Microsoft Teams Premium: Is it Worth it?

Meetings aren’t all the same, and every business has never had a meeting of the same size. So, the requirements demand more, and basic Microsoft Teams may not be sufficient for a lot of people. If your business needs more, you might want to get the Microsoft Teams Premium. 

But is it worth it, and can it cover all aspects of one-on-one creative brainstorming sessions? Let’s learn about its excellence in this blog post.

microsoft teams interface

What Sets Teams Premium Apart from the Standard Version?

The free edition of Teams provides access to key services such as chat, conference calls, and file storage. You’ll also get access to handy tools like the Meeting app, which allows you to establish and manage your team’s projects.

So, what is the difference between Microsoft Teams basic and premium?

Microsoft Teams Basic

Premium Microsoft Teams includes:

Benefits of Premium Microsoft Teams for Organizations

There is always proof that AI can make your meeting experiences smarter, but how does Microsoft Teams fit in this scenario? Microsoft has also integrated AI’s ability to save time and increase productivity and focus.

The latest enhanced version of Teams, which they term intelligent recap, uses OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model to generate meeting notes and highlights even if you weren’t present in the meeting.  After a meeting, this function generates a “smart” recording with automatically generated chapters and findings. 

It will notify you if your name was mentioned, a screen was shared, or you left a meeting early.  So, if you ever want to catch up on the meeting, you can have access to it. Let’s see what more it can offer, as here are the benefits you can enjoy with Microsoft Team Premium Versions:

microsoft teams interface

According to a recently commissioned study by Forrester Consulting, employing AI-powered intelligent recap in Teams Premium saved organizations 50 to 90 percent of the time spent catching up on missed meetings.

Organizations also save time with meeting templates and virtual appointments, boost security with superior protection features, and eliminate software license expenses, all of which contribute to a predicted three-year return on investment of 108 to 360 percent.

Study participants chose Teams Premium to save expenses, improve customer experiences, and provide employees with a straightforward method to harness AI to be more efficient in their daily work—and it did not disappoint.

During virtual meetings, security is essential, especially when sharing important information. With the help of a package of solutions provided by Advanced Meeting Protection, hosts can guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of their conversations. 

This tool supports professionals such as lawyers, product designers, and salespeople who deal with sensitive data. It can watermark shared content and manage recording rights.

Microsoft is also adding new webinar features to Teams Premium to support business expansion and lead creation.

They are making it simpler to persuade people to sign up for and participate in your webinars by using personalized emails. Organizers can customize and modify email messages, such as registration invites, waitlist emails, reminder emails, and webinar recording emails sent after the event, to more effectively present their brand and message.

How to Leverage Premium Microsoft Teams for Your Business?

There are many ways for you, but some of the common uses of the Microsoft Teams Premium version are: 

Teams Premium Licensing

The Universal Terms for Online Services apply to Teams Premium, which is licensed on a user-per-month subscription basis. Every user to whom you wish to grant access to Teams Premium features should have a Teams Premium user subscription license assigned to them.

Many sophisticated Teams features are included in a single license when you purchase Teams Premium. A single Teams Premium feature may occasionally be obtained through other licensing arrangements. But the most comprehensive and straightforward way to improve your company’s and users’ Teams experience is with the Teams Premium license.

microsoft teams interface
customer support

Bottom Line - Is Microsoft Teams Premium Worth it?

Microsoft Teams Premium is an excellent upgrade option for businesses that routinely host events for people outside of their organization, those that frequently need to refer back to meetings, and those that operate globally. 

It’s important to note that not all employees in the firm need the update; only those who often plan the kinds of meetings that might gain from the new capabilities need. Employees who primarily use Teams internally might not find the monthly cost justified despite the benefits. 

For more information, you can get in touch with the experts of DFSM

The Evolution of Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is continuously evolving. However, some people are still unsure whether to go with Dynamics 365 cloud or on-premise. We can assist you by guiding you through the entire evolution process.

