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When implementing an ERP system, you need to have a team involved. The selection and implementation of an ERP is a fundamental decision to make, ensuring you choose the right solution for you. As an IT Manager, you are an essential part of this process. In many business decisions, IT is usually responsible for sign-offs on purchases for software.

With targets and goals on keeping your software up to date and running at full efficiency. Implementing an ERP would help to ensure your business stays efficient & profitable. As an IT manager carefully balancing business decision’s can be difficult. When it comes to software upgrades or implementations, there is a wide range of benefits, these include.

  • Free Up Valuable Time
  • Customisation
  • On-Going Support
  • Easy Integration
  • Automated & Integrated System

Free Up Valuable Time

The IT Department spends significant time with reporting, whether that is monthly, yearly or an ad hoc request from specific personal. The responsibility to manage and record data often falls to the IT Department. However, with an ERP in the IT sector, Microsoft Dynamics is designed to help automate business processes and create a more in-depth business insight, making it easier for end users to manage reports. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows for the end user to have an easy interface to be able to build & maintain their reports ensuring that there is less pressure for the IT Managers. The time saved means that you can spend more time focusing on planning and carrying out projects to help further improve your business operations.



Many ERP vendors have previously gone against enterprise resource planning systems customisation because it becomes more complicated and creates large complex software solutions which increase the risks of a failed implementation.

However, customisable is a feature, extension or modification that requires custom coding or some changes

At DFSM we can cater for these requirements and help create a suitable solution for your business.

ongoing support

ERP software is a very significant business venture, and implementations takes many months. To make sure that you can achieve a successful implementation.

Our highly skilled professionals will be there every step of the way. Assisting your company with everything from technical to functional development through to data migration.

Feel free to contact us today to find a business solution for you.

ongoing support
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Dashboard

Easy Integration

A common objection from IT Managers is about the complexity of an ERP Implementation. Purchasing an ERP solution is a significant decision and needs time to decide whether it is right for your business. Another concern for an implementation is about how it will integrate into their existing platform.

Microsoft Dynamics has a very friendly user-interface. Our team of professionals can ensure you that all of your data and existing database will be integrated smoothly into a new and improved system.