7 Things to avoid on your Microsoft 365 migration

The most popular business productivity tool right now is Microsoft 365. Not many companies are ready to migrate to 365 for many different reasons. Most organizations fear encountering a wide range of issues and challenges that might disrupt their operations. A few of these include the migration type, security and compliance requirements, bandwidth issues, preconditions for hybrid migrations, improper planning, and even the retention policy.

Evolution of Dynamics 365

What do you need to avoid for 365 Migration?

A few problems could be confusing when moving from dynamics ax to dynamics 365. Check them out and migrate without a hassle.

OneDrive is the easiest action to take and shouldn’t be done at first. Yes, it has various benefits as it requires no metadata and taxonomies to plan, let alone a terabyte of storage per user.

Yet, if implemented before department workspaces in Microsoft Teams or organizational document libraries in SharePoint, it may lead to undesirable behaviors that call for close contact and supervision to prevent information management from spiraling out of control.

If you start approaching perfection, you will have a never-ending list. This can lead to the demand for extra resources, going out of your budget, and probably facing user adaptation as well. To avoid all of it, you need to focus on the basics.

Maintain the balance between your implementation and work. Migrate your business data transfer, home drives, and mail to Exchange Online. With the use of an intranet or SharePoint portal, create a centralized landing page. However, you must keep a balance and not go for too little.

The success of your Microsoft 365 user adoption might be hindered by governance that is excessively severe or nonexistent, particularly for Microsoft Teams. Without any form of regulation, Teams can grow like wildfire thanks to the app’s simplicity and intuitiveness. Your users might make duplicate team sites or files or utilize ambiguous naming conventions as a result.

Before launching, you must see Teams as more than just a texting, calling, or online meeting service. Additionally, it’s a location where your employees can manage information, accesses their most-used apps, collaborates on files, streamlines task management, and do much more. Built as a teamwork hub.

The most challenging aspect of migration is getting Microsoft 365 up and running. Still, any organization can suffer from improper employee training, particularly regarding significant changes in daily functionality.

The right training will keep things running smoothly while allowing staff members to learn about new productivity-enhancing tools like Microsoft Teams and OneNote. Therefore, never assume that training will occur during the Microsoft 365 ax migration process. Before beginning the procedure, make a plan for success.

Not everyone needs a one-hour training session on succession planning. Any project should treat it as a core component with adequate funding. The project will be more successful the more work you put in.

Your outdated Active Directory structure is another immediate potential problem.

Besides, when was the last time you performed a general security model assessment, cleaned up your AD, and deleted workers who were no longer associated with your company? To ensure they are “cloud-ready” or that the appropriate level of security and control is in place, it would be great if you also altered your group policies and security groups. It would be beneficial if you additionally chose an authentication strategy.

Microsoft 365 offers replication for disaster recovery and has data centers in Sydney and Melbourne. Exchange Online and SharePoint Online both include recycling bins and retention guidelines.

But to ensure you are appropriately safeguarded in line with your recovery demands, you must be aware of your data recovery requirements and backup management strategy.

Spend some time learning what Microsoft 365 customers can delete, how they can recover data (self-service style), what administrators can do to help with data recovery, and what the default retention rules offer regarding recovery periods.

Cloud migration benefits and conveniences of cloud-based software have significant drawbacks. Make sure your business takes all essential procedures to guarantee your data protection.

No matter how advanced or progressive a system is, it can still be hacked, and there are people out there who are incredibly dedicated and talented enough to try just about anything.

Single sign-on (SSO) functionality, mail filtering, data loss prevention, multi-factor authentication (MFA), threat protection, and information governance make Microsoft 365 safe.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (1)

Bottom line 

So, improve your lift and shift process for dynamics ax to dynamics 365 migration, and reach out to a reliable partner. We at DFSM have the infrastructure as a service. Our Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 finance experts can help you in cloud migration process. Reach out, and our team will take care of the rest of the process.


Migrating to Dynamics 365 Success Stories

Microsoft has a plethora of customers, and we all know why. So, let’s not drill down on the fact that Dynamics 365 by Microsoft has become the most used tool right now for smooth business operations. If you have recently thought about migrating to Dynamics 365, you must know the success stories. We are sure you have already heard a lot about the failures and mistakes. It is time for some motivation.


Migrating can be tough, but success stories are here to help

Most data migration solutions do not transmit Transactional Data, which is valuable and helps bring coherence to operations but only transfer Master Data.

Dynamics 365 data migration may be a time-consuming and challenging process, more challenging than most people realize. However, the problems associated with data migration may be easily overcome if we follow precise guidelines and develop a solid plan. This will help businesses transfer data from one system to another swiftly and effectively while including all selected entities.