Microsoft crm 2003

In the beginning: Microsoft CRM

Microsoft’s Customer Relationship Management business services have experienced numerous name and functionality changes since their introduction in 2003. We take a look at Microsoft’s Power Platform’s history and current state.

Microsoft Business Solutions Customer Relationship Management, which included basic Sales and Customer Service modules, was released in 2003. New fields and custom code could be added to improve the product, but customization options were limited beyond that. With the release of Dynamics CRM 3.0 in 2005, Microsoft added a Marketing module to the core Sales and Customer Service modules. One can now also add the Custom record types and get the activities to get reports for business anywhere else. Already, the product was gaining remarkable adaptability.



The ability to build a single system on a single platform that could benefit almost every aspect of a business gave rise to the term “xRM” or “Anything Relationship Management,” as new versions of CRM were released. Complex multi-faceted systems are easy to go with a strong security model and simple reporting options. However, all of this is available on the original Dynamics CRM platform’s Sales, Service, and Marketing modules. Customers were typically required to purchase full Dynamics 365 CRM licenses to gain access to the ‘xRM’ platform, even if they did not require the core Dynamics CRM out-of-the-box functionality.


The arrival of Dynamics 365

Of course, Dynamics CRM was not the only business application in Microsoft’s expanding business software catalog; they also offered several Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products, such as Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV. In order to standardize their business offering, Microsoft launched Dynamics 365 in 2016, which was essentially an umbrella grouping of CRM/ERP products. As a result, each product was rebranded.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Evolution from On-Premise to Cloud

Dynamics 365 cloud is a software suite that includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and other services. Here’s a quick rundown of Microsoft Dynamics’ evolution since 2001, focusing on its ERP line, Dynamics 365. It starts with Microsoft’s acquisitions of NAV and AX, followed by name changes to Dynamics 365 (D365), Business Central (BC), and Dynamics 365 (D365), Finance and Operations (F&O), and finally, its cloud strategy.

on-premise to cloud
Microsoft Intelligent Business Application Platform

Microsoft Business Solutions Acquisition History

When Microsoft bought Great Plains in 2001, it launched the Microsoft Business Solutions ERP line. With the acquisition of Navision in 2002, a multi-language, multi-currency business management solution for mid-sized firms to manage their financials, supply chain, and people, the ERP vision grew even further. Great Plains, Microsoft bCentral (TM), and Navision a/s were part of the Microsoft Business Solutions ERP solution range for small and midmarket organizations in 2002.

To compete with QuickBooks, Microsoft released rival ERP systems called Microsoft bCentral (TM) and Microsoft Small Business Financials (previously Microsoft Small Business Manager) in 2001.

Microsoft Business Solutions changed its name to Microsoft Dynamics in 2006, and their ERP purchases were rebranded Microsoft Navision to Microsoft Business Central and Great Plains to Dynamics GP. After Microsoft purchased Axapta in 2009, it became Dynamics Finance and Operations, an ERP geared to help companies, large organizations, and holding entities.

Microsoft acquired approximately 100,000 Navision-using firms and over 20,000 Axapta-using businesses as a result of these acquisitions.


Microsoft Dynamics Shifts Towards Cloud-based Strategy  

Cloud computing allows consumers and companies to use apps at any computer with internet connectivity at any time without installation. According to the global top research group Gartner, Software as a Service (SaaS) is the largest category in the Cloud market, and sales are predicted to increase by 17 percent to $85.1 billion in 2019.

The change to cloud-based solutions was necessary for Microsoft Dynamics to remain competitive with its CRM competitors, such as Salesforce, and ERP competitors, such as Netsuite. Since 2016, Microsoft Dynamics has been migrating from on-premise to cloud-based and hybrid solutions to suit this plan, and with the renaming to Microsoft Dynamics 365, it will continue to do so in the future.


Microsoft Dynamics Shifts Towards Cloud-based Strategy
licensing changes see dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations for Medium to Large Organizations

Dynamics AX was rebranded as Dynamics 365 for Operations in November 2016, and then again in July 2017 as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, which is the current moniker.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is the company’s new flagship ERP solution for medium to big businesses (with a target size of more than 250 employees).

