefits of the Power Bi and also the reason for companies using it is data analysis. It collects your data from the cloud, local servers and provide quick analysis on it. Your customers can also view your business and analyze every aspect.

· Why Is Data Analysis So Crucial to Business’s Success?


It is important to access the data of a company in a meaningful way. Future strategies, decisions about sales, shipments and vendor liability helps companies keep their vision and mission straight. Otherwise, data is only some straight up facts and figures. To understand them, you need to analyze it properly so that decision-makers can decide easily, and people can move in the right direction and achieve the desired results.

What is the Microsoft Power Platform?


The power platform by Microsoft is to bring all the data of the company as a common data model. It includes Power app, Power BI, Power Automate. You can integrate it with Dynamics 365 and then enjoy the perks of it. Yes, you can have automatic workflows, more productivity, smart decisions, understandable data, and the ability to create new apps every day.

How much does Power BI cost?


The cost of the Power BI varies as the type of licensing changes. The following are the few types of licensing you need to know and choose the one suitable for your organizational use.

·Power BI Pro Pricing

The monthly price of this type of license is $9.99 per user.

·Power BI Premium Pricing

The annual bilking for the Power BI premium is $4,995 as per the storage.

·Power BI Embedded Pricing

Its pricing is differently done, and the data seems like the following table:


Node Type

Dedicated Infrastructure

Virtual Cores


Frontend / Backend Cores



































100 GB RAM



What Power BI license do I need?


It depends on the type of data analysis you want. Different type of licensing has its advantages. If you want to share the data and charts with your team, you need a pro license, and if you are looking for more features, you must go for the premium license. Moreover, the size of the company and users working closely on Power BI also matters. So, plan it out with your consultant and then choose the right Power Bi license for you.


Can Power BI be Embed with other products?


Yes, if you want the users and your customers to get a clear view and insights, you can embed visual analytics into the products. All the end-users, including your customer, will gain valuable data.



Empower Dynamics 365 Business Central with Power Bi

Power Bi gives organisations an easy way to access and analyse business insights and performance. the business analytics service by Microsoft offers you a central space to view, analyze and manage all the data without compromising on the security, privacy or confidentiality of the data. Power Bi retrieves the data from Business central and show you all the reports and visualizations through a single dashboard. 

So, if you want to get the data insights easily from the Business Central, Power Bi is to go with it.

Now, how you can benefit if you connect Power bi to business central? The following are the features for the Power Bi Desktop and other services.


Features of Power bi with Business Central

Business Central Payroll

·View Business Central data in Power BI


This feature allows you to view the data from the business centre as reports. It also includes some predefined Power Bi Reports. You can also include custom reports for each employee to easily catch up on the functionality of the program. Once you login to the Business central, the reports will be empty until you connect to power Bi service as Business Central and Power Bi works together for displaying the reports on the dashboard.

·Check Power BI reports in the Business Central client


You can view the same reports by switching the part to display any report you want to see. In short, your reports can be embedded directly in the parts Business Central pages. Understand all the functions of this feature before you get started and then you will be able to upload reports from files or view them by switching the parts.

·Create reports along with the dashboards in Power BI that display Business Central data


Power Bi will also enable you to create new reports fast and easily. Moreover, you can publish these reports to your Power bi services and share them with other team members within the organization. It a simple process to ensure that reports are accessible for anyone who is an important stakeholder in a particular project.

·Business Central apps in Power BI


Power Bi publishes three apps through Appsource by Microsoft. These apps will provide you with detailed reports along with the dashboards. You can view the sales opportunities and manage finances too with Power Bi finance. The apps included in it are:

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central – CRM
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central – Finance
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central – Sales


Bottom Line


Before implementing the Power bi with Business central, there are a few things you need to do. The first step is to ensure the deployments are meeting all the requirements of integration. Then, you need to publish the data as web services and get the account for Power Bi.

