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Service Industry

How will your Service Industry Benefit from an ERP implementation?

With the introduction of an ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning), it will help to create business solutions to help drive & manage the growth of your business. By streamlining your business with a fast and efficient solution, it is only a matter of time before you improve profitability and efficiency. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to meet the unique and ever-changing requirements of standard industry demands.

Whether you are on a single location or multi-site business operating globally. DFSM can implement an intelligent business solution. With an ERP implementation, you have more control over your processes, including cost management, streamlining key events, financial management software with improved business intelligence and many more…

There is becoming a high demand for ERPs; It is imperative in choosing the right solution for your business. DFSM can help find the best solution for you and guide you through the whole process. Migrating Data, Training Users and calculating ROI are important factors that we are there to help provide support to make sure we create a successful implementation for your organisation.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 you will be able to customise your cloud ERP solution for your company needs entirely. Unlike other ERP & business solution software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the ability to select only the modules most relevant to your company. With a Service Industry ERP, organisations are not only able to power their businesses with the best sales & financial software, but with applications specifically designed to meet your business needs.

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An ERP implementation in the service industry is a significant decision; DFSM can help you understand your business goals and needs to be able to deliver a solution for your organisation. Why Professional Service Operators use Microsoft Dynamics 365?​

Service Industry

Guest Records

In the service industry, customer retention is crucial if you want to be successful, with a cloud ERP implementation, you will have the ability to manage, edit and save new and existing customers. Having the ability to control your guest’s preferences, concerns and queries so you can make each stay more compelling. With this data stored in a cloud-based ERP, when operating out of multiple locations, you will be able to see guests information from all areas.

Better Supervision

With an ERP system, you will have a better vision of all ongoing processes and events with the centralised system. With improved project management, it allows the supervision of kitchen orders, customer checkouts, room service with ease. Helping to ensure that your organisation and all of your staff are coordinated in providing the best service for your guests.

Service Industry
Service Industry

Boosting Efficiency

Real-time access to information of guests, room availability, check-ins & checkouts allows you to plan and avoiding duplicate bookings easily. With an ERP platform, you can ensure you are running your business smoothly. Managing menu listings and pricing through your software lets you continue to provide exceptional service to your customers.

Flexible & Organised Business Modules

ERP software is creating an easy to use seamless solution for your business needs, by simplifying challenges faced, managers can focus on more important aspects. Purchasing, Human Resources, Inventory, Finances, and Resource Utilisation are some of those essential modules that ERP help to create simple solutions for industry-specific processes.

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CRM Software for Service Industry

Service Industry organisations use CRM tools for some of the same reasons enterprises do. Just like any successful business, you need to be able to keep track of customers history, vendor relations, supplier resources and other information. When operating within the public sector, there is a high standard of operations and customer satisfaction to uphold. With a Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you are able to keep your costs low while having a secure cloud server and password protected access to maintain client information is kept private and your data is safe.

Identify customer interests, patterns and demographics to allow cross-selling of membership packages, merchandising, events and more

Segment customers, which allows you to add user-defined fields, create favourite lists, use saved searches, colour rules and more. Creating personalised campaigns, tracking the best potential leads with an affordable system.

Perform multi-phased email campaigns that continue to connect relationships over an extended period. Events like purchases, service incidents and set as triggers for a specific email campaign or auto response.