D365 Finance and Operations now interfaces with field service, project service automation, retail, sales, talent, and customer service, bringing together formerly disparate systems into a single platform. Boost productivity by automating tasks and workflows in Microsoft Office apps like Outlook, Word, and Excel.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Small to Midsize Businesses

Dynamics 365 Business Central is now a multi-language, multi-currency solution. It connects financials, sales, service, and operations to help businesses optimize processes, increase customer interactions, and make smarter decisions. It connects many systems into a single application, using Office applications like Outlook, Word, and Excel.

Microsoft erp and crm

Microsoft Dynamics Evolves Beyond ERP and CRM

With its 2016 acquisition of professional networking site LinkedIn for about $26.2 billion, completed shortly after Dynamics 365 went live, Microsoft Dynamics has recently evolved beyond ERP and CRM to become an application platform for business processes. With access to LinkedIn’s 500 million corporate users, Microsoft CRM got integrated into one of the largest online communities. According to LinkedIn, people are more ready to respond to a LinkedIn InMail than to a typical email, which claims that its InMail response rate is 300 percent higher than a regular email. 

Bottom line

If you have made your mind and know about the benefits of the Dynamics 365 cloud, you must start looking for the Dynamics 365 CRM pricing to get a suitable and custom D365 solution for you. If you want to know more about dynamics 365 licensing and dynamics 365 pricing, feel free to contact DFSM. Our experts will take you on a tour of licensing and pricing.

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Turn Your Microsoft Teams Attendees Into A Loyal Customers Doing This

We are approaching a world of a new normal as we start emerging from the seclusion and limitation of the pandemic. As consumers, we have higher expectations. Successful businesses continually undergo changes, adaptation, and growth. Particularly, in customer experiences and in virtual events, to fulfill ever-changing customer expectations. Many experts plan that gatherings in person will gradually return but that virtual events will remain prominent. And this brings fresh and intriguing ways to increase consumer experience.

Microsoft is announcing the availability of expanded integration between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to help businesses take advantage of those opportunities.


Enhanced integration of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

New Microsoft teams integration is created using a combination of teams and Dynamics 365 to minimize distractions caused by changing apps and data searching. Microsoft argues that these apps will be more contextual as it continues to combine communication systems with record systems. This means that the Dynamics 365 workspace is able to meet, talk, call and cooperate without having to switch to teams. Or access, share and modify Dynamics 365 records when working with teams.

What’s new in it?

  • Contextual Embedded Teams Chat & teams channel
  • Embedded Teams Dialler for Microsoft 365
  • Dynamics 365 Sales Panel in a team meeting
  • Search, View & Edit Dynamics 365 Sales Records from Teams
  • Create Dynamics Notes & Tasks from Teams Posts
  • Connect Teams Webinars with Dynamics 365 Marketing


microsoft teams interface

Manage webinars with Microsoft Teams app

Teams webinar capabilities combine the structure needed to host large live events with ease of delivery.

Simplify event management

With the new Teams feature, you can hold secure interactive meetings and webinars for up to 1,000 people, including polls, video sharing, and reactions.

You have the freedom to organize your webinar any way you want—from Microsoft teams and dynamics 365 marketing, and the choice is yours. Both methods are simple and intuitive, with enhanced capabilities.


Simplify Event Management
Increase Attendee Engagement

Increase attendee engagement

Microsoft Teams makes it simple to capture your online audience’s attention and present it like a pro. Take advantage of new features like Standout Mode, which allows presenters to appear over content, and use PowerPoint Live and Presenter Mode to give more compelling and engaging presentations.

Create Dynamics Notes & Tasks from Teams Posts

Additional actions will allow you to create Dynamics 365 tasks and notes from individual Teams posts.

Create Dynamics Notes & Tasks from Teams Posts
Connect Teams Webinars with Dynamics 365 Marketing

Connect Teams Webinars with Dynamics 365 Marketing

 Integration with Dynamics 365 Marketing is one of the new webinar features revealed for Microsoft Teams.