This process can be easy and smooth if you let the experts of DFSM help you with both consultation and integration of Power Bi dashboard and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central. We are just a call away from you. So, get ready for the exceptionally professional services and an updated organisation process to follow. 

Manage your financial planning and analysis with Power BI

Gone are the days when the finance world used Microsoft Excel; the pursuit of business success has revolutionized. By taking into consideration all complexities of the 21st century and all the variances it has to offer, financial planning and analysis can no longer be left to such a simplified software.

Stringent security standards, compliance levels as well as amplified intricacies within organizations today demand the use of advanced programs for integration. Moreover, with extensive amounts of data, a variety of technical systems and sources; a compilation of information needs to be error-free, reliable and entirely valid for true success.


How do finance teams operate in a fast-paced circle?

analyse with power bi

Verily to manage financial planning and analysis, Power Bi is gaining traction as an optimal solution. The programs ever-expanding user base is an ode to its efficiency; in that, Bi reporting automates information from different systems and sources into a singular format supported by a user-friendly interface. Historical data is presented through effective financial models, whereby managers can utilize visual representations made available to them without running the risk of human error. This kind of financial planning can create reports that lay the groundwork for business strategy, overall direction and technical controlling within an organization.

Crucially, the role of Power Bi is to deliver actionable insights, but that doesn’t mean it never lags. Which is to say that there is definite room for improvement in the areas of driver-based planning and what-if analysis; and hence, in integrated planning and forecasting. In this case, Power Bi becomes inadequate on its own, and we must find a fix for that ourselves. While the deal with managing forecast data is indeed an unpleasant surprise on the software’s part, there’s always another way to deal with it.


A lack of connectivity


Our business planning consultants have been engaged in the relevant field for quite a while, which helps in fetching the root cause of the problem; a glaring lack of connectivity between two tools. To be precise, the financial planning tool isn’t ideally cohesive with its analytics counterpart. Consequently, a considerable portion of time is wasted on menial work instead of answering important questions for the business. In turn, this redundancy gives way to excruciatingly average assistance for decision-makers.


The fix


To reap the benefits of a complete Corporate Performance Management system, one needs Kepion. The Microsoft Business Intelligence platform possesses a treasure trove of extremely powerful tools and forecasting with Kepion delivers accordingly. Furthermore, its planning and budgeting features make it competently serviceable.




Business personnel seek the full package without any compromises on relevant metrics. What makes Power Bi and Kepion especially suitable is their ability to come full circle. In detail, the solution’s capabilities span over complete functionality, whereby everything is covered. For people who need an expert opinion on how to get started, reach out to a DFSM Power BI consultant. You’ll get complete assistance on how to use the tools and data analytics to your advantage. The services provided cover with every aspect of implementing the software to elevate your company’s financial planning and analysis.

Power platform customer success story: SNCF France

SNCF is a railway network of France that controls TGV, high-speed railway network and all national rail services. It deals with the passengers and freight and all the maintenance and signalling. However, before the power platform, they were using paper and pen to keep track of all the activities. Now, we will discuss the challenges they were facing before switching their operational processes to the power platform.


However, before digging into it, let’s talk about the nosiness scenario of SNCF France. The operational process requires to manage the simple paint process to the complete reconstruction of the train engine. So, rebuilding bogies or any other operation for the maintenance of the train is also included in the operations of the SNCF France. So, the train network also has many challenges to face and without technology as a handy assistant, it makes it tougher.

Let’s see the challenges and how the power platform had their back to overcome them and ensure the desired results with efficiency.

Challenges of the SNFC France

the main department of the SNFC was the factory floor. Paper was the main source for them to track all the calculations. The error rate higher than 50% because of the manual process of calculations.  it tools 2 or more days to carry out all calculations and get results. So, it automatically led the process to the risk of higher error rate and many bogies required a complete rebuilt because of it.

Now, to reduce the error rate and get the results with more accuracy and efficiency, they started using a powerful platform.

