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Customer Relationship Management, otherwise known as CRM software, plays a crucial role in any business’s efforts to create meaningful, productive relationships with its clients, partners, and suppliers. Much more than a contacts database, CRM allows all of your customer-facing employees to learn about their contacts easily, keep track of their conversations, and deliver an outstanding experience.

While there are many CRM solutions available on the market, there’s only one CRM solution developed by Microsoft: Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Unlike other CRM solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates seamlessly with your other Microsoft Apps, including Microsoft Office, Outlook, and your other Microsoft Dynamics products. This integration gives your employees even more power since insights and data are recorded across the platform. Plus, with Microsoft’s familiar interface and easy access via the Microsoft dashboard, your employees will be able to adopt and implement your CRM solution into their workflows.

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Sales & Marketing

Benefit from Microsoft’s intelligence engines and smart data mining to locate and interact with prospects, leads, and customers so you can predict their needs and meet them with personalised solutions

Customer Service

Offer your customers and your support team simple, integrated customer service software that makes it easy to identify and resolve problems

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Project Service Automation

From creating the solution to billing the customer, discover Microsoft’s integrated project management software that enables projects to run more smoothly

Field Service

Optimise your field service with intelligent scheduling, smart apps for technicians, and Microsoft’s predictive maintenance intelligence