Success stories of the clients

Peet Limited

Peet LimitedPeet Limited, a pioneer in Australia’s real estate sector, is dedicated to assisting individuals in achieving peace of mind via home ownership. Additionally, their dedication to IT innovation has allowed them to survive industry disruptions while remaining competitive.

The business teamed up with Microsoft to modernize its IT infrastructure and move essential line-of-business apps to the cloud as part of its continued commitment to providing high-quality service. Because Peet Limited was already using Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX for its customer relationship management (CRM) and ERP systems, respectively, the company had faith in Microsoft.

In order to provide end-to-end protection, Peet Limited built its cloud strategy around security; for them, security promoted value. According to Bridge, one of the major advantages of utilizing Microsoft 365 is having a “single pane of glass” to examine Peet Limited’s security landscape.


Sonee Sports

Sonee Sports

Sonee Sports is a modest, 28-year-old, family-run Maldivian retail chain. In order to more efficiently manage its relationship management, point of sale, and resource planning processes, they decided for dynamics ax to dynamics 365 migration in the cloud. From a single workstation in a hardware store to ten locations around the Maldives, Sonee Sports has expanded.

Sonee Sports implemented a cloud-based e-commerce platform, upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics 365, and set up a Microsoft Power platform (BI) for analytics.

Sonee Sports has reduced costs by 38% for its IT maintenance and increased client retention by over 8% because of this configuration.


Bristol City Council

Bristol City CouncilWith a population of just over 463,000 and more than 90 different languages spoken there, Bristol is a multicultural city in southwest England. The unitary authority, Bristol City Council, is in charge of various services, including taxation, trash management, education, etc.

Bristol City Council believed it could no longer rely on its IT system to handle the daily demands of the city, as do many other struggling local governments. Its technologies lacked a cohesive platform to allow collaboration or use of data insights, were not agile and were not mobile-friendly.

Bristol City Council realized the only option was upgrading or migrating its Dynamics CRM 2016 instance to Dynamics 365, which would boost productivity and collaboration. Moving required orchestrating over 500 staff members and ecosystem partners while moving 54 workloads.

The Bristol City Council implemented Dynamics 365 together with toolkits to boost productivity. It was built on Microsoft Azure, utilizing Microsoft Power Platform and Office 365.

When you’re ready to migrate, DFSM is here to help

Ultimately, if you don’t want to go through the failures and errors, the best is to get in touch with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts at DFSM. Our experience makes us worthy to help you with the complete dynamics 365 migration guide. Our experts will help you in migrating from Dynamics older versions to D365. All you need is a good discussion session; we can take it from there.

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Microsoft releases Dynamics 365 and Power Platform 2022 release wave 2 plans

According to the Microsoft Power Platform release schedule for wave 2 of the 2022 release, new capabilities for Power BI, Power Apps, Power Pages, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, AI Builder, and many other products will be available from October 2022 to March 2023.

Early access in non-production environments will begin on August 1 for the modifications related to preview and production capabilities Microsoft wants to release to its cloud services between October 2022 and March 2023.

The blueprints are extensive as usual, totaling more than 500 printed pages in PDF format.


Microsoft Dynamics 365: 2022 release wave 2 plan

According to the Microsoft Release Wave 2 strategy, you will be able to deliver up to 300 million monthly outbound interactions and reach up to 100 million marketing contacts starting in October 2022. This is up to three times what you have previously received.

It is anticipated that the Teams chat feature, which was recently integrated into the Dynamics 365 environment, will improve starting in October with Microsoft Release Wave 2. Instead of only having your linked discussions in the Teams chat section, you will be able to track them to the specific records timeline.

Additionally, in this new wave, Microsoft has improved the Conversation Intelligence software. Moreover, real-time ideas during a call give the feature the appearance of taking on the role of a personal sales coach.

Microsoft will continue to put a lot of effort into managing vendor invoices, OCR, and subscription billing. There are investments to make OCR widely accessible in February and March 2023.

The initial plan is to deliver it as a preview in the current release plan. The length of vendor invoice numbers can increase with no adverse effects on other data sources.

There are two themes for this next release strategy in human resources: Boost productivity and broaden the HCM ecosystem. Go through the plan to learn more about the investments made in the management of benefits, leave and absence, organization and personnel, and integrations and extensibility.

Dynamics 365 Field Service introduces additional tools that allow businesses to plan employee service operations more effectively.

Large facilities can now be built and maintained by organizations that can control expenses by setting “not to exceed” limitations and organizing related incident kinds under “trade” for simpler management.

Microsoft Power Platform: 2022 release wave 2 plan

To improve the user experience, improvements are being made to the present get data experience. This will make creating material in the Power BI service easier and more successful for both self-service and professional users.

The “Modern Find” tool has been accessible for a while, but it has only ever been an optional feature that admins could manage. The “Modern Advanced Find” option will be available by default starting in October 2022. Prepare your users for it in advance.

