Microsoft Dynamics 365 for

Microsoft Dynamics can be a Powerful ERP Software for Educational Institutes


The education sector is always busy around the clock with multiple activities, including admission, exams, records of documents which include features like staff and student information systems. Due to the importance of education, it is necessary to be able to maintain documents and records and staff details in one centralised location. Due to the confidential information they obtain, they cannot afford to misplace data.

An ERP for academic institutes plays an essential role in the management and admin team to manage academically related processes. These include things such as fees as management, grades & exams, tuition fees, admission management software, library management & more. With an ERP solution every stockholder which includes students, staff members, parents, and alumni will have access to data that will be useful to extend transparency of policies & student quality while improving business processes.

Microsoft Dynamics can be a Powerful ERP Software for Educational Institutes

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions for Education

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions for Education

We are continuing to grow as a society and are living in a world where computers are essential. Technology is changing the way we live, for the better. Why not utilise that technology to propel your institute. In the last decade, the use of technology in schools has drastically changed and has allowed for new learning experiences like online courses, and smarter classrooms. It is helping simplify the management of educational institutions.

ERP is not a new concept for the educational institute; whether you are primary, secondary or higher education institutions, DFSM can help find a solution for your organisation.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Higher Education works?

  • Cost-effective

The most significant advantage for an enterprise resource planning implementation is the cost factor, it may seem like a substantial
investment, but saving on the number of working hours let you keep so much on finance. When it comes to the campus management
system, the workforce is something you need for tuition collection, admissions, and others including fee payment. When you have an
automated system, the time is cut, which means you can work on other valuable tasks.

  • Better Organisation of Data

Think about this, all of your data in one centralised location. Allowing you to organise it the way you want, an educational ERP system
gives you many ways to coordinate data of your institution that would help in the proper management of it. Data is managed well and
available with a single touch of a button

  • Secure Data

Data & information stored on cloud-based servers is more secure than those stored physically on-premise. By storing data using an ERP
system in the cloud will give your data backup systems which help to protect your information further.

  • Automated Administration

An administration which was otherwise managed using plenty of staff creates risks and potential mistakes, which are hard to track or
manage. With an ERP System, those data errors in managing important administration processes like fee collection, library books, and
admission lists are eliminated. The only errors that would occur are human errors or technical glitches.

  • Faster Management Processes

Education ERP software will improve the speed of processes of your business management to a great extent, let’s say in a matter of seconds.
An Implementation for an ERP system can take a long time due to complex programs, but once implemented, there is faster management of
your institution. Whether that is for the admission processes or generating customised reports for the staff or students scores within minutes.

CRM For Education

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be a Powerful CRM Software for
Educational Organisations

The Management of student relationships and services are essential in the success of any university, college or technical institute. Managing
relationships with current & prospective students while delivering the best service available, through their academic journey is the key to

CRM for Education is tailored explicitly for helping the learning industry improve the way it operates when managing students with intelligent
CRM Platforms like Microsoft Dynamics. Your institute’s platform and add-on capabilities allow us to find the best solution and modules for you
to ensure that your institute is operating as efficiently as possible.

Universities, colleges and schools all have a diverse range of users with varying needs and processes. We offer industry-specific modules to make
your business excel. These include

Storing and protecting exam papers and results with increased security protocols. Gain better insights into examination attendance and results with real-time data, and receive alerts such as recurring absences so that you can resolve them quickly using a mobile device.

Recruits to graduates are made simple with automated marketing that nurtures contacts throughout their lifecycle. Tracking and managing tours on campus new students, by having a better international recruitment process with more activities, it allows you to reach your admission targets.

Track key donors, alumni and affiliate groups for greater insight. Reduce workloads and gain mindshare by scheduling activities, create emails alerts, through social media and other channels to communicate with critical donors and affiliates. Allowing you the ability to track successful campaign strategies with in-depth reporting tools

With the CRM tool for disability service management, you can meet the needs of disabled individuals and groups and can record all services required. These include activity details and related documents while being able to respond to enquiries by creating alerts with ease. You can have full confidence that your sensitive student data is protected with the CRM’s security features