Select a streaming option and set this as a Teams Webinar from an event record in D365 Marketing before using Marketing tools to promote the event. Teams can connect with Dynamics 365 Marketing after the session to export this data.


Get started Today with DFSM Consulting

Finally, if you are looking for a better experience during or after the pandemic, let’s start using Microsoft products and services with their new integrations. The DFSM team is ready to build with you, are you? 


Dynamics 365 Human Resources App In Microsoft Teams

Collaboration platforms have been a part of many businesses’ daily existence for quite some time. Others have only recently begun to use services such as Microsoft Teams. Whether you’ve used a collaboration tool before or not, learn what you need to know about using Microsoft teams for hr.

How do Microsoft Teams use human resources?

As a human resources department handles and communicates often with employees in an organization, it is crucial for them to be able to function efficiently. Microsoft Teams is a platform that gives HR a fast and easy way for employees to communicate and perform other tasks.

  • Ease the process of recruitment.
  • Inductions for employees.
  • Share the resources of the department.
  • Maintain updates of the company.

How does Microsoft Teams integrate with Dynamics 365?

Working from home has been the standard in recent months (no need to explain why), and many businesses have begun to use the Teams app in their daily operations. It’s no surprise that this collaboration tool is safe, configurable, and easy to use, and it seamlessly integrates into your virtual workspace.

As a result, by integrating this app with your Dynamics 365 CRM, you can build a single shared workspace for your whole team, making it ideal for remote work.

In Dynamics 365, How can I enable Microsoft Teams?

Go to Administrator –> System Settings —> Select Microsoft Teams Integration from the drop-down menu under General.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Now go to Microsoft Teams and sign in. Many other apps can connect to and access your Teams.

Dynamics 365 Teams app
  • Install the Dynamics 365 Teams app by searching for “Dynamics 365.”
  • You may also use Dynamics 365 to enable Bot.
  • Select your Dynamics 365 environment by clicking Configure.
  • You’re nearly finished; now choose your Dynamics 365 App to connect. Any D365 App can be connected, including Sales, Customer Service, Project Service, Marketing, and so on.
  • You can look for any record you choose. You may now view Dynamics 365 data in Teams or open a Dynamics 365 record from Teams.

In Teams, Open the Dynamics 365 Dashboard:

  • Select your environment and default App in Teams by going to Settings in the Dynamics 365 App.
  • In Teams, you may also modify the app and environment for your Dashboard.
  • In Teams, you may also modify the app and environment for your Dashboard.
  • You may also use the bot to look for a certain record, entity, alter the environment, and use the Dynamics 365 App.


Look for “Dynamics 365 Human Resources” in the Microsoft Teams app store.

  • To install the app for your Teams instance, select “Add.”
  • The app can be launched from the left panel or your list of installed apps.


How does DFSM fit?

DFSM has a Microsoft-certified team that can consult, examine, and can guide you on Microsoft teams’ HR apps. So, if you’re concerned about how to track staff using Microsoft Teams, how to use Microsoft teams to track employees and how to use Microsoft teams for human resources, let’s chat today. We are always happy to help.

Microsoft Dynamics Professional

Optimise your AP Department with an ERP and Automation

Optimise your AP Department with an ERP and Automation

Dealing with the PO and non-PO invoices is the most significant part of the AP department. So, when you implement Dynamics 365, it automates the process by reducing the time, cost, risk, and errors. The manual process of dealing with the invoices can end up in many mistakes and then rectifying them manually will take a lot of time.

If you wish to avoid these errors within your AP department, you must start thinking about getting the Dynamics 365 finance and operations. It will help in streamlining the AP department by easing the automation of workflows along with the enhanced operational visibility.

So, if you accept it as a game-changer of the industry, additionally, the cloud-based ERP platforms and Add-ons are taking Accounts payable automation to the next level. When we talk about the cloud-based ERP system, it automatically clicks to the mind.