When picking dynamic values for their Power Automate flows, makers will have a new experience starting in March 2023 in Microsoft Release Wave 2. You will be able to examine the data type of each field thanks to improvements made to the designer for selecting dynamic values. This is especially helpful in businesses where several fields have the same name but different data kinds.

Azure Synapse Link continues to get funding from Microsoft Dataverse. With the help of Azure Synapse, customers will be able to extract greater insights from Dataverse data. Sharing will become simpler with better governance and security through a deeper interaction with Azure Active Directory.

Customers will be able to create new types of applications using rich and intelligent data types. Thanks to improvements to Dataverse data modeling.

Wrap up

Overall, the new updates are all about the best of the customer needs. From sales accelerator and process automation to the power virtual agents, you will enjoy the new updates to their fullest.

We understand if comprehending all the updates is challenging on your own. DFSM consultants can help you figure out the suitable Dynamics 365 and power platform 2022 updates.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 (F&O) Tips & Tricks: Integrations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (F&O) is the modern version of Dynamics AX. As it offers new features, it also has some tricks and tips that can help you with better software performance. So, while you are at the Microsoft dynamics 365 integration phase, check out the integration tricks and tips to apply and get through the processes smoothly.

Make your organisation more profitable with Dynamics 365 Finance—financial management software with embedded analytics and financial intelligence.

Get in Touch

This might be a bit tricky if you are not a developer. Therefore, we recommend you get in touch with the experts for better integration between finance and operations apps.

Now, if you are integrating with dynamics 365 and looking for a consultation with the experts, DFSM is ready to help. Just give us a call, and we will get back to you.

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Microsoft 365 Facts and Myths in 2022

Business agility is everyone’s favorite, and moving to the cloud is a cost-effective option for many people. 

With so many cloud-based business programs on the market, Microsoft Office 365 remains a favorite for businesses because of its comprehensive suite of business solutions. It provides organizations with security benefits, productivity boosts, communication tools, and an unrivaled level of dependability.

Yet, many businesses still hesitate to use Office 365 because of misconceptions. This article will discuss the office’s main tools and the myths that keep you from benefiting from them. 

office 365

What does Office 365 include?

Office 365 offers the same basic applications as traditional Office versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote, as well as extra apps and services like Publisher, Planner, OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint, Access, Skype, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams.

So, what is office 365, and how does it works?

You know the suite. Moreover, numerous licensing choices are available for Office 365, including personal use, multi-user households, students, corporations, organizations, and educational institutions.

Fact: Office 365 is a comprehensive online collaboration tool. Additional services aren’t actually required. Office 365 allows internal and external users to share files and access them practically anywhere.

Office 365 is the latest method to create a completely collaborative experience. And it becomes even better with Microsoft 365’s new modern desktop interface. 

Fact: Office 365 includes the Office you’re currently familiar with and productivity tools to help you work more effectively. It also offers you SharePoint, skype, yammer, Power BI, and advanced security tools. 

Fact: You might be confident in configuring office 365 on your own, but it still requires proper knowledge and understanding of security. To configure Office 365 correctly, you must understand the interconnected elements and their relationships with one another.

Sharing a OneDrive folder with every employee in your firm is not the same as sharing a company SharePoint directory with the appropriate rights and versioning.


Fact: Office 365 in the cloud comes with built-in security and reliability.

We agree that there are threats, and businesses are hacked on a daily basis. Even if your company has a growing security staff, it’s rare for them to be able to put together a team large enough to uncover and guard against the hundreds of potential alerts that come in each day.

Microsoft is an extension of your security team when you transition to Office 365. Microsoft data centers are designed to be scalable.

Fact: this is one myth that people confuse a lot. You purchased a license that has a limit of 5 devices. Now, that means that all those 5 devices must belong to you.

If you install the office on the different 5 devices, you violate the license agreement. Basically, Microsoft is offering you the license of 5 devices per user. You can use it to make your work steady and more accessible all the time, regardless of the choice of the device. 

Fact: Well, no system is this level perfect. Everything requires management. So, you have to manage Office 365 too. Most often, to check the logs, monitor Cloud App security logs, or create ATP reports.

Most importantly, to manage new changes in the office too. However, you can always hire a professional service provider to manage it. 

No, you can always move to the cloud at your own pace or use the hybrid approach. Yes, you might have heard some experts claiming to migrate office 365 at once, but it isn’t possible.

There is no procedure to carry out full migration just at once. As more businesses migrate their production workloads to the cloud, the migration path for each task and the migration time differ.

Microsoft 365 vs. office 365

Both may seem the same but have some very clear differences. Let’s find out. 

What is the difference? Yes, if Microsoft 365 includes Office 365, then why differ?

Office 365 is a stand-alone product that may be used without Microsoft 365. For example, you can install Office 365 on a Mac or use its cloud-based features and capabilities on a Linux desktop. So, even though it’s part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, Office 365 isn’t actually dependent on it.

