Microsoft Dynamics 365
Finance and Operations

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With the right enterprise resource planning software, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations. Business processes across your organisation come together for secure collaboration and rapid decision-making to enhance the overall productivity of resources.

Get more value, faster. Purpose-built industry capabilities – for manufacturing, distribution, services, and Public Sector – and enhanced core ERP functionality – like the Audit Workbench and budgetary controls – help you meet special business requirements with less customisation


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Core Functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Include…

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform
  • Financial management
  • Gain control over assets, cash flow, and accounting.
  • Procurement, supply chain and operations management, streamline purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, and sales order processing.
  • Customer relationship management. Improve customer service, and Increase sale and up-sell opportunities. 
  • Project & Service Management, Deliver work on time and budget with better billing and project monitoring
  • Human Resource & Payroll Management. Attract and retain talented employees with tools that help you will hiring and managing resources
  • Business Intelligence. Make smart decisions with easy-to-use reporting, analysis and business intelligence tools.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Integration

For business that are using the Dynamics 365 suite. DFSM Consulting helps to provide an intelligent, fast and effective integration that will continue to propel your business. By increasing your sales & marketing efficiency, while reducing costs while streamline all of your business processes.

Systems & Solutions 

  • Human Resource & Payroll Management
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Reporting & Forecasting Solutions
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Sales, Marketing, Field Service, PSA)
  • Legacy Applications
Project and service management.
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Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations Security

ERP Implementations are an intimidating process. Let along thinking about the security of your data. To make things more easily understood, you need to know a few things

When looking at Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, you need to understand how it is structured. Microsoft Dynamics has a role-based security system. Meaning you are able to assign roles or multiple roles for users.

Each role assigned gives the users access to certain parts of the system. Providing them with certain privileges and access to data or the ability to perform actions. These can be set, approved or denied in the system.

When looking at your client’s needs, you are able to document all their needs. By using Excel within the Office 365 suite, you are able to better view users & roles. Providing clients with an easily accessible to configure security and functions on Finance & Operations. This allows you to easily configure security.

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Project and service management.

Microsoft Dynamics D365 Finance & Operations Features

  • Role Tailored ERP client with built-in Dashboards, Role centres
    , KPIs and reports.
  • Web-based Enterprise Portal for
  • Employee Self Service,
  • Vendor e-Procurement,
  • Customer Self Service.
  • Microsoft Excel Add-in, Power View and Power Pivot features.
  • Built-in, out of the box financial reports through Management Reporter,
  • Business Analyser, which provides enhanced reporting and business intelligence.
  • Management Forecaster for advanced-level organisational forecasting needs
  • Built-in, out of the box Data Migration tools and framework.
  • Easy to manage and control system administration.
  • Enhanced budgeting mechanism, which provides flexibility and
    better control.
  • Easy to develop integrations with Mobile Apps on iOS, Android
    and Windows.
  • Drag and drop feature in developing workflows and applying
    controls at different levels.
  • SSAS Cubes, which provides immediate access to transactional
    data directly in Excel.
  • Out-of-the-box user security roles profiles.
  • Built-in standard reports, with customisation opportunities to suit organisational needs.