Microsoft Dynamics 365
sales & marketing


With the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales & Marketing for your company, you will be able to have improved confidence in the ability to go beyond the expectations of your buyers with a more personalised approach which is driven by a more intelligent software behind you. You will be able to enhance communication and your customer relationship management with your emails and respond proactively with embedded intelligence. As well as having a better understanding of what your buyers are thinking, identifying potential competition threats with social information and CRM marketing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales & marketing
Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales & marketing


Sales are about identifying, connecting and building relationships with the right buyers. With improved insights from an automated system, you can build trust and manage your relationships with improved processes and more unified data. While finding opportunities to continue to grow relationships with conversations on multiple platforms. Buyers only want relevant content.

Improve Revenue

Guide your sellers through the wholesale process by seamlessly connecting them with business data with Microsoft office 365, regardless of where they are. By providing your sellers with context-sensitive help and a quick sales process, you can help direct them to achieve fantastic outcomes. Microsoft Dynamics helps to make the sales execution faster to help accelerate deals with end to end management. With remote availability, your employees can work from anywhere and on the go. Allowing them to sell anytime and anywhere. With modern mobile applications, you can be confident they have information about contextual news, social data, and task flows.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales & marketing
  • Set More Goals
  • Monitor Results With More Accuracy
  • Integration With Power BI Improved Analytics
  • Simple User-Interface
  • Use Real-Time analytics to track performances
  • Greater Insight For Your Business
  • Boost Sales Performances & Productivity
  • Access From Anywhere At Anytime
Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales & marketing

Marketing Benefits

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing is one of the most powerful tools for communicating and distributing marketing to your clients. By analysing the results of your marketing communications, you can redesign and refine your approach. Dynamics 365 is allowing businesses to automate a majority of their business process, allowing your employees to focus on more critical tasks, like targeting the right audience and creating the perfect campaign.

Lead management

When looking at marketing, your business is ultimately looking for leads, to turn into potential sales. Dynamics 365 for Marketing provides an improved management system by tracking & nurturing leads more effectively. With an intelligent system, your team will be able to offer your customers support every step of the way from email engagement to event registrations. With the capability to build unlimited customisable dashboards, your marketers have a better insight and overview of your desired audience as well as your customers progression.

Due to the need for increased marketing, with Dynamics 365, you will be able to implement a multitude of campaigns across every channel. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides design tools and templates to help your organisation put together, dynamic landing pages, and web forms so you can capture more leads and create professional-looking documents.

implementation of process and procedures project management
Event management

Event management

With the ever-increasing competition within businesses, marketing is becoming essential for all business if your business is hosting events, like seminars, conferences and more. Dynamics 365 has an array of functions to help. By offering improved analytics from previous events as well as logistics for a venue or speaker management, These also include functionality for recording aspects such as schedules, tracking attendances and registrations.

Marketing insights

Business Analysis is an essential aspect of delivering a successful campaign. Without business insights and analytics, it is tough to improve your marketing strategies. With an improved analytic tool, you have access through an automated system to data so you can view your downfalls and improve your aspects that are lacking.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales & marketing
Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales & marketing

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Unifying Marketing & Sales allowing your business to transform the customer experience.

With an improved system, you can create customer profiles by using real-time data across Microsoft Dynamics & Adobe Marketing to track device use, online behaviour and advertising to provide a 360-degree view of your customers. By engaging audiences across multiple platforms with relevant content delivered at the right moment based on sales and marketing data to provide personalised experiences.

With this, you can identify the right kind of customers, which allows you to optimise your sales & marketing plan. Maximise revenue with more targeted campaigns with more knowledge of the desired audience enabling your business to sell smarter.

Minimise the time spent needed for documents by using Adobe Sign with Dynamics 365 to organise, send and manage contracts. With the automated system, records automatically updated, and contracts can be saved and sent to your desired location with just a touch of a button.