Furthermore, Microsoft 365 differs from Office 365 in that it comprises both the operating system and the corporate suite, two platforms with significant capabilities. When you talk about Microsoft 365, you’re talking about the operating system, which greatly impacts the entire ecosystem.


Ultimately, if you want to stay connected to your work through your mobile, you can probably get your work organized on this single suite with the license.

For the management plan, you have DFSM to help you stay up to date about the office 365 and onedrive for business. 

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Make your e-Commerce business seamless with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Businesses capitalizing more than ever right now are mostly e-commerce. Retail is no longer just a physical experience for consumers but also online purchasing. However, the work behind the scenes still has challenges, so companies look for automated solutions.

Microsoft understands the problems and offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 for e-commerce, capable of everything your business needs. The most significant part of e-commerce is understanding your audience, and Dynamics 365 commerce development is all you need for it. 

dynamics 365 ecommerce

Scalable B2B Service Solutions

B2B sales cycles have migrated away from face-to-face meetings and time-consuming trip days and toward customer warehouses. Businesses invest more in their behind-the-scenes operations, front-end customer service experienceDynamics 365 commerce pos, employee shortages, production and freight interruptions, and other pandemic-related shortcomings.

Data from various industry-leading trend reports suggest that new operating systems, as well as modernizing and integrating legacy systems, are the greatest investments to make right now.

B2B Innovations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

There is a misconception that e-commerce sales account for a small percentage of total revenue and that B2B online sales are primarily for low-ticket items. Believing that misconception would only exacerbate rather than help business operations.

In November 2021, 35% of customers polled said they would be willing to spend more than $500,000 on a single order. Let this be a sign: Invest in digital systems that facilitate high-ticket purchases if a company is willing to miss out on a third of possible revenue.

The Beginner Guide to Dynamics 365 

Does Microsoft Dynamics have e-commerce?

Microsoft dynamics 365 e-commerce is an omnichannel eCommerce solution that allows you to create a website, connect physical and digital stores, and track customer behavior and requirements. Ultimately, deliver personalized experiences, engage with customers across channels seamlessly, improve operations and resource management, and gain holistic insights to scale your business.


Helping our B2B clients on the journey

We at DFSM aim to follow the unique roadmap to ensure the best and most seamless solution for your business. Meanwhile, our strategies include:

DHRP has the experts working closet with multiple businesses to implement Dynamics 365 retail-e-commerce. Our team works on understanding the consumer needs and then work on the solutions accordingly. 

As our customers, you will constantly be in touch to work on the solution without any problem. 

DFSM has experience with a wide range of deployment scenarios and is an expert at assisting our clients in planning their implementation phases so that they may focus on their business goals.

DFSM knows how to minimize corporate risk while maximizing consumer satisfaction. Efficiency Every decision made by our teams is carefully considered, as is the influence on business team efficiencies.

Get in touch

If you are looking for a solution that suits your e-commerce business needs, get in touch to know more about Dynamics 365 e-commerce pricing. We can help you understand everything from scratch. And experts can also guide you on what is Microsoft dynamics 365 marketing and how it helps.

Whether you want to explore Microsoft products and services or know about Dynamics 365 apps for eCommerce, talk to us now. And we will take your business to new success. 

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Dynamics 365 Quickbooks Integration

An organization’s sales and accounting departments are mutually dependent. For transparent transactions, both require some info from the other. However, because both divisions use distinct programs, syncing Sales and Accounting can be difficult for management.

Confidential data must be controlled at all times, and every step and transaction must be monitored to assure data integrity. It has an exorbitant expense of managing two systems separately, and a significant portion of the manpower is squandered.

Because of its intuitive functional architecture, many firms utilize Dynamics 365 CRM to manage their sales. However, Sales isn’t Dynamics 365’s only feature; it may be coupled with other systems to execute tasks that go beyond its designated touchpoints. Integrating Dynamics 365 with Accounting Systems is an excellent way to get the best of both worlds.


Does Dynamics 365 integration with QuickBooks?

Intuit QuickBooks is a popular accounting system that works well with Dynamics 365 CRM, and combining the two can be a game-changer. It may be used to embed accounting data within Dynamics 365 CRM, allowing the Sales and Accounting teams to work together seamlessly.

Does QuickBooks have CRM capabilities?

Not really. Intuit’s QuickBooks is an accounting solution that is especially popular with small and medium businesses. It becomes vital to develop a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system as a firm grows.

These businesses may at first try to use QuickBooks as a CRM (not a good idea!), but they will eventually opt for a CRM that is specifically designed for QuickBooks Online. This is when QuickBooks integration with business central can improve its abilities a lot.

