Building Custom Tailored
apps on D365

Customize or Configure?

Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps subscribers say they want to customise the application, so we use the word “customise” to describe changing the system to make it work the way you want. Some people prefer to use the word “configure” because it suggests that no code was required to make changes. Call it whatever you like, we just want to make it clear that you don’t need to be a developer to create apps or customise Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement provides a set of web services and APIs that allow developers to write code. When code is written using supported methods you can expect that it will continue to work when you upgrade your organisation.”

The app designer helps you bring together all these components quickly. Its tile-based information structure and simplified interface make the process of building an app much easier, and you can create apps that are specific to your business roles and functions without having to write any code. “Custom business apps are comprised of components such as entities, dashboards, forms, views, charts, and business processes.

Each app that you create can have its own site map with the integrated and easy-to-use site map designer. Just drag and drop areas, groups, and subareas to the canvas. Components that you select in the site map are also added as entities in the app designer. You can add or remove entities as necessary, and also add other components. Once you’re done adding components, you can validate your app to check if you have missed adding any required components, add those, and then publish the app for users.

implementation of process and procedures project management


Create, manage, and submit project timesheets in Microsoft Dynamics 365. With Timesheets, project time can be captured “on-the-go”. Simplify timekeeping and improve working capital through decreased billing cycle times.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 365 Approvals

Manage approvals in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Enable approvers who are on-the-go to quickly view and take action on business requests such as budget, time sheets, expense reports, and purchase requisitions.
Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyser

Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyser

Help accelerate your business with actionable and engaging business insights. Tailored for specific roles, Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyser provides preconfigured business insights and a user experience that can be personalised to fit your needs. Whether you are in the office or on the go, you can discover and interact with your favourite charts and financial reports, or collaborate and share insights to help drive decisions more quickly.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Production Floor

Provide shop floor workers with an overview of the production jobs that need attention. Quickly perform daily production tasks such as starting jobs, reporting jobs as finished, and registering breaks and absence.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Production Floor

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Time and Expense

Help employees and people on-the-go be more productive by creating and submitting timesheets and expenses using a mobile device.