Power Platform new capabilities 2021 release

The 2021 Microsoft Power Platform Release Wave 1 has new features for the ever-changing business needs. The features are releasing soon from April 2021 through to September 2021. It includes all the features for Power BI, Power Apps, Power Apps Portals, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, AI Builder, and Data Integration.


News and changes in Microsoft Power Platform Release Wave 1

Power bi 2020

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI invests in their key areas of encouraging a positive data culture through amazing data experiences, integrations where teams work, and modern enterprise BI.

  • Power BI Pro delivers AI-infused insights to ensure easy access for everyone.  Microsoft will continue to make Power BI content easier. The new Quick Create feature will evolve and always allow you to access advanced capabilities like small multiples and composite models. Further Power BI will be available to integrate the Teams with new experiences in teams channels, meetings, and chat.

  • Power BI Premium continues to provide features that allow companies to speed up delivering insights on a scale that fits the company’s most challenging needs. This release offers versatile licensing models for businesses to choose between choices for per user per capability.

Power BI Embedded supplies a new product generation that allows customers to increase their ROI, scale quickly and achieve 16 times faster efficiency. Continuous usage analysis and cost control would be made possible for clients at the workspace level. Embedded Generation 2 also introduces a lower level of entrance for paginated reports and AI workload—start with an A1 SKU and get as you need it.

  • Microsoft Power Apps:

Microsoft Power Apps blend a bare canvas’s versatility that can link to any data source with the strength that is modelled over Microsoft Dataverse with the rich types, views, and dashboards. This release adds Monitor for debugging features, printing support (one top request from our maker community), and mixed truth for canvas applications. Microsoft also enhances global search relevance and introduces in-app updates to applications powered by templates.

Power bi
  • Power Apps portals:

Power Apps Portals improve the integration of Power BI to support live Microsoft Azure Analysis Services. It allows the sending of custom data objects, which provide additional background for customizing end-user reports and dashboards. Microsoft is introducing the ability to share apps with colleagues outside a team’s integrations at the front of Team Dataverse and enabling table data editing in Excel.

  • Microsoft Power Automate:

Microsoft Power Automate workflow strengthens the integration of cloud flow with other Microsoft products. For instance, a new trigger can be found in Microsoft Dataverse while an operation is being carried out. This feature enhances work with the traditional model of events and improves alignment with Dynamics 365 Finance Operations. Power Automate Desktop was launched in December 2020 to general availability and allowed manufacturers to automate their desktop applications’ diversity. Shortly, Microsoft will include migration, safe credential management, and much more for current software and UI customers.

Finally, the Process Advisor enhances experiences, which offers insights into how people function. A process mining feature in Power Automate provides rich visualizations where users can find routine, time-consuming processes that can best be automated.

power automate
  • Microsoft Power Virtual Agents:

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents offers enhancements to the authoring experience by offering topic recommendations from bot sessions, image and video assistance, and management of new stimuli to increase your bot’s capability. Additionally, it has the ” @mention” functionality and the ability to share your bot with a protection community to Power Virtual Agents (PVA) that is generated by Teams. Microsoft has also expanded upon the incorporation of Power Automate with improved error handling. Finally, we will obtain PCI and HITRUST certifications and support for the government Cloud.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents
  • AI Builder:

The Power Platform capability incorporates new AI models features in the preview and improvements in form processing. To detect if a signature has a particular position in a document, the new capacity requires a new area of availability and signature detection.

powerapps and flows

How can DFSM help?


DFSM is here to help you implement the same tools and app along with the consultancy. We will ensure you will have a brief understanding of the latest release to easily understand the new features and work according to your business needs.

Power BI


We will help you implement the Power BI and provide consultancy. Company intelligence in Microsoft simplifies the way businesses gain data insights and these insights allow organizations to make decisions, not assumptions, based on evidence. The emphasis is still on three key areas for Microsoft:

  • Amazing data experiences
  • Modern enterprise BI
  • Integrations where teams work

Similarly, the other upgrades are also part of the consultancy if you need them for your business.