Microsoft erp and crm

Integrate QuickBooks

QuickBooks and Dynamics 365 are a great match and can be unbeatable when used together. These solutions may be used to integrate accounting data with CRM, allowing for seamless communication between sales and accounting staff. Sales management is one of the features of Dynamics 365 CRM, but it’s not the only one. Its integration with other systems, such as QuickBooks, allows it to go beyond its initial purpose in terms of performance. It has been demonstrated that moving to an interface that integrates Microsoft 365 and QuickBooks into one is a lifesaver for business efficiency.

Purpose of Integration
Integrate QuickBooks with Dynamics 365/CRM to:

QuickBooks to ERP


The Quickbooks and CRM integration process entirely depends on your needs. However, you can look into how to integrate QuickBooks API on your own by using the API.

Just be cautious!

And be aware that this will necessitate a thorough examination of the QuickBooks API documentation. The QuickBooks Online API documentation on the Intuit Developer site (link at bottom) is actually fairly well organized, but it doesn’t make the work any easier.

You’ll need an Intuit Developer account to get started. Then, in order to generate your development keys, you must first construct your app. Finally, you can go to the OAuth 2.0 authentication, which is always a pain, and then to the required API requests.


Get in touch

The process for integrating QuickBooks is completely different for every organization. So, if you are looking for professional assistance on this matter, we at DFSM have a great deal for you.

Be it Microsoft power automate QuickBooks implementation or simple integration, we analyze your business before getting into the real process. Then offer a most suitable solution of integration. You can also reach to us for Microsoft products, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft office 365 related queries. Reach now for more!

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How to protect your Data with Dynamics 365 from ransomware

Ransomware attacks are growing increasingly widespread. Encrypting important data and leading organizations to lose it has become a common practice. The financial impact of extortion payments requested by hackers, as well as lost revenue while critical IT systems are restored, is significant.

dynamics 365 portal app

Ransomware is a type of computer virus. Ransomers use it to encrypt files and render them inaccessible to users and organizations. Businesses are left with few options other than paying a ransom to recover their locked files using the encryption key. Several ransomware variations have added new capabilities, such as data theft, to entice victims to pay the ransom.

Ransomware has evolved into a global danger that has hurt some of the world’s most recognizable businesses. Basically, Ransomware is a threat to businesses of all sizes. Before digital files can be retrieved or restored, ransomware effectively “takes” them and demands a monetary ransom.

Ransomware is a destructive, malicious attack that may be devastating to both large and small enterprises. Yes, ransomware attacks pose a risk to your business.

How does Microsoft help you with Ransome detection and Ransome recovery?

When ransomware attacks your OneDrive files, ransomware detection notifies you and guides you through the recovery process. Ransomware is malicious software; which encrypts your data and makes it impossible for you to access it unless you pay a ransom.

If Microsoft 365 detects a ransomware attack, you’ll receive a notification on your device and an email from Microsoft. Your first notification and recovery are both free if you haven’t already done so.

With Microsoft, you can also follow the few steps and you will be able to recover the files immediately.  Following are the Microsoft ransomware recovery steps to follow with one drive.

Ransomware Recovery

With the zero-trust design, ongoing security assessment, the principle of least privilege, and security awareness training for its staff, Microsoft 365 is extremely secure. It cannot, however, protect you from attacks or data loss that happens due to malware, ransomware, human mistake, sync difficulties, or malicious deletion on your end.

The most common channel for ransomware is email phishing, and the omnipresent Microsoft Office 365 email is regularly targeted.

There have been increasing allegations of Microsoft Office 365 being targeted by sophisticated ransomware attacks, such as WannaCry, Cerber, Wickr/Hello, and others, due to its sensitive personal and business-critical data.

Ransomware can access your network with just one click on a phishing link in an email or Team conversation.

Once inside, the ransomware can erase, encrypt, or exfiltrate data saved in Exchange, OneDrive, Outlook, Calendar, and SharePoint. Microsoft has heeded the warning and has developed a suite of solutions to safeguard data against ransomware, including Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Microsoft Defender.

  1. With Microsoft Secure Score, you can evaluate your organization’s security settings.
  2. To detect, alert, and block the sharing of sensitive data, use Microsoft Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies.
  3. Use Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps to keep an eye on and prevent sensitive data from being downloaded.
  4. Configure Exchange email settings to industry-standard security configurations, as phishing is the major vector.
  5. MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) is a powerful barrier against viruses (and an Office 365 mandate). Check to see if MFA is necessary.
  6. To classify sensitive “ransomable” data, use Microsoft Information Protection.

The best practices are simple to follow in this case. Upgrade your IT security protection, patch software on a regular basis, establish cross-organizational cybersecurity training efforts, and keep your incident response plans up to date.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (1)

Get in Touch

You may go through all the processes to recover data, but ransomware recovery services may never be sufficient. Even the procedures by Microsoft can fall short. So, the best practice is prevention. One of the best prevention methods is a cloud-based Azure backup solution or Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud. This can be quite helpful to avoid losing data at all. Also, this can help you protect your data from human-operated ransomware attacks.

