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Chief Financial Officer, Financial Directors, Sales Directors & Financial Managers all have a vital role in a successful ERP implementation. Most CFO’s may think that is not a big deal for them to be involved in, that you can trust an IT Manager or CIO to choose the right software to make your business applications run smoo

Finance Director – CFO

Companies regularly have issues with keeping their ERP Projects strategic, as once implemented, IT Departments continue to operate them, where there is an increased focus in software and technical details. These implementations have a higher risk of failing.

CFO’s need to ensure that they add value to discussions; based on financial functions and organisation as a whole. ERP can help to provide this, ensuring CFO’s can make critical decisions when needed.By bringing in risk management & capital allocation, ERP can be the most supportive software you have to make those process seamless.


When implementing an ERP system, you need to have a team involved. A selection and implementation of an ERP is a fundamental decision to make, ensuring you choose the right solution for you. As an IT Manager, you are an essential part of this process. In many business decisions, IT is usually responsible for sign-offs on purchases for software.

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Most Sales & Marketing Leaders understand how valuable a great CRM can be, by completely changing business processes. A Customer Relationship Management tool can be invaluable to a business by helping to increase sales, saving time and producing more accurate sales forecasts.