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Most Sales & Marketing Leaders understand how valuable a great CRM can be, by completely changing business processes. A Customer Relationship Management tool can be invaluable to a business by helping to increase sales, save time and produce more accurate sales forecasts.

Due to the increasing pressure and competition of the sales atmosphere, CRM’s are becoming more critical to maintain the competitive edge that keeps you at the top. The idea of a new CRM system can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. DFSM can help guide you to make sure you receive a system that will benefit your business.

  • Enhanced Sales Productivity
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Customer Retention
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Improved Analytics & Reporting

4 Stages of Sales Phase

Being aware of your sales process is one of the most critical aspects of operating. Finding prospects is the preliminary research stage of
your sales pipeline. Once you have done your research, you can start to create leads. Creating a shortlist of potential clients hoping to connect with and beginning to plan your business process flow.

Creating initial meetings with clients to measure their qualifications, discussing the needs of your potential client, to ensure you can offer them a product to help reach their business goals. As this stage, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, you have calendar functionality to sync with email provider ensuring you do not miss meetings.

If these meetings process successfully, you can assign them to “qualified” in your CRM pipeline. With high numbers of candidates, it is easy to organise data with the help of the CRM system. Efficiently coordinate additional meetings & presentations to discuss fine details.

Once the deal is complete, whether your client has approved or denied. You can keep track and start the client on-boarding for those successful contracts. Even if you lose a deal, you can maintain that information and make sure you improve on your next proposal.  By analysing all of your closed sales, you have a better picture of what is successful and what isn’t — allowing you to turn them around in the future potentially.

Once you have discussed all you need, you can create and send a proposal to the prospective client. You can create a stage in your CRM, so you know precisely who has contacted and which clients you need to address. CRM also gives you the ability to create timelines & reminders so that you can follow up if you haven’t received any feedback.

Due to not all proposals being perfect and accepted first up. You can set a stage for negotiations, so you know which clients are a priority. Ensuring your team will be mainly focused on closing the deal.

Enhanced Sales Productivity

A CRM can hold and record previous customer information, giving you access to data that includes previous purchases, notifying you about social media engagement to help benefit you more things like email marketing.

While also giving you in-depth context on how well your business is doing with your sales process. CRM software is designed to help close more deals and improve productivity for sales managers.


Improved Customer Satisfaction


Customer Satisfaction is one of the most critical factors in sales. With a CRM, you can collect data from multiple sources, including website, social media services and keep all the data in one centralised location, allowing sales leaders to have access at all times.

So you can focus solely on providing attentive customer service, responding to requests and issues. Enabling you to cater to all of your customers needs, allowing you to improve the levels of customer satisfaction.

Improving Analytics & Reporting

With all of your companies data in one centralised location, your business processes are improved, which helps to eliminate miscalculations which lead to weak and ineffective business decisions. A CRM solution is helping to create business solutions for sales & marketing and allowing you to create more insightful reports to help teams visualise their business processes and performance.

Providing them with details so that they are able to make changes if necessary. With the introduction of a customisable, user-friendly dashboard, Sales leader have a better picture in real time of how their business is performing

steps in project implementation process

Improved Efficiency


Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps to provide an improved way of managing leads, combining multiple details (sales, marketing, etc.).

While finding new customers and automating time consuming tasks, a CRM helps in improving not only efficiency but also profitability.