Moreover, if you are still facing problems, we at DHRP can always assist with our best solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Experts

Dynamics 365 & Power Platform 2022 Release Highlights

Microsoft’s recent announcement on the Power Platform’s new advancement has brought various updates focusing on team-based collaboration, customer experience, mobile capabilities, people management, and financial transaction ease.

From April until September, the first wave of the 2022 release will take place, with regional deployments beginning on April 2. As we all know, these release plans might be a lot to take in all at once. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of important updates from various modules.


Model-driven apps 

Microsoft is planning to replace the legacy advanced find experience with a modern advanced find with a new view management experience in the next Release Wave. This includes the following:

Other than modern fine you will also have other features including:

Dynamics 365 Sales

Sellers can now take advantage of the power of data and intelligence to aid them before, during, and after each encounter. Furthermore, to speed their pipeline, sellers can focus on the most important operations and communicate using Teams from within Dynamics 365. These changes will enable your salespeople to close more deals faster while being as productive as possible.

Powerful new enhancements to Dynamics 365 Sales: The following are some of the most intriguing aspects of our watch:

Dynamics 365 Marketing

By enabling collaborative content creation with Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365 Marketing continues to invest in collaboration. Marketers can improve authoring efficiency by using content fragments and themes. Marketers can now author content with deep customization utilizing codeless experiences thanks to investments in data and AI.

The major developments include:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales & marketing

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Improved email templates are the most interesting changes to the Customer Service module for the initial version of the 2022 release. As a result of the enhanced feature, you will be able to:

In the new insert template experience, there’s a new template gallery with a variety of views and search options based on title, subject, and content.

Filters can be customized and saved as a new query that users can use to choose templates in the future.

The other developments are:

Economic Impact

Dynamics 365 Field Service

In the latest release of Dynamics 365 Field Service, there are improvements to mobile usability.

Customizable quick action shortcuts from the booking calendar control and asset data displayed within the booking form will be added to the mobile experience.

Power Apps Web Portals

A new option for leveraging Dataverse record search across tables and columns in portals in compliance with security limitations will be included in this Release Wave. This will be the default experience for all new portals, and Microsoft believes that Dataverse search will eventually replace the present search experience, though no specific timeframe has been provided. (It will be available in April.)

Field Service

What’s more?

Relevance search will take the role of the existing portal’s global search capabilities. Among the new capabilities that give knowledge articles, an extra layer of portal access control is additional filter limits and content level access.

Power BI

So, what's new in power bi?

Power BI will fully connect with Outlook and Office Hub in this iteration, which is a unique feature. Customers may now quickly and easily locate and consume data and insights in context thanks to this update. This feature aids in the development of an organizational data culture.

Power BI will fully connect with Outlook and Office Hub in this iteration, which is a unique feature. Customers may now quickly and easily locate and consume data and insights in context thanks to this update. This feature aids in the development of an organizational data culture.

Power BII

Bottom line

In this blog, we’ve highlighted a few of the 2022 Release Plan’s most outstanding and anticipated features, but there are many more. Stay with us and DFSM will keep updating you on the new features or any updates on Microsoft Dynamics 365. If you are looking for a relevant D365 solution or want to know about Microsoft products and services, reach out, and let’s see which solution fits your organization.

Data security in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure

While the world is fancying cloud services, they are also concerned about security. Still, though, people are investing in cloud services. According to Gartner Inc, analysis shows the spending of 18.4% in 2021 on cloud services. And it is expected to increase by 45% by 2024.

Does it alarm you even more, especially about the security? Well, you are not alone. So, it is not just about organizing the work or staying competitive or resilient; you also have to ensure data security. Like any other tool provider, Microsoft also claims to ensure security. But let’s have a brief analysis of how secure is Microsoft Dynamics 365? Let’s get started!

Microsoft Dynamics Shifts Towards Cloud-based Strategy
Data Security

Microsoft's Approach to Security

In 2020 Microsoft got positioned as a Leader in 4 Magic Quadrants on security. It shows the perfect credibility, right? They tackle cloud security with “Zero Trust.” This model assumes a breach and clearly evaluates the security condition of identity, endpoint, network, and other resources based on all available signals and data. It focuses on contextual real-time policy enforcement to achieve the least privileged access and limit hazards.

Security in Azure: How Safe is the Microsoft Cloud?

All of the data from Microsoft is hosted on their cloud service Azure. Azure runs from over 100 secure Microsoft data centers across the world, each of which is protected with multiple layers of security. They also provide video surveillance and other security measures 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Furthermore, Azure is the first cloud platform to allow Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) based on both software and hardware (TEEs). Basically, TEEs protect encrypted data from unauthorized access and tampering, whether it is stored, in transit, or dormant.

