Microsoft Dynamics 365 For

Dynamics 365 for Talent

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, it allows and empowers your Human Resource managers and employees with the necessary tools for accelerating and locating the best candidates in their respective field. Talent will help win those top employees and enable them for success.

Talent 365 is a new and improved way to move past traditional Human Resource practices with an automated system with data all in the one the place. With the introduction of Talent, it gives HR Individuals the power of Office 365 & LinkedIn to help quickly find the right candidates for the job.

The wide range of applications available makes this effortless compared to traditional methods. This software is easily implemented to gain better opportunities to find the right people.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for TALENT
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for TALENT


In a single location, you can give your managers and employees human resource capabilities that will streamline business processes. This will optimise workforce costs, deliver business impact, and drive a high-performance organisation — enabling managers to initiate change with ease. Such as requesting employee transitions without the requirement from human resource department to reduce administrative tasks which ultimately frees up time for more strategic initiatives.

With Core, we have integrated the ability for your employees to actively promote their careers with personalised profiles that showcase their skills. With access to the employee portal they can showcases skills, career goals and view potential business opportunities. Dynamics 365 HR Management is helping to elevate performance by giving managers the ability to build high-quality teams with more access to real-time data. With the ability to track accomplishments and identify problems, employers are able to take immediate action to improve and optimise KPI’s. With the ability to manage past, present, and future employee data, through Talent’s automated and customisable interface. It allows the user the ability to add/hide aspects not relevant and organise it to meet his/her needs.


With the increased competition for the best candidate is expanding. Talent provides hiring managers the help to control the hiring process, and you can use Attract Onboard and LinkedIn in finding and engaging with potential employees. Attract is providing digital transformation for the hiring experience for HR managers. Talent gives you a connection with the world’s biggest talent marketplace. You are helping to save time and more efficiently go about your hiring processes with this seamless system.

Improve your candidates experience with a more straightforward way of communicating with access to a portal that helps to give guidance and transparency with every step of the process.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for TALENT
Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-boarding Interface


With Onboard you can help to eliminate the stress and nervousness that comes with starting a new job. Dynamics 365 for Talent: Onboard empowers you by providing personalised on-boarding that improves engagements and streamlines paperwork.

With improved engagement before day one, You want your new talent excited about their role, that is the benefit with our personalised on-boarding guides.

By providing step-by-step checklists that ensure administrative tasks, like background checks. So that their first day is as smooth as possible. This ensures that new employees are focused on jobs with defined objectives and responsibilities.

Access to on-boarding guide templates to build a base for different roles as you make the preferred team you have base information for all positions.