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These days, there is a cloud service for almost anything. The problem is that there is no smart way for all of your apps to talk to each other, to connect and to automate them. However, with Microsoft Flow, whether you start from a template or create your own multi-step flow across multiple applications, Microsoft Flow makes it easier.

Why regularly check emails when you can get Microsoft Flow to send you a text message anytime anyone relevant emails you? Automating allows you to use that time for other things. Microsoft workflow can help to get your business connected, by improving visibility of your business.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Microsoft Flow

For example if someone writes a status or tweets about your business, you can create a multi-step flow to better interact with that person. You can create a flow plan that sends them an email or replies to say thank you for the kind words or ask them if they need help with anything.

These replies are based on the specific keywords used. You can even add individuals to a spreadsheet with their email address to use at later dates for things like email marketing & improving customer engagement. Whether you want a multi-flow or straightforward process, having the ability to drag and drop actions and triggers, creating a business process has never been easier

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Process Flow & Flow for Office 365, Azure Flow, and SharePoint Online Flow. You can monitor, manage, and create flows from anywhere across multiple channels. For tasks that need to happen now, like instantly blocking out hours on your calendar. Some stages and steps start with just a touch of a button. Microsoft Flow is the software that is allowing the software to share data and talk to each other.

Working Smarter, so you can work less and do more.

By turning repetitive tasks into multistep flows,

Turn repetitive tasks into automated multistep workflows. For example, by creating a workflow, you can save attachments for emails in specific folders dependant on the subject matter, you can receive texts messages if you get an email from unique ind

Create, Use and Share automated approval workflows to respond to quickly and process all kind of requests whether that is annual leave, sales opportunities or organising documents. Which ultimately helps to lead to opportunity sales
By adding parameters, tasks can be completed, but only when specific rules apply.
Whether you have on-premise or cloud services, a Flow plan lets you securely connect those services, Allowing you to make the most of the data you already have.
Microsoft Flow provides the user with the ability to create, edit and enforce policies. Defining what data customers and users have access to and their ability to share that data.