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ERP Software for Professional Service Organisations

How will your Professional Services Organisation Benefit from an ERP implementation?

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At DFSM we are helping companies with increasing bid win rates. Improving business estimation efficiencies while helping to reduce costs all at the same time. Professional Services industry understand that being able to build trusted relationships while maintaining a strong reputation within the community significantly depends on the delivery of unique customer experiences. To ensure your business is delivering positive customer experience.

Each project’s management level within the clients’ organisation maintained with a high level of service. DFSM in partnership with Microsoft can help to provide your industry with the right tools to deliver positive customer experiences while overcoming the many challenges facing the industry today, whether that is automation with engineering management or inventory management.

Regardless of which business process it is, whether its new projects, recruiting the right staff, delivering the highest standard of service or forecasting your financial performance, there is a Microsoft Dynamics solution for you. Stay ahead of your competitors with an automated system to help improve your efficiency with these tasks.

With the right ERP software, your organisation will be in the best position allowing you to overcome industry challenges. Trying to succeed in a highly competitive industry is very difficult, which is why DFSM can find you an intelligent business solution which will empower your business to deliver the results your clients demand.

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An ERP implementation for professional organisations is a significant decision; DFSM can help you understand your business goals and needs to be able to deliver a solution for your organisation.

Why Professional Service Operators use Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Boosting Efficiency

Boosting Efficiency

By gaining real-time information of your guests, your organisation’s room availability, check-ins & checkouts times allows you to plan, avoiding duplicate bookings easily. ERP software will help to ensure you are running your business smoothly. Managing menu listings and pricing through your software lets you continue to provide exceptional service to your customers.

Meeting Customer Expectations

When dealing with customers, meeting their expectations is critical. However, you cannot do this without the right process, and the right system. DFSM & Microsoft work in partnership to help deliver that high standard of service so as a business you can continue to thrive and succeed in the ever-increasing and demanding market.

Meeting Customer Expectations
Maintaining Data

Maintaining Data

Streamline the maintenance of item, bill & routing data with a simple and easy to use interface. Being able to visualize the entire object, routing and statement data will help to ensure your data is accurate. With a dedicated ERP system, all of this data will be centralised in one place, so it is easily accessed and changed if need be.

Microsoft AutoCAD Integration

Just recently Microsoft Dynamics has released an exciting and new integration with Autodesk AutoCAD. You will be able to connect AutoCAD and its drafting tools with Microsoft OneDrive & Sharepoint allowing for collaboration. No matter your role or specialisation with your industry. We will continue to work to expand and connect you with the content you find critical.


CRM For Professional Services

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers your business improved customer engagements, you can maximise the services your company is delivering. Service providers are becoming more dependant on satisfied customers and & their recommendations than most other industries. Customers are loyal, dependant on whether you can provide them with a high quality of service by meeting their needs. Whether you need a CRM for architects and engineers, or doctors and lawyers, DFSM has a solution for your company. With a CRM, you have access to features that include…

Business Intelligence

Allowing you to access timely & accurate insights through visual dashboards, as well as in-depth reports and metrics. View all your sales, marketing and customer service information so you can efficiently manage your day to day processes & operations. With business intelligence within CRM, you can resolve potential issues before they happen as well as refine processes & create more business opportunities.

Action Plans

Action plans allow your business to repeat processes that are easily set up for recurring use. Such as follow-up appointments and tasks with automatic reminders sent to the right people at the right time.

Microsoft Integration

Integration with Microsoft Office® and Outlook® enables you to import and export spreadsheets into your Microsoft CRM from existing databases. As well as allowing you to add SharePoint links, track and log conversations, save Word documents and add contacts all with Microsoft Office 365.