Power Apps


Power Apps updates contain:

  • Single Interface Experience duplication identification.
  • Improved connectivity to mobile business processes.
  • Enhanced search knowledge of global significance.
  • Model-driven in-app alerts.

AI Builder

  • Form processing improvements
  • New Region Availability
  • Signature detection

Power Apps Portals

  • Significant improvements for portal developers of all skills.
  • Enhancements to the low code toolset to reduce the time taken to build sophisticated websites.
  • Support is enabled for familiar pro-developer tools for advanced developers.
  • In-app notifications for model-driven apps.

Power Automate

Digital and robotic process automation (RPA) helps organizations to do things more efficiently. Power automation changes include:

  • Cloud Flows
  • Desktop Flows
  • Process Advisor

Power Virtual agents

Enhanced authoring experience includes:

  • Variables list 
  • Topic suggestions from bot sessions
  • Cards for adaptation 
  • Incorporation of Power Automation with increased error management
  • Management of new trigger issue

Data Integration

Improved data integration includes:

  • Enhancement by Azure Maps integration 
  • Gateway diagnostics
  • Enhanced management of errors
  • Visual data prep for Power Query Desktop
  • Upgrades in security

Microsoft Dynamics Professional

What is Power Platform and Why you should use it?

Power platform (read about our ultimate guide here) keeps  allowing various businesses to create and execute customized apps, reports, and workflows. It includes Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents.

Moreover, these platforms help businesses to keep their data under a unified model. It is flexible enough to connect with Office 365 and Dynamics 365, making it easier for businesses to catch up on the data and data analysis. Additionally, it has a portal app helping users to interact with business data as per their needs.



Why Power Platform for Your Business?

Business challenges popping up during the pandemic have led us to the many challenges regarding business sales and other business operations. So, the Power Platform has proven itself to be worthy for this time. It can dramatically reduce paperwork, administrative duties, and enable companies to work on more competitive strategies. The self-service tool included in it enhances the client’s ability to identify customers’ needs on time and respond accordingly.


Improve Omnichannel Capabilities

No matter how your clients are communicating with you – online, mobile, or in person. Power Platform offers technology solutions that allow you to provide a steady stream of revenue throughout the board.

Gain Competitive Advantage


Small and medium-sized enterprises need access to real-time and enforceable data analytics. It is to their advantage for making decisions to sustain profitability through difficult times. The Power Platform offers an affordable way to access your existing data.

Empower Employees to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences


COVID-19’s results have enabled contactless interactions as a baseline expectation. Power Platform allows you to reconsider customer flows, eventually increasing customer satisfaction and employee morale.

Getting Started with Power Platform


Businesses are surviving these days on innovation. If you are not modernizing, you are probably leading to the wrong path. With the PowerApps or Azure Cloud, businesses can truly reach this level. It gives a low-code solution and more power to the developers and allows them to create the apps merely through visual representations. You can automate manual processes, have clearer insights on the data, and help you build apps in no time.

Ultimately, you are also confident about the data collection process’s accuracy and security by leveraging the Common Data Service (CDS) to integrate data from 350+ sources.

However, deploying the Power platform can be challenging initially, and you will need a technology partner for it. The partner or Microsoft certified organization will help you in setting an effective roadmap.

So, here is DFSM as a leading Microsoft partner and your best Microsoft Power BI consultant. You can rely on us with the implementation of the Power Platform without any hassles. Our team will gather your business information, understanding every aspect of operations, and help you with the realistic roadmap for starting on the Power Platform as soon as possible. Feel free to connect with our experts any time you need.

Power platform Success stories : American Red Cross

Organisations like the American Red Cross are carrying huge responsibility on their shoulders, investing in the right solution technology is a top priority.

Before going any further, you need to understand how the organisation works. The business scenario is simple. In times of disaster, they are the ones to deliver supplies and any emergencies are carried out by them like CPR, etc. So, catering to the needs of people in trouble, they need to be more efficient and productive.

