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Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft Power Apps is a suite of services, connectors, applications, and data platforms that help in providing a fast app development environment for the user. Allowing the user to create and build custom applications for your business requirements. By using PowerApps, users can rapidly build custom business apps which connects all of your business data stored within your organisation. Whether that data is in standard data service, or in multiple online databases (PowerApps for Office 365 applications, Sharepoint, Dynamics 365, Excel Online & more).

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When applications are built using PowerApps, they can prove rich and powerful business workflow capabilities, to help transform your business operations. Due to the build of PowerApps, you will have a fast and responsive design, that will run on mobile devices or browser. Microsoft has created a smooth and easy building experience by enabling users to ability to build custom apps without the need of any knowledge about writing code. Watching this End to End Demonstration will provide you a better understand while providing Microsoft PowerApps examples.

PowerApps and Dynamics 365

PowerApps use a Common Data Service to store and secure your organisational data.

Microsoft Dynamics applications also use the same service; this allows you to be able to build applications using PowerApps & Common Data Service directly into your existing Dynamics Applications without the need for integration.