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Project Service Automation

Enhanced Sales Productivity

Project Service Automation is a very integral part of a CRM system; PSA offers project-based businesses the ability to manage and record tasks, expenses, time and resources within a single platform. Are you looking to stream the way your company operates their financials, human resources and resource departments by delivering the best possible service?

Project Service Automation will make that happen. At DFSM we will provide you with the support and tools to better understand your business.

Enhanced Sales Productivity
Dynamics 365

With Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, you will be able to manage your projects while improving all aspects of your project based organisation. Leading to an increase in both profitability and productivity. Even if your business is unique, we can help customise and set up the perfect system for the way you currently operate.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation (PSA) has complete visibility for your organisation to see more business opportunities which enable your company leaders to identify profitable opportunities.

Capabilities of Project Service Automation

Project planning

PSA provides an easy to use platform for managers; this allows them to collaborate with a wide range of individuals whether that is internal or external stakeholder. Enabling you to organise and visualise projects, costs and the potential for profit all within Dynamics 365.

Ensuring when it comes to project delivery, you and your organisation are equipped with the best tools.
Project planning

Allocation of Resources

When defining your business scope, time is required for specific projects. The managers can maximise resources for these projects and the way they utilise their staff is essential. With PSA’s resource management functionality,

You can efficiently allocate tasks to specific professionals who have the desired skills for the project.



Time Management

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation is simplifying your organisations time and expenses management. PSA provides your business with process flows which are easily configurable so that your employees can submit time, which makes it easier for the Human Resource Department to approve and update timesheets and expenses before they generate invoices.

Time Management

Bills & Invoices

Providing project managers with a single centralised location to view, review, track and take control of project costs and budgeting in real time. Dynamics 365 for PSA offers seamless integration with any existing third-party accounting software, whether that is Xero or Quickbooks, which makes it easier to generate bills and invoices with an automated system.


Empowers your organisational management by providing increased visibility for all of your project and their metrics. From costs, statuses and resource (skill/talent) utilisation enabling them to take action at the right time.