Benefits of AP automation and Cloud-based ERP

Businesses are now advancing, and they are looking for more efficient solutions, just like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for accounts payable. However, it comes with some of the unbeatable advantages once you decide to implement the tools and module of it. Its benefits are:

·         Cost savings

You don’t need licensing software for every machine anymore because you can subscribe to cloud ERP and use it as per your suitability. The price is also comparatively low and dependent on the tools you are using through it. Also, the staff is free from upgrading the on-premises, and they are more efficient in their daily tasks. So, it saves a lot of extra expenses that you might be spending on machines and licensing to manage the processes smoothly on the servers.

·         Access

The massive advantage of cloud-based solutions is once you have the user authority,  you can access the data anytime. Even right now, many employees are working from home. So, it makes it easy for them to access any information they need to work, and real-time data is always giving more accurate results by the end of the day.

·         Scale

Usually, businesses have to think multiple times before scaling as it comes with the huge investment in hardware and workforce. With the centralized system and hosted solutions, the scaling is easily flexible. You can use multiple user subscriptions instead of multiple computers and manage the routine tasks smoothly.

·         Security

Authorities are divided and chances of data breaching are quite low. Also, the highest level of security protocols is offered for these cloud hosting systems. So, your data and every confidential information are safe and it far better than the servers that companies install.

·         Safety

Back-up is the real issue of the modern era. But the solution is always here, you don’t have to rely on the hardware. The data is automatically stored in the cloud-based servers. And in case of a mishap, you can retrieve the data from any computer and get your business back on the feet after the damage.

Bottom Line

So, ultimately, the automation is saving you from the losses and helping you deal with the accounts payable department by keeping the record of every transaction. Tracking helps to be fair in dealing and provide more efficient services to the customer. You are just a call away for quick and easy solutions and their implementation from the experts of DFSM. So, contact now!!

Deliver a Seamless Customer Service with Dynamics 365

Customers are always looking forward to contacting you and mostly they expect a prompt response. The latency or any other technical problems from your end may cause huge problems because late or no responses will force them to shift somewhere else. Now, if you don’t want to face this situation, you need to improve your customer service and the Omnichannel solution for it may work best for you. The CRM connects all the customer interactions and helps you optimize the experience with the customer.


Customer Service With Dynamics 365

How dynamics 365 CRM help you achieve Customer Expectations?


Omnichannel is essential in the digital world, people are more connected than ever and they need to get their issues addressed right away with proper solutions. So, the goal of the Microsoft dynamics 365 for customer service is to let the customers feel empowered while the system collects the data from CRM and ERP (read about the difrrence ) to improve customer relationships by offering personalised services.

However, if you are curious that Omnichannel is just an extension of the dynamics of 365 CRM, but how it helps? The following are the important features of it to ensure that you are delivering the best customer services when needed.

1.      Speed


If you are using a business application for some years, you will understand that managing the problem before it expands is no less than a dream. However, with the Dynamics 365 customer service, it can become a reality. You can engage across all the channels, and manage multiple conversations at once without a hassle. Moreover, it helps you to be quick with your responses after a customer reaches you out.

2.      Convenience


You can access all the information about customers in one place. It has the virtual agent that can save a lot of time and effort on your part as the customer reaches, it analyses the customer’s request and operates accordingly. If the question does not fall in a complex category, the virtual agent can offer the answers from the information in the CRM or ERP system.

3.      Self-Service


Today many people don’t want to spend their time chatting, texting, or emailing, they want to find out the business solutions on their own. So, the service portal like Dynamics 365 offers you the same helping customers find out their solutions through self-service features of the system and never worry about interacting with a person at all.

4.      Relevance


When the system pulls out information about customers from all the channels, it probably helps agents to provide a more relevant solution in a less time frame.

5.      Consistency


While you interact with the customers through multiple channels at ones, it improves the overall efficiency and productivity of the company. Therefore, the chances of improving customer engagement are higher than ever. You can get a more clear idea after availing the dynamics 365 customer service demo.


