How will your Aged Care Organisation benefit from an
ERP Implementation?

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The aged care sector is evolving significantly faster than in previous decades due to an increasingly aging population. Aged Care providers are looking to be the best in their industry by keeping up with the technological transformation with an enterprise resource planning solution. If you are a home care worker or provider, you will be experiencing the change in the market. Australians are deciding to stay in their homes rather than move into nursing homes.

“According to the Department of Health, the number of people accessing health care software is expected to reach 3.5 million by 2050, about 80 per cent of those services to be delivered in the home”. The Australian Government has also committed more than $70 million over four years to help change the way home care services operate.

At DFSM, we understand that not two home care management providers are the same, so when implementing software, our team conducts significant and in-depth research to gain a better understating of your organisation. Our research focuses on business objectives, processes, staff management and administration as well as analysing your existing technologies. We plan to ensure your business has a successful implementation, and with our valuable insights, we can develop a comprehensive plan specifically tailored for your industry and organisation.

We can highlight any possible risks, challenges, recommendations, opportunities, success factors and more for your project. We strive to complete software implementations while being time & cost-effective. We have successfully built a cloud-based home care management software for aged care providers across Australia.

Aged Care

Why Home Care Organisations in Australia use
Dynamics 365 Aged Care?

Why Professional Service Operators use Microsoft Dynamics 365?

  • Retain data to be able to manage patients transfers, ongoing care and admission more effectively
  • You are supporting staff through aspects of talent management including recruiting, training, rostering and retention.
  • View & keep track of essential equipment, servicing, maintenance, and improvements for your facilities.
  • The ability to track services, and maintenance tasks through the entirety of your facility, including warranty management and food services.
  • Home Care Rostering Software
  • Manage your business leads and contacts to optimise marketing efforts and attract new residents.
  • Maintain supplier data while managing requisitions and tracking approvals of all your purchases.
  • Access from anywhere through an online cloud-based system & mobile app.
  • Manage your projects, and these include contracts, time, billing, and expenses.
  • Home Care Scheduling Software.

CRM For Aged Care

At DFSM, we can provide an industry-specific Australia home care software. A system designed specifically for healthcare organisations.

The collection of data from multiple sources of data is essential with a wide range of data that includes Consumer & patient demographics, social, behavioural, financial, clinical data and more. Providing a comprehensive view of patient habits and activities is essential. The goal of a home health care software is to engage, acquire and retain patients.

Customer Relationship Management software in the AgedCare industry allows for the management of patients, clients and all of their information in real time. Similar to CRM for sales, the healthcare system has standard modules. Healthcare CRM also includes specific features that are necessary for the healthcare industry. These include

Scheduling, Initiating and Tracking all interactions with patients to ensure everything is maintained and recorded. Allows you to set reminders in your online calendar, and confirm appointments.

Generate and customise various reports including reports that track ROI for campaigns. Or reports for the average number for a patient that doesn’t show.

View, manage and update records of patients and effectively communicate with patients.

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