Microsoft Dynamics 365
licensing guide

As a customer looking to purchase Microsoft Dynamics Licensing, there are a few things you need to research.

Microsoft Licensing

Due to the vast range of products that Microsoft Dynamics offers, you will need to decide what best suits your business needs. What product will you require? ERP, CRM, or an integrated system with both. Does your business require specific functionalities? If so you will be able to purchase individual apps to build yourself a system.

How many users does your organisation require? One of the most important factors you will need to consider. All plans can purchase different kinds of licenses for users.

Microsoft 365 License Plans

  • Full Users
  • Operations Activity
  • Team Member

Full Users: Gives full access to all features.

Operations Activity: Users can perform transactional tasks but cannot access all features.

Team Member: For users that don’t require all features, allows users to view & analyse data while giving them the ability to carry out minor tasks like time entry.

microsoft volume licencing

Team Member Licensing would provide users with light access to all of the Dynamics 365 apps to gain access to be able to view & track employees as well performing light tasks all within the applications Dynamics 365 offers. The best licensing plan for you due to its highly cost-effective method.

If you are looking for full access to just one module or application within Microsoft Dynamics 365, app licensing will be a suitable and highly cost-effective decision.

The most common licenses businesses are choosing to implement the Plan, giving users a full write/read access to the desired suite of applications selected to be able to find the most suitable suite of apps. If you need multiple business apps as a user, then this is your best option.

These are just some of the options you can take to help improve your business processes. For a more detail insight contact us today for a free strategic planning session to see how DFSM can help you with your technological transformation.