Microsoft employs 3,500 cybersecurity professionals, including 200 who are always looking for flaws, to make it even more dependable. Any defects found in security are included in Azure’s operational security protocols in order to increase its defenses against external threats. Hence, the dynamics 365 encryption game is up to the mark.

dynamics 365 portal app
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 security: How Does That Work?

Microsoft just acts as a custodian, encrypting your data. Also, Microsoft was the first cloud provider to comply with ISO 27018, a set of ethical criteria. It ensures, for example, that your data and your customers’ data are only used to provide the agreed-upon services and are never shared with third parties for advertising or marketing purposes.

In all Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, access and rights can be configured and enforced. These privileges protect data access and include the following:

Cybersecurity is a process that never ends. With developing cyber threats and increasingly sophisticated attacks, it’s vital to examine whether your provider has the expertise, resources, and commitment to protecting your data.

The Dynamics 365 security and compliance approach are unique in the market, and it offers two major benefits: an integrated strategy and great AI and automation.

Data is being produced at a faster rate than ever before. Cloud storage is a critical operational component that most businesses cannot function without. Microsoft offers a variety of solutions, including Virtual Machines (Microsoft or Linux), managed databases, and storage options that reduce in price when you don’t need to access certain data frequently.

You only have to follow the three steps, and you will be done.

  • Enable field security
  • Configure a field security profile and add users
  • Set permissions for a field

However, each field has three levels of permission:

  • Read: This Field Security Profile’s users will be allowed to read the data in this field.
  • Update: Users with this Field Security Profile have the ability to edit and update data in this field.
  • Create: Users with this Field Security Profile have the ability to create data in this field.

Just keep in mind, set the permission, and the process is complete.


Yes, security is a big issue, but Azure has proved itself to be worthy of your investment. As your own ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM services provider, DFSM understands your concerns and assures you that with Dynamics 365, your data is safe. If you have any problem with dynamics 365 security configuration and want to know about Microsoft products and services or D365 Finance and Operations, let our expert be at your assistance anytime.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Experts

What is an Inventory Management System and how does it work in D365?

The goods or any raw material that a company wants to sell in the market for profits is known as inventory. Inventory management helps in tracking the inventory. And also in keeping the check on the stocks to manage efficient sales, which is significant for the supply chain

What is the meaning of an inventory management system?

Inventory management aids businesses in determining which stock to order and when to order it. It keeps track of inventory from purchase to sale. The practice monitors and reacts to trends to ensure that there is always enough stock to fulfill customer orders and that shortages are detected early.

What is an inventory system, for example?

Using real-world examples, inventory control systems can be made more understandable. The example below demonstrates how different types of inventory systems are used in retail and manufacturing.


Businesses assign a number to each product they sell using barcode inventory management systems. They can associate the number with a variety of data points, such as the supplier, product dimensions, weight, and even variable data, such as the number of units in stock.

Automated Inventory

The Costs of Ineffective Inventory Management

Keeping track of your inventory is critical. If you don’t, you risk a slew of problems that will wreak havoc on operations, employee morale, and customer satisfaction.

You may face the following disadvantages if you don’t have a dedicated inventory management system in place.

Excess inventory sitting in a warehouse isn’t doing your business any good. As these items accumulate, you’ll most likely need to purchase additional storage space, which will add to your supply chain’s costs.

On the other hand, consider the ramifications of one of your best-selling items selling out.

Stockouts not only cost you money, but they can also hurt your brand’s reputation.

You can predict when and where demand surges will occur if you stay ahead of your stock. Then, to avoid long lead times and delays, you can take steps to get those items into your warehouse.

Benefits of an Inventory Management System

For manufacturers, integrating an effective inventory management system has a number of advantages, including:

Order tracking, production, and stored product tracking are all made easier with inventory management systems. Managers can focus on running a business instead of dealing with customer complaints about out-of-stock items when they use this type of system.

Inventory management systems provide a clearer picture of the situation for reporting. Better, more accurate reporting results in enhanced fulfillment, less under or over shipping, and more sales. You can also sell customers exactly what they want. In short, you can sell; with confidence as you have the best quality assurance process in an implementation. 

With new inventory system technology, accurate stock levels update automatically. This allows you to sell the product while still in stock as soon as possible, saving you money on warehouse space.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (1)

Does Microsoft have inventory management?

Yes, you can rely on Dynamics 365 as your inventory system and control both inbound operations and outbound operations, too. Basically, Dynamics 365 is a single software solution that connects all of your company’s core processes. Planning, production, inventory activities, warehouse, stock, and transportation can all be streamlined as a result of this. Companies can manage inventory without having to deal with data scheme conflicts or wasting time removing duplicate data.

