Business Process

We are ensuring that your ERP project or digital transformation succeed while being focused on your business processes.

Is your organisation in need to improve your operational and support processes?

Maybe it is time for a change. You may not need to invest in new software, but merely enhance your existing one to run operations more effectively.

Your employees and departments are probably comfortable with the way you operate, why change that when you can improve it. With a business process improvement, you can map and highlight inefficiencies & improvement opportunities to find the best way for your organisation to operate.

At DFSM Consulting, we will facilitate workshops, to bring your processes to life, while documenting them within industry standards, we use our cloud-based business process management system to analyse your operations so we can find a way to help your business.

The reason organisations ignore process mapping and analysis, sometimes comes down to the perceived lack of time. Or the internal departments lack the relevant experience to discuss process mapping and analysis. An ERP or CRM will not solve your companies issues, but it will benefit your business and ultimately your business operations.

Benefits of your Business Process
Improvement Project

  • All Processes can be Measured End-to-End and Compared to Expected Results.
  • Well-Developed Business Process Help Motivate Team Members
  • Improved Understanding which Leads to Savings in Costs, Increasing Revenues & Improvements.
  • End to End View of your Business Processes.
  • Business Requirements Defined
  • Stakeholders Feel As They Are Engaged.
  • More Effortless Transfer of Business Knowledge.
  • Executives Aligned and Willing to Proceed