Challenges of the American Red Cross

The biggest challenge as stated by the people working them was to answer a simple question, what are the numbers of the orders filled each month? They say that this was the simple question, but as they had their data on a paper form. They couldn’t answer it immediately. Therefore, the paper-work was more challenging than reducing some.

  • Orders lost in a way to the logistics team
  • There was no visibility into the orders
  • Confusion about receiving the orders was on the peak



Efficient Solution for American Red Cross – Power platform


Dynamics 365 is already in implementation within the organisations. However, it can be more beneficial when combined with the power platform.

PowerApps enables them to create an app, whereas the data can be shared through SharePoint and they were getting daily updates on the progress. The benefits of using the shopping cart app were in abundance and some of them are:

  • The lifecycle of the order is now 3-5 days then the weeks.
  • Visibility into the order lifecycle and logistics team workload
  • Instructors can now build other apps too
  • Quick in adding features
  • Regular status updates



Power BI has proved to be a great help for the American Red Cross. We know the challenges and the solutions. But this story of success doesn’t end here. If you think of it in detail, you will understand how it is assisting people in thinking beyond the single solution. They are building more business solutions using the power platform by Dynamics 365. More solutions include:

  • Asset tracking & assignment
  • Disaster Transpiration tool
  • Hurricane Harvey Volunteer Status Check

Still counting…

The main thing is that you can respond as quickly as possible. Therefore, the power platform is offering the best features to help act quickly especially during disasters. We can also imagine the situation of ongoing crises of Coronavirus, volunteers are befitting from this toll for it too.


AI Builder: A new machine learning for Power Platform

Microsoft has remained a pioneer for smart and intelligent application and Power Platform is one of them. Since technology is something that never stops innovating, that is the reason for new and innovative features to keep coming. We all know how Microsoft PowerApps is helping businesses to build apps for their organization without any hassle. It offers non-developers the ability to build as many apps as possible by connecting them with critical business data. All power platforms consume the common data services CDS behind the scenes.
So, adding up on the AI builder, it will make it easy for developers to adapt the machine learning approach for common scenarios. Ultimately, it will benefit in reducing the cost and overall effort of developer sin building business apps.
However, the process of making apps is already easy with reduced or now-code policy. But to ease the process little more, AI builder is now tightly intact to the Power platform for non-developers.
powerapps and flows

How AI builder is improving the Power Platform with AI & Machine learning?

Above mentioned information is too little to understand the core functionality of the AI builder. So, to get a complete understanding of this new feature of power platform, you need to learn about all the features of it.
So, before you move on to enjoy the AI builder in Power app, here are the capabilities that will help you to take full advantage of it.

1. Binary Classification

History is the best teacher and there is no denying in that. Similarly, the AI builder binary classification model helps in predicting future decisions. Prediction is based on historical scenarios. So, it is the way to take binary options answers that can be Yes/No, Pass/Fail, true/false, etc.

2. Text Classification

People in business are already aware of Natural Language Processing NLP. So, to solve your problems, AI builder text classification automates business processes. Besides that, it scales business processes and restrains your employees from acting on any spam insights, etc. Data is sorted with it and streamline the business processes.

3. Object Detection

This feature in the model is used to locate the objects from the image and simplify any inventory management system. It can help retailers to build better online customer relationships. And technicians can speed up their repair processes. So, with one feature we can solve many simple problems easily.

4. Business Card Reader

It is a smart way to extract business information imply by a business card. This feature in the power app studio will always help to scan any business card.

5. Form Processing

Tax forms and invoices can be processed without any extensive data science expertise with form processing.


Overall, the benefits of AI builder are offering the real-time experience to organizations for better decisions. Therefore, many users of AI builders are already praising it for its top-notch ability of building apps with automation. If your organization is also seeking for automation and artificial intelligent systems, DFSM has the experts for it. Just contact the team and enjoy the services.

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