Cloud ERP for
Distribution & Transport

How will your Distribution Transport Organisation
benefit from ERP Solutions?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management System

Microsoft Dynamics for Distribution and transport

Within the Distribution, Warehousing & Transport industry, many challenges are arising due to the significantly rapid expansion. Distributors must be able to balance customer requirements, demands, while maintaining the growth and diverse inventories. Dealing with fluctuations in the supply chain and monitoring and managing margins for higher costs and reduced selling prices. The reason for an ERP software is to provide an improved method to be able to get a full scope of your organisation. Allowing you to better monitor and overcome the challenges.

With the implementation of an automated and integrated system, you are to view and manage all business processes from all departments in one centralised location. Providing your employee’s visibility and control over the supply chain management, purchase order management, warehouse management, wholesale distribution, inventory tracking, packing and shipping, eliminating the need for re-entering data between systems and reducing the possible risk of errors.

Why Wholesale Distribution Businesses & Transport Organisations Use
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Inventory Management, Master Planning, & Quality Management


Control inventory with a variety of models and safety stock support.
Apply multiple options for inventory valuation, including first in/first out (FIFO), last in/first out (LIFO), standard cost, and weighted average

Master Planning


Create and run multiple plans across multiple sites to meet demand and keep orders synchronised based on changes in the internal or external application. Improve distribution planning and forecast scheduling with an overview of longer-term purchasing, production, and resource requirements.

Optimise enterprise-wide planning by providing upstream organisations in your supply chain with visibility into the demand of downstream organisations.

Streamline subsidiary trading and apply intercompany trading policies. Create intercompany order chains directly and automatically from sales order to end-customer with and without direct delivery, and update sales orders from purchase orders and vice versa.


Maintain centralised control of all site parameters from any location, whether site-specific or company-specific, including inventory, performance goal management. BOMs, routing, costing, and profit and loss dimensions. Manage multiple, distributed warehouses; apply different costs, prices, and cost category rates; and route data by dimensions.

Support multiple time zones with preferences for date and time fields set at the user level, Improve business processes for quality assurance, quality control, and lot traceability.


Warehouse Management

Automatically receive suggestions for received item placement based on preset rules for one or multiple warehouses. The ability to track received orders with pallet identification; generate and optimised picking route.

Use bar codes to track items and locations electronically. Streamline outbound processes by configuring rules for sending and printing shipment documents


Procurement & Sourcing

Facilitate direct and indirect acquisition of goods and services

Use Self Service capabilities to empower employees to order day-to-day goods and services from searchable online catalogues.

Help vendors operate more efficiently by enabling them to perform a variety of tasks online, such as updating profile data and catalogue content, submitting invoices, and reviewing payments.

Enhance buyer capability to support procurement policies and processes

Extend your procurement process with a cloud-based service facilitating the RFQ process



Employee Portal


Use the Employee Portal and workflow tools to enforce spending, allow approval policies, and to enable employee self-service for performance goal management.

CRM for Cloud ERP Wholesale Distribution

CRM for Distribution & Warehousing Professionals gives you 360-degree visibility into your business. You are replacing the functions of previous systems and databases with an improved customer service module which logs and tracks client and customer interactions — allowing you web access anywhere and anytime. Giving your employees access for management of sales and workflow. Sales staff can view all customer records and details in real time from a mobile app.

By reducing manual work for your staff, you can improve time management by automating everyday tasks, queries and reports.

Increasing efficiency for customer interactions and business processes.

Integration with Microsoft Office® and Outlook® enables you to import and export spreadsheets into your Microsoft CRM from existing databases. As well as allowing you to add SharePoint links, track and log conversations, save Word documents and add contacts from Outlook.

With a CRM, it is accessible anywhere at any time via any mobile device. Therefore providing all employees in the office or from home and everywhere in between with access to sales, customer service and management functions.

By allowing employees access at all times, it helps by enhancing productivity and business decision-making with accurate, real-time data.