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How will your Not For Profit Organisation benefit from
ERP Implementation?

ERP for Not for Profit Organisations

Running a Not for Profit organisation without the tools you need becomes increasingly more difficult to succeed, it adds unnecessary complexity and challenges. The need for an efficient and accessible system becomes increasingly even more critical. When it comes to not for profit organisations, we understand why your organisation needs accountability and flexibility when trying to meet all of your targets ahead of time, due to having less of a budget than other industries, regardless of that, we will help to find a system for you.

At DFSM we provide solutions so that you can gain business-wide management control for all of your operations. These include Fundraising,  CRM,  ERP Solutions,  Housing,  Project Management, Inventory Management, Financial Solutions and more.

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Not for Profit

With improved operational visibility and reporting at the touch of a button from any cloud-based device, you can be confident that you can interact effectively whether that is with contributors, supporters, donors through to your staff and clients. With access to real-time data, you can manage cash flow, and you will know what is happening internally from anywhere with access to a mobile device.

Managing cash flow and your revenue cycle efficiently is comfortable with a purpose-built ERP software solutions for not for profit businesses. Allowing you control over planning, budgeting, financial management, grant management while forecasting potentials trends and changes allowing for more in-depth sight on your financial stability and growth.

The Importance of Public Sector ERP Software

  • Why Not For Profit Industries Use Microsoft Dynamics 365?

With a Microsoft Dynamics Implementation for a non for profit organisation, it provides significant help in the management of funds,grants, budget, commitment, and fundraisings. Other advantages for a nonprofit ERP system include…

  • Creating transparent processes across the organisation.
  • Creating modern back-end administrative processes.
  • Offers secure tracking, processing and reporting of donations for audit and regulatory purposes
  • Helps by Improving decision making with quick, real-time
    financial information
  • Reduces data redundancy for more effective programs
  • Minimises errors by automating processes
The Importance of Public Sector ERP Software

Not For Profit CRM

Public Sectors organisations use CRM tools for some of the same reasons enterprises do. Just like a successful business, not for profit organisations need to keep track of customers history, vendor relations, supplier resources and other information. When operating within the public sector, there is a high standard of operations and customer satisfaction to uphold. With a Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it keeps your costs low while having a secure cloud server and password protected access to maintain client information is kept private and your data is safe. ​

When operating in a business, you have to be able to make informed business decisions, in a timely and accurate way. With a CRM’s reporting module, you have visibility and actionable insights into your business operations.

The ability to see real-time data of your department’s performance and tasks from a single interface. With the easily configurable interface, you can set up, modify and display KPI’s in your prefered format.

By reducing manual work for your staff, you can improve time management by automating everyday tasks, queries and reports. Increasing efficiency for customer interactions and business


Integration with Microsoft Office® and Outlook® enables you to import and export spreadsheets into your Microsoft CRM from existing databases. As well as allowing you to add SharePoint links, track and log conversations, save Word documents and add contacts from Outlook.