What Executive Management Need to Know


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What Executive Management Need to Know

The quality of the management of the consulting partner does not guarantee successful implementation. In fact, it’s the quality of consultants which is the biggest part of the successful implementation,

The Estimates given by the vendor at the start of the project in terms of the duration of the cost may need to be revised at the analysis and at the design stage to set the right priorities and to set the right expectations.

The ERP implement should be focused and should be gauged towards the organisational business and financial strategy, it is very important to understand by the senior management why they are doing this implementation, that means they need to answer some key questions and they need to know the most common and important factors,

The other thing they need to consider is that if you are implementing an ERP because they want to increase management control and greater visibility across the whole organisation and across all department

The last thing is the whole origination should be engaged and the users and the management should be engaged with the partners and management should ensure that all information & feedback and requirements should be provided to the partner or consulting company in a timely manner to avoid any delays

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