ERP Implementation

How will your Retail Organisation benefit from ERP Implementation?

In Retail, the requirement for an ERP system is becoming more relevant daily, regardless of the type or size of the business. Due to the increase in competition from overseas marketplaces and internet stores, it has become vital to be able to sustain and keep up with the changing customer demands. With an ERP software implementation, you will have access to a suite of customisable applications which can manage and integrate all of your significant operations & business processes.

These include handling multi-location stores, frequently moving stocks, pricing changes, discount offers on products, and much more. If you were to do this manually, it would be time-consuming and complicated and would reduce your efficiency and productivity. ERP software provides a quick, simple, and reliable management solution to maintain efficiency and productivity.

Why Retail Industries Use Microsoft Dynamics 365

Employee Management

Whether you are a small retail or a chain organisation, employee management is an
essential component in a well-managed business.

With Enterprise Resource Planning software you can manage employees efficiently by
keeping track of shift scheduling, time clocks, and the number of hours employees are
working with an automated system.

Not only that, but it can also assign sales commissions to employees, tracks employees
that are working and how long, as well as the sales they have collected. All of this
information can be accessed at any time from a mobile device to view how specific
employees are tracking.

Customer Management

In Retail, the customer is the most important aspect to maintain a profitable business.
Hence you need to make sure that you do everything to mantain your customer’s
satisfaction. With a dedicated customer management module, retailers can overcome
customer-related challenges, and achieve a truly integrated view of their customers.

Being able to collect customer data, you can offer them rewards or loyalty programs to
entice them to continue to shop with you. With a customer management module, it
ensures that customer issues are dealt with smoothly and quickly to maintain that high
level of service.


Retail stores experience a high volume of customers. Customers are becoming
more particular in recent times, and therefore not as often fulfilled; they have
no allegiance and switch to your competitors. It makes it essential to be able to
match the demand for supply as well as maintaining that service so you can keep
your customers happy.

Making demand forecasting extremely important, tracking past trends, forecast future
trends, & demands become more accessible with a higher level of accuracy. Helping
to maintain customer satisfaction, maximising sales and reducing inventory carrying
costs through effective demand forecasting.

It helps you maintain customer satisfaction, maximising sales and reduced inventory
carrying costs through effective demand forecasting.

Inventory Management

With a more in-depth and visible inventory management system, you can effectively
manage the inventory levels, ensuring that the flow of items in and out of an existing
inventory. Allows you to maintain stock levels required to complete the transactions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365  also helps in tracking expiry & shelf life. Creating alerts
for a list is close to expiration. Providing retailers with a better idea of what stock they need to put out first to make sure they don’t lose any products due to the
expiration date.


CRM For Retail

CRM software may sound like any other management system but, it’s not. CRM offers far more value than you think for your retail business. When implementing CRM software, you can increase your average purchase value by 40% or more. However, it depends on the vendor you choose and the CRM system. There’s isn’t an extensive range of CRM options, but at DFSM we are able you to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 to fit your retail business needs and help solve the main challenges in the retail industry today.

What is The importance of CRM in Retail Sector?

With a CRM solution, you can find new customers while managing hundreds of campaigns across all platforms, including social media, mobile publishers and more. Your organisation with be able to visualise and have access to reports with a click of a button. So you can reach out to your shoppers at the right time and the right price to improve customer retention.

Drive conversations with customers in their preferred channel, which allows you to personalise every interaction and enable staff to respond faster with an improved grasp of information they need to help provide shoppers with excellent service.

Customer Relationship Management allows your organisation to create personalised and scalable journeys that deliver the right offer to shoppers on the right channel whether that is through email, mobile devices,  social media, web, and more.

By enabling omnichannel order management capabilities, it allows your customers to buy products from anywhere. Allowing retailers to sell and fulfil customer demands regardless of location. Make the shopping experience the most enjoyable possible, with access across the web, social, mobile or stores dependant on customer preference.