Wrapping up


However, if you come across any issues regarding your current customer relationship management system, DFSM is there to upgrade it for you. We can guide you on the dynamics 365 for customer service pricing and the implementation process.


Now, you are well aware of the features and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer service and no wonder it can be a great addition to your organization. So, call us now and get started with the top-notch customer support service.

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Dynamics 365 shipping integration in FO and Field service

Shipping in today’s world is one of  the demanding services in Retail and e-Commerce industries.

Managing it through advanced solutions is now the only way to keep up with the pace of the modern shipping process. Here comes the integration of supply chain cloud for shipping and DFSM has the experts to ease the process of Integrate shipping in dynamics 365 finance and operation and field service.

If you are still wondering about the facilities of this integration, we can help you with understanding all the benefits of it.


How D365 shipping solution is benefiting your business?

Whether it is about the dynamics 365 FedEx integration or any other company you are in contract, the solution has got your back. We at DFSM are constantly observing business needs and the main advantage you can have is our partnership with various companies. You can have all the carriers in one screen and select the right carrier for any shipment.

So, while we are talking about the benefits of the dynamics 365 shipping solution, let’s dig a little deeper to know more advantages of its integration.

Minimize freight cost


The major benefit of the shipping integration for FO or field service is that it reduces the freight cost, it connects you to the various partners to streamline your customer services.

Accurate shipping estimates


You get the data access directly from Dynamics 365 and the cloud helps you to estimate the accurate cost based on the main factors such as destination, delivery rates and package attributes.

Tracking information in real-time


To enhance customer service, you can select the best delivery methods and make sure that information from billing to the account assignment is accessible.

 Security & accuracy


Moreover, the cloud is secure and steady. It provides you latest updates including the latest delivery and shipping rates for all kinds of services.

  Platform Connections


It connects you to the E-commerce site for accessing the info directly and you can also activate the POS to manage items in the store. Additionally, the connection with a business central and supply chain effects directly to the efficiency of the store and shipping services.

Features of Supply Chain Cloud

Here some of the main features of the cloud that you can utilize once it is integrated and you can have all of it on the dynamics 365 shipping carrier interface.


  • Integration with Parcel Carriers
  • Tracking Numbers
  • Label Generation
  • Multi parcel shipment
  • Accessorial Support
  • Account Assignment


Contact DFSM for dynamics 365 field service shipping integration



So, while you are aware of all the benefits, you still need experts and consultants to help you with the integration process. The professionals are aware of the process along with the other dynamics of the business. So, get the best advice right on the time when you need it. We plan and execute the integration process keeping all the constraints and benefits in mind and you can sit back while we set your business on the path of success.




The main purpose of the cloud integration is to streamline your shipping strategies. Therefore, you can simply track all the information, choose the carrier of your choice, get the accurate estimates of the cost, and also reduce the freight cost. Now, isn’t it a great deal to be able to manage your shipping operations without a hassle? Reach the experts of DFSM and let them help you with the process of integration

Revenue Recognition in Dynamics 365 F&O

Stepping into a business world brings us to the experience of many different challenges.

Speaking of which, the most important factor to manage is finance and operations. New or old business owners, automation is now a vital part of every process.


Dynamics 365 is affecting every department of various companies. Besides that, the important department in any organisation is finance and operations. And it further leads us to revenue and profit.  In times of automation, we all understand that system efficiency is dependent on technology. So, Dynamics 365 Finance and operations are doing the same by offering the module of revenue recognition.


How do Revenue Recognition works?


Dynamics 365 offers you revenue recognition. If you are in the business for years, you would be familiar with it. However, this one tool is adding up the ease of people and just remember, revenue is different from the profit. Revenue is the earning a company draws from services or goods. Though, profit is the expense that remains after paying all the other expenses i.e. bills and taxes, etc.

So, here comes the revenue recognition with its tremendous features. Let’s see how the process works and why it is essential for your company.

This module will help you in performing two main tasks:

·         Revenue Allocation:

It helps is recognizing the exact value of revenue based on the multi-element order and other components.