Efficient Solution for SNFC France – Power platform


SNFC took the initiative of building the PowerApps application named DigiBogies. So, the app aimed to reduce the error rate and also work with more efficiency.

Now, how the workers are using it to track the calculations?

  • They are using the app to create a new project and track the status of it. It shows the chassis that need refurbishment. So, a user selects the chassis, the application recommends them the springs and workers can choose the one that fits.
  • The data of the app is safe with SharePoint
  • Ultimately, the Power BI shows an accurate view of progress.

However, if you want to know the structure of the app, here it is:

  • Solution architecture
  • Flow Gallery
  • Power BI dashboards and reports
  • Expanding to the solutions
  • App and Training Catalog
  • Community

The list of all the goals that are achieved with the Power Platform doesn’t end here. The list of all the solutions is quite long covering the departments such as Supply Chain Management, Field Inspections, Project Management, and Employee communication.


Finally, the result was the reduction in error rate by 40-50% and the efficiency was high on the graphs. Moreover, the dashboard of Power BI helped workers in increasing accountability and transparency.


Power platform Success stories : American Red Cross

Organisations like the American Red Cross are carrying huge responsibility on their shoulders, investing in the right solution technology is a top priority.

Before going any further, you need to understand how the organisation works. The business scenario is simple. In times of disaster, they are the ones to deliver supplies and any emergencies are carried out by them like CPR, etc. So, catering to the needs of people in trouble, they need to be more efficient and productive.

Challenges of the American Red Cross

The biggest challenge as stated by the people working them was to answer a simple question, what are the numbers of the orders filled each month? They say that this was the simple question, but as they had their data on a paper form. They couldn’t answer it immediately. Therefore, the paper-work was more challenging than reducing some.

  • Orders lost in a way to the logistics team
  • There was no visibility into the orders
  • Confusion about receiving the orders was on the peak



Efficient Solution for American Red Cross – Power platform


Dynamics 365 is already in implementation within the organisations. However, it can be more beneficial when combined with the power platform.

PowerApps enables them to create an app, whereas the data can be shared through SharePoint and they were getting daily updates on the progress. The benefits of using the shopping cart app were in abundance and some of them are:

  • The lifecycle of the order is now 3-5 days then the weeks.
  • Visibility into the order lifecycle and logistics team workload
  • Instructors can now build other apps too
  • Quick in adding features
  • Regular status updates



Power BI has proved to be a great help for the American Red Cross. We know the challenges and the solutions. But this story of success doesn’t end here. If you think of it in detail, you will understand how it is assisting people in thinking beyond the single solution. They are building more business solutions using the power platform by Dynamics 365. More solutions include:

  • Asset tracking & assignment
  • Disaster Transpiration tool
  • Hurricane Harvey Volunteer Status Check

Still counting…

The main thing is that you can respond as quickly as possible. Therefore, the power platform is offering the best features to help act quickly especially during disasters. We can also imagine the situation of ongoing crises of Coronavirus, volunteers are befitting from this toll for it too.


AI Builder: A new machine learning for Power Platform

Microsoft has remained a pioneer for smart and intelligent application and Power Platform is one of them. Since technology is something that never stops innovating, that is the reason for new and innovative features to keep coming. We all know how Microsoft PowerApps is helping businesses to build apps for their organization without any hassle. It offers non-developers the ability to build as many apps as possible by connecting them with critical business data. All power platforms consume the common data services CDS behind the scenes.
So, adding up on the AI builder, it will make it easy for developers to adapt the machine learning approach for common scenarios. Ultimately, it will benefit in reducing the cost and overall effort of developer sin building business apps.
However, the process of making apps is already easy with reduced or now-code policy. But to ease the process little more, AI builder is now tightly intact to the Power platform for non-developers.
powerapps and flows

How AI builder is improving the Power Platform with AI & Machine learning?

Above mentioned information is too little to understand the core functionality of the AI builder. So, to get a complete understanding of this new feature of power platform, you need to learn about all the features of it.
So, before you move on to enjoy the AI builder in Power app, here are the capabilities that will help you to take full advantage of it.