Businesses with multiple locations must move inventory items regularly. Dynamics 365 secures the procurement process by identifying not only the quickest route to a specific warehouse but also the most cost-effective shipping rate. It includes all of the tools needed to ensure coordination and agility. And also the ability to stay informed about inventory items and respond to orders quickly.

Bottom line

So, what is an inventory management d365? Well, it is a system that can change how you control your inventory. If you want to look more into the ERP system or inventory management software for your organization, DFSM consultants can be a great help for it.

dfsm team

Dynamics 365 and Power Platform 2022 Release Wave 1 Updates

Microsoft has announced the most recent updates to Dynamics 365 and Power Platform through the dynamics 365 release wave 2021. According to the 2022 release wave 1 plan documents, customers and partners may receive preview and production-ready upgrades from Microsoft from April to September 2022.

Early access will begin on January 31.

The Dynamics 365 release wave schedule now includes Microsoft industry clouds for healthcare, financial services, and nonprofits, as well as the Cloud for Sustainability. To review the dynamics 365 2021 release wave 2 plan, you may have to go through the pdf of 149 pages. Well, we are offering a concise version for a basic understanding to know your needs further.

Dynamics-365 erp

What are the changes in 2022?

So, what you can expect, and when the Dynamics 365 release schedule is due? Plan is already here and access will begin from April. Content fragments and themes can help marketers enhance authoring efficiency. Thanks to investments in data and AI, marketers can now create content with deep customization and codeless experiences. Every customer interaction is crucial, and with this release, we’re allowing our customers to continue the discussion by responding to SMS messages with a tailored experience based on responses utilizing unique keywords that can be added to journeys.

Dynamics 365 enhancement highlights include:

  • Marketers can improve authoring efficiency by using content fragments and themes. Marketers can now author content with deep customization utilizing codeless experiences thanks to investments in data and AI.
  • Dynamics 365 Sales puts data to work and allows for seamless collaboration, allowing salespeople to be more productive and add value to every customer engagement.
  • With the new Customer Service Admin Center app, we’ve made it easier to get up and running quickly by providing guided task-based experiences.
  • New capabilities and increased usability have been added to the scheduling board in Dynamics 365 Field Service.
  • Dynamics 365 Finance is providing subscription billing to the general public. It is to ensure that businesses can thrive in a service-based economy.
  • Due to better warehousing and factory execution workloads, businesses may scale mission-critical processes using cloud and edge scale units.
  • Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management now includes a larger set of out-of-the-box provider connections. It enables speedier deployment and connecting to a larger ecosystem of solutions across the order gathering, logistics, fulfillment, and delivery process flows.
  • To help improve project planning and delivery efficiencies, Dynamics 365 Project Operations is investing in enabling features including onboarding, estimating, and using external talent pools.
  • Dynamics 365 Guides for HoloLens 2 continues to offer capabilities that facilitate author and operator collaboration.

Some more Highlights include:

  • The Dynamics 365 Remote Assist invests in B2B service scenarios by introducing one-time calling to general availability and providing additional calling policies for external users.
  • This release includes customer segmentation and targeting using Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. And, as well as out-of-the-box A/B experimentation and analytics features.
  • Payment Service Providers, even those with a multi-level corporate structure, will be able to offer fraud prevention as a service to their clients.
  • Consent enablement elements in Microsoft’s customer data platform, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights; have been expanded across more areas of Customer Insights.

Microsoft Teams integration becomes even more pervasive for Dynamics 365 apps:

  • Use the built-in Teams chat to collaborate on marketing content generation.
  • From the Sales app, you can collaborate with your sales team.
  • Customer support representatives can integrate data, receive AI-generated chat summaries, and receive AI-suggested connections.
  • Because of the “elimination of license friction” and the improved capacity to display data within Teams, Business Central users can share data in Teams.

Power Platform highlights in this release wave include:

  • The creation of measures using natural language (Power BI).
  • New co-development capabilities in Power Apps.
  • More use of GPT-3 and PROSE AI models for development with natural language (Power Apps).
  • Global search via Dataverse in Portals.
  • Better machine management tools for Azure for RPA (Power Automate).
  • Power Virtual Agents integration with Portals.
  • New document automation capabilities in AI Builder that use semantic understanding.
  • Support for Dataverse data export in Delta Lake format.

What is the future of Microsoft Dynamics 365?

While a major custom-scope project may be a suitable fit for some businesses, others prefer to start small by deploying a solution with minimum customizations to the Dynamics 365 system out of the box. This is gradually developed and expanded after the original launch to boost performance even further. This is a popular choice for businesses wishing to cut expenses upfront, simplify the adoption, and achieve immediate wins.

Microsoft is always innovating and improving its technology and product capabilities. You can be confident that your CRM system will grow with you thanks to regular upgrades and two major releases each year.

Evolution of Dynamics 365

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