Cloud Based Healthcare

How will your Healthcare Organisation benefit from a Healthcare Management Software Implementation?

Due to the complex & competitive nature of healthcare & pharmaceutical organisations, there is a struggle to meet business challenges with ever-changing requirements for clients, patients and strict regulations within healthcare. Your business must be able to make quick decisions to adapt to constant changes.

DFSM cloud-based hospital management system is enabling organisations in streamlining and automating the process which will ultimately help in controlling costs and giving your company the ability to adapt in the dynamic environment. With our business solution for healthcare & pharmaceutical, you can focus on improving patient satisfaction & maintaining the highest level of service possible.

Cloud Based Healthcare software

Why Pharmaceutical Organisations Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for healthcare

By adding an Intelligent System to your Healthcare & Pharmaceutical industries, your organisation receives…


    Giving you the ability to gain better visibility for your business data from an industry based dashboard. Helping to support decisions across your organisation promptly.

    By having access to be able to configure processes, workflows and being able to meet the needs of any business within the industry. Still providing customisation and adjustments if need be.

    With DFSM’s Microsoft dynamics implementation, you have access to real-time information about clients & partners which allows your company to build and deliver personalised care to help ensure in improving patient satisfaction.

    DFSM’s healthcare ERP solutions integrated into sales and your service processes with a Comprehensive ERP implementation. Has been used over and again to help organisations with productivity. Giving you the ability to track reports while using auditing tools in real time.

    Pharmaceutical ERP modules can be customised to improve manufacturing processes. Healthcare & industry specific companies will benefit from a planning solution that improves all Web processes, improving efficiency, accuracy, and improving supply chain management.

    Health care management is one of the most critical and highly regulated industries due to the fact of the massive transformations it has
    gone under due to increasing demands and strict regulations. Due to these changes organisations are looking for the best solutions & help
    that they can find to provide the highest level of care at the lowest cost for their patients.

These challenges can create difficulty for companies, that begins to place priority for a reduced cost which ultimately reduces quality control.

With the implementation of an intelligent business solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help to automate essential business processes.
With a solution, the ERP software can be customised to fit your organisational needs. Whether your organisation predominantly focuses on
patient care or pharmaceutical manufacturing, Microsoft Dynamics can provide the perfect solution.

With the right business solution, you can organise your processes and ensure that you can deliver products on time at a reduced cost. ERP
systems will also help companies in managing their financial reports with a better understanding of payment processes while having a
better image of supply chain management.

Benefits of an ERP in Healthcare

  • Compliant with industry-based regulations
  • Visibility from start to finish
  • Improved Track-ability
  • More Effective Inventory Management system including FEFO “First Expiration, First Out.”Less waste through a better expiration system
  • Accurate decisions with Real-Time Monitoring
  • Quality Management
  • Customer Demands Meet Promptly
  • Optimising operational processes which increase profitability
  • Improving the Quality & Distribution of drugs
Cloud Based Healthcare software

CRM for Healthcare Services

At DFSM we can provide an industry-specific Healthcare CRM. A customer relationship management system designed specifically for
healthcare organisations.

The collection of data from multiple sources of data is essential with a wide range of data that includes Consumer & patient demographics,
social, behavioural, financial, clinical data and more. Providing a comprehensive view of patient habits and activities is essential. The goal of
a healthcare CRM is to engage, acquire and retain patients.

Customer Relationship Management software in the healthcare industry manage patients, client and all of their information. Similar to CRM
for sales, the healthcare system has standard modules. Healthcare CRM also includes specific features that are necessary for the healthcare
industry. These include

Allowing staff to add or update patient records, segment patients to target groups based on conditions, and effectively communicate
with patients.

Add, View, Update & manage tasks, assign them to specific individuals, and track their progress, deadlines, priorities, and completion.

Schedule, Initiate and Track interactions with patients, which includes functionality for setting reminders for calendar and confirming

Generate and customise various reports including reports that track ROI for campaigns, or alternatively, reports for the average number
for a patient that doesn’t show.