1. Binary Classification

History is the best teacher and there is no denying in that. Similarly, the AI builder binary classification model helps in predicting future decisions. Prediction is based on historical scenarios. So, it is the way to take binary options answers that can be Yes/No, Pass/Fail, true/false, etc.

2. Text Classification

People in business are already aware of Natural Language Processing NLP. So, to solve your problems, AI builder text classification automates business processes. Besides that, it scales business processes and restrains your employees from acting on any spam insights, etc. Data is sorted with it and streamline the business processes.

3. Object Detection

This feature in the model is used to locate the objects from the image and simplify any inventory management system. It can help retailers to build better online customer relationships. And technicians can speed up their repair processes. So, with one feature we can solve many simple problems easily.

4. Business Card Reader

It is a smart way to extract business information imply by a business card. This feature in the power app studio will always help to scan any business card.

5. Form Processing

Tax forms and invoices can be processed without any extensive data science expertise with form processing.


Overall, the benefits of AI builder are offering the real-time experience to organizations for better decisions. Therefore, many users of AI builders are already praising it for its top-notch ability of building apps with automation. If your organization is also seeking for automation and artificial intelligent systems, DFSM has the experts for it. Just contact the team and enjoy the services.

Microsoft as a leader in Analytics and BI platforms

Microsoft as a leader in Analytics and BI platforms 


Microsoft is celebrating its 13 consecutive years in Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms and now it is on the position of a leader. The market and business are all about business intelligence and modern analytics.

The success story of the Magic quadrant is everywhere around the world. Microsoft is proud of offering Power BI in 43 languages. It has been the most insightful way of doing business with confidence. Besides that, customers are praising it for years and running their business smoothly by utilizing it.


Power BI is appreciated by the customers because of its inclusive and exceptional qualities:


  • Office 365 productivity is providing insightful information making sure that a person is not spending hours to access the important information as it already knows.
  • Azure synapse analytics give fast and interactive analyses fulfilling the most demanding need of any industry.
  • AI drive functionally makes Power BI more worthy of answering the questions perfectly.
  • Automation in the process power apps offers endless ease to the business analysts and managers to maintain the workflow.
  • The protection of the data is also essential. So, Microsoft information protection ensures that data is safe and sound with the platform.


All the business intelligence tools are to ensure better workflow and streamline the processes of the business through AI and Automation.

Gartner magic quadrant



How Magic Quadrant is changing the business flow?


gartner research publications consist

Modern analytics and BI platforms are to offer insightful data that eases the way people plan business and make thoughtful decisions. The usage of data is increasing by time and also the demand for data analytics. So, the data analysis is necessary and Microsoft office 365 is truly fulfilling all the needs regarding it.


Therefore, here comes the BI platforms like Magic Quadrant and it is completely changing the business dynamics around the world. The BI functionality is providing augmented analysis. From online shopping to mobile games, and digital TV, one can receive a detailed analysis of any industry and define their vision of business accordingly.


Uses of the Business intelligence BI platforms


These platforms are the ultimate solution for modern business analytical strategies and the common use cases are:


  • Supports the agile IT-enabled workflow: It provides the centralization of the data and maintains a smooth workflow.


  • Self-service analytics: It gathers all individual business units in one place to offer accurate analysis for better strategies.


  • Governed data discovery: Data is safe and recoverable in case of loss. All the data entered by the consumer, analytical content or certified data is easy to access.


  • Embedded analytics: It supports the workflow from data to embedded BI content in a process or application.


  • Easy Deployment: manage the workflow from internal processes to the ease of the customer.



Final Thoughts


In the entire business intelligence BI platform, Microsoft office 365 is one of the tops and now a leader is always appreciative.

If you want smooth solutions and manageable workflow for your business, you will love the BI platforms. Experts from the DFSM are helping with the training, implementation, and integration of all the tools of office 365. Contact now to get your business solution.

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