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When it comes to Azure migration, organisations are using the online service to help their enterprises access how its on premise workloads will and are performing. Cloud Migration Strategy for Azure will help with your businesses planning for migration to Azure Cloud; it does not transfer on-premises virtual machines (VMs) to the Azure Cloud.

This process we would recommend using other Azure services, either Azure Database Migration service or Azure Site Recovery.

What are Cloud Services?

Cloud services are broader than you imagine; you are probably using cloud computing right now. Cloud services are used to watch movies and television shows, playing games, as well as more business-related tasks like sending emails, editing documents & storing and transferring other files. Cloud computing is the reason behind you able to share all of this data with ease.

  • Migrating Applications To Azure Cloud
  • Streaming Movies & Audio
  • Analyzing & Recording Data
  • Creating & Hosting Webpages
  • Edit, Transfer, Store & Recover Data


It allows your organisations by providing services to upscale and manages data & file recovery services for your existing on-premise infrastructure.

DFSM Consulting will provide your business with an estimate of costings and help build a project plan which will allow you to make a better informed decision whether Azure services are right for your business.


Azure Cloud is reducing the complexity of cloud migrations. The reason behind this is their single comprehensive service rather than using multiple tools, which spends time & money. Azure Database Migration is a seamless service that allows an end-to-end solution by moving SQL server databases to the cloud. Use the Database Migration Guide for a more in-depth guide about your specific needs.


Do not stress, as Azure Cloud migration is a simple and easy way to migrate your relevant data. There is no need for specialised training or skills to get successful results.

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