·         Defer Revenue:

It is based on the schedule of revenue according to the time frame of contracts and percentages for revenue recognition over time.

Features of the Revenue Recognition in Dynamics 365

The revenue recognition module includes support for all kinds of services for software and hardware. Moreover, it will handle features like:

·Revenue pricing

Users can include different prices and it will be the one different from already charged.

·Revenue Schedules

It determines the time frame for revenue deferral.

·Multiple Sales order reallocation

Users can manage multiple sales order reallocation with efficiency.

·Workspace navigation and reporting

It is to keep track of all reports and schedules for revenue deferral.

Revenue recognition is compressing the 5-step model for revenue recognition into a module. And assisting organisations even better. So, plan, determine the time frame of the contract and create products accordingly. Furthermore, for more details and assistance regarding Dynamics 365 and revenue recognition, you have a DFSM team for help. Engage with our professionals to get the best results from the module.

Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

With the introduction of e-commerce era and the convenience of shopping online, there are a high chances of fraud too. We need to understand that if there are digital benefits of e-commerce to increase your revenue, there are possible frauds too.

 Fraud can be in a form of using a stolen credit cards or  through website/system hacking, the question is how online retailers are ready and prepared for this?

Australian Payments Network collects card fraud data from financial institutions and card schemes. Reported for the year of 2019, a Total FRAUD of ($574 MLLION) AS A PERCENTAGE OF ALL TRANSACTIONS

Mostly it is happening during the holidays, and due to the lack of a modern security strategy.


Fraud detection

Dynamics 365 fraud protection – Solution for Fraud prevention online

However, with the fact check and current happenings in the retail market, Microsoft is offering a solution for loss prevention online. Yes, you read it right, along with awareness among people, companies need to have a secure end too.

So, if you are also a business owner in Australia. You must know about the features of it to ensure that your customers’ safety. Having a great marketing strategy is not enough because security needs to tighten up too. Now, when you think about improvising the system within your organisation, you must learn the ways of doing it.

How Dynamics 365 can provide store security?

Just think about it for once. If hackers have a mindset to use technology in their favour. The companies have more power to use the same technology in their favour. So, let’s see the features of Dynamics 365 as a savior for us.

·Adaptive AI technology

It automatically learns from the scenarios and information to ensure the accuracy in data and adapt the new patterns on its own. And ultimately, it optimizes the

·Fraud protection network

The network means that it is always connecting to every aspect of the data. So, that simply means a broader perspective for you to secure personal information.

·Transaction acceptance booster

It is to share the transaction knowledge with associate banks and work together to maintain security.  

·Customer escalation boost tool

You get the best risk calculation and it is just to improve customer support.


What’s more in the store?


In the end, these are just some of the features available. But the tool is improving and working on account prevention along with loss prevention. So, if you are looking for a fraud protection plan get in touch with DFSM experts.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 fraud protection
Source: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection: Help prevent digital commerce fraud - THR2076

AI in Healthcare with Microsoft Azure

Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare with Microsoft Azure



AI intelligence is in the spotlight nowadays. You pick up any business and its operations, you will require AI function to streamline the processes. Microsoft Azure is an ideal choice to run everything smoothly and maintain the productivity of the organization. Microsoft is dealing with the cloud services from years and Azure cloud services make it easier for the people to improve the agility and scalability of the organization. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are all about efficiency. So, implementing it in the healthcare centres will automatically improve the industry catering to the needs of all healthcare institutions. Azure AI in healthcare

How healthcare centers can use Azure cloud?


AI and ML are providing multiple benefits to health care businesses. So, in case you are planning on downloading the blueprints of Azure cloud for your organization. Remember, it will boost the patient engagement, you will get an in-depth analysis of all the operations of the organization. It reduces the overall cost and also serves the needs of workers in the company. The basic benefits of AI and ML are easily counted:


  • Readmission Prevention
  • Accurate business value
  • Fraud and abuse reduction
  • Resource and Asset optimisation
  • The in-depth analysis report of every department
  • Calculating medical risks
  • Insurance claims analysis


You might be thinking: What else do these blueprints contain?


They also contain the privacy, security and responsibility modules to completely cover the operations of the healthcare industry. Threat models, security controls and responsibilities matrices are the main components of these blueprints. So, now you believe in the benefits of Azure cloud?

The database is huge and any fear of losing the customer data is nil. Azure SQL will always keep the hold of all the records. So, in this case, you can easily prevent any readmission of the patients. Moreover, the Azure architecture is built in such a way that it will be easy for organizations to connect it with other modules of Microsoft. Analysis reports will be accurate if they are based on complete data.


How does the azure management system work?


Azure architecture You have only one thing to worry about now and that is to make the Azure management system work. It includes different technologies HIPAA, HITRUST, Azure AD, Azure Key Vault, Azure Security Centre and power BI, etc. All the technologies cater to the team of healthcare and patients with full potential.



Now, you might understand why blueprints are important. and how Microsoft is the best provider for AI in healthcare. Also, many organizations are already running with the other products of Microsoft, this addition will help you with integration too.

However, you can buy your blueprint or use your partner to help you in developing and implementing the solution with your organization. So, if you are looking for a partner, DFSM with a team of experts helps you deliver and implementing AI and ML healthcare with Microsoft Azure.

Dynamics 365 Business Central wave 2 features

Dynamics 365 Business Central wave 2 features 



Small and medium-sized organizations are always looking for solutions to cope with the digital transformation of business. And with the help of business central, one can make informed and planned decisions.

Moreover, the business central wave by Microsoft is optimizing the supply chain, boosting sales, helping businesses to deliver and complete projects on time. Besides, it also protects data and transmits it without damaging privacy. Most importantly it is accessible, therefore one can run a business from anywhere.

However, recently Microsoft has announced the business central wave 2. They are introducing new features for better productivity and more efficiency. The release of new features is happening from October 2019 and will continue till March 2020. Here, we are talking about the latest features.

Business central wave 2 download


So, are you ready to explore?

More about the Release of wave 2 business central


Now, it is time to learn about the brand new features of the Business Central and how they will benefit businesses and organizations of different sizes.


1.           Application Enhancements


Microsoft will continue to enhance the application considering the needs of the most used areas. ISVs can easily build extensions and some of the application enhancements will include features for creating the records with given templates. It also allows non-sequential numbering, cancel reminders and finance charge memos and a lot more. You can check the list and updates on the Microsoft website.

2.           Application Life-cycle management


When partners move customers and solutions to the business central service, it helps organizations for managing customers and solutions. The functionality of the complete life cycle will help organizations to focus on VARs/Sis. Features planned for it include detailed notifications for update events, multiple production environments. Additionally, Report production outage in the Business Central Administration centre, Support for performance data upgrade from C/AL tables to AL tables and the ability to download a database export file are also a part of it.



3.           Empower ISV acceleration


This feature is especially to ISV development for new solutions, and migration is easy due to this. The design for extensibility id empowering ISVs.

4.           Migrations to Business Central online


With this addition, migrating data from other tools of Microsoft dynamics will be easy. The feature includes enhancements for customer migration tools.

5.           Modern clients


Modern clients are all about productivity and this feature will cater to all their needs. In this, all features are to increase productivity and provide a better modern browser experience.

6.           Modern developer tools


For modern developer tools, Microsoft is retiring the C/SIDE, and development language, C/AL and it is replaced with visual studio code, Azure DevOps, and an AL language to support extension base customization.

7.           Service fundamentals


For this, the reliability, security, and supportability will increase through the features. For example, partners have access to the support contact details in the Business Central Administration center, Lock-free number series and Page background tasks.




Final Thoughts


You can visit business central wave 2 download from Microsoft, and get the cumulative files for updates. Furthermore, you can use some of the features automatically available yet others have some time in a release. The details about availability and non-availability features are on the link above. In the case of integration services, DFSM experts are ready to help with business central cumulative updates and any other relevant services.

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